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    Bareback, FF, and new to piss play. Poppers and Maximum Impact. I'm also into men who are real and down to earth. Who like to play hard and explore.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    5,11 180pds brown hair and blue eyes
    White and medium build.
    I'm into FF. Giving and receiving
    And one on one to group sex
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    Men who enjoy the masculinity of being men.
    Proud to have a penis and play with it.
    Men who are open to all kinds of play and male bonding
    No judgments

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  1. It's the only source of affection from a straight guy that I want and the only affection they will give.
  2. First to be clear this is not a SCAT question or related to SCAT. My question is find out if douching has become part of your kink? Over the years of fisting, toys, and fucking, douching, for me, has taken an erotic turn. I love to get the hose past the second sphincter and feel the 💧....Has anyone found it erotic as well?
  3. AARON TAYLOR JOHNSON needs to breed, fist, and piston fuck my ass with his dick!...My new favorite famous guy!
  4. My first fuck in my ass was an exchange student from Spain in High School. My first anonymous fuck was in the restroom of a grocery store.
  5. You speak the truth.
  6. Your story......Well I have a very hard erection.
  7. I don't need to piss when getting fucked but I'm a friggin water hose when I get fisted...at first it bothered me until I noticed the guys 👊 me love to see me piss high and hard!
  8. Love 70's and the 80's porn before condom and bleached hair, hollywood white teeth, and over tanned built bodies. That's why I get off on Treasure Island Media and other porn venues cause the men are real.
  9. Stud, any stories and experiences you had on the TIM set?...what is it like?
  10. No....but I do crave a close connection like you would have in that type of situation. I think alot of us do. I wonder during history and before the internet and mass media if a lot of men experienced mutual sex with there fathers....especially straight guys if there wasn't women available?
  11. BlackRobe, plan ahead,make wise decisions, and play when your ready and safe too!....I know I did and I felt more relax when I was getting knocked up...over and over again!
  12. After two and half months of qurantine and nothing but poppers, weed, butt toys, and my fuck machine, I finally broke quarantine and had FB come over and stay the night. We had vented each other. He knew I had no exposure to anyone and since he was Poz and his roommates had reasons to be high risk, I knew he was covid free. He came over and we got high....put on a never ending stream of Treasure Island Media porn...starting with Dawson...We proceeded to fuck like rabbits...I had all my toys out and he proceeded to also play with my ass. He then proceeded to fist me several times through the evening as well and after several fisting experiences that evening he was able to get to his elbow! He is into piss play as well and I swallowed that piss like I had been in a desert....I was really flying then with all that pot piss....We ended with him adding another load of cum in my ass and passing out... We had such a great time.....I think with venting and making informed decisions, you can have an occasional fucking. Just be smart and have a great time. I know I did and I don't feel guilty. I'll continue to qurantine and we plan on another session after a few months. Now back to my poppers and sticking my Square Peg hand and fist up my second sphincter!

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