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    educated charming professional by day, submissive piggy cockhound by night
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    looking for dom blokes that just want a hole to fuck n breed. Blokes that focus on breeding and little concern for my hole

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  1. staying in a studio flat in cartwright gardens beside the british libraary at st pancras
  2. Hi guys, Chubby Irish Bloke in London 16-24 Feb for work. Looking to take loads every evening no cock/load refused
  3. love getting raped, i have a mate in london who rapes me every visit, takes a week to recover - no mercy dry fuck to start every session - always arrange for him to meet near the end of my visit as I cant take other guys after him
  4. staying in a flat on Cartwright gardens beside the british library already 5 loads up my arse, but need more. I buzz you in, push open the flat door, find me arse up head down, drop your keks and do your thing however you like it. all loads gratefully received until saturday
  5. visiting london 30th July - 3rd Aug looking to meet GENUINE top breeders to visit my flat for anon breeding
  6. visiting london 30th July - 3rd Aug looking to meet GENUINE top breeders to visit my flat for anon breeding
  7. guys, Irish bloke, submissive bottom, im staying in the Premierinn St Pancras all week. havent had much action at home in a while so trying to get as much cock as possible over the next 5 days. msg me for my room number. blokes looking to unload before or after work (or on lunchbreak) welcome aggressive guys particularly welcome
  8. Hi guys Im visiting london 3-7 June. happy to let you use my hotel room as a venue If I can be the sub for one of the sessions
  9. Visiting London 3-7 June staying in Premierinn st pancras looking for guys to come to my hotel and breed my ass. no cock refused. Anon possible will also be going to vault139 if anyone wants to do me there
  10. Hi Guys, Will be in London between 24th Feb and 2nd March. irish slut with a lot to offer. eager to please. Every evening I will be face down arse up in my apartment. anyone want to pop in to dump a load let me know. !on1 or bring a mate. no cock refused

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