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    I'm a neg cumdump who can't stop thinking about taking poz loads! While I haven't knowingly taken toxic loads yet, I love taking loads from strangers, face down ass up. I find myself taking more and more risks, it's only a matter of time before I poz up. I want to become a poz cumdump and worship poz cock!
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    Looking to become more and more of a filthy cumdump whore. Corrupted pozitive influences always welcome :)

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  1. Scored 150. Need to do more 10 point things. I hope double my score eventually and get to 300!
  2. Glad people are liking this so far! If anyone has any thoughts on what they'd like to happen, please feel free to share! Don't know where this is gonna go and would appreciate any suggestions. Chapter 2 "Are you serious?" I asked. "In here?" "Yea," Marco said. "Why not?" I was about to say something when Marco put the bottle of poppers under my nose and covered my nostril. "Breathe in pig." I obeyed and took in a big hit. Poppers were my biggest weakness, and I couldn't help but get lost in the slutty sensation that always washed over me with a poppers rush. "Yea, just like that." Marco said as he switched to my other nostril. "Give into your hunger for poz cock." I breathed in another big hit of poppers. As I exhaled, I thought about how all I wanted to give in to my hunger for poz cock. "Strip bitch," Marco said. In a frenzy I took off all my clothes, throwing them around without any regard. Determined to fully enjoy the moment, I got on my knees and swallowed Marco’s dick. It was huge! Easily 9 inches it was a poz cock worth worshipping, and worship it I did. I started nursing on the cock head, circling my tongue around the tip. After bobbing up and down for a bit I swallowed as much as I could, nearly getting all the way to the root. I stayed there, relishing the feeling of having my mouth stuffed with a stranger's poz cock. "That's it faggot!" Marco said grabbing my head, pulling my head deeper onto his cock. "Choke on it. Choke on my cock." I kept the cock in my mouth as long as I could, but before long I had to pull off. I was gasping for air as Marco grabbed me by the chin and forced me to look up at him. “Are you a cock hungry faggot?” Marco said before spitting on my face. I was taken aback by how much venom Marco had in his voice. He felt so powerful, and all I wanted to do was obey him. “Yes Sir!” I said. “I’m a cock hungry faggot and cumdump.” “Yea?” Marco asked. “Get on the blanket. Hands and knees, facing the mirror wall. I wanna see that fag hole.” Once in the commanded position, I had a momentary moment of panic. The mirror wall Marco was referring to was exactly what it sounded like: it was a wall lined with mirrors. Staring back from the glorified mirror was my reflection, naked in a church classroom, on my hand and knees. Taped to the mirror wall were the same bible verse posters and kid drawings I had noticed when I first walked in. I couldn’t do this. I mean this was blasphemous right? Who the hell gets fucked in a Sunday School classroom? I may be a whore who lets strangers in bathhouses breed them, but this was too low. This was depraved and sick. I wasn’t the kind of faggot cumdump who’d do something so perverted. I was about to tell Marco this when he got behind me and stuck his fingers up my hole, causing me to moan. “Fuck yea faggot!” Marco said as he fingered me. “This is too perfect. Already got a cummy hole for me. How many loads you got in there? “Ten Sir,” I said through gritted teeth. The part of me that still wanted to be a good Christian felt ashamed by that. The other, larger part of me, however, felt incredibly proud. Marco’s fingers felt fantastic fucking me. I almost got lost in the sensation of his finger fucking when I saw a “Jesus Loves Me” poster and remembered I needed to stop this. Finding new resolve to do so, I took in a breath and exhaled to center myself. I was about to tell Marco to stop when he took his cummy fingers out of my ass and shoved them into my mouth. “You taste that faggoy?” Marco asked. He grabbed my head with his other hand and directed it towards the mirror. “That’s the taste of cum from 10 different guys.” I shivered when we made eye contact. Marco’s looked so powerful, so in control. I loved being dominated by aggressive guys, and Marco was definitely putting me in my place. “Any of the loads in your ass poz boy?” Marco asked into my ear as he started gently teasing my hole with the tip of his cock. “I don’t know Sir,” I said. “They were all anon.” “You poz or neg boy?” Marco asked, still teasing the tip of his cock on my hole. “Neg Sir,” I said. “Are you on PrEP boy?” “No Sir.” Marco pushed harder against my hole, slipping his head in. Caught off guard I yelped. It wasn’t painful though. Feeling Marco’s big cock in my ass felt so good, so right. I needed more! “That’s a good faggot cumdump,” Marco said. “Repeat after me. Taking PrEP is the greatest blasphemy.” What? No, taking PrEP wasn’t the greatest blasphemy, this was! I had come to church wanting to be a good Christian, and I was completely failing. I mean I was letting a poz stranger fuck me raw in a Sunday School classroom! As I stared into Marco’s