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  1. What you're saying sounds like you've gotten used to larger things in the past and it is a little bit of "hole memory" happening. If it doesn't move very far, it is probably the lack of training and could be involved in the healing process. If you go slow and work back up to larger things at your own pace with toys, you will see some changes. If you want to work on a prolapse, there are ways of doing so with relative safety, but slow and steady is the answer. Taking toys every day in the shower is a good way to start something like that.
  2. thank you for checking out my galleries......here to stretch my boundaries too!

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  3. I promise I had planned on taking a longer hiatus to work on some things, but a combination of a couple days of not much to do and feeling terribly horny brought my publishing schedule forward a bit. Hopefully you enjoy this next installment when Logan gets to have his first son. More to follow eventually as we explore some kinks, some hot and horny boys, and maybe go on an unexpected journey or two. Chapter Two - Denver The first tour had done wonders for me in the personal and professional realms. Not only was I able to blossom onstage and show wha I could do, I got to explore my sexual side with Johnny. After we wrapped up and I moved back to New York I couldn’t believe how fast the turnaround was — I was in my new Hell’s Kitchen apartment for two weeks before I won another national tour. This time, instead of simply being an ensemble member, I would be a featured comedic actor with a couple of duets and a solo song! My first call after I got out of Pearl was to Johnny. He picked up on the second ring and I rushed in before he could even say hello. “I got another booking!” “Great kid, when do you start?” I stopped on the sidewalk and started digging around in my backpack for the tour itinerary. “Looks like we do two weeks here in the city and then move to Denver to open the tour. How far out are you from Denver?” His response sounded a bit excited, “only a couple of hours. I would love to stop by and use your sweet hole a couple of times when your roommate is out.” “You won’t have to wait long,” I responded, “and we can take all night — I don’t have to share this time!” Johnny chuckled at that. “Anyway, I will be in touch here in a few weeks to iron out the details. Gotta call my friends and make plans to go out tonight!” Johnny laughed openly at my exuberance, “go have fun, my son and keep me posted. We’ll talk soon.” * * * * * * The two weeks working on the show flew by and next thing I know I am headed for Denver. The flight crew were excited to have a Broadway tour cast onboard and we indulged them with a couple of numbers from the show. The feeling of celebration in the air was palpable and we all had a great time. By the time I was in my hotel room, though, I was ready to crash. Johnny was on his way in and I had left a key card for him at the desk. I started to change out of my travel outfit into something that would be more fitting for a night out of town, but halfway through undressing I gave up. I plopped down on my bed with my pants around my ankles and ass framed by a yellow jockstrap. Sleep washed over me before I was even aware I was shutting down. I must have been out of it because it was only the rhythmic grinding and low grunting that finally woke me. I groaned in pleasure and exquisite pain as I arched my back to meet the cock that turned me poz. Johnny continued to rhythmically thrust into my ass before unloading deep in my guts. As busy as I had been, I hadn’t been able to get any real action the last few weeks. After I sucked off the train attendant on the way home, he was called to wait on demanding guests so our dalliance never had a chance to get started. I had bought a few silicone “friends” to help me stay loose and work on my need for depth, but nothing could replace a real cock on a man. Johnny left his cock in to shrink before pulling out, dragging his heavy PA out of my hole. “Thought we had dinner plans, but I decided I liked this better.” I could hear his grin even though my head was still planted in my pillows. “Thank you for that, I missed getting fucked for the last month. Going from 2-3 screws a day for a year to none is a real shock to the system.” I laughed a bit giddily as I stretched and sat up next to him. We had never really been affectionate, but here we just hugged each other and enjoyed our presence. “I hope you can stay in town for a couple of days. I need someone to show me around the city.” Johnny stepped around me and walked to the window, unashamed of his slightly frail-looking body. “I have a couple of days, but not too long. I wanted to show you one or two things, but I don’t know how much we’ll have to leave the room for that.” He turned back to me, “you need to know how to work on these tours, and I think this will be the perfect training ground.” That made me cock my head to one side, intrigued. “Tell me more!” Johnny walked back over to me and sat down on the bed. “Well, I am here for two reasons, actually. Or I had been planning to come to Denver this week anyway. You being here is just an added bonus.” My face must have given away a bit of my disappointment. “Don’t worry,” Johnny said quickly, “I am so happy that you’re here, but I had another purpose.” I could tell that he was working up to tell me something. “I know I pozed you without asking, which we call stealthing. There is another kind of guy called a chaser who wants to be pozed, but hasn’t been given the gift yet.” I thought I could see where this was going. “I was in touch with a young guy who wanted my gift, and we had made plans to meet up in Denver for a week of rough fucking and hopefully it would stick.” I smiled at him encouragingly, “that sounds super hot!” “It is,” he assured me. “The guy just turned eighteen a month or so ago and this would be his first dalliance with an older guy. I’m not convinced, though, that he would like a guy like me. I’m pretty sure he only wants the bug, and lacking an attraction can be unsatisfying when you are trying to psych yourself up to take it hard.” Johnny started grinning, “when you told me about starting in Denver and it happened to be this week, I couldn’t help but think that YOU could be his gifter.” Even though I was expecting it, hearing it laid out so starkly for me made me gasp. “You would trust me with a job like that?” “Of course!” Johnny responded enthusiastically. “You need to learn what it is like to be a good top to a neg bottom. I know you’ve fucked me a time or two, but it isn’t the same breaking in a hole and dealing with the mind games. I want you to take this boy and make him a man, just as I did for you.” He continued, “pozing is something of an art form when done right. Any idiot can get knocked up with the virus and just spread it around. If you want to create your family you have to learn to be choosy. You need to learn how to control your animal urges and mix the right amount of aggression, compassion, and even love when needed to get the desired results. It isn’t about controlling your partner as much as it is about controlling the experience of sex and gifting.” As he continued talking, I soaked up every word. He spoke of the responsibilities of the gifter to make sure the boy was taken care of, to ensure they knew the awesome gift they had been given and how they could use it. After hours of talking HIV theory I was a feeling a bit overwhelmed. “Don’t worry too much — I know I threw a lot of information at you tonight, but I believe in you and will be here to show you the way. Besides, you don’t need to worry about anything until you finish the show tomorrow!” With his reassurances ringing in my ear we laid back on the bed and I opened my hole to him. With only a couple of days to learn how to top, I wanted to get in at least one more bottoming experience with Johnny before he went back home. * * * * * * After the show the next night, still feeling the performance high from the opening night crowd, I did my requisite turn around the cast party. We made a few toasts to each other and shared a slice of cake before I felt I could make my excuses and walk the six blocks back to the hotel. Something about the physical exertion of performing made me feel invincible. . . and very horny. When I finally burst into my hotel room, the sight of a young man’s ass beckoning me to the bed greeted my eyes. He was completely naked, legs splayed to give me the greatest view of his slowly pulsing hole. His perfectly round, deeply tanned cheeks were perfectly unblemished. No hair apart from his beautiful black locks hiding his face was visible. I licked my lips. “He’s all yours. I explained to him our history and he is terribly excited to get to be fucked by a true theatre star.” Johnny sat on the desk chair, fully clothed facing me and the boy. “Show him what you can do.” As if his words removed all barriers, I dropped to my knees and began to attack his hole with my tongue. His moans of appreciation started immediately as I lapped around his perfectly formed sphincter. He can’t have had much penetration, he was incredibly tight and with the smoothest skin I had ever felt. His slightly musky and salty taste was exactly what I had been craving as I probed his hole open with my tongue. We continued this way with my tongue slowly getting deeper as my hands pulled his cheeks farther apart. Once I could feel my tongue past his ring of muscle, I withdrew my mouth and started in with one finger. He hissed as my relatively dry finger plunged into the inviting warmth of his hole. I knew that we had a couple of days and I didn’t want to completely destroy his ass with just one fuck, so I didn’t do much scraping of his anal walls. Time enough for that later, and a dry fuck would cause enough friction to get this beautiful twink used to the pain of the stretch. I kept working my fingers in, one at a time until I could feel his hole yield. My cock had been dripping precum since I started walking home and it was time to unleash my beast. Keeping half my hand inside this boy, I used the other to drop my pants and underwear. My cock immediately sprang out and pointed at this boy’s quivering entrance like a compass points north. Beads of precum were dripping out of my slit and around my PA jewelry. I could feel myself aching to be inside this boy. Without warning him, I sharply withdrew my hand. As he gasped at the pain and sudden vacating of his entrance, I plunged my cock back into him, knocking the wind from him and driving his ass into the bed. I said I didn’t scratch his insides, I never mentioned that I took it easy on him. There were some shuddering exclamations and tight contractions as his hole was penetrated, but after a few minutes we found our rhythm. I used the spring of the bed to bounce him down on my cock and thrust up to meet him at the same time. My piercing kept getting tossed around inside him as his muscles were in hyperdrive. He was gurgling and panting as I used the power of my dick to short circuit his nervous system from the inside out. I kept bringing myself close to the edge and backing off, trying to give this boy a fuck he would remember for the rest of his life. After what had to have been forty minutes of pounding this boy mercilessly, I could feel myself tip over the edge where I couldn’t control myself anymore. My heart rate began to race, my hips jerking into this boy completely out of control — I reached to his neck and yanked him into a sitting position, forcing his back down on my cock and bringing his right ear to my mouth. “Take my gift, you gorgeous faggot.” I deftly licked behind his ear as I let myself remodel his guts with a bath of my toxic cum. * * * * * * The entire weekend was more of the same. I found out that the twink (Owen) was graduating high school that year with the lofty life ambitions to become a lawyer and we spent some quality time together outside the bedroom. After that first fuck when I had tucked Owen into bed, Johnny gave me a hug and simply said, “my work here is done. Keep me updated with the boys who get joined to us. I’ll add them to my family tree,” and he walked out of the hotel room. Our last day before Owen was to return home we walked around and talked for a long time. He had a bit of difficulty walking, as my cock had thoroughly bruised his hole, but we mentioned how much fun we had together and I hoped we would be in touch. He promised to share his test results when he went for his next STI checkup in about six weeks. Our last night together he used his own fingernails to fuck up his hole which glistened red as I let him slowly sit on my rigid dick. I was sure he would be my first son and the first guy I would get to share my seed. After I had made my deposit, I requested that he not have sex with anyone else until after his results and that he should fuck me just the once. He jackrabbited into my hole so fucking fast, cumming in less than three minutes. “Mmm,” I moaned, “I hope that I’m the lucky man who gets to let your last neg load travel around with me.” I popped in a plug of mine and pulled him close to me. We napped for half an hour before he had to hit the road. He kissed me tenderly as he got up and I pulled myself awake long enough to see him to the door and give him the stained and sweaty jock I had been wearing during my rehearsals and first few shows of this tour as a souvenir. This kid was special, and I allowed myself to have a moment of bliss before I slipped back under the covers to recover before the show the next day. Thanks for reading! Please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment here. . . I read every single one!
