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    Saint Louis, MO 63125 (USA)
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    Love to get Fucked RAW and loaded with Multiple Loads of CUM. DIRECT DEPOSIT BONUS points for
    Black/White/Latin .... Ideal is 2-3 Tops take turns fucking my Ass and offering my hole to Horny MEN willing to BREED.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz CUM PIG is looking for horny men who want to BREED my ASS! Horny HIV POZitive men with Hard cock and willing to plant that seed deep in my guts is more important than age/looks/ or stats.

    I love getting fucked BAREBACK and taking MULTIPLE LOADS. Not into PNP or hard drugs. POZ and VERBAL a big plus. Go ahead and PUMP your load in my ass. Love it filled!
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    Hot Desert Knights, 2001-- World's HUNGRIEST CUM HOLE Contest, 2007 Raw Retreat -- last scene.
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    Love to find 2-3 fellow CUM PIGS who get Fucked and filled Daily by multiple Men. Love it Raw Skin-2-Skin. Cum dump bottom looking for Raw BB Bareback Top into anonymous scenes --St. Louis, MO.

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    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    I don't need to cum when their is a Top that has a need to Fuck a hole and release his Sperm. If I am taking loads I don't need to cum. I will want more Men to BREED my ass.

    Slut Night

    Yes! I can Verify as a POZ CUM DUMP that Once you get a load you become a horny Pig and always want more. If I am online my profile is clear that I am looking to be Fucked Bareback and filled with Cum. You start getting Multiple Men sending you a message wanting to Shoot their load in your ass and you try to take as many Loads as you can find. I find Men with Larger Cocks tend to like and enjoy an Open and Cum-filled Ass. Especially Black Men with girth and length tend to like it Open especially if they tried with some dude who could not take it. They know they can Drill and Pound away and you will take their load. I have one bud that wants a text any time I get 2 or more Loads.

    Where to Stay for Cum Slut?

    Blue Moon, it is off the strip -- which is why Everyone there is looking to fuck. I had a room with a friend for our privacy, but you can rent lockers and several play area's. They have a web site.

    Down the slippery slope

    The story is Great drama as we follow him down his pole. Does he stop there and settlte sown with one guy who may or may not like Open relationships. Is he faithful or does he continue to be Fucked Bareback by Strangers. Does it end there or does it start Fisting/Water Sports or does he sink lower and seeks Unmedicated POZ LOAD and Std's?

    AIDS wasted top breeds muscular bottom

    I hope you realize your quirks are Normal and make a Firm Commitment to NEVER use Condoms and ALWAYS take the load. I would NOT be in a monogamous relationship with anyone. I would consider a relationship with a True Slut who takes Random Loads from fuck buds and Strangers a few nights a week. If you are a Cumdump then I want to BREED you, but you Must accept Random Annoynomuys Loads on a regular schedule.

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    If a guy wants to Fuck a dirty bottom then we are not a match. I had a very cute asian guy that loved to get fucked with his ass full of shit. It took me two times to understand that he Loved to be Fudge Packed Full. I don't like scat at all. Since my dick was already Inside his dirty ass I gave him my load. We NEVER played again and he was cute. Personally my profile on Every site makes it clear that I want to be Bred and filled with Cum. #TeamBottom #BBBH #Bareback #NoCondoms #NoPullOut #Cumdump #RawIsLaw
  7. Thanks for The Follow! :) 


    Cum in mouth or ass?

    100% of his Load goes Inside my ass. I am a POZ Bareback Cum DUMP that Loves mixing Multiple Loads from fuck-buds and Strangers In my ass. If he is TOXIC then he should Fuck Hard and empty every drop of Cum. I also enjoy getting Fucked Bareback by other Sluts who take ALL Loads. I want to Cross BREED and swap loads with CUMDUMPS and get DNA from him and Every guy that had planted their load in his ass.

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    CUM belongs DEEP Inside the bottom's ass. Always Ass is best and what I tell a guy before he enters my ass. I want his load Directly in my Ass. If he Cums down my throat is good but I still want more Sperm in my ass.
  10. BREEDmeRAW

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    Condoms? What are they? I have a #TeamBottom #BBBH #Bareback #NoCondoms #NoPullOut #Cumdump #RawIsLaw policy for my ass. If asked if I have or use Condoms I Reply NEVER. A few walk away but most just Slide on in and start pounding away. I want his load in my ass.
  11. It really depends on how each of you view both your VERY close friends and how Honest they are to you. Anyone can slip up and if it has ever happened then chances are someone is playing outside the group. It also depends on your Idea and term "Cumdumping" but if your current lover has been a Cumdump before -- then chances are he is still getting that inch that may or may not be getting filled. If your very good friends that hsve fucked around for years you should be able to discuss your needs and desires. If your boyfriend has been a CUMDUMP then you should encourage him to get Fucked Bareback with Strangers more often. Take him to a new city so even if you see a guy it is still Anonymous and total Strangers filling his hole.
  12. BREEDmeRAW

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    I Always want his load in my ass. I understand at a bathhouse that guys dont want to pay $$ to enter and leave in 15 minutes. If you want quick multiple Loads you might be better off at a bookstore with glory holes or a motel Pump-N-Dump. If I like you, I want your DNA planted DEEP and mixing with unknown Strangers and Anonymous Loads.
  13. BREEDmeRAW

    How much of this is fantasy?

    I seldom write stories and most of my accounts are 95% true when accuracy depends on others who have told me. I would hardly consider my life to be typical for most. I worked our local bathhouse for 2 years with a benefit of free room or locker in any club in the chain. I went to Chicago for 4 days at stayed at Man's Country, Steamworks and Bijou video along with Ram bookstore. Just drop my pants and took Every Bare Cock. That was before I moved to CA and started Porn. There are enough guys on this site who have Pumped their load in my ass.
  14. BREEDmeRAW

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    It is Not an ordinance in Palm Springs, but I Never had Condoms because I was involved in Hot Desert Knights porn production and our slogan was "Always Bareback -- No Condoms Allowed" 100% was Bareback and most were either from the Monthly Parties or sex scenes. I had the Most Loads over IML weekend.
  15. BREEDmeRAW

    Planning to Bareback

    It may be because of the divorce but most married Men do not use Condoms with their wives. It may take awhile for a man to admit that he likes Cock. I don't know of any Man, gay or straight that Loves using Condoms. Once you go bare -- you NEVER want anything between you and your partner. And most of us Love getting Fucked Bareback and we Want your load Inside our ass.

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