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    Writer, editor, private pilot. New to Tina with a great guide and teacher.
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    I “worked” my way through college writing porn for most of the gay mags and anthologies when porn actually paid. Now I write for fun and sell my hard kink work on Amazon kindle as Storm Christopher.
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    Information, education, communication. My guide suggested I come to this site.

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  1. Two people that I know from other sites have found me on here. Not really an issue as all three of us are bottoms, but I’m much more open about chems here. And from my years of tracing university I resolved never to post dick or ass pics. Even though I was openly gay to staff and classes, who needs the hassle of some student finding that?
  2. Great things about being gay? All that money my straight friends spend on their kids, I’ve spent on a private plane and a Mercedes SLK. Oh, and a gorgeous high-rise condo. And the copious and varied sex, of course. And no unsightly stretch marks.
  3. But did these guys poz their unsuspecting wives? It’s one thing to risk your own health, but to put another unsuspecting person at risk. I have no respect for such a person. My first partner assured me he wanted a monogamous relationship, but it turned out he was lying and fucking around behind my back. He got HIV, and I kicked his skank ass out. Not because he was HIV-positive, but because he’d lied to me but because he willfully put my health at risk too.
  4. Jefferson Airplane, the original group. I have the complete discography right up to the change to Jefferson Starship. “The Baby Tree” is my favorite shower song. Lol
  5. I particularly like me Palm Springs Leather Pride because it shares back-to-back weekends with Gay Pride, and Halloween usually falls somewhere in he middle. The entire town turns into a week-long party.
  6. I should look into this. I really want to get to more leatger events this year, assuming I get vaccinated for covid. I’m already booked for Palm Springs Leather Pride this October.
  7. Me, too.! Memorial Weekend was always problematical.
  8. I have my daddy’s heavy leather collar with six-feet chain leash as seen in my profile. When he puts that on me -instant arousal!
  9. Thanks for the reply. Trimex is much like Caverjet - injected directly in the caverna cavernosum. Same cautions, too.I’m just curious if it would effectively overcome Tina-dick.
  10. Has anyone here used either Trimex or Caverjet? What was your experience like? I’m curious because I can’t seem to get hard when I’m on Tina. Neither viagra or vial is seem to overcome that, and I’d like to party hard once in a while.
  11. I almost always say thank you to a good fuck. But hell yeah, more tops should have the grace and manners to also say thank you or compliment the bottom. It’s teamwork, fellas.
  12. It really depends on the cock. They’re not all equal. My husband (not to be confused with my daddy whom I sometimes talk about here) has a pair of boyfriends he sees regularly. I like me to join in sometimes, but I swear to God they’re both the worst fucks I’ve ever encountered. One of them fucks like a jackrabbit - he as one speed and that’s it. He’s off as soon as he’s in almost. I’d rather be doing laundry. The other, a 40-year, old is a different issue. He’s a lazy fuck - just want’s to lie on his back and think of England. It’s boring. None of that is an issue for my husband as he t
  13. Happened to me on another app. Very disconcerting. Not somebody I would fuck, either.
  14. Bigger question for me - is there a likely problem with the vaccine and Tina? Or should I just be cautious with my social scheduling?
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