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    Sucking, getting fucked, ws, groups, love taking cum from every guy I can
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    Love to find a guy or guys to give me loads of cum in my mouth and ass. Sometimes I can host and love to leave my apt door unlocked to give guys easy access.

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  1. Thanks! You should come browse through one while your cock is in the other.
  2. Like so many guys on here, I'm completely addicted to cum. Of course I love to get it right from the cock, but I also get very turned on when I find some random load. I remember going to a bathhouse in Paris once and going into the gloryhole booth. There was cum EVERYWHERE. I licked every drop off the walls and floor. I'll always lock it up when I find it in a booth, especially if I see the guy leave. If he's lingering, I'll leave the door open so he sees me do it. If I'm in a cruising spot and I see a condom that's not super old, I'll definite lick it out. Sometimes I'll push it inside out in
  3. I usually don't, but I really love it when a top forces me to eat my own. One of the hottest things that happened was when I was on my knees sucking a guy but I came first on the floor. He made me stop and lick it up with his foot on my head. That turned him on so much that he refused to cum in my mouth but shot on the floor instead. Then he made me lick his cum up the same way. He made sure I got it all off the floor.
  4. I know there are tons of bottoms around, but I've been really horny for cock and cum in my ass and mouth lately. I've been a real no loads refused mood. I can't host while lockdown is still on, so I've had to get it mostly in parks around town. Anyone want to meet somewhere or can host me?
  5. I'm pretty good at it and I REALLY enjoy doing it for a long time
  6. My preference is for the top to cum quick and then for another top to take his place! That's my ideal situation. However, if it's one on one, I'm happy to go for a long time and go ass to mouth to offer a variety of sensations.
  7. I really miss doing that. I usually spend most of my time at a bathhouse either kneeling at a glory hole or in the darkest room. I love not seeing who else is there, just smelling the sweat and cum. I love been grabbed and handled lie I'm just a fuck toy. I let anyone stick there cock in me and cum in my ass. Love those nights when I can just go in and take cock after cock and don't care who the guy is or what he looks like.
  8. Out on my ride the other day. I stopped at the cruising trails and it was pretty empty. A short, stocky guy walked by, and grabbed his dick. I was horny, so I shucked off my jersey and shorts. He came over and started to jerk me off sand got me hard. I turned to face a tree and offered my ass. He started to finger me while he jerked off. Other guys started waking by and watching as he spread my ass. I looked over my shoulder and realized 5 guys were jerking off watching my take 3 fingers. I turned a like to try to give them all a good view. Guy 1 finally slipped it in and fucked me but came in
  9. Very hot! When I'm cruising outside, I live to let the oldest or fattest guys use me in front of others. Makes me feel more line a slut. I especially love sucking off really old guys who don't expect that someone like me would want their load. They're always enthusiastic and a lot of them haven't cum in a while so I get a surprisingly large load.
  10. Out riding again yesterday and stopped at the cruisey park by the river. It's been petty his or miss lately...mostly miss. I didn't expect much because it was about 11 am. I was about to give up, but then this slim smooth little Asian boy walks by. He'd been running and his shirt was off, with just the perfect sheen of sweat. We exchanged smiles, and I thought he was going to walk off, but he stood about 10 feet from me and whipped out this massive dick and started jerking. It was shaved completely smooth. An 8 inch cock on a tiny body is especially hot. Of course I started stroking and walked
  11. The other day I saw a guy had posted on Squirt that he was cruising the park near me by the river. His profile pic was his huge dick and he had some great recommendations. I wrote to him I was going to be riding my bike there, but it was a nice day out so I thought it would be too crowded by the bathroom. I got there and saw some nondescript guy go in. Not really hot, but I was horny. As I was going in, some hot guy started to come out, but turned around and went back inside. Turns out the other guy was just there to piss, but the hot guy was won I was meeting. As soon as the other guy left, h
  12. I sucked off an uber driver as he drove around my neighborhood. He chatted me up and Sniffies, and I didn't think he'd really show up, but was at my building within 10 minutes. I was going to have him come up so I'd suck him off in my apartment white my boyfriend was asleep. He promised to be quiet, but the idea of sucking him off while he did was too hot to pass up. Good thing because he was fucking loud. As soon as I got in the car, his dick was out and he pulled my head down. His cocked treated great and was perfect for sucking. He drove around my neighborhood for a while while I worked on
  13. I haven't really been getting dick since COVID-19 hit. It's been rough because I'm an insatiable cum whore. I've just been tossing off a lot, thinking about when I can get to a sex party and take cock after cock in my hole and mouth. I finally had to get at least one load so I rode my bike out to a semi reliable cruising park with some very secluded spots by the river. It's 20 miles to get there and was a fucking hot day. In got to my favorite spot and stripped down to catch a cool breeze on my sweaty body. I love feeling to cook air on my bare, sweaty ass, and that assays gives me a
  14. There used to be a lot of them in the neighborhood, but not anymore so I've really stopped going out. There is a bar left in the East Village in Manhattan that is still notorious for its unadulterated back room fun. Last weekend I got really horny and the BF was out somewhere I decided I wanted some dick (many dicks, really) so I went to check it out. I forgot how much I love walking into a tightly packed, dimly lit, hot room of sweaty men all there for getting off. I'm a thin guy so I tend to get shoved around in a crowd. I've learned to just go with it, like crowd surfing. I love that
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