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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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    Jacksonville, FL
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    vanilla versatile and fisting top, piss bottom
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    66 yr old gay guy just looking for fun, and who knows. Love on a meating site--I am not that slow, friends-HELL YES 5'9",175#,7.5 cut, out of shape, moderate body hair
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    only in my homemade movie shorts<G>

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  1. Hey cockluvr, thanks for the follow. Drain my fucking cock, pig. 

    1. cockluvrJim


      Tell when and where, I will be there if I can be <big cum eating grin>

  2. Damn, you are HOT, and talented. If I looked as good as you, I would have applied at Treasure Island <G>


  3. Hi there Jim, thanks for the following ;)

    1. cockluvrJim


      Well I would follow closer if I could get there <wink>


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