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  1. Everyone would have had to be tested and then treated and then maybe it could happen. it's kinda of not fair to lay this solely on the gay community, straight have sex and also get STI's. These organism have been around for thousands of years what makes you think we could get rid of them in three months solely by gays not having sex?
  2. I in the east bay and i would love to breed your hole. when and where?
  3. fuck that is my dream. i want to be taken to alley and used hopefully by a few men. i got fucked by a homeless in his rv a few times. i would bring the tina and we would smoke and he would fill me up.
  4. I love when a man pisses in my pussy. makes feel like such a good nasty slut. chem piss is the best, it gets me spun out for more use.
  5. I have had at least a few hundred different men inside me, i hope to get to at least 1000 before it's all said and done.
  6. i like cum, load, seed, and babies. I love when a top ask me if i want his babies and i like to tell him to plant his seed deep in my pussy.
  7. i am vietnamese american and i just have to say that we need to call out racism in the gay community. i feel like some gay men don't believe they can be racist because they are gay and have also suffered from discrimination. the whole preference excuse to write off their prejudice i find very annoying. it's not a preference when you automatically write off a whole group of people based on their skin color. when someone says no blacks,no asian, etc.... that is racist. are you honestly saying that our of the millions of black and asian men in the world there isn't one of them that you would fin
  8. You must check out BV. I usually go on the boardwalk and stand against the railing with my ass hanging out for any takers.
  9. Yes and his videos are now exponentially hotter.
  10. That's my favorite way to be a cum dump. Door unlocked blindfolded in a jock ass up for any man to fill me up.
  11. I had a random guy I met online piss in my ass last week. He had been partying all night and still horny. I went over to his hotel on my way to work. He couldn't get hard so while he is inside me he asks if I take piss and the answer is always yes! He gave me a pussy full of chem piss, I couldn't wait to be done with work that day.
  12. I love public play! I started out cruising parks a few times a week, cut to 15+ years later, I have gotten fucked in the entry way of my apt building that leads to the back yard from the street, rooftop of an apt building during the day, in my car, other's car, Macy's fitting room, bathhouse, sex club, adult bookstore, the bathroom at work, next to the car in a parking garage, parking lot of a gym, university bathroom, and on the side of the road. Places that i want to get fucked, but have not had the chance are alley, public stairwell, a train, and a store front.
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