reflection, the thought went through my mind again, only this time it felt different. I had come to church wanting to be a good Christian, and instead I was letting a poz stranger fuck me raw in a Sunday School classroom. That was incredibly sick and twisted, and I loved it. I loved that instead of listening through a sermon I left, snuck into the church basement, and was letting a poz stranger use me like a whore. And in a Sunday School classroom! Suddenly, it was like everything was clear. This is was being a faggot cumdump on a whole other level, and I wanted to go even lower. With that revelation I said what at the moment was the only truth that mattered. “Taking PrEP is the greatest blasphemy.” As though on autopilot, I found myself pushing my ass onto Marco’s poz cock. A devilish grin spread across Marco’s face, and I knew at that moment I’d do any act of perversion he wanted. “Fuck yea faggot. Keep fucking yourself onto my toxic poz cock. Worship that poz cock with your hole like a good slut.” Determined to be a good faggot for Marco, I did as I was told. I kept pushing back onto his poz cock to the rhythm of his fuck, and for a while the only sound in the room were our grunts. Then he asked the questions that would forever change my world. “Are you a Christian boy?” Marco asked. I was confused at first. Why was he asking this now? Wanting to be a good faggot though, I answered. “Yes Sir,” I said. And suddenly, my ass was empty. I was stunned. What happened. Why had Marco stopped? Other than taking his cock out of me, Marco had me in the same position and hold. I made eye contact with him in the mirror again, and when I did I knew something serious was about to happen. “You know at first I was gonna come down here and worship by myself, but then you walked into the balcony. I knew just by looking at you you were a pig for poz cock. Was I wrong boy?” I took in Marco’s reflection, and for some reason I couldn’t explain, doing so made me feel strong. Better yet, I felt like I was being seen. “You were right Sir,” I said. “I’m a pig for poz cock.” I was going to stop there when I thought of something else I wanted to say. “I’m...I’m a bugchaser Sir.” I couldn’t believe it. I actually spoke my biggest truth out loud. I’m a bugchaser. I had never told anyone that before, at least not in person. A feeling of intense fulfillment washed over me, which only grew when I noticed Marco was looking at me with pride. “I’m gonna give you a choice boy. You can stay a Christian, and we’ll stop. Or, I can shove my toxic poz cock back up your unprotected neg hole, breed you, and baptise you into a poz cock worshipper. I’m not here today as a Christian. I worship poz cock, and I’m here to commit acts of perversion to honor it. Pozzing neg hole in a Sunday School room is way better than just jacking off in one. So what’s it gonna be boy? Are you staying a Christian, or are you gonna worship poz cock with me.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was this really happening? How had choosing to go to church for the first time in years led to me choosing whether to be Christian or a poz cock worshipper? Nothing about this situation made sense, but I knew how I answered would determine how I lived for the rest of my life. With that in mind, there was only one thing to choose. “Poz cock,” I said, beaming with pride at my decision. “Let’s worship poz cock. Poz me! Poz me in this Sunday School classroom!” And with that, Marco slammed his toxic pox cock back into my unprotected neg hole. He fucked with fury as we celebrated the gift of poz cock. I had never felt so happy than I did in that moment accepting poz cock as my whole world. Suddenly Marco paused. “What’s your name boy?” Marco asked. “Jacob Sir,” I said. “I’m a faggot, bugchasing cumdump and my name is Jacob.” “Well Jacob,” Marco said while pulling all the way out until just the tip of his poz cock was in. “Do you, a faggot, bugchasing cumpdump, accept poz cock and cum as your salvation?” “Yes Sir, I accept poz cock and cum as my salvation.” Marco slammed all the way in, and pulled back out to the tip. ““Do you, Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, accept that PrEP is the greatest blasphemy and pledge that you will never let it into your body?” “Yes Sir, I accept that PrEP is the greatest blasphemy and pledge that I will never let it into my body.” Again, Marco slammed all the way in, and pulled back out to the tip. This time his hold around my neck tightened. “Do you, Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit your life to taking as much poz cock and cum into your body?” “Yes,” I said, struggling a bit through Marco’s choke hold. “I Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit my life to taking as much poz cock and cum into my body.” Marco slammed violently back in. He pulled back out to the tip, digging the nails of his fingers so hard into my skin I thought he’d draw blood. “And finally, do you, Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit to worshipping poz cock through acts of perversion, filth, obsession, and leading neg whores to the poz brotherhood?” “Yes, I Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit to worshipping poz cock through acts of perversion, filth, obsession, and leading neg whores to the poz brotherhood.” And with that