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  1. Hey guys gonna be staying at the Hyatt Regency Austin Sep 21-24 looking to host sexy BB tops for ass-up breeding scenes & lots of loads. Hit me up to connect.
  2. Hey Boys. Gonna be visiting Hollywood for a few days next week, looking for tops to breed me in a sling—walk in, mask on, slide your lubed up raw dick in my tight pussy and breed it. hit me up for room # at Dixie Mon Aug 24 and all day Aug 25. Wanna break my record for loads in one day (18)
  3. Travelodge, Civic Center Motor Inn. Do not stay too far north in town or in a tourist area if you want hot locals.
  4. Hey guys, 35yo BBttm here really get off on anon scene walk-in breeding. 1:1 or small group have a discreet play space with a sling in SF always down to take some loads of you’re fit and horny to breed hit me up 😈
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