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    Leather, BDSM, rubber (not condoms), FF, piss, and lots more.
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    Verse but much prefer being bred. Been with my other half for well over 20 years.
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    I wish. I'm ready when you are.
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    Dominant men ready to take control.

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  1. CLAW is a weekend full of classes. With your pass, you can attend any of the classes, offical parties, etc. It's not focused on a contest.
  2. The new profile image is great. Hail.

  3. Very hot, I expected a pierced cock on the fucker.
  4. Superbowl entertainment at it's finest...
  5. Such a sexy man. 

    1. RawUK


      I would do almost anything to be knocked up by such a fine specimen of a poz brother

    2. josebarebear


      Hey guys, THANKS

  6. Why are my conferences NEVER this much fun?
  7. Very hot, it is so intimate when a top cleans out His property.
  8. I've thought about a similar scenario in my jo fantasies. Hot story.
  9. I love all forms of blood play.

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