  4. Here's the last part of the first chapter -- I know it is long, but I wanted to lay the ground work of who Logan is and why he decides to do what he will in later chapters. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, encouragement, etc. on this post or drop me a message. I love hearing from you all! Enjoy! * * * * * * After scurrying around getting things ready (and more than one peculiar look from my roommate when I ran upstairs to grab a fresh water bottle and brush my teeth) the excitement of last night combined with the excitement that today I would be flying! Rehearsal for a musical is a lot of mundane and repetitive work, so new experiences are treasured. Since Johnny was the flight director, it meant we would be seeing a lot of each other the next few days — something I can’t say I was disappointed in. The chatter in the cast van over to the theatre was fun and we all seemed to be in god spirits. My face was stretched into a stupid grin, thinking about how so much had changed and a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I let the insane chatter continue around me as I thought about how the rest of my day would continue. . . My first flight sequence was pretty straightforward. I had some time to get backstage, strip out of my costume, get into the first harness, dress, and have plenty of time to be hoisted into the air before I soared across the stage. Johnny was there waiting to help me into the harness. I noticed his kilt bulging out more than a bit in the front as I walked up, and I added a little extra swish to my hips as I turned my back to him. “Logan, you have no idea what you do to me,” he growled in my ear as I shucked off my shirt and lowered my pants. “I hope you know how much time we have before your last flight.” I began thinking about the end of the show. It was true, I had a good twenty minutes between when I went offstage the first time and returned to perform some aerial maneuvers. I turned around and started to step into the harness he was holding outstretched. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked. He looked at my wicked grin and grabbed my ass while he was strapping me in. “Sweet cheeks, our lives just got a lot more fun.” I hurried to get my costume back on while he tested the various wires and ropes to make sure I would be secure. When he hoisted me up, I fixed an appropriate expression on my face and began my elegant soar over the set and to the other side before dashing back onstage to continue the show. The second lift was pressed for time, so there was just some desperate groping and teasing on both our parts while we managed to get everything set and I finished the second flight flawlessly. It was the last flight of the day when I knew I had time to take things to the next level. This time when I ran back to the flight corner, Johnny was waiting with his kilt hiked up around his impressive shaft, already gleaming with precum. His sparkling Prince Albert glittered under the dim radiance of the stage lights spilling backstage and he made me shiver. When I stripped this time, I intentionally stuck out my still-plugged ass for him to get a good look. With a quiet pop he released the plug from my hole and began to immediately wet me with his tongue. Being eaten out by a man with experience changes you, or at least it did me. I can’t believe how I was made to feel. Desperately horny to take his cock again and each lick diving into me and making me submit even harder. My breathing was shaky and gasping from his skill by the time he straightened and pushed my shoulders down. “Okay kid, here I go. Just remember to be quiet.” With one sharp jab he impaled me on his cock. Thank god the chorus onstage began singing at full voice in the same moment, because a half-groan-half-cry escaped my lips as I felt him tear into my hole and claim what he owned. He drilled me with everything he had. I could smell his musk and the vague scent of sex from my position with my head forced down in his surprisingly strong grip for a man who looked like he was withering away. He continued to pulverize my hole and pound the air from my lungs while I gave myself over to the ecstasy of surrender. This man had changed my life and I was loving it! Finally his tense, stabbing motions told me he was close, and I tried to massage his dick with my ass muscles. A swift grunt and warmth spreading out from within told me that he was unloading and I sighed. My own cum already coating the stage deck from when I came hands-free after his prostate stimulation. He pulled out swiftly and before I could mourn the filled feeling his dick had given me, the plug was swiftly pushed back in, now feeling significantly smaller than it had when it had been removed. Patting my ass affectionately, he scrambled to grab my costume pieces and prepare the elaborate harness for my final glorious stint in the sky. As I turned to him to ask how I looked, he just smiled and said, “perfect.” I got into position and from behind he whispered, “I know you’re not an idiot, but I don’t think you really know what all is happening. Kid, I wasn’t joking when I said you were going to be mine and I was giving you something. . .” — the music was swelling and I was seconds away from my dramatic entrance — “You’re my son now. You’ve sprayed your last neg load uselessly on the stage. Congrats on becoming an HIV pig, boy.” The chorus raised their voices in an awesome chord as I was flown into the air to thunderous applause in the front of house. It was as if the entire cast and creative team knew what had happened and was approving. I completed my routine in the air, but by the time I was lowered gently back down to the stage, it was the two seconds when I was unhooked that I came undone. I fled to a dressing room and locked myself into a bathroom. * * * * * * It took me an hour to pull myself together, and after telling the director that I missed the notes session after the run ended because of a stomach bug, he seemed to understand and allowed me to head back to the hotel early. My room was messy from my earlier whirlwind trying to get ready and I started putting it back together when there was a knock at the door. Johnny had found me. “Can I come in?” I silently motioned him inside and he went and sat on the chair next to the desk. I walked silently to my bed and sat down, half facing him, half looking toward the window. “I know that you’re feeling a lot right now, but I think we need to talk?” I resolutely stared ahead but nodded an affirmative. He silently reached out to put his hand on my shoulder. “Logan, I know that you’re surprised and probably feel good and bad things — I know that I did when I was gifted, but I want you to know that you have some options.” I turned and stared at him mutely as he went on, “HIV is not deadly unless you want to be; you can take some medication to control it. I’ve been working in entertainment for a long time and you’ve got talent that is only once or twice in a generation. You’ll be employed and can afford the medication. But that will come at another cost as well.” Johnny continued to look at me while he reached out and gently took my chin in his hands, “you have been given a gift and you can choose to share that gift with other boys and men. You can honor the DNA that is now in your system and add to it, change it. You can create your own family.” He gently let go of my face and got up from the chair to sit down next to me. “I’ve been spreading my seed since I was 18 and had my first Master. He was a cruel man but he taught me many things about loyalty, giving, taking, and power. He died only a year and a half after I met him, then I started working on tours. I was 20 and met one boy for each tour I have taken part in. I have a family of 23 boys, you’re my 24th. I’ve had a good life, but I wasn’t kind to myself when I was young. You can make a few different changes and be stronger — I hate to stop sharing my seed like this, but it is time that I get serious about meds and take myself off the market.” I turned my head and looked at him. Staring into his eyes I knew that even after the shock wore off, I would never feel the same again. The power I now felt coursing through my veins and the knowledge that I could build a family of boys and men was overpowering. I was silent for a long time, just looking at him. Breaking the silence I said, “you will have to teach me a lot — I’ve never topped anyone and I don’t know all that I need to, but I want to expand a family of my own. After all, you deserve grandsons if you are looking to retire.” Without any hesitation I closed the gap between our faces and kissed Johnny with all the passion I could muster. I wanted him to understand that my answer was, “I will honor your gift and share it with as many people as I can.” He responded with a kiss that I could only interpret as, “let me show you how.” That first fuck after I knew Johnny’s status was magical. He urged me on to take him deeper and explained scorpion tattoo. He told me how hot I was and how he would be there to see me through the flu that I was bound to get. He then asked me to follow him back to his room and fuck him with my last negative load. I was very eager and came within about two minutes of penetrating his ass. He proudly showed off the biohazard marking tattooed around his hole as he squeezed my load out and told me to lap it up. We shared my last load between us as we lay in a tangle of limbs on his bed. Totally spent and totally happy. * * * * * * True to his word, a few weeks later on the first night we were performing for a paying audience I felt like hell. I had a high fever, swollen glands, and was sweating profusely. The stage manager gave me one look and said I couldn’t go on except to fly since there was no backup. I sat backstage and watched the show with Johnny, his kilt hiding the fact that I was impaled on his. He gave me the fevered ride of my life that night as I was caught up in the adrenaline of opening, the rush knowing I was converting, and the pleasure of giving another man a great time. During our first stop in Oklahoma City, we went shopping on our day off for a few things. I suddenly had to expand my collection of underwear to include dozens of jockstraps — anything from sporty to sleek and fashionable, we picked out a series of plugs for me to wear of ever-increasing width in case I wanted to keep in a load. He even took me to a piercing shop to get a Prince Albert like his. After that first tryout, it became a tradition during my last flight that we would fuck every show. With eight shows a week on a fifty week contract, we got in plenty of action with each other. After my PA healed, he would let me fuck him every third or fourth show, providing guidance on how to best use my tool to open up another man and show them a good time. We continued to fall into each other’s arms after every show and I all but ignored my other castmates except to be polite when I talked with them. But I spent most of my time away from the theatre exploring cities across the country with Johnny. At the end of the tour with just one more performance to go Johnny asked me what I would like as a going away present. “I want a scorpion tattoo on my dick,” was my response. He chuckled, “you’re a kinky little fucker aren’t you?” “I take after my dad,” I replied. We went out just before the final show to a nearby tattoo parlor. I got my scorpion tattooed to the underside of my dick. “So you can only see it if I want you to,” I explained. “I’m sure there is no shortage of boys who won’t know what they’re doing and totally miss it.” We both laughed as we walked back to the theatre to do the show one last time. There was an extra charge in the air that night. Maybe I was emotional because I was completing my first professional contract. Maybe it was the thought that I would no longer have Johnny there to give me what I craved every day. Whatever it was, we passionately made love before my final flight that night. He penetrated me with long an hard strokes just to keep me on the edge of orgasm. He fucked me missionary up against the set, kissing me while I sprayed the underside of his kilt with my toxic load. It was the best performance I had ever given in my life, and it was all for him. * * * * * * We created a text chain that night so that we could stay in touch. He was retiring to a farm in Colorado and I was heading back to couch surf in New York for a few weeks while I auditioned for another job and searched for an apartment. After exchanging a hug and promising to keep in touch, I walked to the train station with a few misty tears threatening to roll down my cheeks. I didn’t see his message until the train was pulling out of the station and heading to my new life. It was the privilege of my life to bring you into my family. I know you will do me proud professionally and personally. Just remember to be who you are and share yourself with the world. In every capacity. Until we meet again, stay hard, stay horny, and stay humble. -Johnny As the train rolled on, I straightened in my seat. I could make my dreams come true and show the world what Logan Ball is made of, and my resolution starts now. A young conductor came over at that moment and asked, “ticket please?” I handed this boy my ticket. “Looks like you’ll be with us for awhile.” He scribbled some information on a little pad he had with his scanner. “If there is anything that you need don’t hesitate to let us know.” He handed back my ticket and a piece of paper. He bustled down the train to the next people waiting with their tickets out. I glanced down at the paper and it read: Please ask for anything — and request Mason. I’d love to serve you however I can. I smiled and leaned back in my seat. This new life was going to be fucking brilliant. * * * * * * Looking forward to share all that will happen going forward! Thanks for reading up to this point, hope you come back for more!
