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    Super Chub btm lots of fun
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    Breeding buds and anon loads - dark rooms or blindfolded cum n go tops it is all good. My chub hole is deep n likes long an thick and dick. but best of all this fat hole loves a warm load of seed deposited balls deep by the top.

    Wickr = bigchub

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  1. Got to take two loads on Saturday afternoon one off grinder from a white skinny twink the other off BBRT a nice long black cock. The twink lubed me up just right for the black cock. They both liked my fat chub ass and deposited the load in my hole.
  2. Luv a dark room a hand finds your ass then a finger pokes your hole then a fat long anon cock slides in you and emptys it's balls. So fuking hot
  3. My fat deep chub hole Luvs raw cock and lots of cum
  4. Dry orgasm at 10 ejaculated at 11 was rubing my dick at my friends while we looked at his brothers porn magazine
  5. Yes me too I go in heat often. My hole controls my btmrain till it gets satisfied
  6. Chub hole was out a few weeks but back takIng raw loads like a fat used hole should.

  7. As a btm hole for covk n cum I only send a covk pic when specifically asked. Always happy to send an ass pic and a cum filled hole pic to potential tops. Rarely will my dick get used when I btm. Unless an aggressive top finds my lilcock and jacks it for additional lube to use when fuking me. Had a fuk bud that would cum buy late nights in my dark room and jerk me to use my cum as lube he useually would dump two loads in my hole before he call it a night so in a way almost had thee loads my dribble of cum for lube and hid two hefty loads
  8. Call mine what you want when breeding me. I frequently call it a hole in need of a load.
  9. Hookup with BBRT to never looked st his face but took his BBC n load He pounded my home good n left it nice n wet
  10. White a friend in his bed with his parents in the living room I was 14 he was 15 just my spit on his dik for lube
  11. Oh fat chub topping the scales near 400 with a huge ass that loves to have my big butt checked pulled apart, fucked raw and left with hole torn up dropping seed
  12. Wow so much of it I gear. But here are my favorite parts as a btm who is a total freak for for darkroom anon sex. The feeling of if a cock head pressing against your hole When a coxk taps on your prostate You have taken a hit of poppers and all you and your hole is focused on is the cock pounding your hole and your hole trying to milk the load out of the anon cock that is inside you The moment you feel the tops dick pulse and you feel that warm jizz flooding your hole ?

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