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    Partnered and not living kinky atm, but am a bugchaser, no condoms ever, poppers-loving faggot, love submitting to Alpha men who hate fags or love to put fags in their place

    Am also a cashfaggot, which is someone into financial domination, giving real cash tributes to Alpha Cash Masters.

    Also love watersports, being a toilet (all fluids/materials) and fantasize about being fag bashed.

    Interested in wearing permanent chastity or surgery to achieve the same.

    Chasing poz and no meds or deliberate intermittent meds to develop med-resistance.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Chats only, no meets.

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  1. Oh man, I have a full beard and it would be so hot having a top's dick cheese coating it as I went through the day. Anything to mark me as a fag, lol.
  2. You're not crazy at all, I'm in a situation with a vanilla partner who's not really into any kink, he's also not really aware of what I'm into. I'd find cheating really, really hot, but it's also a line and my partner has a real thing about it, too.
  3. I love this too, to be grabbed just on a regular day by someone who decided I'm a fag to be pissed on, even more if they see him do it and know that I'm just taking/loving it. Better again if he wrecks more than my clothes, like pissing on my phone in my pocket and destroying it, getting my backpack soaked or even just taking my stuff. Now that I read this, it looks like I just want to be mugged or fag bashed but they also piss on me, lol.
  4. melbbro.tumblr.com pretty much all reblogs, but gets very dark and dirty...
  5. Hey man, poz .au breeder, let's chat more :)

  6. My first obstacle when hearing any conspiracy theory is that I can't believe any government - let alone mine (Australia) or even less likely the USA - is competent enough to organise and implement any of these intricate and specific schemes. I mean the US can barely afford itself and Aus can't decide who the leader is in the first place. Ridiculous.
  7. I've read a lot of stories on here, and this is by far my favourite!
  8. love it, hit me up if you want a hole to breed man
  9. sexy man.. woof! poz breeder here coming to OZ soon

  10. Love it! I get so hard when I read that the HIV stats are going way up! Spread the bug especially to those unwilling or unknowing!
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