  5. I am planning on finishing the first story, I just wrote myself into a corner and needed a break to try to get through the next chapter. Hopefully I will have another post up next week for that.
  6. You’re reading my mind! Chapter One is just Logan and Johnny’s relationship during the first tour. After these first three parts we catch up to Logan on his next tour. More to come soon!
  7. Here's the second of three parts to the first chapter of this story. Hopefully you enjoy where this is headed! Chapter One Part Two - The Aftermath Driving back to the hotel I could feel the cum leaking back out of my hole. I tried to close my hole, but the muscles were too exhausted and just slackened back open and a fresh trickle of fluid seeped out. Johnny drove to the back entrance of the hotel and used his keycard to get me inside. I started to head up the stairs to my room when he grabbed my shoulder saying, “kid, you should come back to my room and at least shower. Not gonna lie, you look like hell.” I turned obediently and followed him down the hall. I didn’t really know his comment meant until we passed a mirror in the hallway and I got a quick glance at myself. I was flushed, my hair was drenched with sweat and saliva from the facefucking I had gotten, and my eyes were bloodshot. I was walking funny and there was a half-crazed expression etched on my face. We arrived back at Johnny’s room and he silently went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel for me. “Go ahead and use the shower. I think some hot water will do you good.” He walked past me toward the bed and I crossed into the bathroom and closed the door. The steaming water soothed my muscles a bit, but did little to quiet my mind. My ass was so tender I could barely touch it with a washcloth, but the one time I went down there I noticed a slight pink tinge to the goop that was stuck there. I hoped that wasn’t serious — I mean, I had been an anal virgin, but I was gay and had heard of fissures before. As confused as my mind was, my cock had a mind of its own. . . When I brushed my nipples it would jump. The inside of my thighs: jump. Behind my ears: jump. I had never had a trigger-happy dick before, but this was kind of fun to discover! I still hadn’t cum yet, but I decided I would wait until I had some more time for myself to get in a proper edging session. After cleaning and delaying the inevitable, I walked out of the shower, toweled myself dry, and wrapped the towel around my waist. After all, I didn’t really have anything to hide, and while I wasn’t a body builder, I wasn’t cast in a dancing ensemble for nothing. One last critical look in the mirror admiring myself for a moment before I opened the door confirmed that I was still at least “cute.” I shut off the lights and turned toward the beds. Johnny lay on his bed without a stitch of clothing. While it shouldn’t have shocked me, it was seeing him fully naked for the first time that made me pause for a moment. His malnourished look was more pronounced when he was laying down. His cheeks slightly sunken and some extra wrinkles on his body gave him the appearance of someone older than he was. I noticed a few tattoos here and there, an intricate line drawing that looked like a tree, a beautifully detailed scorpion curled around his navel, and a list of dates written in spidery script over his heart. He didn’t look up when I entered; he kept focusing on a silver ring that he was working through the slit of his cock and out the bottom. “What is THAT?!” I asked a bit aggressively. He looked at me for a moment and burst out laughing. “This is my PA — Prince Albert. I had it pierced a long time ago, but I don’t usually wear a ring when I am meeting new boys for the first time. I think it is intimidating for the uninitiated. I guess you didn’t see the extra hole hiding under the foreskin.” He patted the bed next to him. “Come over here and join me. I sent your clothes down to be laundered so you don’t have to go back to your room looking like a total cumdump.” He chuckled a little as I sat down, still keeping my towel wrapped around my waist, albeit with the occasional jump from my groin as my dick swelled looking at this man. “Let me see what you’re working with,” Johnny cajoled. “You felt respectable when I grabbed you during lunch, but I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on in your underwear when we were fucking.” Hearing him say that so matter of fact-ly made me blush like a schoolgirl, but I dutifully opened my towel for him to see my half-engorged 10” cock. “Holy shit, kid, you are hung!” I smiled at that. “Yeah, I didn’t know how unusual it was until I had to start tucking my flaccid dick back under my balls at school so it wasn’t swinging down one leg. Trust me, wearing dance belts is a bitch, though.” I tried to bury my anxiety underneath some fake bravado. The truth was that I was self-conscious about how big I was and was worried I would never find a partner who could take something like mine. It was a little thicker than a Red Bull can, but the head flared wickedly when I was hard and pushed. Johnny began slowly stroking me, feeling my manhood grow under his fingers. “You have no idea how you are going to change the lives of everyone you sleep with.” Assuming he wouldn’t mind, I grabbed his dick, now with a heavy metal “O” sticking out the piss slit and began stroking him to erection. We locked eyes for a moment before I saw the command in his gaze. I lowered my neck to worship the manhood that had just an hour ago blasted through my sexual barrier. We took our time — I wanted to explore this glorious dick and this strangely aggressive and kind man. He wanted back in my hole again. By the time there was a knock on the door announcing the return of my now clean clothes, I was bouncing on his pierced dick, taking a fresh load of cum and a distinct beating in my hole. When he finally began to shrivel inside my hole, he laid me back down on the bed, walked over to one of his duffel bags and pulled out a little plug. “This is one of my gifts to you. If you choose to accept this tonight, you’ll be mine during the tour. We’ll go our separate ways once our contracts have finished, but by taking this plug you will be tied to me. Do you accept this?” The little orange silicone plug seemed harmless enough so I nodded my head. Johnny came over and slowly inserted it into my guts. I hissed as it expanded my worked-over hole without lubrication, but once it was nestled inside it felt like home. I smiled up at him and simply said, “thank you.” He crawled in bed behind me, nestled himself next to me and fell asleep. After a day of so many new experiences and so much mental turmoil, it took me awhile to get to sleep. The plug in my ass kept me feeling full as my brain tried to reason with everything that had changed. After an hour or so of contemplation, I resigned myself to the choices that I had made. Not worth regretting when you’ve already committed to another person. That thought made me smile. Boys had given me gifts before to get on my good side, but never men. And by the looks of things I wouldn’t be getting bored anytime soon. * * * * * * Thanks for your support and reactions! I read every comment and genuinely appreciate your responses. They keep me writing and enjoying this community!
