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  1. Would love a visit 🤠 

  2. I did shower but kept all the loads in that I could. For the next day I was dripping cum! Where is Market Street? 🙂
  3. This is my first post. I am a young, healthy, muscular, blond athlete jock boy living in South Florida. White collar pro by day, but a secret need and a want to take anonymous loads all the time. For my birthday this year i decided to go to NYC. I had posted on BBRT beforehand (blondjockboi) to find a host to whore me out while I was going to be there. I had been whored out once before in LA by the famous Master Jerry the previous summer for LA Pride as his "pride cumdump" where I was blindfolded, ass up taking every load he sent to me at the Dunes Inn motel. I didn't know if I would meet Master Jerry, just that my role was to be ass up taking loads. I ended up with 38, but kind of lost count half way through. Master Jerry surprised me by showing up at the end with a young friend, and giving me my very last load. 38 was the number on my back at the end of the night. Within a few hours of posting on BBRT for NYC I got a message from a man called Dmitiri in NYC. He claimed to be the Master Jerry of NYC, so I thought great - I will definitely get a lot of loads. I was instantly attracted to Dmitiri because he was so pervy. He was only interested in getting me as many loads as possible. He had also been coordinating with another boy coming to NYC from Albany (a super cute twink EMT), and set up a hotel room for us in Midtown. The plan was that the twink EMT would take loads the night before, and I would come in the morning and replace him, taking loads all day. Sort of a marathon of cumdumps available for all these horny men on Dmitri's list. When I walked into the hotel room, it was about 8am and the smell of cum was overwhelming. The boy was laying on his stomach the bed, with cum just drizzling out of his boy pussy all over the sheets. I stripped down and hopped in bed with him, we were making out for a bit and I was fingering his cummy hole - about that time a super hot daddy walked in. I told the boy you take it, and I'll take over after. He said it was his 41st load. The boy played on top of me, and as we were making out the daddy climbed on top of him and shoved his massive hairy cock in. I could hear the cum splooge out of his hole with this massive cock penetrating this pussy. All three of us were making out, and the daddy bit my lip and came inside of him. As he pulled out, I could see a long stream of cum falling from his dick, I rolled over and gobbled it off. As the daddy cleaned up, the boy hopped in the shower, and before you knew it I was alone. I tied my blindfold on, and waited. Within 5 or 10 min the door opened and I could hear 3 or 4 voices coming in. I knew I was going to be used, and filled up with all of this hot anonymous cum. One thing I like when getting fucked is reach underneath and feel the balls of the guy who is breeding me. Every guy was different. One was shaved smooth, one was stubbly, and one was fully hairy. To my surprise the hairy balls slapping my ass turned me on so much, I came hands-free when getting fucked by guy 3. Everything after that is a blur. It was guy after guy, grunting, sweating, whispering in my ear, cumming in my ass. Tongue after tongue, finger after finger, cock after cock. I was taking so many loads, I wondered how long I had been going. I got a quick break, and checked my phone. I had been going 4 hours, and Dmitri had texted me. "You doing okay?" "I'm not going to stop sending guys". I told him to keep going. The next time I took off my blindfold the sun was going down. I had taken 61 loads in 9 hours. I was a cummy mess. Dried cum all over my face, my back, cum oozing out of my pussy. I checked my phone and told Dmitri that I was happy, and had to get ready to meet friends for my Birthday Dinner. 10 minutes later, another twink came in the room, and said he was replacing me. Dmitri had set up a 3rd boy to take loads that evening/night. The twink was super cute, and told me he played Peter Pan on Broadway. I knew I needed to cum again after being fucked all day, so i bent him over, and gave him his first load. As I was finishing the trail of guys started coming in to breed him. I kissed him on the lips as I was leaving - and told him to have fun. 🙂 Dmitri was awesome, and said the feed back from the men was great! He would happily whore me out again when I get to NYC. In the meantime, I would love to find a super pervy partner who would be interested in traveling around and whoring me out to every dick of his choosing. I'm even up for moving to you if the situation is right. 🙂

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