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  1. Yes, I felt this was a good place to end as we know he will eventually convert. And then if I decide to pick up some of the other woven in aspects later, the stage is set.
  2. Thank you all for the support over this story. I've decided this is where the story will end.
  3. Part 27 i went to the bedroom and remembered SIR told me i was to sleep on the floor. i looked in the closet HE pointed out that held the linens. Grabbing a pillow and a blanket, i went back to the bedroom and made a place to lay at the foot of the bed. i lay down and must have fallen to sleep. "Good boy, just as I suspected. Now get up here and show me that boyhole." i crawled up to the bed and got on my hands and knees. SIR started stoking my body and running HIS fingers across my hole. It felt so right. SIR slipped a finger in and my hole opened right up swallowing HIS finger. HE worked another in and then a third. "Please SIR, please make me YOURS. Breed that POZ seed in and plant YOUR DNA in YOUR boy." "Be patient boy, I am inspecting MY property." "Yes SIR!" HE slipped HIS fingers out and then i felt something cold slide into my hole. "That boy, is a devil's dick made of my seed since you returned to California." "Fuck, SIR it feels so good." HE then slowly started massaging it into my hole melting it. As HE did so, HE kept adding fingers. "Relax MY boy. Open your hole. Until my hand goes in, my cock won't go in. Understand?" "Yes SIR!" HE kept working more and more into my hole. Just when i didn't think i could take anymore, i pushed back and felt HIS hand slide past my first ring. "Excellent, boy. I can tell you want my cock." "Yes SIR! boy needs YOUR POZ DNA in him." SIR started punching my hole, with just HIS ruined seed. i got lost in the feeling until at least HE pulled out HIS hand. "It's ready boy. Taste YOUR hole on my hand." i licked HIS fingers and could taste my ass, HIS seed, and blood. He worked my hole open enough to get it to bleed. Just then, i felt HIS rock hard cock slide in from the tip to the base. i made a gutteral cry, begging HIM to breed me. "Yeah, boy. There is no turning back now. i won't pull out until I'm spent." "YES SIR! Claim YOUR property!" HE pounded my hole for what seemed like hours all while i licked HIS hand clean. Sucking all of HIS seed, my ass juice, and blood. "I take YOU as MINE boy." HE slammed into my hole and i could feel rope after rope of HIS POZ cum squirting deep in me. "YES, SIR! THANK YOU SIR!" Then SIR collapsed on top of me and whispered in my ear. "Welcome to MY family, boy. i will breed YOU often and YOU will convert. MY chaser from across the pond."
  4. I don't feel like writing right now. I'll finish the story soon.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. evilcoyote


      Nah, it won't be a year!

    3. PozTalkAuthor


      otherwise I ask my virus to come and pull your feet while you sleep

    4. evilcoyote


      I mean...it's not far from my hole...

  5. I have no doubt! Bet it feels good!
  6. Yes I know...not a lot of sex...but I had to get him back to London, right?
  7. Part 26 SIR took me through the house and into the HIS bedroom. "This is my room boy. You will sleep at the foot of the bed, this way I can use you when I need. It could be the middle of the night and I need to piss or I wake up horny. Do you understand, boy?" "Yes SIR." He then led me down the hall to another room. He opened the door to an empty space. "This room is yours to do with what you would like. I want you to have your own space for times when you need some where to relax. This is also where your clothes will be kept. You can see, your bags are here already. Come, follow me." He gave me a tour of the rest of the house showing me where things were. Then he led me back into his office. "Now sit." He pointed to a chair. "Yes SIR." I hesitated and sat on the floor. Sir began laughing. "Well played boy. You didn't just sit on my furniture as one would expect. You will only be allowed to sit on certain furniture in the house when I allow. Now, let's talk and you will speak freely boy. But first I have to piss so open up." Sir unzipped and came over. "Pull out my cock boy and drink my POZ piss." I reached up and slowly pulled His amazing cock out of his pants and guided my mouth over the head. Just as I got it into position, He started to piss. "Drink boy. So not spill a drop of my POZ fluids boy." As He finished, I kissed the head of His cock. He pulled back looking down at me. "Are you ready to be owned boy?" "Yes SIR." "Are you ready to give yourself over to me boy?" "Yes SIR." "Being owned and giving yourself to me includes having my POZ DNA course through your body, boy. Are you ready for that? Think about it very carefully boy, because if you agree, there is no stopping." I didn't hesitate. "YES SIR, please knock me up with YOUR POZ seed. This boy belongs to YOU, SIR." As I said that, SIR'S cock started getting hard and he reached down to stroke it. "Good, boy. Now, go get in the bed and rest. I need to finalize a few things. I will be in shortly."
  8. Absolutely. I've been debating getting on of these to go with the snake on my body
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