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  1. I've had luck in almost every major city in the USA and a number of places around the world. I have found that many of the hotels that require key access to elevators can be worked around by having the top wait until someone else gets on who is staying there and they can activate the elevator with their card - all the guy has to do then is punch in the floor. Some hotels have executive floors that require key access - I try not to stay on those, but once in a while it happens. If I find myself on one of those, I ask the top to get off on the floor below, find the stairs and walk up - they CANN
  2. I'll be in Miami starting Thursday, Jan 07 until the following Thursday, Jan. 14. I'm a complete cumdump and willing to take any load - NO LOAD REFUSED. Not yet sure where I'll be staying - I'm working out those details now. I'm flexible the entire time I am there, and will be able to host at my hotel, most likely near one of the beaches. I am also willing to travel within reason. TEXT: 3177358650 EMAIL: 317cumdump@gmail.com.
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