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  1. Glad I'm not the only slutty crew on here! I like your story...showing up for pickup without a shower. But glad you got your load. I'm in Vegas next, going to try one of the baths there. Hopefully I'll have a story to submit.
  2. I was going to be in Colorado Springs on Tuesday night, and hadn't been there in years. A couple of days before, I went on Scruff and searched guys around where our hotel is and viewed a few profiles. I was sent a message by a HOT super muscular guy who's profile I'd looked at. He was gorgeous. Super worked out, dark hair, blue eyes, hairy chest and legs, shoulder tat, light scruff on his face. Just...wow. He said I was very handsome and asked if I was planning on visiting soon. I told him I'd be arriving Tuesday night and would be free late. He said he's always up for a late night "drink", and we should get together. I agreed and said I'd contact him Tuesday afternoon. I messaged him late afternoon Tuesday and it took him a while to write back. He said work had been really crap that day, he was exhausted, and not sure if he could meet up. But Wednesday he was free after 1pm. We were going to be checking out around 3pm on Wednesday, so I told him that was ok but he'd have to be "in and out" by about 2:15 so I could shower and get ready for work. He said that'd be fine, he'll message me at 1pm and let me know when he was heading over. He messaged on time, and said he'd be there at 1:30. I reminded him that he had until 2:15. We were both ok with a somewhat quick get together as he had a 4 day load he was eager to get rid of. He showed up at 1:40 wearing a suit and was just as hot as his pics. He quickly got undressed and laid out on the bed. My god, what an amazing body he had. I said that I never asked if he liked to make out or not. He told me, "sure, we can kiss a bit before you suck my dick." So I got on top of him, kissed a bit, then I turned my attention to his dick. He slowly got hard and he complimented my on my oral skills (I never considered oral as one of my strengths, but I've heard lately that I'm very good at it). He stood up and told me to get on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed. He slowly started fucking me, with just the head of his dick first (I LOVE this!), and he said he enjoyed watching my face as he fucked me. We changed positions a few times, and he really liked it once my hole opened up and wasn't so tight. When he rolled me onto my back, he asked if I wanted his load. I said "yes, please. I NEED your cum". He kept up his regular rhythm and told me "you're getting it right now". His tempo hadn't changed, and he was fairly quiet...I actually thought maybe he didn't cum. But as he pulled out I felt some of his load drip out and slide down my crack. A quick trip to the bathroom to clean up, and he was getting dressed. It was 2:05 when he left. As soon as the door closed behind him I got on the bed and slid my fingers into my hole, then tasted the cum that was on them. It was a very sweet load. I got rock hard and started to stroke my dick as I fingered my cummy hole. I didn't have much time, so I took a hit of poppers and pushed out as much cum as I could into my hand. I got it in my mouth just as I blew my load all over my chest. Once I caught my breath I got in the shower, cleaned up, got dressed, and headed down for pickup. I didn't have much of his cum left in my ass, but I loved going to work a freshly fucked slut. If only the 3 girls on my crew knew what I'd just done.
  3. Fuckin'Oink~!🐷Please keep sharing your pix, and adventures. Pigs like you make visiting BZ the best part of my day. Thanks for your follow too. XOX

    1. Pumpinmyhole


      Thank you...If I come through STL, I'm definitely hitting you up!

  4. I don't have any, and I can take them or leave them on others. Everyone seems to have one or many these days...to the point that, to me, it seems like an overdone look/trend. Sometimes I feel like I stand out more just because I *don't* have any.
  5. I can relate. It's not that I never top, but generally with guys I've played with before and there's a lot of great kissing involved. I once hit up a bottom on BBRT who had to travel and was looking for an anon load. I had the guy drive 10 miles to my hotel only to find I couldn't get hard...I had spend a half hour overthinking it before he arrived and it did me in. I felt SO bad that I had to send him on his way without getting a load. Fast forward a few months and I'm in a bath house, in the dark room, stroking. A guy came up and backed onto my dick and I fucked him. I fucked a few guys that night. It just happened organically with no thought put into it. I'd suggest a bath house or sex party and just see if it'll happen without trying too hard.
