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  1. Shame. Used to go regularly to basement and h2o in Manchester, but in those days played safe. Since we’ve come out of lockdown now changed my approach to bare, though only managed one visit to basement since, which was quiet on the day too
  2. neely99 on fab, Manchester
  3. Would love to help you out with that hardness! Glad you like the story !
  4. Sorry for the delay guys, I have a new poz bf so been giving my attention to him for a while! Chapter 14 The drinks were flowing , and there was a party atmosphere. I got Joe to one side, and asked him how he felt. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t know I was poz when we fucked ‘ I said ‘otherwise I wouldn’t have cum in you’ . ‘I know’ Joe replied. ‘ The thing is I’ve always known with Luke that I would become poz at some point, I just didn’t know when’ . Joe seemed resigned. ‘Look we’ve only fucked a couple of times looking at my dates’ I said’ it may be you’ve dodged a bullet and you’re still neg, there’s nothing definite yet, you can stay safe from now’ I replied. ‘Things have changed though’ he countered’ you’re poz and fine with it, I’ve always suspected Ty was poz and even Sally is poz now, I’m guessing Ty has bred her. Come with me’ Joe grabbed my hand and led me to the toilets, and took me to a cubicle. He turned and kissed me, before quickly getting on his knees and fishing my stiffening cock out of my trousers . He started sucking me to full hardness. ‘I’ve never been fucked by a pierced cock, and now I know it’s poz too, I want u to fuck me and make sure. I want to be in our club, not looking in from the outside’ He stood up and bent over. I knelt and rimmed his hole, spreading his cheeks. ‘Are you totally sure you want this?’ I checked. ‘Fuck yes, I want you to fuck my hole and gift me, just do it!’ Joe called. I didn’t need a second opportunity. I slid my cock in as he backed on to me. ‘Fuck that feels good, knowing I have a poz cock filling my hole’ Joe whispered. ‘ You will have some poz cum inside you soon enough, I’m going to make sure you’re poz tonigh Joe’ I whispered back as I started fucking him. ‘ Fuck me fuck me’ Joe kept whispering whilst wanking his own cock. I could feel my come rising and then just slammed into him before cumming. ‘Here it is your poz seed ‘ I said as I unloaded into him. ‘Keep it in you’ I ordered as we both dressed and left the cubicle to join the group. ‘I was just having a chat with Joe, he’s ok now I told the group. Luke went over to chat with him, and Sally came over to me. ‘ I can tell you’ve done more than chat’ she said. ‘Tell me’ . ‘He wanted me to breed him properly’ I said. He thinks Ty is poz, that’s how you’ve got it probably, and he didn’t want to be the only one, and he wanted my pierced cock to make sure.’ Sally said nothing for a minute. ‘. Gino mentioned your regime of medication when we were in the clinic. He is pro poz ist he?’ I nodded. ‘Does that mean you’re not taking any for a while?’ I nodded again. She paused. ‘I don’t know what it is, I never wanted to be poz, but now I’ve probably been given it something has changed in me. ‘ I actually want a full positive test, it’s almost as though I’ve been freed , to be who I want to be. I can’t explain it’ she continued. ‘But now I want to make sure I have it, and I want to stay off meds for a while too. We go back so far, I really want to believe that you have given it me now I want it. I know you don’t do girls but I want your cock in my arse one time and cum in me so your poz cum can make sure.’ She looked me in the eye. ‘ I mean it,Ty knows’ We left the club briefly, walking down the side. Sally went between the bins at the back of the club. She hitched her skirt up and bent over ‘Just fuck my arse with that poz cock, I just want it’ I looked at her nice arse, and wanted it one last time. I slid in slowly before picking up rhythm. ‘ you love poz cock don’t you my little poz bitch’ I tried dirty talk’Fuck yes I’m just a poz pussy girl now, I just want as muck poz cock and any cock in me as I can’ she panted ‘fucking breed me Neil’ Her words tipped me over the edge and I came hard in her arse. ‘That should do it’ I whispered ‘thank you’ she whispered back, pecking me on the cheek. we rejoined the club and enjoyed the rest of the night. I spoke again to Sally ‘ you don’t have to do Phil and Steve’s night next week you know. ‘ I said. ‘It will be filthy. I’m expecting to be put in a sling and just fucked as a piece of meat bareback for anyone. ‘ ‘I know’ Sally said. ‘I’m not naive. I know what’s likey to be involved. You’ve forgotten you’ve turned me into a tart now, I want to do It’ ‘Ok it’s not for everyone, as long as you know……..’ I was looking forward to that night …….. to be continued……