Marco started fucking me like a mad man. Never had I had such an intense fuck. I attempted to match his thrust, but he was so wild all I could do was go limp and enjoy being fucked into submission. After what felt like forever but was probably only 10 minutes, Marco finally spoke again. “Here it comes boy.” As Marco kept pounding I waited with anticipation. This was it. I was finally going to get his toxic poz load. A load that would mark me as a poz cock worshipper, and would hopefully lead to my conversion into a poz faggot cumdump. “Yes Sir! Poz me!” I screamed so loud I wondered if the congregation upstairs heard me. “I worship poz cock,” I murmured to myself as I enjoyed the depravity and perversion of the situation. “I worship poz cock. I worship poz cock.” “Praise poz cock!” Marco screamed as he switched from rapid, shallow pumps to slower, deep pumps. “I baptise this faggot bugchasing cumdump Jacob in toxic poz cum and grant it salvation, perversion, filth, and obsesion.” I could feel Marco’s thick and toxic poz cock pulse against my hole, as well as the heat from Marco’s toxic poz cum filling me up. “Praise poz cock,” I said. I couldn’t believe it. I had just converted into a poz cock worshipper. In a way, it felt like an affirmation for who I already was. By not going on PrEP and frequently going to bathhouses, I was already bugchasing. I always felt the most authentic in bathhouses, in large part because I got to worship cock. Bathhouses were now officially my church, and I planned to worship poz cock there often as possible. As the pulses from his cock slowed down, so did Marco’s pumping. Soon he stopped completely, and after a moment’s rest he pulled out. When Marco let go of me I collapsed onto the blanket. I was completely spent, and wanted nothing more than to lay there. But Marco had one or task for me. Coming around and stepping in front of me, he aimed his cock at my face. “Thirsty faggot?” Before I could answer Marco started pissing on me. I was shocked at first. But then, the desire for perversion, filth, and obsession came over me. Pushing myself up and getting into a more comfortable position, I opened my mouth and maneuvered so Marco was pissing it. Eagerly I drank as much as I could. Some overflowed onto my body, so I rubbed what didn’t make it into my mouth into my skin as though it were lotion. Before my baptism in toxic poz cum, the idea of being showered in piss in a Sunday School classroom while a church service went on upstairs would’ve been abhorrent. Now, I reveled in it as a poz cock worshipper. “Praise poz cock,” Marco said. “Praise poz cock,” I said. Marco put out his hand and pulled me up when I took it. Once I was standing he pulled me into a deep kiss, causing me to melt into his arms. Pulling away, he looked at me with unexpected affection. “Wanna commit acts of perversion to worship poz cock?” Marco asked. “Fuck yea,” I said. “Good. Now let’s get out of here before one of the Christians upstairs discovers two poz cock worshippers desecrating a Sunday School classroom.” We both burst out laughing. After one more kiss on the lips Marco started gathering his clothes. I started to do the same when a wicked thought crossed my mind. A wicked, perverted, filthy thought. I started jacking off my cock as I walked toward the mirror wall, stopping in front of the poster that said “Jesus Loves Me.” At hip level, it was the perfect height for my plan. “Hey what are you doing?” Marco asked. “We need to go.” In my periphery vision I could see in the reflection he had moved behind me. I looked back at him and flashed the most wicked smile I could muster as he looked at me with confusion. “Praise poz cock,” I said with conviction. Looking back at the “Jesus Loves Me” poster, I continued to jack off while saying “praise poz cock” over and over. I thought about how in trying to be a better Christian I ended up letting myself be corrupted into a poz cock worshipper. I thought about how if my church-going family knew what I was doing they’d be appalled and disgusted. I thought about how church-going teenage Jacob would’ve been shocked and horrified by how low I’ve gone. I thought about how mid-twenties Jacob would be thrilled by how I’ve descended into the faggot bugchasing cumdump he was too scared to be. Finally, I thought about the only thing that mattered: Poz cock and cum. When I was almost ready to cum, I moved closer to the poster. “Praise poz cock, praise poz cock,” Marco muttered along with me, now standing right behind me. Briefly I glanced away from the poster and at Marco’s reflection in the mirror. Based on his smirk I could tell he knew what I was going to do. “Praise poz cock,” I screamed before blasting a massive load of cum onto the “Jesus Loves Me” poster. After taking a moment to appreciate my work, I licked up what was hopefully my last neg load off the poster. I made sure not to swallow anything, and once I lapped up everything I turned around and pulled Marco into a kiss to feed him my blasphemous load. We snowballed for a bit, until finally all the cum had been swallowed.. “Okay,” Marco said, pulling away. “This time we actually have to go.” “Okay fine,” I said. “Can we keep worshipping poz cock?” Marco laughed and smacked my ass. “Baby,” Marco said. “We’ll be worshipping poz cock for the rest of our lives.”
