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  1. I'll host anon hotel scenes pretty frequently. Most of the time the anon tops that hit me up will say in their profiles that they're "discrete", so I assume that means they're married. And most of the time the discrete tops won't want anyone else in the room. But there are a few anon tops around that just get off on the scene and it's their preferred way to cum. Either way, I'm happy to oblige.
  2. Man I wish I would have kept track. Part of me thinks I must have by this point. Twenty two years flying, and conservatively 2 loads/month is only 528. But there were many months were I'd take loads in my hotel 5 times/month. And many of those I'd get at least 2 loads, if not 4 or 5. Plus random visits to local bathhouses when I lived close to those. But rest assured, regardless of my number, I'll keep collecting cum!
  3. I also take a fiber supplement like you do, as I've found it helps a LOT so keep on it. I use a "travel" shower attachment. Think of a silicone bowl that clips to a shower head, with the hoses coming out. I have two attachments for it that go in my ass. One is a standard 6" X 1/2" nozzle, the other is an 18" thin tube that I can use to snake up pretty deep. The shorter one I'll use for a quick clean out. By quick, I'm talking at least 30 minutes. If I'm going to use the long one and insert it deep, we're talking 2 hours. Even with the shorter one, if I insert it as far as I can, and point it just right, I *can* get water into the sigmoid colon, causing a longer clean out. The key for me is to put the shorter one in about one inch, squeeze and let my rectum fill for a count of 5, then release. I'll repeat this a few times then wait about 15 minutes, remaining standing (figuring gravity will help). After 15 minutes I'll repeat a few times and hope for clear water. Then I'll wait about 10 minutes, sit on the toilet, and make sure all the water is released. Usually, I'm good to go for at least 2 hours and sometimes up to 4. If I'm using the 18" hose, I can only get it in about 12", but this is going to be the long clean out I'll need if I'm planning on a full 8 hours at the baths, or a full afternoon/evening hosting in a hotel room. The hose is skinny with rounded edges, but if I'm not VERY careful, I'll find I'll bleed just a little bit. Nothing severe or bad, but noticeable. So slow and gentle is key. I'll insert it as far as I can, let the water flow a bit, release, and repeat. Once I've done this, I'll wait about half an hour to repeat. But one thing that's consistent with me when I use the long hose is: The first series of rinses will be messy. Then repeated rinses with the long hose will be clear, but about 90 minutes into the process there's always a second wave of shit that comes out. Once this second wave comes, I'm nearly done. There's always a second wave, and sometimes that comes 2 hours into the process. After the second wave I'll switch to the shorter nozzle and just do some follow up rinses until all the residual water is out...and it's usually pretty clear at this point. But yes, this all takes 2 hours. I've learned to never go online until my ass is ready. I swear, twice as many guys will hit me up if I'm not ready. Sure, you want to pop on and see who's around and who might want to play...but those tops will want it immediately and not be willing to wait. If you're thinking you *might* want to play that day, stay offline until you're ready. Seriously, the tops will be grateful you're ready NOW.
