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  1. That's a shame visiting Orlando for a week and was hoping to find some sleazy bathhouse sex
  2. 25yo perv here living in UES manhattan... wickr: boi4u hmu!
  3. message me bro - live in manhattan. would be hot to meet up
  4. Was horny while working from home today so opened up grindr and saw a hot black daddy with the name "blow me please" - I messaged him and invited him to my place for some quick head. He agreed and was at my door within 15 minutes. We made our way to my room where I immediately got on my knees and began sucking his big black dick through the fly of his work jeans. I could smell stale cigarettes on them every time I bobbed my head down on his cock and brushed my nose against the denim. His crotch was slightly musty, as if showered this morning but the sweat from the work day had gathered nicely. The scent was really getting me going. I began slobbering more enthusiastically and couldn't help but to rub my dick through my shorts. He reached down while I continued sucking his cock and began rubbing my hard cock for me. He instructed me to remove my pants which I quickly did, as he undid his belt and removed his own. He laid down on his back on my bed, while I quickly moved up beside him to resume sucking the load from his cock. I had positioned myself to be on my elbows and knees with my ass up in the air, which he quickly began paying attention to. He licked his fingers and rubbed them over my tight hole while I moaned quietly, still hungrily throating his dick. "Can I stick it in ya ass?" I heard him say. I was torn - only expecting to give a blow job, I hadn't cleaned out properly to get fucked. Reluctantly I said, "I'm not sure it's the best idea, wasn't expecting to get fucked right now..." He seemed to understand what I was getting at and said, "let me just put the tip in." That's the oldest line in the book, but I agreed regardless. He stood up and I got on all fours with my ass sticking over the edge of the bed. "Got any lube?" he asked. "No I don't" I responded. He didn't say anything, just stuck his face up close to my hole and spit a good wad on the opening. He stood back up straight and dropped a big glob of spit down onto his dick and I heard him rubbing it onto the head. No mention of condoms or status whatsoever, and I didn't ask. He lined his cock up with my hole and soon I felt him pressing the head in. The tip slid in pretty easily thanks to all the spit, but I could tell he wasn't planning on stopping there. He slowly kept sliding deeper into my ass, and I began to worry about what the result might be once he pulled out, but he didn't seem to be thinking about that and kept sinking further inside me. I started to moan and he brought his knees onto the bed, positioning himself behind me before laying his weight down on me and pushing my flat to the bed. He reached his arms under my armpits and around to grab my shoulders, holding me firmly in place. I couldn't escape now - not like I wanted to. He began bucking in and out of me. Slowly at first, but quickly began picking up speed. My tight hole was gripping his fat black cock tightly, and I began to moan louder as this hot daddy was fucking my ass raw. My moans must have turned him on even more because he began bucking even harder and said, "can I cum in you" Without hesitation I grunted a quiet 'yes' and he pumped a few more times before he grunted deeply and I felt his cock expand and blow its load into my ass. We laid there for a minute, him breathing deeply on top of me, before he pulled out and stood up. I quickly went to inspect his cock and it wasn't bad at all - I handed him a towel to wipe up and he was dressed and out my door within minutes. Afterwards, I was still horny as I hadn't cum, and I messaged him that if he wants to come back I'll make sure to clean out good for him. He said definitely and that next time he may bring his coworker. Fuck I hope so.
  5. Was staying in a hotel for a work trip and found a guy on grindr that was really close - turns out he worked at the hotel. His profile said he was straight and just looking for some boy pussy so I invited him to my room once his shift ended. I greeted him naked at the door and let him in. He is latino, pretty short (about 5'6) with an average build and average sized uncut cock. He told me he doesn't do this often and that I can't tell anyone - that's fine, I say, I just want his load. I lead him back to the bedroom where get gets naked. Unsure of whether or not he expects foreplay, I stand still for a moment before he tells me he just wants to fuck. That's fine, I say again, before bending over the bed and arching my back, ready and waiting for his cock. I have no lube and neither of us makes any mention of condoms, so he spits on his cock and then on my hole and begins to slide into me. It hurts at first - my ass is tight, but he tells me my hairy hole feels good and I can feel his cock get harder in my ass. He begins to pick up his pace, and compliments my boy pussy before telling me to lay sideways. After a few minutes of this he must've been getting close as he pushed me back on my stomach and begin pounding away at my ass mercilessly. I could only lay there and taking it, moaning quietly every time his cock stabbed at my prostate. Finally he grunted and heaved himself deep into my ass and I could feel his rod pulsing a warm load deep into my guts. He pulled out and cleaned up quickly before dressing and leaving. After he was gone I went and pushed his load out into the toilet. I wasn't too surprised to see some blood in the water as well.

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