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  1. I always feel a guy cumming in my mouth, in fact I love to feel him cumming, whether it's just oozing or shooting, then I show him his cum on my tongue, lick my lips and swallow it and tell him how tasty it was and how much I liked it! Deep thoating sometimes not as it just goes down and we don't feel anything there!
  2. Well done man, now you can really enjoy man to man sex like us sluts! Wishing you many more exciting loads of pleasure packed fucks and tasty cum covered cocks and asses to keep you going for more!
  3. I love to be taken and used by young lean black boys, they are so hot and sexy, I just melt in their arms and let them use me anyway they want to enjoy my body. I am vocal about enjoying their prowess and they live up to my expectations! They have so much to offer and give me!
  4. Can't decide which moment I love best, but these are very intense and very satisfying, love his making me cum hands free, then feeing him cum deep inside me and finally the afterglow for both as I lick his spent cock and he rims my worn cum wet hole'
  5. When I feel him breeding me, it's total joy for me!
  6. This is also one of my favorite moments of sex with a top! Love the feeling I get of total submission and expectation that I am fulfilling my part well and he is reaching his climax of bliss.
  7. I agree with ComBustion, love the ecstasy of a cock that works my P spot and makes me cum uncontrollably and breeds me with a big load of spermy that I can feel and enjoy!
  8. Hope you enjoy it and tell us all about it!
  9. I'm with you! I know the feeling! So hot to enjoy big black cocks in both my holes! I'm also addicted to cum, but black boy's cum is the best!
  10. Waiting to read how it all went, so excited to read your introduction, I am into hot daddies like you too!
  11. It sure did affect me, I crave BBC after so much black insemination. I love, greatly need and fully enjoy the feel of BBC penetration every time! And my mouth waters every time I see a BBC bulge. I feel the need to lick it, suck it and feel it cum in my BBC hungry mouth, savor and swallow the creamy spermy load. All this BBC sperm in both MY HOLES makes me more and more of a docile white sissy boy eager to service more and more black men and boys. My lil white cocklet is useless now, unable to get hard and it leaks spermless sissy juice when BBC gets me to orgasm. I also coo and whimper in app
  12. Me too, as I grow older I want more and more cock everyday in my pussy! It just feels so good when I get loads and loads of creamy cum deep inside!
  13. Awesome feeling every time I say this and I get bred
  14. I love to say this too, and They happily and willingly give me their load, love to have yours too
  15. Love to say these hot things to my tops, gets them hornier to fuck my pussy, love to be your bottom and hear your sexy voice say them to me
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