  3. Chapter 1 Looking at the church door, I froze. It felt odd being there. You see, I hadn't been to church in years. Growing up I went every Sunday because as a kid I thought it was what I was supposed to do. Plus it made my parents happy. By the time college came around I only went to church on special occasions. Before long not even then. So why was 30 year old me here? Although I'm not very religious, I never stopped considering myself a Christian; I just got to a point where attending church services didn't have much meaning for me. I had found myself wondering if now that I was older, going might give me something I had been too immature to previously appreciate. With that in mind I picked a Sunday to test out the nearby church and committed to go. Opening the door and seeing the regulars congregate in the lobby, I instantly regretted not delaying my visit like I had been toying with. You see, my ass was full of cum . It wasn't on purpose though! Having made the plan to come to church, I had pledged to be a good boy and spend Saturday night abstinent instead of taking loads from strangers like I usually do. But a regular hit me up and teased me with pics of his dick, and I soon found myself at his place, ass up, face down, and getting loaded. I figured since I took one load it wouldn't hurt to take another, which ultimately led to a night at the baths. Walking in and looking around, I felt so out of place. Almost everyone there, with the exception of a few couples, was over 60. Every step I took made me aware of how well-fucked and tender my ass was, which made the level of guilt I felt nauseating. Maybe the regulars could tell I was nervous, because before long people kept walking up to me. Most just gave me general welcomes to the church. A few were especially chatty, like this one woman who wouldn't stop babbling about how the church was looking for ushers. Finally, just when I couldn't take another "God be with you," the sanctuary doors opened. I started following the crowd into the sanctuary when I noticed a set of stairs to the left. A sign above said "balcony." Score! Hardly anyone was going up, so I figured I might be able to avoid being around too many people. And I was right! When I walked onto the balcony, there were only five people there. To my surprise, there was a guy about my age sitting up there. Best of all, he was smoking hot. As I passed by the guy we momentarily made eye contact. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but I swore he licked his lips as he gave me the once over. I felt my cheeks turn red as I almost came right there on the spot. Mortified, I scurried to the back and away from the others. Settling in my seat I took another look at the guy, and even the back of his head was sexy. Needing to calm down I took a deep breath and exhaled. This wasn't the time or the place. I felt so fucked up being horny in church. That was wrong, right? Soon the service started, and thoughts about the hot guy stopped. Instead, my mind was consumed by one thing: boredom. This was absolute torture! First a hymn. Then a prayer. Then another hymn. And on and on it went. Half way through, I couldn't help it. I had to check out grindr. I knew it was fucked up to do in church, but I needed a distraction. Without one I'd fall asleep and fill the sanctuary with snoring! Opening the app, I was shocked to see who was only a few feet away from me. In a shirtless pic with his face fully shown was the hot guy sitting in front of me. Oh. My. God. I looked through his pictures and practically died. Not only was he jacked, he was also tatted up! One in particular caught my attention: the biohazard sign on his right pec looked so hot on his caramel skin. I was practically drooling as I stared at his picture. Not only was this hot Christian guy gay, but he was poz too! Mindlessly I started rubbing my crotch and biting my lip. Thank god I was not only in the pew farthest to the back but alone too. I was debating whether or not to message him when my inbox pinged. I opened my inbox and couldn't believe it. Hot guy messaged me! "Hey cutie. Looks like you're not paying attention to the service either." I looked over and he was looking back at him. With a wink he held up his phone, showing me my own profile pic. Chuckling I replied back. "Nah. I don't know what I was thinking coming. This is so boring!" "I know! Can't deal with this shit