  4. It's been a fun month overall with the layovers in San Antonio and Seattle, despite the early report times kicking my ass. My old fuck bud in SAT wasn't available for this last trip, and my new multi-cummer top bud in SEA had work and doctor obligations. So, I was gonna wing it. I very half assed looked around for some fun in SAT, but I just wasn't feeling it. At least I was able to get to bed early, and get almost 8 hours sleep that night...I'd be well rested fro SEA. I actually pre arranged a hookup with a local SEA top on BBRT, and we'd been texting for a few days. He promised extended fucking with his thick 7" and a constant flow of pre cum. And he was true to his word. Very tactile, good kisser, and we played for a solid 90 minutes before he came and I jerked off right after. We cuddled for a bit and he was on his way. Since I jerked off, I decided I'd order dinner and then look around online after. I logged into Scruff around 8pm and was immediately messaged by a handsome guy 900 ft away. To be honest, other than his age, height, and weight I didn't check anything else on his profile. He asked where I was and I told him which hotel. I asked if he was looking for an ass to unload in, and he said he was. I told him I'd be down in the lobby to meet him in 5 minutes, and he said he was on his way. Brief, to the point, and efficient...LOVE that. When the elevator doors opened, he was standing in front of me...man oh man was he good looking. His picture on Scruff was good, but he was hotter in person. He smiled and joined me in the elevator. When the doors closed he looked my in the eyes and whispered "handsome man" and grunted an approval. I'm right there with ya, dude! SCORE! So as soon as we get to my room and the door closes, we kiss. Did you ever kiss a stranger and find your lips fit perfectly together? Did you ever kiss a stranger and their "style" of kissing is the same as yours? Did you ever embrace and kiss a stranger and not want to let go? This is where we both are. I mean, it's just one of those magical, rare to find moments that you're so grateful to have stumbled upon. Eventually we get naked and continue kissing as our limbs and bodies are intertwined on the bed. To be honest, we didn't even fuck that much. I sucked his dick a bit, he ate my ass a bit, and he fucked me a bit...but our main mission seemed to be to remain lip locked and arms wrapped around each other. Neither of us even came. Neither of us had experienced this in a long time, and we both commented on how amazing it was. So, this was the best "no sex" sex I've ever experienced. But...it was 10pm and he knew I had to be getting to bed soon. And he had to be on his way soon. He was the responsible one and finally broke out of my arms and started to get dressed. A few more minutes of kissing and he was out the door...numbers exchanged and a promise that we'll try to get together if I can get any more SEA trips. I'm looking LOL. July is going to be a slew of 2 day trips with short layovers....All the trips were such crap. So I doubt I'll be posting much in July. Fingers crossed I can find a late night, airport hotel, pump and dump to write about.
  5. I love these scenes...Never enough, and never gets old
  6. I've been really short on days off the second half of this month, so I'm combining 2 trips into one post. On the 19th, I started another 3 day trip, SAT/SEA layovers again. In SAT I met up with my top bud there. He wanted another top to tag team me with, but it just wasn't happening. He came over to my hotel, and we'd kiss and make out for a while, then both go online to cruise. After about 90 minutes of this, we decided to get down to fucking, and it was awesome as usual. Once he gets in my ass he usually lasts about 15 minutes at the most, but getting to that point where he's ready to unload is really hot. We just click really well together. I got his load and even though it was getting kind of late, we went out for a quick bite to eat...fuck first, date after LOL. Second night was in SEA, where I was getting together with the multiple load top again. He fucked me 6 times on our first visit and I was eager to get the same treatment this time! I got checked in cleaned up and messaged him that I was ready. I was going to take an Uber up to his place, about 9 miles from downtown but he'd drive me back when we were done. I arrived and he was out back on his deck. We had a cocktail and chatted for a while before we moved inside to his bedroom. Well, I didn't get fucked 6 times this time, it was only 4. LOL "only" 4. I took his loads in multiple positions...2 were on my back, 1 on my stomach, and one doggy. He lives a couple of blocks off Puget Sound, and he took me back to the hotel going the scenic route. I forget how spectacularly green and beautiful it is up there. I guess I was back in my room by 7 or so and went online to try and get another load or two, but even though it was a Saturday night, it didn't happen. I picked up some dinner around 8:30 and called it a night. On the 23rd I was doing this same trip again. My SAT bud had