  6. I was going to be laying over in downtown Indy, arriving pretty late on a weeknight. I figured there wouldn't be too many guys available to fuck at that hour, but I wouldn't be checking out of the hotel until 6:30PM the next day. And since this hotel didn't require a key for the elevator I decided to spend the next afternoon taking loads in my room. I got up the next morning and around 9AM I put a "quick connect" ad on BBRT saying which hotel I was at, and I'd be taking loads from 11AM-4PM. I was hit up by 3 guys...2 would be by right at 11:00, the other would try to leave work early and stop by before 4:00. I prepped my hole and just before 11:00 I taped the door latch so guys could just push the door open. Tops #1 and #2 both arrived just after 11AM. They took turns tag teaming and spit roasting me. As I'm on my back, knees up, ass on the edge of the bed, #1 is fucking me when my phone beeps. He tells me to check and see if anyone else wants to come by. As his dick is in me I have him hand me my glasses and phone (in my head, this image makes me laugh). Someone from Scruff had hit me up and is pretty close. #2 asks who it is and I show him. #2 knows the guy and says "tell him 'Dan' is here and he needs to come over". I do, and #3 says he's on his way. #1 and #2 tag and spit roast me a bit more before #1 gives me a load just as #3 was coming in. #2 gets in my ass and he spit roasts me with #3. #2 and #3 trade places and #3 gives me my second load pretty quick. I clean the cum off #3 before he heads to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. #2 gets back in my ass and gives me my third load. I get up to clean off #2's dick and he gets dressed and heads out. I'm still left with #1 who has me check and see if anyone else is coming by. There isn't, but #1 is hard again and slides back into my sloppy hole. In just a few minutes #1 gives me a second load, for a total of 4 loads now marinating in my ass. #1 gets dressed and leaves, and I sit back on the bed, cruising online, and fingering my wonderfully sloppy hole. I get hit up by a guy on Scruff who's in a hotel a few blocks away. No pic, general stats, and he wants a "door open, ass up" anon pump and dump. I send him the room info and have him message me when he gets to the lobby. #4 messages and I get into position. I hear the door open and him getting undressed but he's very quiet otherwise. He gets behind me and slides in. True to his word, it's a pump and dump, and he dumped his load in my ass within a few minutes. I lay on my stomach as he's cleaning up and wait for him to leave...I now have five loads in my ass. I go back online and cruise some more. The next guy hits me up on A4A and is close...he's actually in the office building across the street. 30's, average build, average but thick dick. He also wants an anon fuck and I'm happy to oblige. He messages me from the lobby and I get in position. #5 comes in and I'm ass up on the edge of the bed. He gets behind me and slides his dick in immediately. He fucks pretty hard and within a few minutes he's giving me my sixth load. He stays hard and stays in my ass, slowly stroking and I'm milking him for every drop. Before long he picks up the pace and unleashes a furious assault on my hole. It doesn't take long before he cums again and gives me load seven. I collapse on the bed as he cleans up and leaves, I've been pounded hard but so horny thinking about the 7 loads I've taken. Ten seconds after #5 leaves the door opens. I thought #5 had left something, but it turns out to be #6...the guy from BBRT who was leaving work early. He asks if the guy he passed in the hall fucked me and I tell him yes. #6 gets undressed and says "I want to felch your hole before I fuck you". I tell him, "great but only if you kiss me with your cummy mouth". I get on my back, ass on the edge of the bed, and pull back my knees. He drops to his knees and his tongue dives deep in my very loose hole. He's in there for a bit before he comes up and kisses me. I can definitely taste cum on him and it makes me rock hard. We do this a couple of more times before he slides his dick in. #6 fucks hard, slow, doggy, on my back, really taking his time and making sure we both enjoy it. After probably half an hour of fucking he starts pumping faster and gives me load eight. It's just after 4PM, he needs to leave, and I need to think about getting ready for pickup and head to the airport. Before I get ready, I lay back on the bed and finger my loose hole as I jerk and edge myself. I'm so horned up thinking about the 6 guys and eight loads I took. Despite being pounded and felched, there's still quite a bit of cum in there. I push some cum out and smear it around my hole, push more out and taste it...it tastes so good. I try to jerk and edge for a long time but I'm just too horny. I'm getting really close, so I push out a huge puddle of cum into my hand and put it in my mouth. I hold it there, swirling it around tasting all of it when I shoot a huge load on my chest and stomach. As my orgasm is subsiding I swallow the rest of the cum. It takes me a few minutes before I can catch my breath and jump in the shower. The spend the entire flight home blissfully aware of my sore and used hole. I hadn't had this much hotel action in a while, I hope I can top it one day soon.
  7. Going to be in Vegas on Feb 20 for one night. Since hotel rooms in Vegas are difficult to access I'm thinking of trying either Hawks or Entourage. Does either have a decent public play space? Dark room, maze, etc? Thanks in advance for any info
  8. I love anon scenes. When I'm in a hotel, I'll actively search for tops on A4A and BBRT that are into it. Anyone who hits me up online I'll always suggest it, and I find a lot of guys are into it...especially the bi married guys. Like you, the less talking the better. And the quicker they get off the better, so I can get back online and look for another load.
