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  1. here in between tampa/sarasota--would love to set up some fun fucking with my bf too. Anyone interested in two vers bbttms?
  2. hey man! I'm in buffalo to! hit me up and lets chat! i feel as though we are looking for the same thing!

  3. I REALLY want to go again. would be great to see the friends i made at last year's.
  4. Where in Western NY are you?

  5. Sounds like an amazing experience was had by both you!
  6. He was just 4 years older. We dated for two years. I was mainly the top, but we would regularly switch roles.
  7. Somebody needs to change his status. :P

  8. Went to a get together at a fb's. There were a little less than ten guys naked and in various stages of sexual activity. I walked and and was surrounded. A couple of guys were playing with my nipples, one guy started blowing me, and another guy came behind me and mounted. He didn't make it in, so the guy blowing me asked if I topped--I responded "yes." So he bent over and i jabbed my piece into his waiting hole. I fucked him for a while, while the other guy tried once again to stick his dick inside--unsuccessfully. I was getting a bit annoyed, but let him continue his attempts. Eventuall
  9. ever see this? http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=kUo8V-G753-
  10. Love kinky sex. Anytime!

  11. For instance this past year has been very sexually charged. I've basically gone through and enacted any sexual fantasy I've thought up: I've nearly been fisted, taken Undetectable loads, gone to a couple sex parties, been a bottom for multiple tops, gone to MAL, been piss-fucked, found myself the object of a black man, and become more comfortable with barebacking.
  12. What are some of your experiences with kinky sex? What is the kinkiest act or scene you've acted out? Have you been gangbanged? Piss fucked? fisted? Been a Top in a gangbang? Had and orgy and swapped loads? Unloaded in a public restroom...in daylight? Recount your tales.
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