a headache most of the day and just wasn't feeling it. And to be honest I wasn't either, I had one day off and had to go to bed at 7PM so I could get up at 2:30AM. I was exhausted. I checked in and headed to the hotel gym for some cardio. My gym was now open but I'd only done weights on the 2 visits I made since it reopened. After I finished I showered and prepped my ass (just in case) and was ready to go find an early dinner...it was about 5PM. I was logged into "Scruff" while I was looking at "Yelp" when I was hit up by a top guy, a couple fo miles away. He was at a bar and tried to get me over for a drink. He was 60, average build. Not the hot daddy type of 60, just your average 60. I told him I was kind of focused on food, but having trouble finding a place where I could have a light low carb meal. He actually suggested a place for me, and it sounded perfect. He said if I wanted, he'd meet me there at 6PM and we could have a drink while I ate. We met out front, and he wasn't exactly my "type" but he seemed pretty cool. We went in and sat in the bar area. I had 2 martinis and a light dish, and he had a couple of drinks as well. We actually had a very enjoyable time and some great conversation. When we were leaving, I *did* invite him up to my room and he accepted. He wasn't much of a kisser, but he was sporting a rock hard 7 inches. We fucked for only 15 minutes when he politely asked where I wanted his load (southerners are so polite LOL). I told him "in my ass, please" and he immediately unloaded in my hole. He'd like to get together again on my final final trip of the month, if my top bud isn't available. The following day I'm off to SEA again. The Multi-cummer top wasn't available due to a work training seminar online and other obligations. I was dead tired, so my plan was to hopefully find a guy or guys to come to my hotel. I check in, get cleaned up and ready, and get online. I'm on BBRT, A4A, Scruff, and Sniffies. I'm immediately messaged by a guy on Sniffies who's a white collar bi married guy. He sent me a pic of a beautiful thick veiny 8 incher. No face/body pic but he said he was 50's and athletic. His message said, "can you host?" I replied back, "absolutely, and I'm eager to for that hot dick". He then asked, "Im married to a woman, is that ok?" I said, "it's only a problem if you fucked her this morning and didn't wash your dick LOL". He said I made him laugh and he thought I sounded fun. He could be over in 30 minutes if that was ok. HELL YES! I had to meet him downstairs, and even though no face pic, he'd be arriving in a navy suit with red/blue striped tie. I got to the lobby at 3:30, and he arrived a couple of minutes later. He was 5'10", and looked like an decent build. When we got to my room, we kissed a bit and he started to undress. Holy shit did this guy have a beautiful body. His suit was kind of baggy, but once undressed I could see his lean/muscular/runner/swimmer build. He was completely smooth except for trimmed pubes. This bi daddy was fucking HOT! I sat him on the bed so I could kneel between his legs and worship that beautiful dick. "Fuck yeah" he said, "look at that hot man sucking my dick". I only sucked him a couple of minutes when he told me he needed to get in my ass. He put me on my back, ass on the edge of the bed. No lube, he spat on his hand and rubbed it on his dick and pressed the head on my hole. I took a hit of poppers and he slowly went balls deep. DAMN he felt amazing. He pushed my knees all the way to my chest so he could watch his dick going in and out of my ass. This was the only position we were in because he wanted to watch himself fuck me. It was, sadly, a fairly fast fuck. I think he pumped me for a total of 15 minutes before blew a massive powerful load in me. He stayed hard and I milked his dick as hard as I could. He smiled and said, "oh, you're a bad boy...fuck I'm still cumming". When he pulled out I immediately went to my knees and sucked his dick clean...he said "fuck yeah, you're DEFINITELY a bad boy". His cum tasted amazing, both salty and sweet. I asked him if he was working on July 1st, my final visit to SEA. Sadly, he and the wife are leaving town that day and I won't get to have him fuck me again. But he said I could email him if I ever get back and he'd be happy to breed me again. I'll gladly offer up my ass to him again, hopefully for longer next time. He was out the door by 4:10, and despite trying to get another top or two, I was unsuccessful. One guy working from home said he could be by at 5:30PM sent me a text at 9:30PM saying "I can head over now if you're ready". Ummm...4 hours later? No updates? I was dead tired and needed to rest. We may try again on the 1st, if he can keep focused and arrive within a reasonable time LOL. My final trip to SEA will be on July 1st, and the Multi-top put me on his calendar so we can meet up one more time. A couple of other guys have expressed interest, but we'll see. I don't expect people to make a firm commitment a week ahead of time, but I'll check in with them and see what the day brings me. Stay tuned.
