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    Saint Louis, MO 63125 (USA)
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    Love to get Fucked RAW and loaded with Multiple Loads of CUM. DIRECT DEPOSIT BONUS points for
    Black/White/Latin .... Ideal is 2-3 Tops take turns fucking my Ass and offering my hole to Horny MEN willing to BREED.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz CUM PIG is looking for horny men who want to BREED my ASS! Horny HIV POZitive men with Hard cock and willing to plant that seed deep in my guts is more important than age/looks/ or stats.

    I love getting fucked BAREBACK and taking MULTIPLE LOADS. Not into PNP or hard drugs. POZ and VERBAL a big plus. Go ahead and PUMP your load in my ass. Love it filled!
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    Hot Desert Knights, 2001-- World's HUNGRIEST CUM HOLE Contest, 2007 Raw Retreat -- last scene.
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    Love to find 2-3 fellow CUM PIGS who get Fucked and filled Daily by multiple Men. Love it Raw Skin-2-Skin. Cum dump bottom looking for Raw BB Bareback Top into anonymous scenes --St. Louis, MO.

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    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    I Always want his load in my ass. I understand at a bathhouse that guys dont want to pay $$ to enter and leave in 15 minutes. If you want quick multiple Loads you might be better off at a bookstore with glory holes or a motel Pump-N-Dump. If I like you, I want your DNA planted DEEP and mixing with unknown Strangers and Anonymous Loads.

    How much of this is fantasy?

    I seldom write stories and most of my accounts are 95% true when accuracy depends on others who have told me. I would hardly consider my life to be typical for most. I worked our local bathhouse for 2 years with a benefit of free room or locker in any club in the chain. I went to Chicago for 4 days at stayed at Man's Country, Steamworks and Bijou video along with Ram bookstore. Just drop my pants and took Every Bare Cock. That was before I moved to CA and started Porn. There are enough guys on this site who have Pumped their load in my ass.

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    It is Not an ordinance in Palm Springs, but I Never had Condoms because I was involved in Hot Desert Knights porn production and our slogan was "Always Bareback -- No Condoms Allowed" 100% was Bareback and most were either from the Monthly Parties or sex scenes. I had the Most Loads over IML weekend.

    Planning to Bareback

    It may be because of the divorce but most married Men do not use Condoms with their wives. It may take awhile for a man to admit that he likes Cock. I don't know of any Man, gay or straight that Loves using Condoms. Once you go bare -- you NEVER want anything between you and your partner. And most of us Love getting Fucked Bareback and we Want your load Inside our ass.
  5. The original post was years ago and many can go back to 2010. Some may have just discovered Breeding Zone, others might view as guest, and others have evolving thoughts that are not talked about in your area or location.

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    My doctor told me Under 20 now when we discussed in September 2017. I am Undetactable and understand risks. If you want to be a Slut and take High Viral Loads, you should at least be on Prep -- which takes time. I would Not be taking unmedicated High Viral Loads on purpose but understand the risks.
  7. Thanks for sharing your story. I have Always been Open to almost any one, Hard Cock Required and No Condoms Allowed. I welcomed their load but also know that Most Tops that Pay for bathhouses are planning to spend a few hours and will likely stick their Cock in Multiple holes and decide which bottom to get his Load. As a CUMDUMP, I enjoy Multiple Loads of Cum in my Ass. If I am there, I don't leave until 5 Loads. One Top can give me 5 Loads if he Cums Multiple times but I like 5 Different Men to each Depost at least one load. Anyone that uses my ass Once has Clear understanding that they are Welcomed any time. I have Slowed way down in the past few years. Seems I have gotten more STD's/STI in Missouri in the middle of the country in the past 5 years than I ever had when I lived in California for 10 years -- 8 years doing porn and Monthly Sex Parties in Palm Springs. I have slowed down and don't attend the Monthly Lights Out party. Sorry for your loss. It is a form of death in some way if it is truly Over. I get Tested every year with my physical and when needed. I am Not looking for STD'S/STI but I know the risk. Hope your health improves and maybe in time you can adapt to taking loads, but not anonymous or bathhouses. There is Danger every day, even if you stay home for days/weeks there is still danger from falling or walking around or cooking. We just have to access the Risks and Accept the consequences.

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I am still at the bathhouse to get anonymous loads from Strangers and known POZ MEN that love to fuck bareback and BREED my ass full of CUM. I am looking for ANY guy who will pump a load in my ass.

    Anonymous loads

    I tried using a full mask for totally Anonymous Loads from Strangers. I think it scared many of them. I went to dark room with the mask and in less than 10 minutes it Cleared out completely. Even the guy in the sling next door and the 4 guys watching and quickly they scattered. It was almost as bad as when you turn on the Bright lights for cleaning. I am ALWAYS hungry for a Strangers CUM in my ass.
  10. BREEDmeRAW

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    Both -- I Love being rimmed and deep as you can. Before, during and after I have been fucked. I might already have been fucked and Loaded. When I eat out an ass it should be cleaned-out and ready. If the ass is loaded with Cum I will place a hand on your stomach and push your ass deeper down my throat. I will eat out any prior loads before I add my own POZ CUM.
  11. BREEDmeRAW

    Taboo question to ask a poz guy?

    Your question is interesting because you are asking a POZ guy how he became Poz. This means that YOU already know he is HIV POZ and you have agreed to meet him. Does that mean you knew his status and still met? The most important thing is that you are aware of his status and still willing to get together. Did you ask his status or did he just tell you upfront before any sex? If you think you are Negative, do you think that condoms will be used? Maybe you are neg and don't use condoms and want to SHOOT your load into a POZ ass. Are you negative and want a POZ man to pump his Toxic seed in your ass? For me personally I don't ask, but if you read my profile I am very direct and Clear about my interest. I am a POZ bottom and Happy CUMDUMP for ANY guy who will pump a load in my ass. I take ALL LOADS! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  12. BREEDmeRAW

    St. Louis Bathhouse

    I love getting fucked and taking multiple Loads of CUM at the bathhouse.
  13. I use to do that. Just remove the condom and he may not notice. Usually he sees as his cock is bare and he freaks out. Some apologe and I would just shrugged it off or say no big deal. Then they would exit quickly. Life has Changed and in person I state that I only take bare cock and every drop of CUM in my Ads. If he wants to use a condom is his choice. He just needs to find another bottom. Per this thread: Once I see a condom, I skip to the next. Video fantasy is fine, but it MUST be Bareback if I watch it.
  14. BREEDmeRAW


    52, 5'10", 140lbs, 32" waist and 8" POZ CUMDUMP for ANY guy who will pump a load in my ass. I take ALL LOADS and do not ask questions. I have been taking Bare Cock over 32 years. There are many BREEDINGZONE members who have left their DNA in my ass.
  15. BREEDmeRAW

    Anonymous loads

    Anonymous Loads from Strangers and known POZ Loads are Hot and ANY COCK is welcome to fuck bareback and BREED my ass full of CUM from a variety of different types of Men. Best is gloryholes or blind-folded and multiple Men willing to fuck and BREED my ass full of CUM. Best is to travel and collect multiple loads from Strangers. It gets great with 3-4 anonymous loads and then Open to take Bigger Cocks. If I travel the minimum is 10 Loads. It can be 1 or 2 guys, but MUST agree 10 Loads. Bookstore/bath/house/hotel.

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