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  1. Definitely hot to watch that dick pulse as it pumps the seed in the hole as it needs. Now I need some.
  2. Hmm. I think it's a few things. Just the use of my hole. His dick hitting my prostate inside. Makes me leak tons of precum. Also have cum that way too. Fucking incredible. I also like when he pulls all the way out and rams back in. Uses my hole hard. But I think the most is that moment right before he cums. The anticipation. Seeing his face. His whole body has only one goal now. His orgasm. And knowing he is shooting his hot seed inside me. Breeding me. Sharing his DNA. Bonding us.
  3. get fuckin poz!


  4. Still getting errors: There was an error… BZ Session not found. (.hq070tgq7cjfd1v0d7rr3p5jnm / IP address)
  5. I wound up clearing the cookies on the browser and then I could get back to chat. Now I get other messages like unconfirmed email but chat worked again.
  6. Can't enter chat There was an error… BZ Session not found. (.pmeao3r7564hrtj04orpmr38r8 / IP address
  7. Out of messages, nycpoz84 on [deleted]

  8. Yes it happens. I just close the tab and reopen until it works. Can be 5-8 times. It all depends.
  9. So I put the work [deleted] in a message and the system changed it to [deleted]. This site is doing censorship? Really? w i c k r
  10. You're cute 👱‍♀️

  11. Always horny cumdump

    1. Pnpguyny


      Your gorgeous Alex

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