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    Always more wild than mild.
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    Truly versatile. I get off on the pleasure of others - that can be anything from me devouring their hot hole to feeling them explode balls deep inside of me.

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  1. As either a top or a bottom I prefer a hole that has a fresh load or two deep inside but is dry on the outside...that way I get the best of both worlds...too much lube or cum, by design limits the friction, and I enjoy the friction...had a buddy for awhile that liked being pounded dry, the drier the better for him...only once did I have to stop and spit because it was too much friction...but at the end of the day as long as the hole is super clean and hungry I'll breed it...
  2. Public, Glory Hole, Anonymous, Raw, Cum Dump, Hotel, Blindfolded, Group, Rough, Amateur, Breeding, Cream Pie, Verbal, BWC, DP, Hairy, Otter, Bear, Sling, Rimming, Swallow, Compilations, etc Hope this helps!!
  3. Considering I have been taking raw loads balls deep in my hole since I was a young teenager I would say that I have definitely taken over a thousand unique loads and probably given close to 1,000 raw loads as well...
  4. Tucson Just ordered some news toys, including a sling with all of the accessories, from Fort Troff...everything should be arriving this Friday, 7/23 and I want to break everything in on Saturday afternoon and evening. Any guys interested in helping me out?
  5. Any other horny guys in Southern Arizona or Tucson area?
  6. 36 hours in Tucson, AZ and I was filled with 42 loads...sometimes the medium sized cities are the best
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