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    raw cum loads marinating in my beefy cunt
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    Top men to breed and drop loads in my hole. Really want to get my hole cunted by taking as many raw cocks as possible. Also love sucking loads out of other's used, gaping holes. Cum should not be wasted outside of a hole.

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  1. This past Thursday and Friday i was in the city and decided to get my slut on. Posted a few ads and "woofed" at a few guys and waited to see what happened. First load was from a straight curious married guy just wanted a blowjob. Second load came from a regular fb: married latino daddy who also happened to be in town. Shoved his thick uncut cock in me and bred me good as he always does. Third load came from a stranger: no name no face anonymous breeding by this hot sexy daddy on his garage floor at 1:30 AM with the only light being his Ipad in my face so I could watch looping breeding vids whi
  2. Damnit. Trip had to be cancelled. Hopefully can get bred on another trip though. Stay horny, guys! ;)
  3. Thanks for the follow! :)

  4. Goddamn! This story is AMAZINGLY HOT!!! Def one of the best stories on here!
  5. There is?!? I have searched on the forums for chubby stuff but have not found what you mention???
  6. Are there tops out there that like their bottoms chubby? Large chunky fat guys? I know society is all about "fit" and "young" and all that stereotypical stuff, but does anyone else like a nice big fat ass to breed?
  7. Hey top studs, chub cumdump looking for sperm donors on the night of April 9th in Mt Vernon, WA. Anyone gonna be around? Wanna try to get some cum marinade in my meat hole for a good nights sleep.
  8. Would love to eat your hole out after it's been loaded up! 

  9. Thanks for the follow! 🙂

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you

  10. First time was raw with my best friend in 1997. We'd grown up together since kindergarten and started jacking off and experimenting when we were about 11. Innocent stuff at first. Then we started sucking each other shortly after we starting making cum. He was more adventurous, I guess, than I was. But he also had internet at his house and I didn't so he had more opportunity to find porn and, therefore, "ideas" for us to try. When we were 15, we were hanging out in his room watching porn and 69-ing when he said he wanted to try something. We'd sort of danced around the idea of "fucking" but thi
  11. As others have said, and I agree, it's about the cock breeding our hole, not the look of the face. If you're a proper cumdump you take any load, from any man. NO LOADS REFUSED. And for me, also like others on here, I'm not that into the conventionally "hot" guys. I find myself more drawn to the underdogs....or regular, blue collar kind of guys. Make no mistake, I'll take a load from a "hot" guy, but for truly good sex, I've always found sex is better with average, normal, or "ugly" guys. Breed on, stud!
  12. I always absorb it unless I really want to taste the top's load. And I really love eating cum freshly fucking into mine (or another guy's) cunt. SO DELICIOUS! But when I don't have time to snack, I always let it marinate for as long as possible.
  13. Wish there were more guys who liked to be bold and grab a fold n fuck it. Chub bttm here only got two loads in him this year.....two latin loads in October. My chub cunt craves that cream filling.....
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