anymore. Got a way to make it more entertaining though. Want my cock? Know a place we can escape to." I gasped when I got his dick pic. He was huge! Without hesitation I replied back. "Yes! I need your big cock up my ass!" "Lol thought so. Wanna know my status?" I paused not knowing what to say. Despite today's church excursion, I was without a doubt a whore. I loved taking loads from strangers, but I knew it was a risky lifestyle. I tried to be good about knowing other guys statuses, and when it came to online hook-ups I was. Bathhouses were a different story. The first couple of times I went I'd ask about status here and there, but eventually it seemed pointless. I knew guys could lie, especially in the heat of the moment. And besides, when you're face down, ass up, you're not exactly in the position for asking questions. Still, normally in positions like this I make an effort to know. Eventually, I came to a decision. "Nah. Don't care. Just want your load." The biggest smile filled my face when I hit send. For the first time when given the opportunity, I chose not to ask about status. I actually said I don’t care! "Good cumdump," the guy texted. "I'm gonna get up and go down the stairs. Wait a bit and then follow." "Yes Sir." With that set I sat back and waited. I couldn't keep my eyes off him as the hot guy got up and made his way towards the door. He was so tall! After he went through I waited about 30 seconds before following. I met up with him on the stair landing. With a wicked smile he winked and started making his way down the stairs. My hunger for his cock only grew as I followed him. I had no idea where we were going, nor did I care. At the bottom of the stairwell the guy stopped suddenly, causing me to slam into him. "Opps!” I said. “Sorry dude!" "Hey no worries buddy," he said smiling. "I like it rough anyway." He smiled and I instantly froze; I couldn't believe this was happening! I had come to church today with the intention of reconnecting with my Christian roots, and somehow it had led to hooking up with a hot guy. Never in my life had I felt like such a perverted whore. I liked it! Things got even better when he grabbed my head and forced me into a passionate kiss. My knees buckled as his arms enveloped me. Our hands roamed over each other, and I got lost in the growing hunger for his breath and lips. If this guy hadn't pulled away I never would've stopped. "I'm Marco by the way," he said, grabbing my arm. "Follow me." Marco opened the stairwell door and pulled me through with him into a hallway. Besides being well lit, the hallway seemed a bit neglected. Folding tables and chairs lined the hallway, as did boxes filled with random items. "They used to have Sunday School down here," Marco said as he pulled me down the hall. "At least until there were no more kids to teach. Now it's just old people who - Ah! There it is." We stopped at a door with a window built in. Looking through, it seemed we had stopped at a classroom, which I thought was odd. My hot stranger didn’t though. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a key, and looked back at the door. "Yep, B-4." Using the key Marco unlocked the door, opened it, and pulled us in. Once inside Marco let go of me and locked the door. I watched as he went from cupboard to cupboard, until ultimately stopping at one and pulling out a large blanket. Blanket in hand, Marco walked to the center of the room, pinching my ass as he walked by me. "Get naked slut," Marco said. Watching Marco lay out the blanket, I was suddenly very aware that not only was this a classroom, it was a classroom for kids. Posters with Bible verses lined the walls, as did drawings clearly done by kids. While some of the tables and chair sets were normal sized, some were also small. Toys filled boxes along the walls and were littered around the room. The more I looked around the more shame and guilt filled me. What the fuck was I doing? Did this guy really expect to fuck around in here? "Well, what are you waiting for?" Looking back at Marco, I saw that he was now naked. Seeing Marco naked took my breath away. It was way better than the pictures. As he slowly walked towards me, bottle of poppers in hand, all I could do was stare at his biohazard tattoo. When Marco got in front of me he opened the bottle of poppers, and took two long hits in each nostril. I realized that yes, he did expect us to fuck around in here.