  7. I haven't posted my adventures in real time, as my schedule the second half of this month is killing me. One day off between trips, and having to get up at 2:30AM on the first day has wiped me out. On the 15th, I had one trip that departed early afternoon, so it was a late arrival in San Antonio, with a "short" layover. My SAT top bud couldn't meet up that late, and I wasn't sure if I had the time. But I got checked in and decided I'd have a look online. I showered and got cleaned up and then logged in. I wasn't having much success, but when I was on "Sniffies", I got hit up by a 30's top who needed to unload. Fit body, handsome, and about 7 inches. He was about 10 miles away from my hotel, but willing to drive over at close to midnight. No key needed for this hotel, and he asked me to be ass up waiting. He'd message me when he parked and I'd get in position. When he walked in I was ass up on the edge of the bed and I heard him undress. He got behind me and ate my ass a bit, spit on his dick, and slowly slid in. We changed positions a couple of times, first I wanted me on my side, and then he had me on my back when he blew his load. From start to finish he was in and out in 30 minutes. The next day we were arriving in Vegas at about 3PM. I've never had much luck finding dick in Vegas, but I had plenty of time to look around. After I got showered and cleaned up, I was on several sites and on Scruff. I got a message from a guy on BBRT who was about 8 miles from me. Gorgeous 7 inch dick, 40's, an average/thin build. It was 5:30, and he wanted a bite to eat before heading over. I was expecting him to flake out and not message me back after he ate, but about 45 min later he sent a text and said he was on his way. He arrived and I went down to get him. We got back to my room and started making out immediately and we got undressed. He was a great kisser, and a very competent ass eater and top. We fucked for an hour before he blew his load. We spooned for a bit, and agreed that should I be back anytime, we'll meet up again. No one else online was interested so I called it a night pretty early. I got to jack off fingering my sloppy hole both nights, so I was satisfied.
  8. I have a few trips this month with SAT and SEA layovers. I reached out to a guy in SAT that I've played with before, but hadn't seen him in 3 years. He was very eager to get together again, and we set up 2 fuck dates on days that work best with his schedule. On Tuesday he showed up to my hotel at 4:15. He was even more handsome than I remembered. We chatted for a little bit before we started making out. We got undressed and made out a lot more, touching and feeling each other. He's one of those guys that I mesh with VERY well when kissing. Eventually it was time to fuck. We were in a multitude of positions, but when it came time for him to cum, he wanted me on my back. After he blew his load, he collapsed on top of me panting, and I'm milking his cock with my ass like crazy. He stayed hard, and I started squeezing his dick has hard and as fast as I could with my hole. His eyes got really wide, and he said "holy shit!". Just from squeezing his dick, he came again. Again he collapsed on top of me and said, "I don't know what magic you have in your ass, but that's NEVER happened before." I've never had a top do that before either, but it was pretty cool. Eventually we got dressed and went for a bite to eat. We're both looking forward to next time. A few days before this trip, I'd been chatting with a daddy In Seattle on BBRT. We exchanged numbers and were texting pretty frequently. His profile said he was 8", all top, and able to give multiple loads. I asked him to define "multiple loads". His reply was 5-7. HuhWhoWhat??? Now I'm very intrigued of course! We decided to meet up at my hotel. He arrived just a bit late, he had to park kind of far from the hotel. We got up to my room and we started kissing...he's a horny top but he does like to kiss, and he's very good at it. We clicked well. He was horny and the foreplay was fairly short so he grabbed the lube and slowly slid his 8" in balls deep. He's pretty verbal, I heard a lot of "take that daddy dick" and "you want to be my personal cum dump?" I usually don't care one way or the other if they're verbal or not, but honestly this was pretty hot. To make along story short, I'll just say he fucked me 6 times and he came 6 times in 90 minutes. I'm not sure how much actual cum was involved, but he did make my hole nice and sloppy that's for sure. I took 3 loads on my back, one doggy, and one just bent over the bed, him just using me (LOVE that). I'm definitely up for meeting him again, and he said he was too. He said he plays well with others, and I'd love to be in a group with him. I plan on suggesting it on an upcoming trip. On a side note, last weekend I had a PHX layover and met up with the "Scruff" guy. He didn't tell me beforehand, but he had a stomach ache and wasn't feeling great. I went over and spent the night, but no sex...I ate dinner (he skipped), and we watched TV. It was a nice relaxing evening.