  9. I've been in Phoenix a lot lately. I've actually been bidding PHX layovers as much as possible lately. I have a few guys there I play with, and hooking up downtown during the daytime is pretty easy. My last post included a guy I called "muscles" who I met at Flex. We exchanged numbers and I contacted him a few days before my last trip. He was eager to meet up again, and would venture down to my hotel. He'd be free around 10pm. When he got to my room, we made out for a few minutes before getting undressed. He'd told me via text that he likes to kiss a lot, and he wasn't kidding. And he's really good at it. We got undressed, got on the bed, pressed our bodies together, and continued the make out session. We'd pause briefly to taste and explore each other...some oral, some rimming, and more kissing. He's very sexy and feels so good to grope and fondle. When he told me he was ready to pound my ass and I was excited and agreed that I was ready for that too! He eased in slowly but quickly picked up the pace. True to his word he pounded hard for a while before slowing down to a steady fuck, teasing my hole with the head of his dick (that drives me WILD). He said he didn't want to cum too soon, even though this was kind of late for him on a weeknight. He continued this rhythm of hard pounding/slow teasing a few times before he started fucking faster and unloading in me. When he pulled out I was laying on my back with my knees up, and he positioned himself laying with his head near my ass and he started licking my sloppy hole. This surprised me a little bit, but I loved that he liked to eat a loaded ass. Now the question is, will he eat only his load out of my ass or will he eat any load out of my hole? Hopefully I'll be able to find out! "Muscles" stayed until about 11:30, but needed to get home as he had a busy schedule the next day. I told him I'd be back again on the 28th of this month and he's willing to come back for another round. We should be able to meet up earlier in the evening next time, so hopefully we can play even longer.
  10. Once when I was hosting tops in a hotel room, I had a nearby guy say he wanted an anon pump and dump. From the time he walked in, undressed, fucked, blew his load, cleaned up in the bathroom, dressed, and left was under 5 minutes. He was load #4, more were on the way, so efficiency worked great here.
  11. Since my PHX fuck bud wasn't available last Sunday, I decided to Uber over to Flex and try my luck there again. It was a Sunday night, about 9pm, a few guys in there but not overly busy. I started in the hot tub just to relax a bit. Then I did a walk through, to see who was around. I made my way to one of the dark rooms where I stayed for a while. I positioned myself in a corner and waited. A few guys came in and out, including a 30-something guy who started to feel me up. He fingered my ass and slid his average dick inside. He asked if I'd fuck him too, which I did. Neither of us came, it was just some warm up fucking. He eventually left and another guy came in, and immediately bent over the padded platform. He had a nice ass, so I got behind him and slid in. I fucked for a bit but didn't want to cum yet. I pulled out, left, and went to walk around the club some more. Not a lot going on, so I went back to the dark room. Before long a hot, and I mean HOT guy walked in. Bald, muscular, about my age. He's checking me out when a second guy comes in. Guy 2 is younger and more aggressive. He immediately grabs my dick, feels my ass, fingers my hole, and starts to kiss me. Muscles keeps watching us, and eventually comes over. We're all three kissing, sucking, and groping each other. This goes on for a few minutes before muscles steps back to catch his breath. He leaves and I'm left with guy #2. I ask if he'd like to go back to my room and he agrees. In my room, guy 2 immediately starts to eat my ass. He stops only to come up and kiss me, and goes back to eating my hole. He starts to try fucking me but says he wants some poppers and goes to buy some. As I'm laying there with the door open, muscles stops and looks in. I say "hi", and he comes in and shuts the door. I start sucking him, and his hands are all over me. Mine are all over him too, and all I can say is WOW. This guy has zero body fat, rock hard muscles, and a nice 7 inches. He pulls away and starts to feverishly eat my ass. Before long, he slides his dick in raw and pounds away, kissing me at the same time. Eventually we change positions and I'm able to suck his dick some more and eat his ass a little, which he's thoroughly enjoying. Again he goes back to eating my ass, then fucking me...probably for another 10 minutes. After that he stops and says he needs a break and a drink of water. He says he'll be back, but definitely wants to get my phone # so we can do this some more away from the baths. HELL