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    Bug chasing
    Taking anon loads from strangers
    Being face down, ass up at bathhouses
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    I'm a neg cumdump who can't stop thinking about taking poz loads! While I haven't knowingly taken toxic loads yet, I love taking loads from strangers, face down ass up. I find myself taking more and more risks, it's only a matter of time before I poz up. I want to become a poz cumdump and worship poz cock!
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    Looking to become more and more of a filthy cumdump whore. Corrupted pozitive influences always welcome :)

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  1. Glad people are liking the story so far! I'm sorry it's taking a bit, but I do intend to continue the story. Can't wait to see how twisted and perverted I can make these poz cock worshippers!
  2. This neg and unprotected faggot cumdump is a bug chaser that needs to be pozzed.

  3. Scored 150. Need to do more 10 point things. I hope double my score eventually and get to 300!
  4. Glad people are liking this so far! If anyone has any thoughts on what they'd like to happen, please feel free to share! Don't know where this is gonna go and would appreciate any suggestions. Chapter 2 "Are you serious?" I asked. "In here?" "Yea," Marco said. "Why not?" I was about to say something when Marco put the bottle of poppers under my nose and covered my nostril. "Breathe in pig." I obeyed and took in a big hit. Poppers were my biggest weakness, and I couldn't help but get lost in the slutty sensation that always washed over me with a poppers rush
  5. Chapter 1 Looking at the church door, I froze. It felt odd being there. You see, I hadn't been to church in years. Growing up I went every Sunday because as a kid I thought it was what I was supposed to do. Plus it made my parents happy. By the time college came around I only went to church on special occasions. Before long not even then. So why was 30 year old me here? Although I'm not very religious, I never stopped considering myself a Christian; I just got to a point where attending church services didn't have much meaning for me. I had found myself wondering if now that I was o
  6. Hot! Hope you find a Master to serve who keeps you in diapers! You're such a nasty faggot for wanting to shit yourself. Keep it up!
  7. Would love to hear from any guys stealthing in DC! There's nothing I love more than taking loads from strangers. I try to stick to guys who are neg or on prep, but secretly hope some guys are stealthing me and trying to poz my unprotected neg ass!
  8. I'm in Arlington, VA. Neg cumdump here who loves getting piggy and taking loads from total strangers. Always looking for corrupting influences to help me become the faggot bug chasing cumdump i wanna be.
  9. Just started a story in the bug chasing fiction section: Becoming Kevin's

  10. Chapter 1: Life as a Faggot Bug Chasing Cumdump The guy fucking me was brutal. His cock was destroying my ass, which was exactly how I liked it. "Take that stranger's cock you whore," my Master said. Master was staring down at me while I worshiped His cock with my mouth. I did my best to say thank you, but with how full my mouth was all that came out was a muffled response. Master knew I was trying to answer Him though, so He gave me a reassuring caress to my head. I smiled around His cock, knowing I was being a good boy. As the stranger kept hammering away, I kept focusing on
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