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  1. Guam

    In Guam ffor a week useme
  2. horned up n nerd to be used by dom top(s) todau now
  3. be able to stay hard no matter what n flip flop all I could w no worry about drug use disease, scorn or police!
  4. Okay, Explain... Anal Tattoos

    You know i positively want one n read your comments. I love my hole, n love it used. I want other men to undestand this. The design you ask, well that is what is stopping me. I cant think of one that would fit a 60yo hairy dad bod like mine n convey the right message - use this ass foryour pleasure, as that gives me pleasure. Total successful professional business owner here.
  5. Palm Springs resort with bf

    First time I brought a bf to PS he left after 3 days, why u ask? "Too much sex, I need rest!"
  6. Live in SF n looking to use hole (and have mine used) during Dore. Public or Private. Live 6 blocks from fair. Sling w be up. N plenty of room for group activity.
  7. Orlando cocoa beach

    Gonna be in Orlando n cocoa beach this weekend love to take loads be sucked n ff anyone up for it or tell me where I can?
  8. RawManOrgy in Central Florida

    Going to in Orlando 7-13/7-20 2017 looking for connects n someone to host whorong out my hole successful slut in San Francisco here
  9. Hi guys!

    Be honest move to new town means new candy to try Better to establish that something w another man happen and just be honest about it.
  10. Is there a regional hookup area for Hawaii?

    Anyone in hawaii looking for hookup? Honolulu by the zoo
  11. iml 2017

    Tell me where i w throw my ass up next to u
  12. Looking for Party Club bddies

  13. Thanks Stud look forward to a visit from u in SF

    1. Patrick


      Ok stud will do. Be ready for me

    2. wonderfulwoof


      Anytime if u can do piggy n fun

    3. Patrick
  14. Breeding Asian Ass

    Can I move to your 'hood?

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