  5. Any poz tops in Manchester? Or mixed groups?
  6. Live in mcr can travel to hotel to take a load
  7. Manchester vers bttm guy up for poz meets / msgs etc.
  8. Chapter 13 I was sitting in the medical centre waiting room with a very nervous Sally. We were doubling up the appointment, I was going to receive a definitive diagnosis and Sal was having the quick test. We were called in to see Gino. ‘Please sit down Sally ‘ Gino said after we were called in. ‘ I understand you are nervous , but try not to be, there’s nothing to be scared of, as Neil will tell you’ . I nodded. I noticed Archie wasn’t in the room. ‘Where’s your assistant?’ I asked. ‘Oh, Archie , he’s called in sick again he’s been off now for three days, he thinks he’s picked something up at a party he went to’ Gino replied , winking at me. ‘Ah, ok’ I said. I was hoping that I had spread my own gift. Gino quickly took a blood swab from Sally and Eagan for the quick test, explaining what he was doing, and that there would be a thirty minute wait for the quick test result. ‘Are you ok with Sally here knowing your formal result? ‘. Gino asked me. ‘Yes no problem’ I replied. ‘Well , you are confirmed as being Hiv positive as I’m sure you guessed’ he told me. Do you want to keep the same med regime we discussed last time ? ‘ ‘Er yes please’ I said, well aware that that was none at all for the time being. ‘Ok well we’ll have a follow up appointment in six months but in the meantime If you have any worries you have my number. ‘ We then waited in the reception for Sally’s result. She just looked at the floor saying nothing, until she asked ‘ Aren’t you worried about being poz?’ ‘No, I’m honestly not. It helps me be who I am, I don’t have to worry about getting it now, and I’m in control’ , as you’ll see when we go to the parlour.’ I had agreed to go with Sally for her test if she came to Steve’s tattoo parlour with me afterwards. She had always liked tattoos but had never had the courage to have one. I was hoping she would take the plunge. ‘Sally’ her name was called and I went with her back to see Gino . ‘ Well Sally, I can tell you that you have tested positive and that more than likely this will formally be confirmed with the full blood test, Like Neil’s was. You are Hiv positive.’ Sally looked ashen but I found it hot, my best friend also poz. Gino talked through the meds situation but I could see Sally wasn’t taking it in. She just wanted to leave. We walked outside and she just burst into tears. I tried to console her. ‘There’s nothing you can do, just embrace it and own it girl’ I told her’ come on I’ll show you. ‘ We walked to the tattoo parlour and came in the door and both Steve and Phil were there . ‘Hello stranger’ Phil commented. ‘ who’s your friend?’ ‘This is Sally’ I replied’ I’ve had some good news and want to do something about it, and she’s had some not so good news and is feeling sorry for herself’ ‘ok do tell’ Steve joined in the conversation. ‘Well we’ve both tested positive, we’re both poz’ I added’ so I need some work doing, and Sally here has always wanted a tattoo but has been too scared to come before. ‘ Well congratulations to you both on your new status, I’m sure you will enjoy being members of the club. ‘ Steve smiled ‘Ok you come with me , Sally can go with Lana and talk through some designs, she’s really good with first timers’ I hugged Sal and went to the back. ‘Phil here will tell you what you’re having’ Steve said. I made myself ready as I watched Steve prepare. He set to work, inking in a biohazard symbol in my shaved pubic area and a small decorative + sign at the back of my neck. Phil wants you to have a final piercing, are you ok with it? Not that you’re going to say no’ Steve said. I nodded and Steve numbed my cock. I hadn’t expected this but could see I was being given a Prince Albert. Fuck that would look hot I thought . I wondered whether Sally would get anything . When Steve had finished his handiwork he told me to drink lots of water for a week to minimise infection, I stepped out into the main shop a little sore. Sally had just come through. ‘Well what did you get?’ I asked her. ‘She was really good ….. and took to it like a duck to water. She got a small black widow spider just down from her hip towards her pussy and liked it that much she wanted another near the top of her back. I looked as Sally turned to show me. Lana had cleverly incorporated a biohazard into the black widow design. I wasn’t sure Sally understood the message but it looked hot and sexy. ‘Look, I think you two will be ideal guests for a party for a client of mine ‘ Phil said ‘ you can come and will be well paid’ ‘Paid?’ Sally queried. ‘Yes you have to chat to guests , entertain them that kind of thing’ he said. I had an idea what ‘entertaining’ Phil had in mind, though I wasn’t sure Sally did. ‘You would be paid £1,000 but you do need to stay til the end , you can’t disappear after an hour’ I was definitely in, but waited on Sal. ‘ I could do with cheering up I guess and the money will be handy, It can fund a short holiday! Ok I’m in. ‘ Sally said , ‘Me too ‘ I added. ‘Ok we’ll be in touch’ Phil said. . I was horny at the thought of being broken in to a proper party, but kept my thoughts to myself. The days to the weekend dragged, Sally was down but we had a heart to heart and she had been researching being poz and had come to terms with it a little more by the weekend. We were due to meet at Joe and Luke’s before heading into town. Sally and Ty arrived together and we had a couple of drinks. I then stood up and said I had an announcement to make. ‘We know you’re a cocksucker now ‘ Ty joked , ‘you don’t have to come out’ . ‘No this is different, I’ve joined a new club’ I continued ‘ Which one ?’ Joe said , ‘Is it in town?’ . ‘No not that type of club ‘ I replied , unbuckling my belt and pulling down my jeans and boxers showing my PA and biohazard tattoo. ‘I’ve joined club Poz ! I apparently converted about a week and a half ago and tested poz last week! , Though it was a routine check as I didn’t know ‘ I lied, for the sake of Joe who was looking aghast ‘ Congrats on becoming a proper bottom Neil!’ Luke hollered, ‘see Joe that’s what u need to do !’ , We are going to have a proper night tonight.’ ‘And me’ a small voice said. I hadn’t planned on mentioning anything about Sally. It was hers to own. We all looked round, Sally was bright red ‘ And me’ she repeated ‘ I’m poz as well I converted this week too’ ‘Sorry Ty’ ‘Nothing to be sorry about babe’ I’m cool with u being poz’ I don’t know my status but I’m guessing I need testing too!’ Ty lied, catching my eye. I kept silent. ‘But I guess I may be’ he added. ‘Only you now Joe to make the trip’ Luke hollered’ Let’s see where the night takes us!’ …………………….
  9. Level 3 now , but seek out level 3a , anyone claiming they’re undetectable. Huge kick, never been in situation where someone says viral poz, but if I was horny would probably bend over and take it. Still neg not on prep.
  10. Sorry for the delay guys, life has got in the way ……. Chapter 12. I called at Sally’s the next morning. She let me in. She was wearing a short t shirt and briefs, but she looked like shit. ‘You’ve looked better ‘ I remarked, ‘Heavy night?’ ‘Wasn’t actually ‘ she replied’ Think I’m just coming down with something, I didn’t sleep well and Ty wasn’t here so I’ve just lied in. Maybe I’ve got that 48 he bug you had last week?’ At that my cock stirred, the thought of Sally being poz was turning me on. Sally noticed the stirring in my shorts. ‘I thought I didn’t do that to you anymore, it is just cock you want?’ She queried. ‘ No, it’s just I was thinking of something, ‘ I replied, blushing slightly. ‘Do tell then, you can’t leave a girl looking at a semi without explaining’ The thought of coming clean about my status was making me hard. Sally was the first person I had come out to so it was,probably fitting I told her first. ‘ I don’t think it’s a 48 hour bug if it’s what I had’ I said. ‘You should go to the doctors. ‘Why why did you have?’ She asked ‘ I got tested. I’m hiv positive’ I replied. ‘So I’m poz’ ‘what? But you were on meds? ‘ ‘yeah well Luke’s kinda cute and his cock is lovely and it was so hot that he wanted to fuck me bare I let him’ ‘You let him?’ ‘Well begged him to really’ Sally looked at me aghast’ you begged him to fuck you and make u poz?’ ‘Yeah! It was what I wanted Sally, it makes me feel genuine, I needed a place, that place is a greedy bareback bottom that has been knocked up by his mates, so I can now fuck any cock without fear, that’s what I am’ I said. My cock was tenting my shorts. Sally came up and pulled them down and I shrank free. ‘ I’ve never seen a poz cock before I just wanted to see! ‘ she quickly explained. ‘ nice to see it hard again’ She looked longingly at it. Can I touch it? ‘ If you do there’s every chance I’ll bend you over and fuck your arse and fill it with my poz cum!’ I said. ‘I don’t do pussy but ass is ass’. She looked conflicted, she clearly loved cock in her ass but wasn’t going to take a viral load without persuasion’ ‘ Look, I don’t know if Ty is poz or not, ‘I lied ‘ but get checked. If you’re not poz I wouldn’t wanted poz you unless you wanted it ..’ ‘I don’t’ she replied ‘ever’ ‘Ok ok’ I said’ here ring Gino, he’s my medic, this is his number he’s very good and quick …. And sexy ! Get tested and let me know! ‘ With that I hugged her and left. I knew the signs, and she had been taking a hammering from Ty ‘s poz cock. Fuck the thought of her converting made me hard. I still wanted to see if Joe was staying off meds as part of our bet . Had he succumbed to Luke yet? I wondered. I texted him ‘Hi, had Luke’s cock last night or did u behave?’ I sent. After a few minutes the familiar ping went off ‘ You know the answer, he can’t be trusted to take his meds so he’s not fucking me bare!’ The reply said. Followed by another ‘but I’m gagging for some………’ I had him hooked. ‘ Me too. I got stood up last night after I left and was left hard and horny ! ‘ I sent him a pic of my cock ‘ fancy this?’ ‘Yeah, but where? Luke’s about so it will have to be quick’. ‘Ok make an excuse to walk to the shops near the end of your road, there’s some scrubland and trees, I’ll be there 15 min’ I was turned on, I was liking a bit of topping but it was only to breed, I knew my real calling. I waited in the trees for around twenty mins. I was about to give up when I saw Joe stumbling through the trees. ‘I didn’t know this was a cruising ground?’ Joe said ‘Luke was a bit suspicious, that’s why I’m late ‘ ‘it’s not a cruising ground, so don’t let some of the mums walking their dogs see you sucking my cock’ I grinned. ‘ we don’t want to get them jealous!’ I pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang free ‘ suck it!’ I ordered . Joe got on his knees, I kept a look out as he went to town on my cock. ‘Don’t make me cum, I’ve been saving my cum for your hole’ Joe stood up and pulled his own shorts down. I spread his cheeks and started rimming his hole. ‘Fuck that feels good’ he moaned. ‘ I didn’t have time to bring rubbers’ I said. ‘Don’t worry you can do me bare, just pull out before u cum’ I lubed Joe’s hole as best I could with saliva. This was going to be it. I spread his arse and pushed my cock in. ‘ fuck you’re so tight I’ll come soon’ I warned ‘ Not yet just keep fucking me like that, ‘ Joe moaned as he wanted his cock. ‘ I knew from Luke he didn’t like him pulling out too soon. ‘Shall I pull out ?’whispered in his ear,’ cos I want to cum in you’ ‘ God no just do it!’ He shot back. I could feel myself about to explode and pushed hard as I came in Joe. ‘ Fuck I needed that’ Joe panted. ‘Me too’ I whispered, pulling out but then pushing my fingers in Joe’s hole. ‘Gotta keep that in there, you don’t want Luke suspecting anything’ I added. We tidied ourselves up and walked out of the trees, to the surprise of a young mum pushing a pray and having a dog in tow. I winked at Joe. ‘Let’s catch up later this week. I’ll maybe have a small party Friday……..