  8. This is a tale about me, Logan Ball and my journey from innocent newbie in the theatre biz to a seasoned pro spreading more than just my talent and love of theatre. This first chapter is how my eyes were opened to the amazing opportunity I had been given and the gift I received from an unlikely source. Chapter One - Alma I wasn’t out of college yet when I got cast in my first non-Equity tour of an old Broadway show. We were finishing up senior showcases in New York City and I decided to try for a cattle call audition and I got lucky! Eighteen years of dance and voice lessons had paid off! My 6’ 2” frame and lithe build didn’t hurt, nor did my shining green eyes and auburn hair. I would get to graduate and move straight from my apartment in Michigan to out-of-town tech rehearsal in the heart of Arkansas for a month before we hit the road and I would get to travel and be paid to do what I loved. Dreams were coming true and prayers were being answered! My enthusiasm was slightly tempered when I saw the accommodations: I would be sharing a room with another chorus boy in a mediocre hotel just outside the town. I told myself that I shouldn’t mind too much — I would be working in the theater and rehearsal rooms all day, so I would only be there to crash. My roommate turned out to be a fun guy who had been on the road before with a few shows. We bonded over gin martinis that first night and decided we would be friends. The rehearsal schedule was intense and we were constantly thrown between music rehearsals, choreography sessions, blocking rehearsals, wig and costume fittings. . . you never felt like you were in one place for very long. In the background the set was beginning to take shape onstage and we were moving toward our technical rehearsals. The one thing left to decide was who in the chorus cast would fly. The show required one member of the cast to fly across the set in three places during the show. Once, just zooming across, and two more times doing some rolls and flying in zig-zags. I had volunteered (having had tumbling experience) but was a bit worried because of my height. Our first day of tech came and the director came over to me, “Logan we need to get you fitted into the flying harness. I thought Max would be up for it, but he’s afraid of heights.” “No problem!” I responded, trying to keep my boyish excitement under control. I trotted over to the stage left wing and grabbed the stage manager, “where do I go for the harness?” The stage manager didn’t even look up from her prompt script, pointing toward the shadows upstage. I heard the director call for an hour lunch break as I started back toward the dark corner where the road cases which would transport the set were stored. As I approached the cases an older guy walked out from between two large trunks and walked up to me. “Are you Logan?” His voice was rough, sounding like he had been drinking a bottle of whiskey a night for as long as I had been alive. As I got closer I noticed he wasn’t really that old. Maybe mid-forties, but he had a drawn look about him as if he hadn’t had a good meal in awhile. His eyes were mischievous, but he was still a handsome man. “Yes, that’s me! I am supposed to see someone about getting fitted in the flying harness for the rehearsal this afternoon.” I stuck out my hand to shake his. The man looked me up and down before grabbing my hand. “My name’s Johnny. I’ll be the flight coordinator on this show and will be getting you clipped in and out of the harness every time you go up. Come back here and let me get you fitted. I’m sure we have something that will work for you.” He gave me that curious sweep with his eyes as he yanked my arm forward to follow him. We retreated back to the box fort of boxes where he had set up a little station full of carabiners, rope, flying wire, rigging wire, and several different harness types with various attachments. “Strip to your undies, man.” I started a bit. Actors aren’t really repressed people; we change in front of others all the time, but I guess I didn’t expect to be down to my Calvins in front of this old guy. As I started to strip, I looked at Johnny a little closer. He was wearing the requisite black work shirt that technicians on the tour were wearing, but instead of slacks he was wearing a black kilt with tons of pockets. I thought that was kind of an interesting choice, but it accentuated his thin torso and gave his hips some flair. I stripped off my shorts and cute shirt that I felt accentuated my twink frame. Johnny walked around me, taking in my bubble butt and bulge in my steel-banded Calvin Klein briefs. I normally wasn’t shy about my body, but something in this man’s gaze made me feel like I was being looked at for the first time as a man instead of a boy. “Okay, I think we’re going to have to have two harnesses. One is going to be your regular harness for the first flight just straight across the stage. We want to make sure your chest and groin are both supported since they want to get you going at some speed.” He continued to look at me critically, “and the second harness is just a harness around your groin and hips that allows for some acrobatics. The problem is that you’ll have to strip off your costume each show so we can swap the harnesses out under your clothes.” Johnny leaned in and started to feel up around my shoulders, “You have okay muscle tone, but we’ll work on that during the tour.” His hand slowly slid down across both my pecs before it continued down my abs. His hand left a wave of goosebumps wherever it passed. Johnny leaned in and looked me straight in the eyes, “we’ll get you in perfect shape to use this,” he grabbed my bulge firmly and I noticed for the first time that I had gotten hard being objectified by this man, “to do its job.” He squeezed with a little more pressure and my breath caught in my throat. After a moment of intensity when all I saw were his eyes and I felt I couldn’t breathe, he shuffled back to the harness selection and picked up two models. “Okay boy, let’s get you fitted.” Once the intensity of the moment wore off (and I was able to convince my brain to breathe on its own again) we spent half an hour getting in and out of the two harnesses, correcting all the various straps and ties to fit me snugly. He even hooked me into the fly system and raised me up a few times to check the counterbalances and make sure it would all work. I continued on with the rest of rehearsal that day with a little bit of fog in my head. The crotch grab and intensity of the old man’s stare wouldn’t leave my mind and I knew I was hooked, on what, though, I didn’t know. * * * * * * That night after we were finished with our crazy 16 hour day, I walked backstage to grab my bag and head to the bus to get back to the hotel when Johnny came up to me. “Logan I need a few more minutes of your time to check one more thing before we fly you around in rehearsal tomorrow.” “Okay, I just don’t want to miss the bus back to the hotel.” “Don’t worry about that, I can bring you back in my car. This might take another twenty minutes or so.” I shrugged, grabbing my bag and following him back behind the boxes for the second time that day. “Strip,” was the command he gave and I immediately started to obey. As I was shucking off my shorts again, I noticed the front of his black kilt bulging out. I felt my eyes go wide and was sure my pupils dilated. . . My hormones were off the charts. When I straightened, his eyes were boring holes into my own. “Do you want this?” I nodded. “Be warned, it has a stinger.” I just knelt down and lifted the front of his kilt, exposing his freeballing 9” cock with a beautiful foreskin covering a bullet-shaped head. I tentatively licked his slit and felt his slick precum on my tongue. My college experience had seen me suck a few cocks, but this was by far the biggest I had seen in real life. I grinned as I thought how slutty I must look — rehearsal-ruffled hair, shining eyes, and licking the head of this old guy’s dick like it was the sweetest treat in the world! The licking didn’t last long before Johnny really took control, grabbing my head and forcing his cock down my throat. I wasn’t expecting as much aggression, so I more or less immediately gagged and dry heaved. “Yeah, bitch, there’s more than one reason that I made sure you missed lunch today.” He drove his cock back down my throat as I sputtered and choked around it. “You’ll be fine, you just need to breathe.” By this point, he has done this five or six times and I am starting to leak mucus out of my mouth and it is coating his cock and balls. “That’s it boy, get my dick nice and slick. It is going to be in your hole in a couple of minutes.” My eyes flew wide at that pronouncement. “But Johnny, I’ve never taken anything in my ass before, and you’re huge!” Johnny just laughed and impaled my head on his cock again. I had always imagined that I would put my career first for a few years then meet some young twink straight from college and top him for my first experience. I wasn’t a submissive, so why were my hormones not letting me tell this man, ‘hell no’? Johnny pulled all the way out of my mouth, with just a line of spit leaving an arc connecting my lips with the head of his cock. Johnny pulled me to my feet, spun me around, and ripped open the back of my underwear in what seemed like one smooth motion. Before I could even think of protesting he pushed me up against a trunk and slid his saliva-slicked member up my crack, teasing my hole. I had never felt anything like it before. His chest pressed up against my back as he continued to slick my crack and I could feel his breath on my right ear. “I’m going to open you up and change your life, Logan.” He took a nibble of my earlobe, making me moan. “I could tell that you are a top the moment I met you, but you’re young and need an elder to teach you how to treat a boy.” His head started probing my still-tight hole. “Before this tour is over I am going to show you the pleasure you can give your partners. . .” I felt him start to enter me ever so slowly as I tried to relax. “. . . you are going to bestow on men something that will change their lives, just as I am going to change yours.” The pressure was growing now, and I started to feel a little twinge of pain as his head seemed to pry my hole apart by force. “I’m going to show you what your dick can do, and you will submit to me, your ultimate father.” My hormone-drunk brain thought that was peculiar, but I had the distraction of his head completely popping in to distract me. I let out a hiss of air as I hadn’t been breathing. “You’re going to take this cock every day until the end of your contract next year and you will see just how much difference a year can make.” With that, he knocked the back of my knees with his hands and I fell onto all 9” of his cock at once. I screamed, cried, and blubbered in the next thirty minutes as Johnny tore up my ass. What had started out as just pain when I took his entire length at once became pleasurable as we found a rhythm and he fucked me senseless. At one point he spun me around and with strength I didn’t know he possessed, grabbed my legs and lifted my back against the roacd cases. “Logan, look me in the eyes as I cum inside you. This will be a moment you will never forget.” I did as I was ordered and saw his pupils flash as I gave my body totally over to ecstasy. With a final mighty thrust that I felt in my lungs, I felt his cock expand as warmth spread through my abdomen. ------------ Part Two coming soon! Let me know what you think and feel free to reach out with any suggestions!