  4. Hot! Hope you find a Master to serve who keeps you in diapers! You're such a nasty faggot for wanting to shit yourself. Keep it up!
  5. Would love to hear from any guys stealthing in DC! There's nothing I love more than taking loads from strangers. I try to stick to guys who are neg or on prep, but secretly hope some guys are stealthing me and trying to poz my unprotected neg ass!
  6. I'm in Arlington, VA. Neg cumdump here who loves getting piggy and taking loads from total strangers. Always looking for corrupting influences to help me become the faggot bug chasing cumdump i wanna be.
  7. Just started a story in the bug chasing fiction section: Becoming Kevin's

  8. Chapter 1: Life as a Faggot Bug Chasing Cumdump The guy fucking me was brutal. His cock was destroying my ass, which was exactly how I liked it. "Take that stranger's cock you whore," my Master said. Master was staring down at me while I worshiped His cock with my mouth. I did my best to say thank you, but with how full my mouth was all that came out was a muffled response. Master knew I was trying to answer Him though, so He gave me a reassuring caress to my head. I smiled around His cock, knowing I was being a good boy. As the stranger kept hammering away, I kept focusing on the cocks up both my holes. I was getting tired, but I wanted to last longer to please Master even more. To do so, I repeated my mantra through my head: "I'm a faggot bug chasing cumdump, and my purpose is to take all loads." I was on the third repeat of my mantra when a sort of peace came over me. Physically the fuck was still a struggle, but reminding myself of my place helped me appreciate the gift Master was giving me. Because of Him we were at the Bathhouse, my place of worship for cock and cum. There was nothing I could ever do to repay him for the honor each visit gave me. "Yea, you want that poz load bitch!?" the stranger yelled, digging his nails into my ass and hammering harder. I pushed my ass further onto his poz cock, moaning in excitement and nodding my head vigorously. "Do it man! Poz my boy's ass! He needs it!" I looked up at Master, and like always was taken aback by how beautiful He was. Even after all this time, I couldn't understand why He made me His. At 6 feet 2 inches, He was a good foot taller than me. His hair was shaggy and brown, creating the perfect frame to His strong yet devilishly angelic face. His skin was creamy, covered in a dusting of hair that was always a thrill to run my hands through. His body was firm and muscular, a testament to His strength and innate dominance. But none of that compared to His most sexy feature: The red and gold biohazard symbol on his left pec. "Fuck! Here it comes bitch!" the stranger shouted before momentarily freezing. "I'm pozzing your faggot ass!" With one final slam the stranger pushed me forward, causing me to take Master's cock down to the root. My face was buried in Master's wonderfully musky crotch while the stranger pumped load after load of hot poz cum up my faggot ass. I still couldn't believe how lucky I was. This was what I lived for! Nothing felt better than being filled with cock and cum. Especially when they were poz! Moments like this always reaffirmed my deepest truth: I'm a faggot bug chasing cumdump, and my purpose is to take all loads. For a moment we were all still, basking in the high that only nasty, toxic pig breedings can give. Before long though the stranger pulled out, leaving my hole empty and gasping for cock. "Thanks man," the stranger said as he slapped my ass. "Your slut's got a nice ass there. Gotta recharge it again some time." Before I was ready to let Master's cock go from my mouth my gag reflex kicked in, causing me to push off and gasp for air. Master chuckled and slapped my face, making me momentarily stunned by the blow. Like always though that helped me focus and get control of my breath. "Yea man. Anytime. If the door's open then the whore's open for cum." Master grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him. "What do you say boy?" For a split second I didn't know what Master was talking about before my training kicked in. "Thank you for the poz load Sir!" I heard laughter behind me followed by footsteps. "Shit man. You've got him trained well." I beamed with pride at Master as he did the same with me. We kept staring at each other as the footsteps faded away, leaving me and Master alone for the first time since He opened my hole to the public. "Good work boy," Master said petting my head. "You thirsty?" I nodded my head excitedly, knowing what was coming next. Master placed the tip of his cock in my mouth, sighed, and let loose a stream of his wonderful piss. I gulped almost all of it down, save for a small stream that escaped my lips. After I swallowed the last of Master's piss, He pulled out and moved towards the door. "Master no!" I shouted "Please! I need more." Master chuckled as He shut the door. "Did I hear