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  1. Have house w pool there wanna fuck naked outdoors all the time?
  2. Hot fucking story
  3. Really! I thought u were great! Made me shoot
  4. This daddy would like this all done to me,
  5. Came twice to first 2 chapters... gotta pace this out FUCK
  6. Only time I remember a condom is when my ex freaked after he found out what a slut I was n he wouldn’t bb me anymore. This was in 2005 in key west. He would fuck wrapped n let the guys watching breed me. 63 still bb still cumhole still horned
  7. This is the way I have dreamed of being fucked over many hot jo sessions
  8. Every one is 400 guys bb in a big space ff party was great so was innleather
  9. Mothers always want for their boys to be Happy n best at what they do! she should get flowers every week
  10. Tonight at pigweek in FTL went to a ff party n this daddy ass was open for bbc 4 loads 2 fists horned still
  11. Be at worthington ass ready ff cock Piss more
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