  11. Chapter 12 I was home, I looked in the mirror. I still wasn’t out, only Sally and my new friends knew I was gay and yet here I was almost certainly poz, and a bareback bottom. I was comfortable being homosexual, and looking at myself, I felt comfortable being poz. I felt that this was where I was always meant to be, and now I was free to be myself. I wouldn’t tell anyone until it was finally confirmed, but I would go out and enjoy myself. I dropped by Luke and Joe’s to see how they had been this week. Joe let me in . ‘Luke’s still at work, he won’t be back til later’ Joe said. ‘ So if you want a bit of fun I’m game. To be honest I’m gagging for cock. As a result of that stupid bet I’ve been off prep a week and I’ve not let Luke fuck me cos he’s not been taking his meds properly! I’ve had to make do with just sucking his cock’ I jumped at the chance, kissing Joe and following him to the bedroom . We stripped quickly, and Joe lay back. I worked my way to his cock, taking him in my mouth, sucking him to hardness. The thought that I could slide my poz cock in Joe and possibly breed him had me rock hard. I sucked hard on his balls before turning him over . I spread Joes legs and started rimming his hole. I worked my tongue round his opening, I wanted it as lubed as possible. I pulled his legs up and climbed behind him positioning my cock before sliding in. I didn’t give him the opportunity to mention condoms. ‘You want this cock Joe’ I whispered ‘ God yes just fuck me’ he rasped back . I fucked him hard, looking at my cock as it rammed in and out of his hole. I could feel my cum rising, I was determined to fill his arse with my poz load. ‘I’m going to fill you, I haven’t cum in days Joe’ I panted. ‘Just do it, I want it, give it me!’ I slammed in him as I shot my load, pushing hard and keeping my cock in as my newly toxic seed entered its target. I slowly slid out, pushing my fingers in, working the cum back in his hole. ‘Fuck I needed that Neil’ ‘so did I, and stay off that prep, you’re much sexier without it ‘ I said, kissing him. I left after dressing, making arrangements to catch up later in the Molly. I was getting ready when my phone buzzed. A message came through from an unknown number. I looked ‘ Hi, this is Archie, from Gino’s clinic. Are you ok?’ I felt a stirring, was he interested? ‘Yeah fine pal’ I responded. ‘ I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about you since….’ ‘ since what?’ I asked. I worked out he must have got my number from my med file. ‘Since you fucked me in the sauna and then tested positive. I might be poz’ ‘I think you’re probably safe, I didn’t get the fuck flu til after that ‘ I texted ’ but I think that you’re hard now, like you were in the surgery. And I think you want my poz cock in you .’ There was a silence , no message came back. That said it all. He was mine for the taking. ‘Meet me in the basement sauna at midnight’ I messaged . You can have my cum in you ‘ I continued. There was no response. But I would go to the sauna just to see at midnight. We all met up at the Molly, had a good night, Joe with a big smile most of the night. I wasn’t going to tell Luke what had happened, I wanted to let my status lie low for the time being. Sally was still with Ty and we were having a good night, when my alarm buzzed on my phone. 11.45 . I made my excuses, ‘sorry guys, got a bit of a hot date at midnight’ I said ‘ gotta rush - I’ll catch up tomorrow’ I walked along the street, paying the entrance fee at the sauna, before undressing and grabbing a towel. I went to the showers and waited. Almost exactly on time Archie sauntered along, looked round entering the showers, before catching my eye. I moved behind him, kissing the back of his neck and soaping his back, moving my hands down to his ass. I felt him spread his legs allowing me access to his hole. ‘Follow me’ I whispered as I soaped his hole. I took his hand and led him to a cubicle, pulling him inside and locking the door. ‘ lie down’ Archie complied. ‘I’m going to spread your legs. I will suck your cock and then I will fuck you bareback. Are you on prep?’ I asked. ‘No not yet’ he replied. ‘Good! You know I’m poz, and toxic and you crave that poz cum in you, don’t you?’ He looked down, said nothing, but nodded. ‘Say it’ I ordered.’yes I do’ he whispered. ‘ I know how you feel, I was the same’ I started sucking his cock as he lay back. I also licked his hole and positioned my cock at his entrance as I lubed it. ‘ I’m going to slide my poz cock in you . You can tell me to stop at any time but I know you won’t, because you secretly want me to cum in you and convert you don’t you. ?’ He nodded again ‘yes ‘ he whispered. ‘ I don’t know why though, it just turns me on.’ ‘it’s a natural calling, some guys are meant to be bottoms, taking seed and just being a poz bottom pig’ I am like that, I take all loads. You are the same’ I slid in him, picking up my pace. We never broke eye contact . He knew what was going to happen . I was on the verge of cumming when he said ‘wait….’ . ‘Too late, ‘I growled as I slammed into him, shooting my seed as I pinned him down, again keeping my cock in him for a while. ‘Keep that in you, or I’ll tell Gino’ I said, as I grabbed my towel. Archie looked she’ll shocked. Was he sobbing? I kissed him. ‘Be who you are, don’t regret it’ I said as I slipped out of the door. I showered and let the feeling of power run through me, I was loving this first poz weekend, topping twice. I would catch up with Sally tomorrow wondering if I should tell her of my conversion……….. to be continued………