you say no boy?" Master said raising an eyebrow. "Fuck," I explained, ashamed for what I had done. Master scrunched up His face, trying to look angry but failing miserably. He laughed, jumped on top of me, and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I was stunned for a moment before melting into Master. We made out for a couple minutes before Master pulled away. With a smile he caressed my face, sending shivers through my body. "I'm sorry I said no Master," I said with as much earnestness I could muster. Master rolled his eyes and gave me a soft slap on the face. "I know you're in the headspace, but you can fucking relax now baby." For a moment I stared at Master not knowing what to do, until that feeling came. You know, the one where you're suddenly aware of your surroundings. I burst out laughing, letting go of the headspace tension I had gotten caught up in. I grabbed Kevin around the neck and pulled him into a quick peck on the lips. Sinking back into the mattress I didn't let go of him. "I'm sorry," I said. "You know how I get. I just get so cum hungry when I'm serving you." "I know," Kevin said as he maneuvered us into position, him holding me possessively as his little spoon. "But I think you're done for the day." "What!?" I said, turning my head to look around at him, putting on my best pout. "No! Please! Just one more load. I really need it!" "Well of course you need it! You're a faggot cumdump!" Kevin said. At one point in my life that would've been an insult. Now though, it was a badge of honor. I really was a faggot cumdump. A bug chasing faggot cumdump. I just didn't know how much of one I was until Kevin claimed me as his. "It's time for me to put you to bed though." "No it's not!" I said. Of course that was the exact moment my body decided it was time to yawn. Fuck! I really wanted another load, but Kevin was right. My body had reached its limit and I needed sleep. Still, even if it was time to stop being a public whore, there was at least one more load available for me to get. "Ok fine, you win." I said. Never losing contact with Kevin's skin, I maneuvered myself out of the spoon position and got on top of him, cowboy style. "I just feel bad that you didn't cum yet." I grabbed Kevin's cock and gave it a quick tug, drawing a moan out from him. "Was I a bad boy Daddy? Why didn't you cum?" I kept tugging on Kevin's cock and ground my cummy hole over it. I knew he woudn't be able to resist, and before long I got what I wanted. "You bitch," Kevin said through gritted teeth. "I'm gonna make you pay later for this. For now though get your faggot ass on my big cock and ride me!" "Yes Sir," I said with a victorious smirk. I got myself into a squatting position, lined Kevin's cock with my hole, and in one fell swoop rammed into all the way into my cum filled hole. For a brief moment my ass felt overwhelmed, but quickly the shock turned into pleasure. Never letting go of his eyes I rode Kevin for all I was worth, basking in the perverted joy raw cock always gave me. Keeping eye contact reached over across the mattress, grabbed a little brown bottle, opened it up and lifted it toward me. "Show me how much of a popper pig you are slut." Pausing my ride and bending down, I covered a nostril and took as long of an inhale as I could. I held my breathe, using the length of my mantra as a gauge. I breathed out repeated on the other nostril. The poppers rush came over me, doing its work to energize the faggot in me. Soon I was bouncing up and down, caught in a frenzy, thanking the stars above that my life revolved around cock and cum. I could've continued like this forever, but before long Kevin started matching my rhythm with thrusts into me, letting me know he was getting close. "What are you?" Kevin shouted, grabbing my neck with one hand and and back with the other, pulling me toward him. "I'm...a...fa....fa...gah...gah" I attempted to say through each throughs into my ass. "I said what are you!" Kevin shouted, elevating his voice even louder. I knew I couldn't fuck up again. "I'm ....a....fag....got....bug....chase.....ing....cum.....dump!" With a growl Kevin flipped me onto my back and hammered away. He came quickly, but his pumps were forceful. Each one felt like they were tearing up my hole, leaving a bruise I wasn't sure would go away. Kevin left no doubt he was in charge. With one final push Kevin dropped his poz seed in me, and then collapsed on top. For a moment we both struggled to catch our breath. I lay enjoying post orgasmic bliss, soaking in the moment. "So, ready for me to take you to bed now?" I looked at him, feeling completely content and sated. "Yea," I said with a chuckle. "I'm ready." "Good," Kevin said. He pushed himself up, grabbing my arm in the process and pulling me off the mattress with him. "Let's go home." I smiled, kissed him, and said the only the thing I could say. "Sounds good."

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