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  1. Would love your poz cock in me

    1. tandersonxxx


      Seed my tight hole


  2. Perfect, would love to flip fuck eachother
  3. Hey guys Im early 30s, 7.5' cut cub in Melbourne with a Thick Prince Albert. Would love to get bred by other guys with pierced cock. Will gladly return the favour, or u can just breed me.
  4. Would love you to poz me when I’m down in January! Would loved to be pozzed at Club 80! Beg for your toxic poz seed!

    1. Soniczoom


      Easily arranged

    2. whore83


      Can’t wait for you to poz me up at Club 80 before it closes down!

  5. Hi, great,I see you are on bbrt, what area are you from

  6. heading in for NUD tonight, cant wait to be filled with hot cum and to spread my own seed around the place.
  7. Headed to NUD @ Club 80 tonight keen to give and take a few hot loads
  8. Hi, how are you, poz not no meds, great. I’m  vers neg

    1. Soniczoom


      keen to convert u mate

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