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  1. Very good! You are a great erotic writer! however can u help me live a few chapters out in real life ?😈😇💦🐷☁️🤛🏽 Came 3x in last 1hr reading!!
  2. wonderfulwoof

    San Jose del cabo

    Any sexy nasty tops here for thanksgiving?
  3. wonderfulwoof

    Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother)

    Fucking lucky bitch. 😛😛
  4. wonderfulwoof

    20 black guys vs 8 college boys

    Oh ffuck yes gotta geT ffucked now. Anyone in Auckland willing to help
  5. wonderfulwoof

    Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    Am on vacation in Asia right now. Landed Thursday morn n spent Thursday afternoon n eve in a leather tops collar n cuffs. This man filled every thing I have wanted for so long. It got to be a pretty wild time n he knew I wanted that strong harsh golden stream. Ge used my mouth my ass n never the toilet. All I have wanted since leaving his home is everything that cums out of his holes. 3 days n there is lots of peoples dna that I am carrying around tight now.
  6. wonderfulwoof

    in hk until mid of august

    Coming to hk looking for a good Top or verse Top fit my hairy hole. uninhibited n only limits are needles blood n scat
  7. wonderfulwoof


    I hope I get this to happen! Before Tina I only did x n k. One hotlanta weekend, closing party, I saw two hot guys dancing and they saw me. We danced got more fucked up and surprise they lived together, I asked,lovers,they said no brothers! And promptly asked if i wanted to be B in the middle.? YES n off we went at their place they offered g n we were naked all of a sudden it was 2 o’clock Monday afternoon and my flight was at 3:30 got to hotel,grabbed some of my crap n told my FL buds to take home what I didnt i smelled of sweat chems n sex n i was last on the plane, took a row n laid down after takeoff. I was last one off as they didn’t even wake me forlanding what A fucking weekend t
  8. Would love to use a mans cum as ff lube, would love some biG loads n Top cocks Cum runninG down my ass n leg would attract a few pigs-right ?
  9. wonderfulwoof

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    How about international cities or cubs headed to HK n NZ u a few weeks ... any tips ffor ffun?
  10. wonderfulwoof

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    I have had 21 in my bedroom most I want knowis 5
  11. wonderfulwoof

    BROOKLYN SERIES: Surprise ParTy

    Damn!!! i need to ffind one now anyone in sf??
  12. wonderfulwoof


    The link doesn’t work damn!!

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