YES, I'm game. I tell him I'm airline, but I'm in town pretty regularly. He leaves my room and shortly after guy 2 is coming back to my room. We start to make out some more but I'm really starting to fade out. I've probably been awake now for about 21 hours. I tell guy 2 that I really need to head back to my hotel and get some sleep. Before I leave, I go and find muscles so we can exchange numbers. He comes back to my room, we trade, and tell him I'll be in touch. On the way back to my hotel, he texts and says "thank you for an amazing time. Can't wait til next time". I guess I never did take or give a load that night. But I got my ass eaten and used pretty hard. I'm back to PHX this Sunday. Planning on meeting up with my fuck bud early in the evening. I sent muscles a text and he's game to meet up later on Sunday night. I'll be reporting on that night in a few days
  12. After my night at Flex in Phoenix, I was going to be in Indy the following night. I'd be checking in late, around 11pm. It was a Saturday night so I was thinking another night at the baths might be in order. I've been to Club Indy before, but was very curious to check out The Works. If they hold monthly Cumunion parties there, it has to be a decent place right? As I'm cleaning up and getting myself prepped, I logged on to Scruff. I wound up chatting with a really nice guy a couple of miles away and he invited me over. I explained that I had it firmly set in my mind that I was going to check out the other bath house in town. He understood, wished me an evening of fun, and said good night. I was finally ready to head out to The Works at about 1am. I wasn't paying much attention as the Uber pulled into the lot...I was focused on The Works website, making sure I could use a credit card, deciding what size room I was going to get, etc. I wish I would have looked at the parking lot. I paid my way in and went downstairs to my room. Once undressed, I started to explore the 3 floors and walk the hallways. I came to realize that there wasn't anyone else there. No one. I spent the next hour wandering the halls from floor to floor...no one. I went back to my room and sent a message to the Scruff guy, saying something like "boy, you were right...should have come to your place". He was actually still online and invited me over again. This time I accepted. I got dressed, checked out, and called my Uber. When I walked out, there were 2 cars in the parking lot. One must have belonged to the lone attendant. The other was probably some guy who was asleep in a room the entire hour I was there. But I was on my way to Scruff guy's house at around 2:30am. I get to Scruff guy's house by 3am. He invites me in, grabs me and kisses me deeply. He offers me a cocktail and I accept...something to take the edge off the first part of the night. Eventually we head upstairs to his bedroom. We get undressed and do a lot of making out and rubbing our bodies together on the bed. It was a really nice start to things. He was a great kisser and very tactile. At one point he starts fingering my hole a bit, which feels amazing. I'm moaning and squirming and hitting the poppers a bit. He keeps up what he's doing with his fingers, and before long he has 2 in my ass. Then 3 in my hole. Whatever he's doing feels amazing and he knows it. He asks me how far I want to take this...I tell him to keep doing what he's doing, I'll let him know when to stop. I was oddly comfortable with this guy, not anxious or tense at all. He keeps up with his assault on my hole. I'm just in ecstasy at this point. My hole is in sensory overload! At one point my hole feels so stretched out, so full and so amazing. I ask him how far he's in, and he says he's 5 fingers in but only knuckle deep. Wow, this is the farthest I've ventured into this territory. I have my arms wrapped around his neck, we're deep kissing, and he's twisting his wrist back and forth....I can't get enough. He tries to get his entire fist in my ass, but it just won't happen. At one point he's pushing forward and I have to tell him to stop. Knuckle deep is my limit (for now). Eventually he pulls is hand away, we continue to slowly make out. It's about 5:30am at this point and we're both getting really tired. He spoons me and we doze off. We never did fuck that night, but my ass was very very satisfied. I like to think my job as a bottom is to take care of the top's needs...but he was entirely focused on MY pleasure. I wake up at 8am and need to get back to the hotel. He wants me to stay longer, but I need to get back. I'm not accustomed to sleeping with someone and I'm not going to get a restful sleep if I stay. I get dressed and call my Uber. I don't know if I'll be back anytime soon, but I'll gladly let him assault my hole some more. Maybe even get past the knuckles next time. At least I can say I was almost fisted.