  12. I have dropped PreP for the exact same reason. Love being unprotected.
  13. Chapter 11 I woke with a pounding head . Damn tequila! Enticing as Luke’s cock was next to me , I wanted to get home , take some aspirin for my head and sleep some more. Once home I showered, had some aspirin and went back to bed. I woke some time later and felt no better. My throat was sore, my head was pounding still and if anything I was feeling worse. I stayed in bed, vowing to never have tequila again. I dosed myself up and just rested, not really hungry knowing the next day I would be hangover free. However the next day I didn’t feel any better,again I felt worse. My glands were up, and My mouth was dry, and I was a touch feverish. Aspirin wasn’t doing much but it was better than nothing. Sally had rung me and I told her that I was still a bit hungover and not feeling great. I said I would let her know when I was feeling better. Then something struck me. I googled symptoms of hiv and I just stared at the screen. Tick tick tick. A cold fear overtook me. Shit , it was a hangover right? In a bit of a panic I rang Gino, he was a medic after all. I explained about the drinking, and how I was feeling. He paused, and asked what I was doing. I explained I was lying on my bed. ‘Naked?’ He asked. ‘Yes’ I replied. ‘Good. You are likely to be seroconverting, there is nothing you can do except embrace what is happening to you. It turns me on to see guys becoming poz and their life changing. That is happening to you. I want you to set up your iPad on record, and start wanking for me. I want you to video yourself playing with your cock and cumming. I want you to record your last neg load, whilst you are telling me what you are thinking. ‘ ‘fuck’ I thought. My cock got immediately hard as I set up my iPad on record. I was wanking and thinking of Gino’s cock. ‘What are you thinking? ‘ Gino asked. ‘Your cock ‘I replied. ‘My poz cock?’ Gino whispered. ‘Yes, your poz cock, I love it, I want more of it’ ‘ I only date poz guys’ Gino said’ especially if they’re not on meds’ I was rock hard now and turned on ‘God I hope I’m becoming poz for you’ I panted. What was I saying, all I could think of was Gino’s gorgeous cock and his tattoo . ‘Fuck, I’m cumming Gino’ I came , shooting my cum up my belly’ ‘Good boy’ he said. Send me that video, and make an appointment at the end of the week’ . My headache kicked back in, and reality did. This was where I had been sliding, even though I never thought it would happen to me. I wasn’t great for the next couple of days before gradually improving. I had made an appointment with Gino on the following Friday. After all it could have just been a bit of a bug, I tried to convince myself. I entered Gino’s room at the clinic, and there was a younger medic in there , also in scrubs. His face was vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t immediately place it. ‘This is Archie, he is a trainee. Is it ok if he sits in? ‘ Gino asked. I nodded. Then it clicked. Archie was the twink I had fucked in the sauna. So he was also gay. ‘So you have been having unprotected sex with other men whose status you don’t know?’Gino asked. ‘Actually some were poz I think’ I replied. ‘We need to test for hiv’ Gino said formally. Gino took some blood explaining he had to do a formal test. He said he would do a quick finger prick test as well though that wouldn’t be definitive. I waited for half an hour in reception before being called in again by Gino. ‘ ’well I have some good news for you, although it’s not official’ Gino announced. ‘Phew ‘ I thought ‘I’ve dodged a bullet , I’m still neg’ ‘it is looking like you are hiv positive’ Gino announced. ‘. Congratulations, You are where you naturally wanted to be’ my mind was on delay. ‘ you will have an increasingly viral load for six months. You don’t have to start meds yet, you can let the virus build in you for a while but you will likely pass on the virus if you have unprotected sex with anyone. ‘ ‘Positive? I’m poz? ‘ I replied. ‘Yes, more than likely’ Gino said. ‘Do you want to stay off meds for a while, and enjoy your status?’ I remembered what he said when I was wanking. ‘Yes’ I responded. ‘ ‘Good man’. Archie then asked ‘Why is it good news that he is positive?’ ‘Because some gay men, like Neil here, are sub bottoms who will just take cock and cum, and becoming positive is a rite of passage. They secretly want it. Don’t you Neil?’ I was on the spot but knew my natural reply. ‘Yes’ ‘Neil, I will contact you in a few days when the full results are back, but in the meantime don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’ I stood up as Gino and Archie did. I glanced at Archie. He was definitely sporting an erection in his scrubs. I looked at him and he blushed. He may have recognised me, but he was turned on, hopefully by our poz talk. There may be something there in the future I thought. I left the surgery, walked into the sunshine, knowing almost certainly that I had the bug, and was hiv positive. I felt my cock stiffening. To be continued……………
