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    Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
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    Mostly Top pig into Bareback, FF, w/s and more. Might occasionally consider a recharge from high VL or full blown PIG, but this would only happen if PNPing.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Been POZ for about 15 years now. Would be happy to go off meds for bottom PIG looking for my gift.

    Have always been top but wanted to get pozzed for many years. Was at the tubs in Toronto with POZ BF (at the time) and in the middle of a long night of PNP play, decided to take loads from a couple of guys I knew were definitely POZ and were into gifting. One guy was husky, 40's PIG, not on meds and had high VL for gifting. The other was a bit older, 50's I would guess and was either high VL or full blown. The BF had taken off for the shower, so I hopped into the sling and got 2 toxic loads in me. I hadn't cleaned out - buy that didn't stop these two PIGS. They were right into seeding my fuck hole.

    I was grinning from ear to ear. My BF was quite surprised I had done it. We continued on with our night of partying - he got fucked by another 10 guys and I fucked a bunch of guys myself. About a week later, I gut a really bad flu. Checked with the doc and he confirmed I had received the gift. I could barely contain my excitement!

    Play bareback ONLY!
  • Porn Experience
    None yet, but would certainly be up for some!
  • Looking For
    Ideal PIG is bottom PIG whose purpose is to take loads, fists & piss from all tops we find. Having multiple loads up your ass at any time is a huge turn on. Kept naked at home, servicing any cock. PIG should be into public bathroom, truckstop, rest stop, porno theatre scenes and should prefer just using CUM as lube from the many previous loads.
  1. Every whore wishes to meet tops with that attitude.  Hope you get to aus one day or I can get to Cananda.

  2. love to be used and pozzed , then whored out to all

  3. Would love to see pictures of your wasting progress!

  4. God Damn, Man,

    I would love to get my cock & fists up your PIG hole!!  Stretch it out & breed it with my poz seed.  WOuld also love to eat out dozens of loads from your hole & feed it back to you!

    Sounds like you and I both have a very piggish mindset.  Would love to help you to get used & obtain as many HVL and AIDS loads and STD's as possible!

    Want to get my tongue up that hairy pig hole!!

  5. Would love to dump my poz seed up your hole, man!

  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. Thanks for the follow, man! 😈

  8. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.  Wood love to breed it, & swap loads too. Thanks for following me.

  9. Thanks for the follow - your ideal pig is just the way I was taught to live my life by my ex and I am forever grateful being the cumdump pig he turned me into. I take any stiff cock offered to me without question, take all the seed I can get pumped into me and am immediately looking for the next load.

  10. poz bb apocalypse

    Not available in Canada either
  11. Thanks for the rep Pig xx:2thumbs::*xx

  12. Hi Niagara .. thanks for the rep! :2thumbs::*

  13. Biohaz tattoo around butthole

    You sound like you are as much of a PIG as I am. Would love to meet up some time for PIG sex with group. Have you as the feature bottom PIG!! Would love to own a bottom PIG like you with a wrecked hole that is ALWAYS ready for loads, fists, piss...everything. A pig who wants his hole filled and/or plugged & stretched out ALL THE TIME!!! He'd need to wear HUGS plugs any time hole was not in use. Out in public, on the way to take loads at the tubs, ABS or cruisy toilets, etc. Sounds to me like you could be talked into this type of scene / life.
  14. Thanks for the rep! xx 

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