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  1. I smoke a lot! 😉 Cigarettes at least! 🤣
  2. Awesome! I wish I would have been there and could have taken some loads as well!☺️
  3. I´m a bit chubby and need a dick up my hole really bad and a load up my cunt even more!
  4. I need a fucking cock up my hole! And better would be if there would be a sexy boy! fist me baby!

  5. Mmmmmh! Yes Daddy! I´m with you now! ;)

    1. MTWTFSS


      Hey. I’d have you with me anytime 

  6. Mmmmh! Yeah! I want your load too!
  7. It´s interesting how life can change from a little farmboy to a cute sexy city slut!
  8. A really amazing story! I can´t wait to read more of Cody! He´s such a horny guy! He makes me horny as fuck and now I wish,he will top and converse much unsuspecting boys!
  9. You should give them, what they want, need and deserve!
  10. Oh fuck! Bitte ne Fortsetzung! Please a continuation!
  11. The part he gave it to you is awesome and I almost came at the part, when you had your outbreak! Damn! Fucking hot!
  12. Damn! Don't let us wait so long time! I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm hard as rock and it hurts fucking much! I love each chapter of this awesome story and I have such hard orgasms each time I read them! Please keep writing bud!
  13. I can't wait for some more chapters! I wish I could come in such great brotherhood!
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