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  1. Part 14 The rest of the weekend, my last in London, went about the same. I was bred by Sir every chance he got and kept plugged when not being used. Sir wanted to make sure every drop of His poz seed went where it belonged. I had been off PrEP for eighteen days at this point. We flushed all I had with me down the toilet. Sunday afternoon came and it was time for me to head back to the States. I really didn't want to leave. I wanted, no needed, to be His. I wanted His poz DNA in my veins. "boy, come sit on the floor by my chair." "Yes Sir." As I sat down, I asked "What's u
  2. Happy New Year. May you get the gifts you need in 2021.

  3. Part 13 After Sir had used me, I was unlatched from the fuck bench and could barely stand. With some assistance, I was led to a bed in the corner of the room. I was pushed face down with a pillow under my hips, rasing my ass higher. Next, I was restrained by my wrists and ankles to the bed. "Goodnight boy. Don't get too comfortable." Then I felt the plug slide back in my hole. Sometime during the night I woke up needing to piss really bad. I couldn't get up as I was restrained to the bed. I tried to hold it and drifted off to sleep. A while later, I woke to to a tugging
  4. I hate getting fisted with someone wearing a glove. I also don't like wearing them when fisting. They do change the feeling. I will however use gloves if the situation calls for them. For example, a party I used to regularly attend required gloves for all.
  5. I do enjoy my balls getting slapped around and my cock gets rock hard.
  6. Have you looked at AssPig.com? I'm not sure if there is a forum feature or not.
  7. It all depends on the situation. At times, naked while others fully geared up with the zipper in my pants open exposing my hole.
  8. Nothing wrong at all. I'm the same way.
  9. This is the same on my Android phone. Even with it being on the bottom.
  10. Part 12 After Sir bred me, he plugged me up again and went to get dinner. I mentioned my co-worker going to Brighton and a place he told me about called The Boiler Room. Sir told me that it was a bath house and there were much better ones for our 'tastes'. "Don't worry boy, once I've knocked you up really good... I'll take you to a few of my favorite sleezy places." Just then the waiter appeared smiling and nodded in agreement. "He will most certainly take you to some sleezy places. What are you planning to have this evening?" "We are celebrating tonight. This one (motion
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