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  2. Hot story and VERY interesting. Just needs a little more attention to detail.... In the space from part 1 to part 2 Jasons eye color changed from Blue to green. That broke my connection to the story for a moment which sets me back a bit to verify and I like reading a story where my imagination flows uninterrupted. Other then that I like this read, it is SO intriguing, thank you for bringing my imagination to see your vision in my own way, its a story line I would not have created in my head hehe. 😃
  3. SO FUCKING HOT!! I hope this goes in the direction of truly owning that ass and after he is done loading it, places this newly acquired ass up against the gloryholes for all to use!!
  4. 920 crooked hill rd, brentwood NY 11717. Just off the LIE (Commack rd exit). Near the Sagtikos Pkwy as well)
  5. I will check it out this Thursday then. (tomorrow)
  6. WOW.... This should become a book. I truly became immersed in your story... something that a story has failed to achieve in a very long time with me. THANK YOU!
  7. Im definitely ready to join in! So it sounds good to me. Thursdays in the evening around what time frame?
  8. I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong, but the part mentioning the age and weight (description)... says 21yo but attribute the great body to the 6 years in the Army, so going back 6 years would be 15. Other then that I'm loving where this story is going, keep it coming =)
  9. C'mon dude.... I been waiting a while for an update to see what you have coming next and everything was great and had me wanting more until this! Squeezing the ABS and the Bathhouse with no details AT ALL into three small paragraphs? You can do way better then this.... YOU HAVE done better then this, it feels like you are rushing this story and kinda disengaging from it! *sad face*
  10. thanks for the follow...

    1. BoYGaSM


      Mp pleasure. =)

  11. I have read so many stories by to many authors from this site and never once have I took a moment to add a comment to any of them. This one, however, AMAZING! You created a story that I could not break from, that I had to read to completion, uninterrupted! So well written that I want to commend and applaud you for sharing this awesome read. Thank you so much for contributing it!
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