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    Just a piglet starting the journey to being a pig. Taken countless of loads from many a guy anon, unknown status, and taken a fair share of fists too
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    Looking for someone to turn me into their poz fist slampig slave. Someone to make me their property and transform me however they want. Forced workouts, shaving, tattoos, piercings. Keep me slammed long enough to turn me into just a hole.

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  1. The amusing thing for me is when people use symbols without knowing the original nature and meaning of the symbol. In his case probably the 'Valknut' is the one that is most obvious. Even experts don't actually have a good consensus on what this symbol was used for and what it means. It could represent Odin, or that this person has done something shameful. I honestly want to see the day when someone discovers evidence that this symbol means you're a non-racist, non-xenophobic 'liberal' to use more modern terms, just to watch all the white supremacist make 'how to remove tattoo' tre
  2. I agree totally with this. As being experimental is something that makes me willing to try things more than once, scat has never been appealing to me. It is not fun to have something move in and out of your ass when shit is involved... not even a toy.
  3. I definitely prefer no gloves, but I will still take a gloved hand and bring some with me just in case. It's because I have had bad glove experiences for one reason or another so I stick to gloves I know I have no problems with.
  4. Yes, it was some random guy who hit up a friend on one of the apps... after he came and railed and even dp'ed me with my buddy he suddenly got the 'what did i just do' freak out and left. He was hot and he was back on the app with a new user last I heard from my buddy. So yeah closeted or dl guys who are still trying to come to terms that they enjoy guys as much if not more than gals.
  5. Anyone wanna fist me for porn hehe... my favorite is Brian Bonds and Blue Bailey
  6. Nothing better than being opened by a thick cock and left gaping having to work to keep the cum inside you until you can plug yourself up
  7. I'd travel to be one of your poz pigs

  8. I personally was confused the first time I heard of Boystown in Chicago since the name of the juvenile correctional facility where I grew up was boystown so the name never stuck to me but I can totally understand the reaction of people who connect to the name and whatever meaning they have attached to it. I find the reasoning behind the change has an air of 'I'm a bored retiree and need something, anything to do' more than the buzz words and phrases they attached to the decision. Basically like saying we need to change the name San Francisco because it's name has a religious affinity and
  9. Have been with some... but the list of fantasy pornstars who can breed me are: Rocco Steele Brian Bonds Ray Dalton Tony Bishop Jack Dixon ...I think you get the idea
  10. Yup works the same on my phone the same way. I did just want to point it out in case others don't have the same option available to them.
  11. Not sure if it's just me or other people also have the notification bell covered by the X button in the top menu bar. It's on chrome on my phone (android)
  12. I do wish I had someone who would work on my ass regularly so that it gapes more. It gets nice and open during fisting but do want to be able to take large doubles
  13. Nope love having my ass opened up by toys, cock and fist
  14. I've had some tops say they like that I'm more ass centric when we play. Some will suck my dick and say it's the perfect 'lollipop' size to keep in their mouth.
  15. looking for a top who wants to pnp slam and fist me
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