  13. I did a last minute trip trade, one that would put me in Phoenix Friday night. My top fuck bud in town had plans that night, so I decided to head over to Flex to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I arrived about 10PM, and there was a decent crowd there. I started in the hot tub, and there were a couple of other guys in with me. A handsome daddy started rubbing my leg with his foot. I invited him back to my room, and he accepted. We kissed and sucked for a little while, and he asked me if I had any condoms. I said I didn't (I stashed them under the mattress) and he said he wanted to fuck me, but needed a condom. Damn it, not what I wanted. We stopped what we were doing and he said he'd be around for a few hours and would stop back by my room later. I cruised the hallways for a little while, went back to my room with the door open, and laid on my stomach ass up. No takers so I went back to walking around. I entered one of their "dark rooms" and there was a large crowd in there. It was completely dark except for a single red light bulb in the ceiling. I groped a lot of guys, I was groped, and had a few fingers in my ass. I found a hard dick in one of the darker corners and got on my knees so I could taste this stranger's thick dick. As soon as I stood up, he spun me around and pushed me against the wall. He then slid his dick in my ass and only stroked a few times before he blew his load. I stayed in the dark room for a bit before I went back to my room to chill for a while. When I returned to the dark room, the red bulb in the ceiling had been turned off somehow and it was completely dark there. I couldn't see a thing, only feel the bodies as I tried to walk around in there. I was hard and really turned on...I LOVE a completely dark anon scene and I found my spot for the night. I stood in there against the wall stroking my dick for a long time. Random holes would push onto my dick, dicks would slide up my ass, sounds of guys fucking would fill the room all without being able to see anything. I stayed as the crowd in there thinned, but would fill up again in a few minutes where more holes would push onto my dick, and I'd have more dicks filling my ass. I lost all track of time in this hedonistic corner I found. I went back to my room to check the time, and it was now 2am. I'd been there for 4 hours, but really needed to get back to my hotel as I'd been up for 22 hours at this point. I'd only taken one load all night, but I needed to get off. So I went back to the dark room. Immediately I found what felt like a very nice ass bent over the padded platform. I fingered his lubed up hole and slid my dick in. I wanted to fuck for longer, but I was too horny. I wound up seeding this hole in less than 2 minutes. I was back in my hotel by 3am and slept soundly for 10 hours. I'd be in Indianapolis Saturday night with plans to hit the baths there. That story to follow...
  14. Last Friday I had a trip, laying over in Milwaukee the first night. I logged into BBRT early in the day to change my home location to MKE. Immediately I was hit up by a local MKE guy wanting to fuck. I explained that I was arriving late tonight, but would have my ass available for loads on Saturday from 10A-2P. He said great, keep me in the loop. As I was chatting with him, I was hit up by 4 other guys. I told all of them the same, that I'd be available from 10-2 on Saturday. They all wanted me to message the hotel details and will try to stop by. I arrive in MKE at midnight and send all 5 my hotel info. And luckily, no elevator key needed for access! Saturday morning I get up and have messages from 3 of them. They're planning on coming over, 2 of them will be there at 10:00. A little before 10, I go and tape the door latch (I travel with packing tape) so they can just push the door open when they arrive. Right at 10, top #1 comes in. He puts his arms around me and kisses me deeply...off to a good start! He gets undressed and we make out and roll around on the bed for a bit. I break to suck his dick some before going back to a make out some more. Then top #2 comes in. He immediately gets undressed and starts eating my ass. I take a big hit of poppers and go back to sucking #1's dick. Before long #2 slides in my hole and fucks with a steady pace as I'm sucking #1. After a bit #2 suggests I sit on #1's dick, which I do. #2 asks if I'm into DP and I tell him I've never done it. He asks if I want to try and I tell him I'm game. #2 gets behind me and pushes into me as I'm sitting on #1's dick and leaning forward. I take a hit of poppers and #2 is quickly balls deep. #2 takes control and seems to be doing most of the work. But it feels awesome having my ass stuffed so full! I can tell #1 is enjoying it to by the look on his face. It's hard to say how long this goes on before #2 really picks up the pace and slams deep into me, grunting and moaning. #2 pulls out as I'm still sitting on #1. I tell him I want to taste the cum on his dick, and he comes to the side of the bed so I can clean him up. #2 asks #1 if he's going to cum too. #1 says "I already did". Maybe he just cums quietly, but I didn't notice with everything else going on. I then get off of #1 and clean his dick for him also. Top #3 messaged that he'd be there about 12:45. While I'm waiting, I finger my sloppy hole and edge my dick until it's drooling. But I'm careful not to cum before #3 arrives. #3 comes in and is excited to get undressed and eat my loaded hole. He's in there thoroughly enjoying himself, savoring the taste of the other 2 loads. I get up and lean down and kiss him so I can taste some of those loads too. He goes back to rimming me for a little longer, then pushes my knees up and slides his dick in. He only fucked for a couple of minutes before blowing his load. Again, I get up and get on my knees so I can clean the cum off of his dick. I love the taste of cum on a dick that just loaded my ass! #3 starts getting dressed, says his thank you's, and heads out. I get back on the bed and finger my sloppy hole some more while jerking and edging myself. I try to make it last as long as possible, but I'm so horny I'm only able to last a few minutes. I push out as much cum as I can onto my fingers, put them in my mouth, and jerk my load all over my chest. I'm able to relax for a little while before I have to shower and get ready for pickup. Not only was this my first DP, but also my first time in MKE. Thank you to the tops that trekked over to my hotel and gave me their loads!

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