  9. Apologies again, friends! This spring has gotten away from me completely, but I haven’t forgotten about this story and telling the tales of Paul and Blake and the friends they meet along their journey. I’ve been loving getting to read other stories on this sight and reading about others’ experiences in their POZ journey. Please always feel free to reach out and chat! I love hearing from people reading the story and also hearing more about what makes them tick. Hope you enjoy, and come back for more! I promise to return to the sex next chapter! Chapter Six: Showing Change Heading into the back of the shop was a shock — gone were the luxury appointments and subtle lighting. This room was huge! In the center was a tattooist station with medical grade lighting and gleaming equipment individually sealed in sterilized packs. Around the walls hung artistic photographs in neat black frames, each individually lighted showcasing piercings and tattoos. Apart from the light on each photo and the large surgical lighting over the tattoo station in the center, the room was dark. The floor was glossy and black, the walls painted black; even though the room was large it still somehow felt claustrophobic. “Right,” Aiden called to us, “who is up first?” While Aiden got situated on his chair, Blake nodded to me, “since Paul was the first, I think he needs to go up now. Chris, you’ll follow after.” Blake fixed me with a grin that I knew I would never forget — somehow both filled with lust and filled with love. Aiden pulled some crinkly examination paper over the large leather table and stared me down. “To get the package deal, you’re going to have to strip all the way down.” I hurriedly removed my clothes while Aiden set up a tray of ink, and a bunch of scary-looking surgical instruments. As I hopped up onto the bench, he looked at Blake and asked, “how far do you want to go? Does the boy get a say?” Blake looked at me and asked, “do you trust me?” We locked eyes and I simply responded, “absolutely.” Aiden grinned and told me to lay on my front. I settled in and was just starting to get comfortable when I felt Aiden grab my right foot with his gloved hand and bring it to a corner of the table. There was a quiet click as a padded cuff locked around my ankle and kept my leg from moving. Immediately the left leg followed with its own cuff and I felt exposed. My dick which had been hard since entering the shop and seeing Aiden for the first time began to leak between my abs and the table. Next came the sound of ripping tape as Aiden started spreading my glutes and exposing my hole to the air. I won’t lie, the warm breeze felt nice against my exposed flesh. Aiden began shuffling some metal implements around the back of the table. “Okay Paul, we are going to start with a piercing and a tattoo. I’m going to pierce you for a quiche first, then get started on the first tattoo.” First tattoo, I thought to myself. . . What did Blake have in store for me? As Aiden began to sterilize the flesh of my exposed taint he started to talk about piercing maintenance and how big he was going to go with the initial jewelry. “Nothing too large to start, but you’ll be able to stretch it with some piercing tapers in about six months. Now take in a deep breath when I say.” He gave the indication and I breathed in. A sharp pain struck me and I felt my balls immediately contract. There was a funny feeling of movement accompanied by the stinging sensation as the needle was loaded with jewelry and the jewelry was passed into my skin. In a moment, though, the whole experience was over. “We now move onto the hole tattoo. Blake, I believe you wanted him marked as toxic, correct?” I gave an involuntary shudder as Blake flashed me a grin and a thumbs up. Aiden started to apply the ink and I was lulled into a sense of calm as another man decided what was best for my now-diseased body. * * * * * Aiden worked through the whole night. Dawn was breaking over the horizon as we walked back to the car. I will admit that I was feeling sore all over. Because I have a future performing career, Blake didn’t want me to get any tattoos or piercings which might compromise my job prospects, but nevertheless gave me a full treatment. By the time my session was over I had gotten a quiche piercing, biohazard tattoo that you could see when you spread my cheeks, centering right on my hole, then was flipped over and given a Prince Albert piercing and had a beautifully detailed scorpion tattooed where my treasure trail had been, the tail extending down my dick to the stinger pointing right at my head. I had gotten two barbells placed in my nipples (which hurt like I couldn’t believe) and had my septum pierced. Because I didn’t want it to be visible, I was given a hidden metal bar to wear while it healed. Chris had a PA put on as well, but since Blake allowed Chris to make up his own mind about his mods, he opted for a biohazard tattoo on his pec over his heart. “It will always remind me that I will have this coursing through my veins forever,” he said when Aiden got to work. After we were all finished and getting cleaned up, Aiden turned to the three of us and said, “when you’re all healed up you need to come back. Each of my clients has fucked me or allowed me to fuck them.” Turning his back to us he explained, “each of these lines is from a person who I have modded, and they have all had sex with me.” Upon closer inspection I saw that the lines had different colors. Aiden told us, “the blue lines are from my topping jobs,” there were a smattering of blue lines on his back, “green lines are my bottoming experiences with a negative person,” there were maybe six or seven lines, “and the red are the poz loads I have taken so far.” The vast majority of the lines on his back were bright red. “You owe me a recharge, and I am honored to carry your strain, just as I hope you are honored by my work. I’ve taken over 1,200 loads in the last six years since I started this company, and I will continue to add marks to remember each of them until I die.” The experience left me insanely horny, but all options for relief were gone. I couldn’t even jerk off for a month while the PA healed, and Aiden said the anal tattoo should heal for 2-3 weeks before I started having sex again. Blake took this all in stride and said that he guessed I would just have to get used to opening my throat for him. I couldn’t wait to get more practical experience! Blake also treated himself to a fascinating mod while we were in Aiden’s shop, asking the artist to open the bottom of his dick head. The flesh now resembled an upside-down heart. As Aiden clamped the skin to stop the bleeding before cutting it open with a scalpel, Blake leaned over to me and said, “I want to give your tongue more access in there and maybe take one of your fingers inside the hole that infected you.” I could already tell that we were heading down the road to newer, exciting pastures.
  10. Greetings friends! Here's another chapter in the saga of Paul, Blake, and Chris. The boys have some stuff to deal with (and no sex to get through in this chapter), but I think it sets them up to have an interesting time in the next installment. Because of the cliffhanger ending, I wanted to get this chapter out and have another one follow in a couple of days. As always, let me know what you think about where things are going. Happy reading! Chapter Five: A New Family Blake and I managed to fuck and fist our way through most of the rest of the break. I have to say, Blake was attentive to my needs in so many ways — He always made sure that I was feeling safe and comfortable, constantly brought me food and generally pampered me throughout our time together. We even went out one afternoon and went shopping at a specialty underwear store to get matching jockstraps. I didn’t want to tell him, but I have a major underwear fetish, and knowing that I had something we could match together was amazing. Plus, his ass looked insane perfectly cradled in the back straps. We may have eaten each other out in the fitting room of the store. (I guess we should have been quieter because the assistant smirked at us while ringing up our purchases.) I made Blake stay home the night before classes resumed so I could get some time preparing for the next semester and spend a few hours practicing. He agreed that he should probably attend to some things before he was back in classes and needed to put in a few hours swimming to stay in shape for the diving sessions he would have the next week. After getting in a few hours playing the organ and starting to organize my books and notebooks for classes the next morning, I went to knock on Chris’s door. He hadn’t been in touch at all during the break, and the few times that Blake and I had tried to see if he was back in his dorm room, there was no answer. I was starting to really worry. After giving my signature triple knock, I stood back and waited. After a few moments, I could hear some shuffling behind the door before it slowly creaked open. The room behind Chris was completely dark, and when he emerged from the shadows I involuntarily gasped. “Chris, what happened to you!?!?” Chris looked like he had been beaten. He had dark circles under both eyes, his hair was matted, he had a bruise on his neck and it seemed to continue under his loose-hanging teeshirt. He looked at me with heavily-lidded eyes and just gestured inside. As I walked in the room and the door swung shut behind me Chris started, “I would have called you but my mom smashed my phone.” I could hear his voice tremble. “It was awful. My parents don’t want me to ever go back home again.” I grabbed Chris and pulled him into a tight hug. In all the time that I had known Chris, I had never seen him look so dejected and depressed. “I’m here for you, Chris. Whatever you need that I can do to help, please let me know. I love you man.” I could feel his tears soaking into my sweater on my shoulder as I held onto his shuddering body. He continued to cry as I walked over to the couch and sat down. After half an hour of just holding him, he unsteadily sat up and began to apologize. “Shut it, I’m here for you and you’re my friend. Don’t apologize. And don’t feel like you need to talk about it if you don’t want to. I’m not going anywhere and there is nothing you can say that will lose me as a friend.” Chris gave me a watery grin and seemed to sigh with relief. We stayed together and put a movie on for the night. I didn’t want to leave Chris until I knew that he could get some sleep before classes in the morning. At about midnight he had dropped off and I carried him to his bed and tucked him in. I left him a note saying that I went home to sleep but would come by and wake him up in the morning in case he woke up in the middle of the night and felt lonely. When I made it back across the hall I sent a message to Blake: **Chris is in a bad way and I think he is going to need our help to get through things. Can we go out and do something as a group after classes?** I only had to wait for a few seconds before I got a response from Blake: **Yep, I will be ready for a bonding experience.