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  1. hey man I'll be in Oakland if you would like to stop by my hotel 2nd week of Nov to fuck a load into my hole. 

    1. looking4chubs


      hell yeah, send me a message with the details and i will be there

  2. looking4chubs

    Favorite position to breed in (or get bred in)

    I love fucking a guy while he is on his side and me straddling one of his legs. That way I can get the deepest, and control the fuck very well. Also love pushing their faces into the pillows while they moan. Fucking them on all fours is also really good. Do not generally enjoy fucking bottoms on their backs unless they are much smaller in size than me
  3. looking4chubs

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    just finished breeding another big chub. This guy is usually a top and goes months without getting fucked, so I enjoy opening his hole up with my thick dick. He started moaning right away, and in just a few minutes he was begging me to unload inside of him. I like to take my time though, so I kept fucking him for another 10 minutes, slamming my dick into his huge fat ass, before unloading inside him. Interestingly for someone who claims to be mainly a top he always insists that i call him a faggot over and over while I stretch his hole
  4. looking4chubs

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    just came home from fucking a chubby school teacher. He let me pound him raw even though he is not on prep. we started with him sucking my dick, and boy is he good. I have a very thick dick which curves a bit, so its rare for guys to be able to suck it to the base, but he managed to do just that without any problem. After a bit of that i turned him around and started pounding him in his marital bed. He took it like a chump and moaned for the whole 20 minutes i spent inside his ass. Once i was close to cumming i made him take a big hit of poppers and asked him where he wanted my load. He said "inside me, please!" and I unloaded deep in his guts. He said he had not gotten fucked raw in a long time. I will definitely be back for more
  5. I have got to get to NorCal to take your loads!

  6. Do you ever come up to Santa Rosa/Sonoma or Guerneville? 

    1. looking4chubs


      Not really, but if you are ever in Oakland, I'd love to have some fun

  7. looking4chubs

    love to breed chub ass

    If there are chubs looking to get bred in Northern California, please get in touch with me, I have a THICK dick and love to fuck
  8. looking4chubs

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just came back from fucking one of my regulars at an adult bookstore nearby he is an older mexican daddy, who loves to suck dick and take it raw up his ass. He messages me saying he was in one of the booths and needed some cock. When i got there he was waiting for me and started sucking me off. After a couple minutes of head, he got fully undressed in the booth, and i started to fuck him. He tuned around so he could face the glory hole in the booth, and started begging the guy in the next booth for cock. I unlocked the door to our booth and soon a couple of guys started to watch. another older guy walked in and closed the door behind me. He started to work on my nipples while i fucked. After 10 minutes of that i shot deep into the mexican daddy's ass.
  9. looking4chubs

    Chub Fetish?

    I absolutely love chubs, the bigger the better I am a versatile cub / bear with a thick dick and a nice ass If there are any chubby guys in northern California on here, please hit me up and lets get together ;)_
  10. looking4chubs

    Good cruising parks in Oakland?

    close to oakland but close: aquatic park in berkeley is very cruisy, both in the morning before work and after work when the sun goes down i had a lot of fun there
  11. Would love to find a chubby or bear guy in the Oakland / Berkeley area who is free to get together for breedings. One time pump and dumps are fine, or semi-regular get togethers would also work. I am versatile and looking to expand my circle of fuck buddies
  12. looking4chubs

    st. francis, san fran

    i'd love to take your seed deep inside me cub built here, message me and we can exchange info and pics
  13. looking4chubs

    First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    The first time i had sex I got fucked raw, I was 18 and my partner was in his thirties. There was never any discussion about condoms. He fucked me maybe 20 times in two weeks, always raw, but never shooting inside me. He liked to pull out and shoot all over me. When I started topping, i tried fucking with a condom, but it did not work for me. I have been topping more since starting PrEP, and 90% of the time is raw
  14. looking4chubs

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Not a new member but this is my first post nicely built cub in the SF bay area who loves chubby bears and older men. Neg and on PrEP. I am versatile and love to breed men with my very thick uncut cock. Hope to get to know some of the guys near me

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