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    Wisconsin, USA
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    The kinkier. The better.

    I’m a submissive masochist.

    Perversion is great. I have some taboo fantasies. 😈
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    My life has been an... adventure.
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    I’ve never bottomed... Yet.
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    Chat, friends... whatever happens really.

    Love younger guys (18-25) but I do enjoy older.

    I absolutely love dirty and extreme chat.

    I’m a faggot. Never allow me to forget.

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  1. I like [banned word].

  2. Hey there. I'm looking to chat with Black guys around my age. I have a secret that I know you'd like to hear. Let's chat! 

    W is CockBull84 

    T is Gunhat 

  3. Hey! 

    I've been wanting to express my admiration for Black Men. If there are any Black Men out there (poz is a plus) hit me up and let's chat! I have a secret I'd like to share with you. 😉

    Telegram is Gunhat 

    W is CockBull84 

    1. melvin0095


      They are hot as hell

  4. Laurent. 35. 5’8. 168p. 5in cut. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Vers/Virgin Bottom. Neg. Kinky and Pervy. NE Wisconsin. 920-366-7314. Text only. Ask about my darkest fantasy.
  5. Mmmm this is so hot. I’d love this.
  6. I welcome people to message me off site, but please don’t be rude and block me when I do not have the chance to respond on your time. People work and have other things going on. So, be an adult and learn patience. 

  7. Phone: 920.366.7314 Location: Green Bay, WI Available time: Varies Age: 35 Height: 5’8 Weight: 173 Ethnicity: White Neg.
  8. Wickr: CockBull84 

    Telegram: Fuzion008 

    1. Pnpguyny


      same name on W big [banned word]

  9. I wanna be broken in by bare BBC. Green Bay, Milwaukee... 

    1. AnonPerv


      I’m a virgin (neg) bottom who wants to finally be fucked. BBC and Latino guys are my hot zone. But that’s not required. Someone in or very near Wisconsin.

      Text only: 920.366.7314 

      Wickr is CockBull84 

  10. 34. 5’8. 176. Brown/blue. Never bottomed but want to. Neg. Kinks and taboo. 920.366.7314 Wisconsin, USA
  11. Neg here. Looking to suck cock without asking status. Wickr is CockBull84.

    I’m in Wisconsin, US. 

    1. Tabooboy


      Markpippin1 wickr no limits aussie perv sick

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