** * * * * * I managed to wake up with enough time to get ready for school then get Chris ready for school as well. As I sent him trotting off to the Business School buildings with a muffin and a banana in his hands, I headed off to my first music theory class of the morning. Getting back into the swing of things with classes provided me some structure and went mostly well. I got chewed out by my piano professor for neglecting the instrument while I was on break, but otherwise it all went very well. I sent Blake text messages on and off during the day as we made plans to go out for pizza after he finished up his diving practice this afternoon. Collecting Chris first after I wrapped up a practice session, we walked down to the training complex for athletes in time to see Blake’s final dive of the night. I couldn’t get it out of my head how fucking gorgeous he was — his body so elegantly taut and bowed as he twirled through the air. Chris and I applauded as he swam over to the side of the pool and gave us a wave as he trotted off to the changing rooms. Turning to me Chris asked, “why are you both being so nice to me again?” “Well,” I responded, “I wanted to prove to you that we both care about you very deeply and are here if there is anything that we can do to help. You need to know that, and whatever ends up happening with your family, you have a family in us.” I could see tears forming at the corners of Chris’s eyes and I gave him a quick hug. “We’re going to have a great time tonight over pizza and get to all chat more deeply. I think it will be fun.” With a smile and a quick nod, Chris agreed and we walked toward the exit of the locker room to wait for Blake. After only a few minutes, Blake emerged from the locker room with still-damp hair, but looking remarkably put together with his kit bag slung over his shoulder. “Come on boys, my car is right outside.” We all piled into his car and drove the ten minutes to a quiet pizza shop in a strip mall on the outskirts of the campus area. As we jumped out of the car, I could tell that Blake had some kind of hidden agenda — I only hoped that he would be able to keep things from getting too out of hand tonight. . . We plonked down at a booth and ordered a couple of pizzas to split between the three of us. Chris opened up about how his parents had kicked him out right before Christmas and he bounced around with a few friends back home before he managed to get a ride back to school. He seemed to be handling things better than he had before, but I could tell that he was still raw from his treatment over the break. Eventually we switched subjects to how our breaks went. Blake and I looked at each other before Blake leaned in and whispered, “Paul managed to take my fist every night for two weeks.” Chris’s eyes widened, “he just needs an excuse to top more often and he’ll be growing into an ideal pig, don’t you think?” I could tell Chris was fascinated — for the first time since I saw him last night I saw a glimmer of his old self come rushing back to his eyes. “God, I want to see that sometime.” Blake leaned back in the booth, “we can definitely make that happen, but we have to get through a few things first.” The food started arriving at the table and we spent a few minutes burning the roofs of our mouths with molten cheese before Blake piped up, “don’t eat too much, we actually have an appointment in a few minutes.” I started a bit. An appointment? What the hell was Blake thinking? Blake must have sensed my curiosity because he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “you’ll need to pay for this pizza, but I am paying for the next part of this night. Seems only fitting as I am the one who started this family.” My eyes flew open in disbelief. Blake’s face gave nothing away as he reached for another slice. By the end of the meal we had done some damage to the two pizzas and had some leftovers that we could all have some for lunch tomorrow. I settled up with the waiter and we made our exit outside. I started walking toward the car when Blake called, “Paul, where are you going?” I turned around and he gestured me back to the sidewalk. “We’ve got somewhere else to go first.” Blake grabbed Chris’s shoulder in a side bro hug and steered him past the dark windows of the closed shops. I followed in their wake wondering what Blake had planned. We stopped in front of a blacked out storefront with no sign or indication that the space was occupied at all. Blake looked back and grinned at me before he knocked. The sound of a lock clicking interrupted the otherwise quiet night before a beautiful face appeared in a crack in the door. “What do you boys want?” asked the beautiful boy. “I made an appointment for the three of us tonight.” The gorgeous man opened the door and we stepped into a beautiful lobby area. All the couches were modern and white, lots of gleaming chrome and healthy potted plants. There didn’t seem to be a receptionist, just walls of what appeared to be photo albums and a mahogany door set into the wall opposite the entrance. “Hi, I’m Aiden.” This gorgeous twenty-something stuck out his hand in my direction. If there was someone that I couldn’t get enough of, it might be Aiden. He was at least 6’6” and boyish. He wore a smock over a button down shirt and had beautifully trendy black hair. His ears and his septum were pierced, but not looking too intimidating. His muscles kept the fabric of his shirt taut without him looking like a juiced up athlete. I pulled myself out of a stupor and grabbed his hand. It was surprisingly soft considering that it looked like he spent plenty of time in the gym. He gestured for us all to sit on the couches. “Welcome to my boutique. What can I do for you today?” Blake looked more excited than I had seen him since the first time my ass swallowed his whole hand. “We’re here for a package deal.” “Right,” Aiden replied. “You’re all over 18 correct?” We all nodded. “Before we get started, I want to give you some background. I graduated school with a degree in art and founded this right after I finished. It is a private service, so I survive off referal business only. So when someone asks you about where you went, you send them my way, yes?” We all nodded again. I could feel the adrenaline start to rise. “All my work can be seen in these books,” he gestured around the walls, “and you’re going to be entering those pages, too. I will refuse to work on anyone that doesn’t meet my standards. After all, I am an artist.” Aiden removed the smock exposing his tightly-buttoned shirt and smartly pressed pants. “Blake had mentioned you would be here a few times for various things, and I think we can definitely make some progress here.” I was mesmerized by this gorgeous man as I saw his bulge start to grow. “My calling card is my body,” he started slowly removing his shirt, button by button, “and you’ll gaze on it as we work.” Starting with his collarbone, his entire body was slowly revealed. There wasn’t a stray hair to be seen, his smooth skin pulled tight over his muscles. It served as a canvas for the most incredible full-body tattoo I had ever seen. Symbols, words, and tribal motifs were intertwined with beautiful animals and lewd sketches of men. His nipples were both pierced with severe-looking barbells, and his Adonis belt V led below his pant line, drawing the eyes to his bulge. “I can see you’re all enchanted by my work. Let’s go to the back and get started.” We all stood up and followed Aiden to the door in the back wall. His tattoos abruptly stopped at his back, which was covered in what looked like tiny little lines. I brushed that aside as soon as he opened the door. . .
  11. Loving this story so much! Keep up the amazing work!
  12. Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out this next chapter — it has been a bit since I was able to last update this story. Due to lots of traveling, constant working and catching the flu I haven’t had as much time as I would like to work on this project, but I am excited to share this next installment with you. There are a few more chapters living in my head and I would love to hear what you would like to see these boys (and maybe a few others) experience. As a warning, this next chapter includes some kink play (fisting, body training/modification talk) that may not be liked by everyone. Enjoy and as always please feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment below! Thanks and happy reading! Chapter Four: A Surprise New Kink The holidays were fairly mundane at home. I played the organ for the local church’s Christmas Eve service and my family exchanged gifts. My mom was the only one who commented on the fact that I didn’t have my usual appetite and seemed a little bit paler than usual. I told her that she really shouldn’t worry, that I was just tired from all the festivities. In reality, I knew that my body was finally accepting its fate as being part-Blake forever, and I was kind of in love with that. When the dorms opened up January second, I had the car packed and ready to get back to school and back into Blake’s arms. We sent each other constant messages and exchanged a few nudes back and forth. Before him, I never would have ever thought a dick was photogenic. I was a bit concerned that I didn’t ever hear anything from Chris. After he left that night he hadn’t called or texted. Hopefully he wasn’t regretting what had happened or feeling too bad. Blake and I made plans for my first night back to get together and catch up after the holidays. After speeding back to campus and getting my dorm room ready, I sat and waited for Blake to arrive. When I got the text to meet him in front of the dorm, I swear I walked on air to get to him and sucked on his lips like they held the last drops of water in the universe. We didn’t say much as we hooked arms around each other and made our way to the elevator. Eventually we made it up to my dorm room with most of our clothing still on, and I pushed him into the sofa. He flung his bag across the room as I launched myself at him; I began tearing at the buttons on his shirt in a desperate effort to have his skin rubbing with mine. His lips curled into a mischievous grin as I found his fly was made up of buttons which were almost impossible to undo with his excited bulge keeping the fabric taut. “Fuck you!” I laughed into his mouth. Blake laughed, “I wanted to make you work for it a little bit, at least!” I tweaked his nipple and elicited a gasp from him. ‘Payback, bitch,’ I thought to myself. “You’re going to pay for that one.” Blake grabbed grabbed my head and roughly thrust it down to his still-covered crotch. I inhaled the scent wafting off his pants in warm waves and moaned. “That’s right Paul, let me natural hormones make you horny.” If I thought I was horny before this moment, I kicked into overdrive at this talk. I was struggling to get enough oxygen, but it didn’t even matter. His smell made me feel like I could live forever just inhaling his essence. Blake continued to grind my face into his crotch as he slipped his hand down my back and reached into my pants to begin massaging my hole. Moans were a constant in my life now, and Blake’s expert treatment of my hole was driving me completely wild. He really is an animal when he gets going. “Okay, get up and out of these pants.” Blake’s demands had me grinning from ear to ear. When did I become this submissive? I shucked my pants off and threw them behind us onto the floor. Blake prowled down and began nibbling at my taint as he allowed his dry fingers to continue to rub around my still-tight ring. By now I was shivering uncontrollably — where did Blake learn how to make boys putty in his hands? Just as I was thinking that I was getting close to cumming without having touched my cock at all, Blake stopped all motion and stood up. “Don’t move a muscle.” I lay perfectly still as I heard him rummaging around the bag he had unceremoniously dropped when he first came into the room. He came back a few minutes later and I felt some cool liquid sliding down my taint and over my hole. This was a new experience. I don’t remember us playing a lot with lube before. As if he was reading my mind Blake piped up, “you’re in for a new experience today. Do you trust me?” “Yes, I trust you,” I panted, “just keep making me feel good.” “I promise I will do just that.” Blake began using three fingers to rake the lube into my hole. The constant movement without friction on my sphincter was a new pleasurable sensation. Sex had always been about power and control before. Pain was a part of that process. Now, though, as Blake massaged the lube as deep as his knuckles would allow, I could feel something else taking over both of us. Some kind of sensual cohesion that we would probe the depths of what we both knew we could handle. That mutual connection was doing wonders to me. Blake kept diligently working more lube into my hole, eventually slipping four fingers into my hole and using them like a spade while he poured even more thick lube deep into my gut. With half of his hand inside me, he leaned down and