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    Saint Louis, MO 63125 (USA)
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    Love to get Fucked RAW and loaded with Multiple Loads of CUM. DIRECT DEPOSIT BONUS points for
    Black/White/Latin .... Ideal is 2-3 Tops take turns fucking my Ass and offering my hole to Horny MEN willing to BREED.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz CUM PIG is looking for horny men who want to BREED my ASS! Horny HIV POZitive men with Hard cock and willing to plant that seed deep in my guts is more important than age/looks/ or stats.

    I love getting fucked BAREBACK and taking MULTIPLE LOADS. Not into PNP or hard drugs. POZ and VERBAL a big plus. Go ahead and PUMP your load in my ass. Love it filled!
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    Hot Desert Knights, 2001-- World's HUNGRIEST CUM HOLE Contest, 2007 Raw Retreat -- last scene.
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    Love to find 2-3 fellow CUM PIGS who get Fucked and filled Daily by multiple Men. Love it Raw Skin-2-Skin. Cum dump bottom looking for Raw BB Bareback Top into anonymous scenes --St. Louis, MO.

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    Being A Cum Dump And Sti's

    While you are right "better 1 guy" but this Thread and Frankly Most of this sight is about BREEDING and that requires one man depositing his seed into a willing hole. There is a straight section here so could be female -- but almost everyone on this site WANTS it Bareback and filled with Multiple Loads of Cum from different Men. I am Poz over 20 years, undetectable and I am 100% honest with my Doctor. He knows I have done porn and enjoy the feel of different types of dick. Every Cock feels different as does every ass and I want to enjoy as much as possible. If I show up at a regular scheduled appointment and ask, he will screen me. If I catch something between appointments I just go into his office. The secretary, pharmacy and my Doctor ALL Know when I have it.
  2. That is a damn nice looking piece of ass. Eat. Fuck. Felch. Repeat. Nice cock too....handle for flipping you over.



    The bottom has little/ No Experience and watches porn where the Top pulls out for the "Money Shot" and thinks it is real. If he is exploring being a Bareback bottom that does not take a load then he should stick to one buddy or friend. If you are on this site the Men want and Expect you to Shoot inside the ass.


    If you Bareback you are telling the Top that No Condoms = Top Man will shoot his load in the ass. Only if discussed before the bare Cock enters if a bottom does not want cum in his ass. Personally I am a POZ Bareback Cum DUMP for Multiple Men to BREED my ass and pump his load DEEP INSIDE my ass. 5" or 10" Cock should be BALLS DEEP when you Blast your Sperm inside and bottom's will accept and enjoy.

    The Club St. Louis

    ClubSTL has gone through a lot of changes over the years. It is no where near like it was in the 1990's as it use to be Multiple Bathhouses under one large company. Then management split up (some may have died) but it now is the 6 Clubs in the group. Major changes started about 2 -3 years ago expanding the parking lot before changing the inside. Vending machines were removed because of frequent jams and now the vendors don't need to be inside the club with men walking around in towels or naked. The TV room has been enlarged for larger leather chairs and the have movie night on Wed with last Wed every month they show 2 for a double feature. This was the area that a few years ago you look through to the vending machine room. Back in the 1995-98 the same area was a large carpeted pit. Sometimes a guy would stumble and fall in but New Year's Eve was tricky. They also flipped the doors so you now go in where you use to exit to the front desk. The "Fire exit" door down the small corridor is now an entrance for when they do HIV and STI Testing so you don't have to pay to get into the club if you're just getting a test. I agree the new gloryhole stalls are two large to use all three holes at the same time. They do serve as a semi-private area for two to play inside if you don't have a room. But the REAL Reason they are larger is to accommodate disability in wheelchairs. That is one way they closed down many of the clubs. STL has always had just one, but Chicago has lost Man's World years ago and Chuck closed ManCountry last year. I hope he keeps IML over Memorial weekend.

    Public knows

    You can find All types of Leather Masters and their slave wearing steal collar at the Airport for MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) January and IML in Chicago Memorial Weekend. It is more common in Europe than the USA. It can be fun watching TSA Agents face when they see a slave or heavy metal like a PA.
  7. 3 Required physical descriptions are: 1. Any sexual activity Must be Bareback. 2. Must have HARD COCKS. 3. ALL LOADS MUST BE DePOZitived inside the bottom. Looks will change over time. If I agree to let a guy fuck me then his Sperm will be shot Deep in my ass. I have found those who most society rejects do not get off very often and their balls need to be Drained and they shoot excessive amounts of Cum in my ass. If you go to a bookstore or bathhouses then look for the less attractive and let him know you are looking to be Fucked Bareback and filled with Multiple Loads of Cum from different types of Men.

