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    Kink - if unsure, try me
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    100% submissive bottom slowly learning to be a true pig, to better serve the Men of this world. Any opinion or preference i express on this site (outside of certain hard limits) can be overridden by a Top telling me he wants it otherwise. Oink!

    Currently being trained online (for now) by a wonderful Sir. i hope that through this, i can hone my skills, and reach my true potential, to truly pleasure the Men of this world. THANK YOU SIR!
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    Dominant kinky men with few limits, a lot of stamina, not afraid to really use a guy

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  1. Not my parents because I don’t discuss sex with them. My brother does (turns out he’s a heterosexual kinky Dom, we had a good laugh at that), and all my gay friends do pretty much, yeah. Some of my straight friends too. I love being a bottom, I work hard to be a good bottom, and I wear it as a badge of pride. Why would I hide it, any more than I’d hide being gay?
  2. I spent my teenage years stealing carrots, cucumbers and bananas from the kitchen. Nowadays I’ve a growing toy collection. A baseball bat is on my to do list.
  3. Yeah it works. I’ve done it with a sock soaked in poppers inhaled through my mouth too. Super intense and not sure it’s recommended, but it was a lot of fun. Other options include a gas mask with a filter and a cotton pad soaked in poppers placed in it. Or an attachement to the mask that screws onto the bottle. You can also use a nebuliser mask (medical device, Google it), again with cotton wool soaked in poppers in the chamber. have fun!
  4. I had my drink spiked at a bar once. I threw a lot of it up on the floor and got kicked out (I suspect it was G). I don’t remember anything for a while then. Next thing I woke up a couple of times in various parts of the local sauna, different guys fucking me raw each time. One of them whispered “Do you want AIDS?” in my ear, before I blacked out again. I was on my back in missionary taking his cock, but I’ve no idea what he even looked like, the memory is so blurred. This was before I was on PrEP. I went on PEP afterwards and I didn’t get AIDS, HIV or anything else. I’ve often wondered
  5. Try Crackstuffers toys. They have a “large long bone” double ended dildo that is absolutely massive. I own it, but there’s no way I could take it yet. Myself and a bottom buddy plan to work on it together when our covid lockdown eases. You’ll need someone to shove it up you, I think. I tried using mine solo, lying on my back with my legs spread and it up against the skirting board. I found it was too flexible and kept bending. Maybe you’ll have more luck though. [think before following links] https://crackstuffers.com/products/bn01?variant=29422350139490
  6. This is very intriguing. I’m also a sub, and currently tattooless. I’ve been considering getting one for quite a while, but I’ve always wanted it to be something personal to me, and I’ve had difficulty deciding. Is your idea that a Dom will tattoo you with whatever he wants, wherever he wants, like branding? Would you be coming back for more? I’m curious as to how you see this working. Unfortunately I can’t actually answer your question, sorry!
  7. Update: I’ve another new dildo. This time 18” long, 1.5” thick. It’s called the Analconda Death Dick and is a flexible snake toy. I had a good session tonight, and ended up taking both it and the previous 18” long/1” thick flexible toy together in my cunt, right up to the suction cup, and then fucking myself with them. It was heaven! Now, where do I go from here, I wonder? An even thicker, flexible depth trainer? Or maybe go back to the original dildo I spoke about? Would It be helpful to use the flexible ones to open my second hole, line up my guts, and then to see if I can get the first
  8. Everything @ErosWired said is spot on. For me, I absolutely can feel this “second hole” being “popped.” I’ve been pushing it a lot lately, working with longer dildos for depth training. The toy goes in so far, and meets resistance. I keep pushing (gently), move my body around a little to try help the anatomy line up, and I feel a “pop” in my abdomen, and the resistance lessens. The toy can move through, and then it’s much easier to take whatever remains of it. There’s more space for it in the sigmoid than than rectum. It’s an amazing feeling, especially fucking myself with it once it’s in
  9. My mistake, sorry. Hey, I missed growing up in Holy Catholic Ireland by just a few years, so I can (sort of) relate (ok, not quite, I reckon, but I did experience some fear growing up). Homosexuality was decriminalised here within my lifetime (1993, and it took a brave man who would later become a senator, a brave lawyer who would later become our first female president, and intervention from the European Court of Justice). My country had liberalised hugely by the time I came along, but I didn’t realise it. I was terrified to be seen going to a gay bar when I was 18. Nowadays we have gender qu
  10. Well, I’ve only been having same-sex contact for 16 years, so yes, you’re further along the path 😜 Admittedly I started at 18 (physically), and about 16 (online), having had the advantage of being born in a more liberal decade and society than you (I think you’ve said you’re from Louisiana? A place I know little about, I’m afraid, other than stereotypes, but I have read some of your posts about growing up there, so I’ve learned from them). I did spend almost my entire 20s in a monogamous and pretty vanilla relationship though, albeit a homosexual one. So in some ways I think I’m a late bl
  11. Thanks for the follow. You’ve some great posts. You sound like the perfect Alpha I’d love to meet at a group session! Looking forward to reading your blog 

  12. Thank you for sharing. That was incredibly honest and deep. As someone who’s trying to learn more about being the same way, I appreciate it.
  13. Why would you need viagra to bottom? Poppers, on the other hand, are very helpful. Just don’t do both.
  14. Nate Grimes. But yeah he’s damn good. I want to be able to take fists the way he does! He’s topped in a few videos too and damn that’s got me going, he’s just so sexy. That is AMAZING cock on that top, whoever he is! 🤤
  15. Great vid, thanks. Yes, I’ve been fucked like this. It feels amazing
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