  14. Chapter 10 I decided I needed to take things slow over the next few days. I was daydreaming about Gino. He was hot and definitely boyfriend material. I didn’t even know if he was single, though I hadn’t noticed anything at his place that suggested he was living with someone. I couldn’t get that gorgeous cock with its big head out of my mind. And that sexy tattoo…. I briefly thought of risky sex, I felt well, I put the thought behind me, becoming poz happened to other people after all. My daydream was broken by a new message on my phone, from a number I didn’t recognise . It was a video of a guy in a sling, being fucked whilst a black cock pissed over the guys face. It took a few moments before I realised that guy was me, and it was the video Mo took whilst I was being bred by Phil and Steve. ‘ Phil wants me to train your ass whilst he’s away. Come round tonight’ the message said. ‘ I’m sure you don’t want this video posting on your social media, showing everyone what a faggot for cock you are’ . I didn’t want that as I wasn’t really out yet, but my cock got hard again replaying that scene. ‘Ok’ I replied. I was given an address. Later, I rang the bell on the door and it opened, Mo letting me in. ‘Good boy, right on time’ he said. ‘Strip in here’ , he led me to a bedroom. Again I was getting hard wondering what Mo had in mind. He took around 5 minutes before he entered, wearing a harness and a leather jock. He was clearly hung, even though he was only semi erect. ‘ Phil wants me to train you to take a fist. We have to stretch that ass of yours. Here sniff this’ Mo put a bottle of poppers in front of my nose. I inhaled and my head swam for a short while. ‘I’m going to lube you ‘ I could feel the cold of lube being worked round my ass, as my brain was still fuzzy. I was on all fours with my ass in the air. Mo inserted two then three fingers in me as I pushed back . ‘ You’re a natural’ Mo said. ‘ im going to work a butt plug in , and then a bigger one to stretch you’ he said. I loved the attention my ass was getting. He pulled the second butt plug out. ‘ Now a bigger one’ Mo announced. I felt him start pushing another butt plug in, this was much bigger, it was stretching me. Mo gave me another hit on the poppers. I felt as though my ass was splitting as with another push my ass expanded to take in the biggest plug. ‘Good, we’ll work that a bit’ Mo added , as my ass got used to the size. My ass felt full. Mo started pulling it out then pushing it back in, my ass felt on fire. ‘ I would love to destroy that ass of yours’ Mo whispered in my ear ‘ one day I just might’ . He pulled the plug out at last. ‘Let’s see what you can take now’ he said as he added more lube. I felt his fingers, two then three then four as he pushed in me, stretching his hand as he entered me. I was getting so turned on being used in this way, my cock dripping pre cum. Mo started working his four fingers in and out. ‘ we’ll soon work up to my hand looking at the progress we’re making ‘ he said as he continued to work my ass.’ But I think you need a bit of black cock and black poz seed in you now, to complete today’s training’ Mo climbed on the bed behind me before feeding my gaping hole with his cockhead. It slid in easily given my hole has been stretched ‘ you want this boy, don’t you?’ ‘ fuck yes , just fuck me’ was all I could say as he slipped his full length in me. He picked up his pace , slamming his cock in my arse until after three or four minutes of hard fucking his breathing became mote ragged and he started slamming into me much harder. ‘Fuck you’re about to get my full load’ he growled as he gave one last thrust and just held me in place as he emptied his balls in me. He stayed in me a while after, making sure my arse stayed stretched taking his length, before slowly pulling out. Before I could get used to feeling empty, Mo had pushed another butt plug in me. ‘ We’re not wasting that’ he said. ‘ Keep this in til you get home. ‘ I drove home, feeling the plug. It kept me on the edge of feeling horny. Once home