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    We may not all be the younger twink you are looking for but for most on this site your Ugliest scale may be different. 100 % if your cock is hard and will blast your load in our ass. Rank important: Hard Bareback and pounding away until you fill our hole. Looks, Age, Stats are less important.

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    We have our problems with letting the average or Ugly Man know that we crave their load. How do we alert Ugly guys that we want their cock and Loads? Those less than perfect without offending them.
  10. BREEDmeRAW

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    I think you have found a site for Bareback Bottoms VERY willing to take your cock and load. There are some slutty CUMDUMPS who will take your Cock and load all over the globe. Your problem may be location and guys like us will let you Breed our fuckhole if you agree to blast your sperm deep in our guts. As to asking for a bag over your head is ridiculous because it is your Right to see who you are plowing and if they deserve your cock and cum. If needed I have a blindfold and a half mask as well as a full hood that has snaps to cover eyes or mouth. Make the bottom cover his eyes. Now not every bottom will play with you for one reason or another but I think you found several of us willing to take your big cock all the Cum you can pump in our ass. There are many of us that do follow Rules and others is a guide that they don't always follow. NO Condoms Allowed for ANY Reason and Cum must be Inside the bottom. I take ALL Loads without Questions, NO Rejection and NO Exceptions!!
  11. BREEDmeRAW

    Breeding slut vs. Life of Love

    I am a Very Lucky Poz Cumdump always looking for New Men to BREED my ass. I Love taking Hard Cocks and Multiple Loads from fuck buddies and Strangers as often as possible. I don't view myself as a Slut as I told one guy, "A Slut will have sex with Anyone and I will have sex with anyone Except YOU." It pissed him off. I have been a cum freak for years although in younger years it was more Oral and swallow his load. I am now more focused on taking Loads in my ass. My first boyfriend was the first to take me to the bathhouse and 3 months later I was working there and my journey to being a CUMDUMP began. If a man is going to love me then he Must agree that I will be getting Fucked Bareback and filled with Multiple Loads from Strangers. Second boyfriend I met was at a sex party in San Diego, CA and 2 days later I was in Palm Springs for porn.
  12. I agree that Bdsmlr is the best. They post that anything involving under age or animal are NOT Allowed--- but anything else goes. It is growing rapidly and they are doing their best but massive amounts of posts and dramatic increases of members was more than they planned. You can start a new blog now, It is the massive prior blogs from tumbler that has issues. There are at least 5 alternative sites but BDSMLR is best. BreedMeRaw
  13. BREEDmeRAW

    Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    I would have to go to level 6 .. but maybe I would be at level 7 or 8. I will take ALL Loads--NO Questions, NO Rejection, NO Exceptions. Open to ALL Loads but I Love taking POZ SEED from a Hard Cock. I am not level 10 looking for other STI, I do know the risk and Will Only Bareback and filled with Multiple Loads of POZ Cum.
  14. BREEDmeRAW

    Are there crazy sex pigs in here that DON’T pnp?

    I have Never used Meth, Cocaine or hard drugs. I want to Enjoy myself when getting Fucked and Remember all of my experiences. I had a former partner who smoked pot with most of his friends every day. I tried it with a bong and they would pass a joint around but I couldn't handle it because I have never smoke anything not even cigarettes or pot. He did have a chemical that was close to G and it was okay but I didn't need it. Do I consider myself a "Crazy Sex Pig" depends what you think is Crazy. I worked at our local bathhouse for about two years and had FREE Room or locker at any of the Clubs in the Chain. ClubIndy, Club Dallas, Austin and Houston. I still got more loads in Chicago. 32 Loads in 12 hours because a Top buddy kept finding Men to fuck and Load my ass. NO CONDOMS ALLOWED POLICY. Then one year I got caught in a Snowstorm in Chicago and stayed 3 days longer than expected. 3 weeks later I was in Palm Springs for a porn flick. 6 months later I moved to CA and that is what turned me into a hungry CUMDUMP and taking any load. The only drug was Hard-On pills.
  15. BREEDmeRAW

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    No this is the point to get as many loads in his ass over a period of time. While some CUMDUMPS may not get a real thrill of shooting their Load into another CUMDUMP, it must Cross-BREED and fill a cumdump of your Own DNA and every man that shot in your hole.

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