  9. I'm not sure why I thought fucking with co workers was relevant here. I'm going to blame it on me typing this in the morning before I'd finished my first cup of coffee LOL. Those are stories for a different post. #GimmeCaffeine
  10. I've always kept work and play completely separate, but there have been a few times that I've crossed that boundary. 2 of those times were an accident. Two of the times weren't technically at work, as that would mean I'd be hooking up in a lav, which I WON'T do. 20+ years ago I was a concierge at a hotel in downtown Denver. There was something going on in town and we had a lot of state level senators and congressmen from around the country. One of them stopped by my desk and was flirting with me, and asked if there was any way I could visit his room. He said he was married and needed to be discreet. When I got off at 3, I was able to sneak up to his floor pretty easily. I hadn't BB'd very much, but would on occasion at that point. He didn't mention anything about a condom, nor did I. We just got naked and I let him fuck me. It was pretty quick, I'm sure I wasn't in there more than 30 minutes. A few years after I started flying I was living in NYC and laying over in Chicago, and went to Steamworks (I was in full BB mode at this point). I probably took a few loads that night, one of them being a guy about my age, and a very sensual top considering we met at a bath house. Months later I'm working a flight from ORD-LGA and one of the passengers looks familiar. It was the Steamworks guy. He was an employee commuting to NYC to work his trip. It wasn't awkward or anything, we just exchanged hello's and a wink. Oddly, I never worked a flight with him. Recently, within the last year, I was laying over in Phoenix and had a "come fuck me" ad posted on BBRT. 3 guys had hit me up and were all on their way over. One of them was really hung and the most fun of the three. He wound up staying longer than the other 2 and I got a couple of loads from him. When he was getting ready to head home, he saw my suitcase and asked if I was crew, and I said I was. He said he was also, and asked who I worked for. I told him and he said "me too". I've kept in touch with him and we've met up a few times, he's always cool to play 1 on 1 or as part of a group. He's no longer in Phoenix but we text every month to compare schedules and if I'm going to be in his current city, see if he'll be able to stop by. We have no crossing paths in June, but I have no doubt we'll fuck again.
  11. I traded onto this long layover a month ago, hoping things might be open by the time the end of May came along. But that wasn't the case. Plenty of food delivery options downtown, and great weather for a walk along the river. Also, the hotel gym was open! And it was a large gym with a lot of equipment. So I had my first hard full workout in 2 months. I've been using resistance bands at home, and they must be doing something because the free weights didn't kill me. The scale, however, wasn't very friendly LOL. I got checked in early afternoon on Memorial Day. After a shower I logged on to a variety of sites: BBRT, A4A, Sniffies, and Scruff. I was getting a lot of messages on Sniffies, and quickly found a hot guy nearby who wanted to come over. After explaining that not only did this hotel require key cards for the elevator, but you also needed a key just to get into the lobby (or buzz in.) He was cool with meeting me outside and would message when he was close, in 20-25 minutes. Well, 45 minutes went by with no response from him so I moved on. A handsome stocky guy from BBRT had started messaging, but wanted to host. So I said I'd grab and Uber and head over. He was taller than me (about 6'3"), good looking, and a great kisser. We made out for a bit and quickly moved to the bed. He was very tactile and we groped each other for a while before he rolled me to my back and got ready to slide his thick 7.5" in. We fucked in a few positions but I got his load with me on my back. Once his load was marinating in my ass, we snuggled for a bit before he got hard again and wanted some more of my hole. The second fuck was missionary position, and I got a second load out of him. I'm not sure how long I was there, probably a little over an hour. I got dressed, ordered my ride, and headed back to the hotel. Back online, I was doing a lot of chatting with guys on multiple sites. Mostly just chat for a couple of hours before I started chatting with another BBRT guy. He was eager to fuck and needed me to host. He was 50's, firm body, and shorter than me. He asked if I wanted it rough or if I wanted some foreplay. And then said "and by foreplay, I mean taking off your clothes". Direct and to the point, I thought this had potential for me to serve as a hole for him to get off in, and I wasn't far off. I met him outside and brought him up. As soon as I closed the door, he pulled his dick out of his shorts and guided me down to my knees. He fucked my mouth for a couple of minutes with his average 6" dick. When he was ready to fuck, he stood me up and told me to get undressed. I got on the bed and he told me to lay on my stomach. He laid on top of me, grabbed my hair, and started grinding his dick against my hole. He grabbed a little lube, went balls deep, and whispered "good boy" in my ear. He'd pound