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  1. wonderfulwoof

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    I have had 21 in my bedroom most I want knowis 5
  2. Dude love to bttm for u n anyone else
  3. wonderfulwoof

    Twink breeder or cumdump for daddies

    Love to be a daddy sub like this
  4. wonderfulwoof

    New Zealand visitor 10/22-8nov

    Love to be a bb bTTm for a stud or group ..only limits blood, scat, needles kids
  5. wonderfulwoof

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Pride SF BBC in my bedroom my legs are now wet after his cum bubbled out
  6. wonderfulwoof

    Experiences at CumUnion

    Going to ccbc it w be 95 outside n I need cock n ff
  7. wonderfulwoof

    Sore Ass from Cumunion

    Anyone done ccbc communion going tomorrow night
  8. Hey stud,  I'm hosting a little soiree at there CCBC next week.  There will be a sign in my window - "24 Hours of Hole for All Cummers" we should totally hang and fuck!:

    Slutty sleazy pig visiting from overseas wants both holes filled with cock and cum at all times. It squeals with delight when others can see it getting fucked and abused and join in. Day and night. Room will be one of the courtyard rooms near the compound at the CCBC. Husband will check hole and punish it if it hasn't been fucked enough. Please cum and help. All of June 15 - midnight to midnight, night and day.

    1. dickluva


      ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.  Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to swap cumholez with you. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

  9. wonderfulwoof

    Ccbc cumunion

    Coming to town 15-19 and looing ffor ffun and games only limits are blood, scat, cbt, needles and kids otherwise there to whatever you want privae hone sunny doons, Big poo, looking for friendly guys w slings
  10. wonderfulwoof

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    This morning I was on bbrt n this vers top knew I had been up all night and was craving cum. He came ove, stripped off, big nipples tight black body, abs showing, close to 60 yo... he sicked my cock n haded me a glass cock. His mouth on my cock felt so good, but I needed him in my ass. I pushed him off me n proceeded to become his bitch, sucking him hard. His eyes roll back in his head, I grab the poppers get on all 4s, he plurges in n felt fucking fantastic. He would go soft n I would suck him hard, it went on like this for 2 hours. The last 45 minutes he bred me 4x the first 3 he didn’t even pull out. The 4th time his husband is texting him n I m sucking that bbc hard again, he pushed me on my back, 5 min later load 4... we were sweaty pigs, he starts to clean up, n I play w his cock, flick his nipples, lick the sweat off him, n make him hard.. this time he jo n blew his load over his chest .... he showers n dresses, I pull on shorts w no lining n head for the nude beach w the dog, n cum running down my legs. a few people looked but no body said anything and I relaxed in the sun.
  11. wonderfulwoof

    Cumdump Verification

    daddy ass needs verification
  12. wonderfulwoof

    Palm Springs 15 - 19 June

    Daddy party bttm wants to be kept in jock n blindfolded for master top. Private house sunny doons or ur sling limits blood scat needles pain cbt kids
  13. wonderfulwoof

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    I m in in please
  14. wonderfulwoof

    Salt lake city

    Slutty bttm dad wants horny Mormon loads this weekend. Hotel downtown n w always be lubed n jockstrapped when in my room.
  15. Howdy visiting daddy raw bttm looking for info on places to stay, visit be bred n used. Any information greatly appreciated. Open minded and more wild than mild. Limits, scat, cbt, needles, blood, pain (bdsm ok).

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