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  1. Chub Fetish?

    I absolutely love chubs, the bigger the better I am a versatile cub / bear with a thick dick and a nice ass If there are any chubby guys in northern California on here, please hit me up and lets get together ;)_
  2. Good cruising parks in Oakland?

    close to oakland but close: aquatic park in berkeley is very cruisy, both in the morning before work and after work when the sun goes down i had a lot of fun there
  3. Would love to find a chubby or bear guy in the Oakland / Berkeley area who is free to get together for breedings. One time pump and dumps are fine, or semi-regular get togethers would also work. I am versatile and looking to expand my circle of fuck buddies
  4. st. francis, san fran

    i'd love to take your seed deep inside me cub built here, message me and we can exchange info and pics
  5. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    The first time i had sex I got fucked raw, I was 18 and my partner was in his thirties. There was never any discussion about condoms. He fucked me maybe 20 times in two weeks, always raw, but never shooting inside me. He liked to pull out and shoot all over me. When I started topping, i tried fucking with a condom, but it did not work for me. I have been topping more since starting PrEP, and 90% of the time is raw
  6. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Not a new member but this is my first post nicely built cub in the SF bay area who loves chubby bears and older men. Neg and on PrEP. I am versatile and love to breed men with my very thick uncut cock. Hope to get to know some of the guys near me

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