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    Love to get Fucked RAW and loaded with Multiple Loads of CUM. DIRECT DEPOSIT BONUS points for
    Black/White/Latin .... Ideal is 2-3 Tops take turns fucking my Ass and offering my hole to Horny MEN willing to BREED.
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    Poz CUM PIG is looking for horny men who want to BREED my ASS! Horny HIV POZitive men with Hard cock and willing to plant that seed deep in my guts is more important than age/looks/ or stats.

    I love getting fucked BAREBACK and taking MULTIPLE LOADS. Not into PNP or hard drugs. POZ and VERBAL a big plus. Go ahead and PUMP your load in my ass. Love it filled!
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    Hot Desert Knights, 2001-- World's HUNGRIEST CUM HOLE Contest, 2007 Raw Retreat -- last scene.
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    Love to find 2-3 fellow CUM PIGS who get Fucked and filled Daily by multiple Men. Love it Raw Skin-2-Skin. Cum dump bottom looking for Raw BB Bareback Top into anonymous scenes --St. Louis, MO.

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  1. No for me being the CUMDUMP with Multiple Loads from different Men and Strangers Loads is the BEST. Guys love to fuck my ass when it has a few loads.
  2. This really is a MUTE point to go 4 pages. Since Gay marriage became legal many businesses opened their eyes and include Everybody. Gay bars and nightclubs and even bathhouses have closed prior to the Pandemic. I don't have to go to a gay bar because every bar is open. Business was slowing for many of our gay businesses. It's like Jackie Robinson (42) broke through to Major League Baseball but it also DESTROYED the negro league which was one of the few profitable businesses OWNED by Black Businessmen. Bottom line: Talk to a realtor and will call it Lakeview or Wrigglevil yet 20 yea
  3. It makes No Sense to use Condoms sometimes and Bareback a few. You said you went to a sex club in your city. Los Angeles has SLAMMERS (lockers, no rooms to rent but some fun play areas) but most cities have bathhouses. Difference is Sex Club has no towel and may stay dressed or wear nothing at all. Depending on location and Cost most do not want to get off as soon as they arrive. The look around and get a feel of the atmosphere. There could have been 20 guys ready to go in Raw and dump their seed in you but they saw you getting Fucked with a Condom and they don't bother because there
  4. If it's not in my hole don't bother. Next:
  5. Clarification: Jeff Remained with condoms for years because of the studio but he had abandoned them years earlier in his personal life. I know when Jeff went Bareback and has worked for at least 3 different companies. Jeff Stryker does Porn without condoms it's just with 'smaller' studios. Those 'smaller studios' are mostly owned by the big 5. 😀
  6. Sorry but I had to give this a down vote. It's up to you what you tell others and YES, there are guys that get an Extra Rush to fuck a Virgin. Male or Female and Pussy or Ass some guys get off being the First to Fuck your holes. A few might want a condom but most want it Raw and their seed Inside the virgin. I Love Open and Sluts with Multiple Loads from Strangers Pumped into every hole.
  7. No Condoms Allowed policy and when I'm done taking loads for the night I will find a slutty bottom with loads on his ass to Fuck and BREED him.
  8. Rejection is part of life but I doubt you get much rejection for about 20 years. If a guy smiles, grabs his balls or similar just lick your lips and he will approach you. If you are at a bathhouse don't be afraid to make the first move because there are 20++ to 50 other Bottoms looking to be Fucked. If you get rejected just move on, there is always another stiff dick.
  9. Most professional porn is too big to take a chance of being sued either by actors or participates as well as the Religious Right to ban gay sex. When the concept of Bareback sex and videos first started it was only the smaller Dad and son videos. I know that many studios didn't want to ruin the standard base customer. If you check into it you find Vivid, Mustang, and Major studios created new companies that were independently owned by the big studios.
  10. WTF = I am into Everything which turns out to mean the guy has No Clue as to the many things that might be on the menu. Many might be married but most are not Experienced to sex with new people. It seems odd that you wrote "those that think all they have to say is they want to fuck you" and you replied NO since you described yourself and screen name includes FuckWhore?? Just seems odd to me, but you live your own life. Good luck.
  11. My screen name on most sites are BreedMeRaw or some variation if that option is not available. Yes that means I have been around for years. I can't believe this would ever happen. My profile is clear and Direct about Bareback Breeding and taking Multiple Loads of Cum. All my profiles state that I have a strict No Condoms Allowed policy and I only accept bare Cock. I Expect my ass to be Pumped in and out and feel his cock Throb and Explodes DEEP Inside my ass. He can decide but options are Bareback and shoot Inside me or go find another hole. It varies but 90% of them decide to do it
  12. Looks are less important than Fucking Bareback and pounding away until you Explode DEEP Inside my ass. Don't be too hard on your looks. Age, Race, Weight or body type are irrelevant to me and many on this site. I enjoy the cock and want the load in my ass. A man that knows how to use what he's got more important than anything else. Bonus = Beauty varies with each of us but I can state as a fact: Older, Ugly and out of shape men might not get many offers so they tend to have a lot of cum to drain out of their cock. They also appreciate a talented bottom and will go for more than one l
  13. No he is not a Slut if he remembers every cock. There are certainly ones I remember both good and bad. But its hard to know and remember when there have been thousands inside you. I am a Slut/Whore and Cumdump that loves taking Multiple Anonymous Loads and I don't need to see his face or know his name.
  14. Monogamy came Directly from the Catholic Church and its teachings. The REAL Reason why they want you with only one person and NO Birth Control so you have many Children all boiled down to $$$ money. Don't divide the family or you will have less money to give to the church. Also your children should go to Catholic schools to be trained to keep giving money. You also had multiple children because back then not all lived through adulthood and they needed to keep the congregation growing. Did you know Catholic Priests were married until one died and left his fortune to his family instead of the
  15. Every profile I have on any sex sites list me as a POZ Bareback bottom looking for Hard Cocks to BREED MY ASS. Fuck most of my screen names are BreedMeRaw -- so it should be obvious that I want his load DEEP Inside my ass. Still I get a lot of bottoms asking me to fuck them.
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