I stripped again, pulling it out. I wanted to feel my hole, it was stretched. I could easily slip three then four of my own fingers in me. I pushed most of my hand in my hole until it became awkward with the contortions. I knew I was already primed to be a fist loving pig . I showered, playing with my cock and cumming as the hot water relaxed me. I slept soundly that night. The weekend was approaching and it was Sally’s birthday. The usual group were meeting up in the Molly on the Friday night. I had had a quiet chat with Luke as He intimated Joe may be up for a threesome though he couldn’t know that Luke had fucked me previously. I wasn’t going to let on if it meant getting my cock in Joe bare. The night involved lots of alcohol, as we got more daring. Sally confided that she and Ty were an item, and that gradually she had got to enjoy Ty fucking her in her ass. ‘It makes me feel so slutty’ she whispered to me’ I now understand why you like it so much,’ Joe wasn’t known for being a big drinker, but announced that if I was to have a threesome with him and Luke, I had to suck Luke’s cock there and then in the pub. I agreed, on the basis he paid a forfeit of my choosing if I did, and I would pay a forfeit if I didn’t. I had a cunning idea. So what were the forfeits? ‘ you have to have a bare ass for two hours in here’ Joe announced his choice of forfeit. ‘Ok agreed’ I said quickly ‘and yours is you have to come off PreP for two weeks’ Joe gulped . We all looked at him. ‘Ok’ he nervously agreed. ‘But Luke has to cum in your mouth’ ‘ok’ I agreed again. Luke shifted in his seat and covered from general view by our table and Sally, Ty and Joe , Luke pulled out his cock. I leaned over in my seat and took his cock in my mouth . I started sucking and licking his cock head whilst wanking his shaft, bobbing my head. I sucked for around a minute before coming up for air. ‘ Play with your cock, get close to cumming’ I told Luke. He started wanking as I kissed his cock again. ‘I’m nearly there!’ Luke whispered to me. I took him in my mouth again as I waited for him to cum. I felt Luke’s cock flex and then he was flooding my mouth with his cum. I swallowed one mouthful before keeping the rest in my mouth. Joe would want to see. I came up and opened my mouth, holding out my tongue, coated in Luke’s jizz. ‘Well that’s you off prep Joe’ said Ty with a grin. Joe looked shocked, ‘ok’ he mumbled ‘ I never thought he would do it’ ‘I did’ chipped in Sally ‘if it involves cock it seems Neil can’t help himself!’ The night continued. Then came the shots, Tequila and more. They always gave me a major hangover but I was buzzing. Rether than go to a club, we decided to go to Joe and Luke’s . Sally was all over Ty and I was definitely up for a threesome. Once there Sally and Ty disappeared off to a bedroom, leaving me with Luke and Joe. Luke and I started stripping . ‘ come on Joe’ Luke said. You know you want Neil’s cock. ‘ Joe didn’t need another prompt. He stripped and I latched onto his cock taking him down my throat as Luke sucked my cock and licked my balls. I turned so Luke could access my ass. ‘ mmm I’m having that’ ‘put a condom on Luke’ Joe asked ‘ No this tattoo says bareback only’ Luke replied, referring to the tattoo on my ass. Joe turned, so I could see his ass. I dived in to rim his hole, I was going to fuck that hole . I bent over as Luke positioned himself behind me , sliding his cock into me, and he started fucking my ass bare. ‘Fuck my ass Ty, just fuck me!’ We heard Sally’s voice from the other room. ‘She’s converted to ass fucking ‘ I said. ‘It may not be the only thing she’s converted to’ Luke whispered in my ear. Luke carried on fucking my hole , I’m gonna breed u soon Neil’ he panted ‘ Just do it, cum in me’ ‘ Fuuucckk’ Luke panted as he unloaded in me, making sure I took it all before he withdrew. ‘Joe, get ready’ I said. I’m clean, no rubbers’ Joe presented his ass to me, I lubed his hole before slowly sliding into him, and gradually picked up my pace as he stroked his cock. ‘ you want this don’t you Joe?’ I asked. ‘ God yes’ I picked up my pace. ‘ I’m gonna load your ass’ I panted as I could feel myself getting close. I was almost there when Joe came himself, furiously wanking his cock. That did it, and I came myself, pushing into Joe as I did. Luke kissed me as I pulled out. It wasn’t long before the combination of alcohol and having cum took its toll on us as all three of us drifted off to sleep laid across each other. to be continued ……………
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