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    Anon, NSA, blindfold
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    Bug chasing - looking for a hot top to set me free!

    Love posting Craigslist ads for blindfold anon breeding - I never ask status

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  1. Good luck getting knocked up. I'm chasing near Lethbridge.

  2. I agree with Pozchaser71. Nothing enhances the senses like taking some away. Hearing the floor creak as someone walks towards you, feeling their heat from their body radiating towards you as they stand nearby.... heart pounding.... it’s the best!
  3. My ad usually reads: “door unlocked, blindfold on. Head down and ass up - ready to be bred” I’ve had so many hot encounters with guys that want to remain anonymous - that’s okay for me. It’s great to get a wink from someone at the gym and wonder .. have I milked his cock? One guy rolled me over while fucking me, and started to slide off the blindfold so I could enjoy the view, and so he could stare into my eyes has he Bred me.
  4. Just posted an Ad on Craigslist - Door unlocked, I'm blindfolded and naked - ready to accept all seed. Wish me luck guys!

    1. edmbugger


      fuck yeah catch that DNA in your asshole!

  5. Craving anon. loads

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