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  1. Underexperienced bottom staying at a hotel in yarmouth, looking for a top or two to give my ass some attention. Havent been fucked in about 5 years. Masc looking, couples ok. I can drive too. Cape cod general area.
  2. So ive sucked a few cocks, but i havent been bred since i was like 13 years old. I am getting a hotel in syracuse, and am looking for 2-5 friends to open me up and teach my ass. Pm me for more info Add upstatenyboy315 on snapchat would love a camera and webcam stream
  3. Black is beautiful. Its also to me anyway, pissing on their lifestyle and heritage. I am so happy that my nieces are half black. Not that I owe them thats wierd to me. Idk, would a black guy find a young white guy who came from a nazi family but hated them hot?
  4. My fathers side of the family are all swastika toting aryan brotherhood people. is it wierd that its a good sized factor in wanting to submit to a black top, and is it wierd to tell them that? Idk if thats hot or wierd
  5. This 20 year old curious kid asked me to be a part of his cleaning process. Any thoughts/input?
  6. I can travel to rochester inexperienced “straight” bottom here looking to push my limits, possibly video record/photographs
  7. Str8slutmikey on snapchat, upstatemike315 on kik lets make some videos! can travel to kingston canada, syracuse, rochester, utica, and nyc to an extent
  8. Any tops or bottom in the area? email me straightslutmikey@gmail.com
  9. Whats a good place for a 26 year old white inexperienced guy to go to get the straight fucked out of me?
  10. Im from upstate. Want my first time to be kinky, and on camera/photographed/webcammed. Can travel. Into being watched/exhibitionism. im 5”11 and about 210 lbs, would love uncut, black or hispanic, and maybe two patient daddies. Disease free, please. Legit latex allergy. Must be gentle with my first time.
  11. I want my ass to be appreciated, and deflowered, and have its first seed deep in me, by a patient top or tops. Wouldnt mind being recorded or being watched. would like to be able to stay at your place maybe a week or longer if you want me there. but i wont be a problem leaving if you want i just wanna be pushed into the deep end of the kink sub bottom pool. pm me for contact info
  12. in search of a daddy who seeks a very inexperienced eager white bottom to train. Got out of a hetero relationship and i wanna be kinked out(gently at first). willing to travel to im not from the area. pm me for contact info lets talk
  13. Bump because im willing to travel to do this. I want my inexperienced straight ass to be trained on film, amateur or pro. I wanna be photographed and videotaped. I am in upstate ny. Always seeking a DL daddy to be trained by
  14. On a vaca with the misses, dont let alot of chances. Wanna be gently dominated. Will be a good boy. Would love it recorded/uploaded or a second top to play with. im really unfortunately inexperienced, just wanna be patiently opened up. My ass hasnt gotten attention in years. Might move to denver, open to a DL master daddy
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