kissed me passionately. As our tongues danced, I felt him adjust his hand position and pull it partially out. My brain went blank for a moment. I needed him inside me. I wanted him to destroy me to satisfy himself. Somehow that translated into a strange sensation that I could feel in my sphincter. I created an almost sucking motion and as he tucked his thumb around into a duck bill shape, I felt his entire hand slide straight into my hole. Immediately the sensation became more than I could take. My legs began shaking uncontrollably, my brain began to short circuit. It was as if my skin was on fire. My senses seemed hyper aware, I felt color, smelled sound — nowhere had I ever heard of such a transcendental experience. Blake kept his tongue working against mine as my brain melted into mush. What was left of my individuality disappeared and we merged into one. Eventually my body got used to the feeling of the massive stretch of Blake’s fine hands in my hole and I began to relax again. Blake began to gently move his fingers around and immediately found my prostate. I began leaking copious amounts of precum and he leaned down to lick it right from my cock. “Mmm. You’re so sweet and delicious all the time.” He smiled and brought his lips to mine so I could taste my essence. Feeling this I thought I could die a happy man. What else do you need? Being one with your partner, sharing everything between yourselves, it all seemed like perfection to me. Kissing me deeply, Blake used that distraction to firmly remove his hand when I took a breath. I could feel the cool air of the dorm room against my gaping hole. Blake went to take a look. “Holy fuck, Paul — you look gorgeous! Absolutely sick but gorgeous!” “Take a picture so I can see!” I demanded. Blake found his phone and quickly snapped a photo. When he handed me the phone I could barely believe what I saw. I was dripping with sweat, precum, and lube, my hair was matted, my eyes were dilated and sparkling. I looked like I was in heaven, legs spread wide exposing my hole. Except my hole was gone. In its place was an alien looking gash that sagged open. Surrounding the gash was my normally perky, tightly-closing sphincter which was slightly open as if begging for another hand. “How is this my fucking body, Blake!?!?” I couldn’t keep the slight edge of panic out of my voice. Horny panic, I suppose it was. “Will it go back to normal?” Blake could clearly hear my misgivings and came up next to me and snuggled close. “You’ve just taken your first fist, Paul. I’m sorry if I scared you, but I thought you would like that.” “Yeah, I’m not really that scared as much as surprised? How the hell did you get your hand inside?” “It only takes a lot of patience, trust, and lube. I knew we didn’t have anywhere to be and I wanted you to feel good. Did you like it?” I thought back to the moments we had just shared before I responded, “I loved it. I’ve never felt anything like it, but seeing that picture freaked me out! Did you permanently break my hole?” Blake chuckled and slid against me, still covered in the sticky mixture of drying lube, sweat, and precum. “You’re not going to be permanently broken, but if you want to experience that more we can train your hole together. Your sphincter is like any other muscle — the more you use it, the more control you have over it. I know some guys who can open their holes so big you could stick a dick inside and not even touch the walls, but they have perfectly normal and healthy lives.” Blake’s description sank in for a moment. Holes that big surely couldn’t be real. But what if they were? “That seems like a bit of a stretch,” (Blake snorted at the unintentional pun) “but people do this without harm?” “All the time,” Blake assured me. “And besides, if you ever want to do it again, you looked so hot writhing under me.” Blake casually snaked his hand down to my hole, still gaping slightly from the stretch it had been given before. Part of my brain seemed hell bent on stopping this from going any farther, but I still hadn’t cum yet and pleasing Blake felt like the most important thing I could do at the moment. I arched my back and gave him easy access to my hole. He dove straight back in with four fingers and my hole seemed to make room quite easily as he resumed his stretching efforts. Round two was even more intense than the first one. Once Blake got his whole fist inside me, he kept pressing deeper into my hole before slowly pulling his hand out past the heel of his palm and then pushing in again. We took things slowly, and the odd sensation of feeling him constantly stretching my hole to capacity began to feel familiar. As did the feeling of his fingers moving against my colon. I looked down at my belly half expecting to see his hand moving like an alien under my smooth skin, but I couldn’t see anything. I supposed he was pretty low in my body, but it still felt like he would come popping through my belly button at any minute. Eventually we worked into a comfortable rhythm where he was pushing against my prostate. My cock fully inflated and started to bounce around in rhythm to his hand motions for only about a minute before I cried out and fountains of cum began to spray us both from the head of my still-bouncing dick. I must have convulsed around his hand tightly when I came because I felt him freeze his hand inside after and let me come down from my ejaculation high. We kissed deeply and he rubbed my body in a massage to get me relaxed enough to pull his hand out of me as gently as he could. Both of us totally exhausted (and Blake still wearing most of his clothes) we fell asleep on my bed. When I woke up hours later, the bed, sheets, and our bodies were all stuck together in an acrid mix of cum, lube, and sweat. I know I should be disgusted, but all I could think was how this most amazing boy showed me a new world and I never wanted to give him up for anything. As I settled back against him and he pulled me close, I thought of all the new experiences I had had and dreamed of the crazy, kinky future we would have together. Little did I know just how much fun we would have.
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  15. As promised, I wanted to send out a new update before I leave for a trip. This is the first time Paul and Blake play with another person and I think they are on their way to discovering a lot more about each other. Still early days, and any comments or suggestions are welcome! I will try to have another chapter at the end of next week, but until then, enjoy! Chapter Three: A Third I woke up feeling sick as ever, but immediately noticed the smells of cinnamon and vanilla. Blake was gone from the bed, but he had tucked me against a body pillow to cocoon me in comfort. My brain allowed me to doze on and off for awhile until I felt a corner of the bed sag and I opened my eyes. A plate of homemade cinnamon rolls and a glass of water in his hands, Blake asked me to sit up before he started feeding me small bites of food and made me drink water. “I know you feel like hell, but you’re as gorgeous as ever, do you know that?” I couldn’t help myself, and I began to purr. “You’re just the most amazing person, Blake. How did you ever find me of all people attractive?” Blake looked at me for a few moments before replying, “Well, the moment I first saw you moving your things into that dorm, I knew you were special. It was only later when I read an article on the university webpage that I really knew how amazing you were.” I blushed hearing him compliment me. “They liked to use my story to try to recruit more musicians, but I’m really not special.” “How can you say that? You’re like a nationally-awarded organist!” The way Blake looked at me made me think about how I looked at him. A mixture of adoration, lust, caring, and disbelief that he can be mine. Groaning, I said, “It doesn’t really matter. I know things about one part of life. I have no experience in much of anything else. Well, almost no experience.” Dammit, I must be flushed some crazy shade of red from all the blushing I am doing. Why is sex so hard to talk about? Blake picked up on my discomfort and gave a rueful smile. “I thought you knew more about it. . . I wouldn’t have come onto you so strong and been so forceful if I would have known.” “It isn’t a problem. You just helped me discover a new part of myself.” I smiled to reassure him. “I need to email my teachers and tell them that I am too sick to go to class.” “Don’t worry about it. I already sent an email to all your teachers saying that you were sick and I was going to take care of you for the next few days.” This man really is a keeper, I thought. “I found your class schedule in your music bag,” he added. “Now, finish this food and we can talk.” I finished eating the most delicious breakfast I could remember and Blake took the plate back to the kitchen. A minute later he reappeared with another glass of water and got back into bed. He held me and started talking. “You know a little bit about how I became poz. It really isn’t a special story. I was horny, I wanted a release, and I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I converted and that was that. There was no stopping the virus and somehow that turned me on. I became obsessed with saving myself for the perfect guy who would be my partner in every sense of the word. I wanted to be a part of them forever. I knew that I had some time before I needed to go on medication to control the infection, but I wanted to stay fit anyway. I threw myself into my sports career and school, and I don’t regret it for a bit. I see a doctor every few months and keep track of my health. He thinks I can stay off meds for a few years yet without much risk to my own health, but I want to have him check you out when you’re feeling better.” I nodded against the pillow. “I know I need to get tested eventually, but I want to know more about this first. I can feel my body changing even now.” Blake pulled me tighter, “yeah, I got to know my own body so much more in the year since. I’ve been spending money on my playroom and waiting until I had the chance to meet someone special to use it. I’m so happy it is you.” I began to drift off to sleep, comforted by the man now holding me close. Blake nibbled on my ear and I could feel his engorged cock rubbing against my ass. With a gentle adjustment, I gave him my ass again. This time wasn’t frantic but the passion was just as deep. We made love in the bed for the first time, then fell asleep in each other’s arms. * * * * * I gradually began feeling better and by the beginning of the next week I was back in the classroom and the practice room. I had some serious catching up to do, and not a lot of time. I managed to scrape through my finals and pass a jury for organ. My second to last day at school I got a call from Blake. “Hey, it has been a long time since we saw each other? How about a little celebration after you finish your last final tomorrow?” Of course I couldn’t say no to that. “Sounds like a plan! Where do you want to meet?” “Come back to my place around 7:00. We can have dinner and I have an idea for a new activity.” I could hear the growling tone in his voice. “You won’t want to miss this.” “I’ll be there! But now I have to go. Chris wants help with his essay tonight and I promised I would try to help.” Blake chuckled down the phone, “you’re always so helpful. One of the hundreds of reasons I love you. Talk to you later!” The line disconnected and I breathed a sigh of contentment. Just one more day of work before I could drop my worries out the window and run into the arms of my boyfriend. I grabbed my computer and headed out the door and down the hall to Chris’s room. I could hear the sounds of classic rock through the door and knocked loudly. I heard Chris’s bedsprings creak as he moves to the door. When the door swings open, Chris is staring at me with his hair all crazy to one side. “Thank god you’re here.” He ushers me inside and closes the door. “I fell asleep and just couldn’t finish the essay.” I stared him down for a minute. “What a mess,” I thought. Sighing I