me pretty good and when he paused I'd squeeze his dick with my ass, and he'd whisper "good boy" in my ear again. No more than 15 minutes after he arrived, he started pounding again and shot his load. Once he caught his breath he dressed and headed out pretty quickly. I love an efficient no nonsense fuck! I'd had a very long day at this point, so I was going to get ready to crash. Before I did, I chatted with a hot daddy on BBRT who wanted to come by in the afternoon to play. We settled on 1pm on Tuesday and I headed to bed. I did as I usually do, started fingering my sloppy hole and edging and jerking off. It didn't take me long to blow my load all over my chest. Tuesday after my morning coffee and workout, I started to shower up and get ready for my 1pm stud. He sent a text about 12:45 and he was just heading over. After i got him up to my room, we made out for a long time. This guy was a slow and sensual kisser with a hot swimmers build, also in his 50's. He had a solid 7.5" with nice girth. We got naked and explored each other's bodies for a long time before he grabbed some lube and got ready to fuck. This was straight up missionary and we didn't stop kissing the entire time he fucked me. About 90 minutes after he arrived, I got his load. We snuggled for a bit before he had to leave. I was very satisfied but decided to check online and see what was going on. I started chatting with a guy in his mid 30's on Sniffies who was working very close to my hotel. He had some things to finish and wouldn't be able to stop by until 5pm, a couple of hours away. He was very into fucking my loaded hole, and if I could get some more before he came by, all the better. I didn't have any other luck finding another top, but this guy was pretty much on time, arriving at about 5:15. He was extremely good looking. He had a pretty average body but his face was crazy handsome. He was another slow sensual kisser and fairly passive for a top. So I went into dominant bottom mode with him on his back and me kissing him, sucking his dick, licking his balls, and licking his nipples (which he seemed to enjoy). Eventually he rolled me onto my back and slid his thin 7" in my hole. He didn't pound, but settled into some long slow stokes. It didn't take him long before he had what seemed to be a very intense orgasm and I got his cum. Only about 30 minutes had passed before he was getting dressed and heading out. I decided to head out and pick up some dinner to take back to my room. After I ate and had a couple of glasses of wine, I checked back online to see if there were any more tops that needed to unload. It was fairly quiet online, so I decided it was time to turn in since I had to be up pretty early anyway. I must have absorbed a lot of the cum that I'd been holding in my ass, because I was fingering my hole as I was jerking off and couldn't feel very much. But I blew my load and slept pretty hard that night. Next up, I'll be in PHX where I'll meet up with the "Scruff" guy I've written about several times, and I'll see him twice in June. The rest of my month is all San Antonio and Seattle layovers. I chat occasionally with a guy in SAT that I haven't seen in probably 4 years, and I reached out to him. He's eager to meet up and we have 2 firm play dates that'll work with both our schedules. I get so few long Seattle layovers that I don't have any guys there I can contact, but I'll probably try and find a few loads there. Stay tuned.
  12. I was impressed how eager they all were. Haven't been back, but hopefully one day.
  13. My thought was to, at the very least, tell them. Come to think of it, most times in the past I generally offer the information to anyone who hits me up. Almost always it's "flight crew laying over, here for one night only, so looking for now". I'll continue with that should I decide to play later this month.
  14. Well, I've been hooking up with a guy that I started playing with at the beginning of March. Pre lockdown orders. After lockdown, we kept fucking. He's the only one I've played with and I trust him when he says I'm the only one he's played with. As an airline employee I've been asking myself "what's more dangerous...going to work and being in an enclosed space for 3+ hours with (lately) 120 strangers, or hooking up with a stranger in a hotel someplace?" I honestly think it's riskier for me to just go to work. But if I hook up in my hotel on my next trip, I'm probably the high risk factor for anyone I play with. In addition to telling guys I'm undetectable poz, should I also tell them I come in contact with a lot of people a few days per week? Will websites with profiles that already ask for HIV status now start asking for COVID status/risk? In the near future I have a layover in DFW, and the hotel is in Fort Worth. Historically I don't have much luck finding dick in Fort Worth, so whether I do or don't will probably be a non issue. At the end of the month I have 40 hours in Portland. Will I be online and on the apps? Honestly I'm not sure yet. I've been checking out Portland guys on various sites, and there are definitely some that have no issues with hooking up. I guess I'll play it by ear.
  15. I'm not in your area often, but next time I have a DC layover I'll expect a couple of loads from you 😉

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