said, “I can’t write the essay for you, but let me see what you’ve got.” Chris brought me his laptop and sat down on his bed. “I’ve got it mostly finished, but I just don’t know what else to write. I’m at the end of the line.” He really looked dejected, so I read through what he had written so far. Ten minutes later I grabbed his shoulder and shook him from his upright doze. “It isn’t too bad, you just have some simple editing work to do, then wrap it up. We can get through this in just a bit.” We dug in and about two hours later he had a really fine essay. “Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I promise to make it up to you someday.” I laughed, “you don’t have to make anything up to me. Just finish the semester strong. You were my first friend here, and this is what friends do for each other.” I picked up my things and walked to the door. “Now get some sleep so you’re fresh for tomorrow.” I heard a faint “good night” get mumbled into a pillow as I let myself out. Time to grab some sleep before classes finished tomorrow and I could see Blake again. * * * * * After my exams the following day I went home to get ready. By now at least I had figured out the mechanics of a clean (and belatedly ‘safe’) sexual experience. I grabbed a quick shower and cleaned everything out. I figured that Blake must have had some kind of sex in mind and I wanted to be prepared. I put on some decent clothes and started walking over to his place. I rapped the door when I arrived and then Blake was there. I caught a quick glance of my gorgeous man in an apron before he pulled me into him. Hugging him tight I planted kisses on his neck and soaked in his aroma. Rich and musky. I could already feel myself getting hard. Blake broke the embrace and ferried me into the place. He had a few candles lit and gestured me to a seat in the small dining nook. “After the last time you ate here off a TV tray, I thought you deserved a real meal. He opened a bottle of Italian lemonade for me and went back to putting the finishing touches on our meal. We chatted idly about holiday plans and how our exams went as he plated some food. When he turned to present the dinner, I was stunned. It looked like the work of a chef! Beautiful chicken parmesan cutlets propped over a delicious-looking mound of risotto. There was a side salad and he leaned over and said, “there’s a special dessert later.” We ate and toasted each other with our lemonades for the better part of an hour. After we finished, he carefully cleared away the plates and brought me to my feet. “Are you ready?” I nodded silently, then I noticed Blake checking his watch. A minute later there was a knock on the door. “Chris, how nice of you to drop in!” Blake shouted at the door. “It is open.” I stared at Blake. What was going on? Chris bounded into the room full of frat boy energy. “Hiya Paul. I bet you didn’t expect to see me here, did you?” “I can’t say that I did, no.” I replied. I searched Blake’s eyes but they gave nothing away. “We just finished dinner here, Chris, but I think we’re ready to get started if you are.” “No problem,” Chris replied. He turned to the hallway leading to the bedroom and playroom. “What are we waiting for?” Blake gave my hand a little squeeze, “you’ll have fun with this. I promised dessert, after all.” Winking, he let go of my hand and led the way down the hall to the playroom. Entering the playroom was just as disorienting as last time. The heavy smell of leather and rubber hung in the air and the toys, straps, masks, and suits all surrounded the big sling in the center of the room. I was horny before, but the sight of all this forbidden gear turned me on even more. Chris gave out a little gasp. “I had no idea you had all of this! You must get tail every day of the week!” Blake looked at me and replied, “hardly, I only have one person that I really want to fuck.” Chris turned and faced us, “of course, I knew you two were made for each other. But why all the stuff?” “Well,” Blake started, seeming a bit sheepish, “I wanted to be prepared in case my partner was kinky or had any fantasies.” His gaze turned toward me. “I hope you aren’t offended.” I smiled back at him, “of course I am not offended! That is so hot that you were thinking of every eventuality.” I leaned up and kissed him deeply. “You know how to get me horny for sure, but why is Chris here?” Blake gestured to Chris, “you’d better explain it.” Chris started, “I always wondered what being with a guy felt like, and I’m going to move into the frat house next year. I heard that they get up to some shenanigans and take care of each other, if you know what I mean, and I wanted to know what that was like before I started fooling around and don’t want to embarrass myself in front of any of them. I asked Blake a few weeks ago if he would show me the ropes, but he said he wouldn’t fuck me. Just that he was saving that for someone else, but he thought you might be willing to have a go at me if you wanted to.” I was stunned, horrified, turned on, and confused. “Why me?” “Like Blake here, I wanted it to be someone who I cared about and wouldn’t judge me. Besides, you’re sexy as fuck and so tempting all the time. . .” Chris trailed off. I looked at Blake and he smiled back. “Paul, this is your chance to really breed someone. I think you should.” I leaned over to whisper in Blake’s ear, “does he know that I am poz?” “I haven’t told him, but you know him. I don’t think it would make him much difference.” “But I would feel awful if I gave him my illness.” Blake was quiet for a moment, “look, it isn’t like he is stupid. He could ask to play safe, he could be on prep, he could just not care. Whatever the case, I think he is aware of what is possible.” I grudgingly admitted that my boyfriend had a point. I turned toward Chris and with as much courage as I could muster I demanded, “get in the sling.” Chris clambered out of his clothes and got into the sling. Blake and I circled around him and strapped his arms and legs in so he couldn’t move. “You know that to do this you need to relax. And in order to be relaxed, you need to surrender yourself to us.” I was talking with a silky tone, trying to put him at ease and keep him excited. “After this experience you’ll be a changed man. You can’t say that you’ve never felt another man inside of you. Is that what you want?” Chris was getting really hot and bothered and moaned out, “just do what you want to me.” Clearly this boy didn’t know what I was capable of. I knelt down and took a look at his hard cock. It was about average in length with a long, droopy foreskin covering the head, even as he was hard. A nondescript bush surrounded his manhood, but the shaft and balls were completely smooth. His balls rode up as I fondled his shaft. This was too easy. I rolled his foreskin down to release the shiny head of his cock, already glistening with precut. Taking him into my mouth I could taste the sweet-and-salty essence of the pre, along with the musty, sweaty taste that must always stay around with a foreskin like his. I pressed his cock further back into my mouth and felt as much as heard him pant. “You’re a fucking genius with your mouth, Paul.” I slid his cock all the way out of my mouth, sucking on his head so there was a little ‘pop’ when I released him. “Thanks, but you haven’t seen anything yet.” I started giving his balls a tongue bath and played around inside his foreskin with my finger. I let my tongue lick down his taint before tasting his ass for the first time. It was as I expected from a frat-type boy. A bit ripe with sweat, but not unclean. The saltiness of his sweat was matched with the sweetness of his musk. I began to tongue his hole and the moans increased in pitch and frequency. “What are you doing to me?” I grinned into his cheeks as I pulled my finger from his foreskin, “just having a taste of what is to come. Blake promised me dessert. . .” I dove back in. Blake’s hands found my collar and began unbuttoning my shirt. I got to work with my pants and was soon naked, probing Chris’s hole with my tongue. He must have really been wanting this for awhile, because he was starting to open up. I stood and slipped a finger into Chris as I leaned in to lick his chest. “I can’t kiss you because I’m attached to Blake, but I am going to fuck you. Is that what you want?” Chris only nodded and groaned. I was excited! My fist topping experience! I used a second finger to open the hole for a moment or two and Blake came up from behind and started lubing my cock. “Hold back in him for a bit. Make sure he feels you,” Blake warned. I nodded in understanding and withdrew my fingers. My now slick cock began to do circles around his hole as I warmed him up for penetration. Nothing like a little teasing to get him excited for what was coming next! I felt Blake start to lick my hole behind me. . . Ah! That was his game! Well, I don’t mind! I let the tip of my dick hover right at the entrance to Chris’s chute. Waves of warmth emanated from him as I gave the warning, “last chance to back out.” “Breed me,” was all the answer I needed. I pushed into his warm hole and slowly sunk inch by inch into the waiting boy. Nothing prepared me for how amazing the feeling of a tight hole would be on my cock. At the same moment, I felt pressure on my own hole as Blake quickly sank his dick into me. He had me impaled completely and was pulsing his dick against my prostate as I continued to work toward hilting myself into Chris. When I finally bottomed out (with much wincing from Chris) Blake was almost out of my ass. I began to pull out of Chris and fuck myself back onto Blake. I slowly picked up steam bucking forwards into Chris and backwards onto Blake. Fucking and being fucked in one cyclical motion. This was easily the most pleasure I had ever experienced. I rode Blake’s dick with every ounce of passion I had, and plowed myself forward into Chris feeling like a god. Chris was moaning in pleasure as I began to pummel his prostate with precision. The speed of my thrusts growing faster and faster and cycling deep enough to tease his second hole. Blake started to pant behind me and grabbed my hips for extra leverage. We fucked like rabbits for what seemed like hours before I couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m gonna cum,” I screamed to the boys and fell forward with all my body weight to stick Chris as deeply as I could before I started to spurt. I felt the resistance of his second hole for a split second before Blake added a deep slam of my hole and our combined weight forced my dick through Chris’s second hole. I could feel Blake pumping me full of his toxic seed again and knew that I was seeding Chris, too. We stayed mounded together, sweat dripping from our bodies and mixing into each other. Chris hadn’t cum, but he seemed perfectly content. “Is this everything you wanted it to be,” I asked. “More than you could ever know,” was Chris’s reply. I turned to Blake and kissed him deeply. After about half an hour I felt myself slip from Chris’s hole and we unhooked the restraints. Chris grabbed his things quietly and waddled out the door. Blake scooped me up in his arms and nibbled on my neck. “I hope that wasn’t too shocking for you.” “Too shocking, no, but I will be interested to know how Chris is feeling in a few weeks. I am a bit worried that he’ll be pissed at me if he turns out poz.” “I know some of the guys in the frat,” Blake replied, “they won’t judge, and there are a few people that I met at my poz support meetings that he can talk to if he gets worried.” I snuggled my head up to Blake’s chiseled pecs. “All I know is that every time I have sex with you I feel a deeper connection. Even with another person, I still feel connected most to you.” Blake kissed my forehead and dropped me into the shower. “Well, we shouldn’t waste another opportunity. . .” So he fucked me silly in the shower, using his previous load as lube. I don’t know how I had managed to live without this boy for so long, but I am glad that I don’t need to know what that will be like for a long time.
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