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  1. Part 2. There was a cluster of men at the bar talking to the fat man who was perched uncomfortably on a bar stool. Bill bought me a drink and we stood chatting with the group. I found it surreal to stand there talking about football with the sperm from two men swimming in my belly. I couldn't also help but thinking the men were, all in all, a sleazy looking group of older trolls, and I could clearly see they were eyeing me hungrily, obviously having been told about my performance by the fat guy. After a while several of them headed for the basement and didn't return. Bill, in turn, sidled up to me and gestured his head towards the basement staircase, remarking "They're waiting for you, sunshine," giving me an evil grin. I put down my drink, knowing what I was going to do, feeling the fear and loathing but unable to stop myself. It was as if a pit of depravity had opened up at the bottom of those stairs, and I was helplessly drawn to it. No-one would understand what I was doing, except these vile men who excited me so much. Bill dug out the filthy tube of lube and the poppers bottle and pressed them into my hand, suggesting with a leer "Here, you'll need these." I blushed and headed over to the stairs, aware of the bar man was watching me and knowing what he must have been thinking. At the bottom, I turned left to the cubicle area and found a group of men standing silently, waiting. More than one man had pulled out his cock and was stroking himself, his flesh rigid in the dim light from the cubicles as everyone watched an old man bent over the sink, naked from the waist down, who was being fucked from behind by a younger man with a bald head and earrings. I paused, intimidated by the atmosphere of sweat, lust and piss and the hungry eyes staring expectantly at me. I took a deep hit of poppers until my heart pounded and my body melted with excitement, then went into a cubicle and pulled off my trousers and underpants, folding them neatly on top of the cistern. I heard grunts of appreciation at my bare bottom, then I turned and the group pulled me in. Hands groped my body, cock and balls and someone hugged me, mashing his mouth against mine, kissing me deeply. I gasped for breath and felt myself giving way to the urge to breed with these strangers as my cock stiffened in rough hands. There was a big box next to the sink, housing a water tank or something, and I found myself pushed back until I was sitting on it. Beside me, the old man had reached back to pull his flabby buttocks apart, urging the man to cum in him in a soft, urgent whisper. Eager hands lifted my legs and bent them to my chest so my bottom hung over the edge and my hole gaped vulnerably as they pulled my legs apart. I held out the tube, and one of the men holding my legs grabbed it, twisted off the cap and rubbed a cold gobbet of lube into my hole making me gasp as he shoved two fingers into me, scratching and probably tearing the delicate skin with his dirty nails. The man grinned down at me and pulled his fingers out, transferring his hold back to my leg, whispered "He's ready. Who's first?" I could see by the sweat shining on his face he was turned on by what was going to happen to me. A short, stocky black guy wearing a dirty tee shirt which bore the word 'Sanitation', pushed his combat trousers and boxers down, and, standing between my legs, grasped his thick, veiny cock which was topped by a large pink head. Sweat dripped off his chin, falling onto my belly as he got into position and all four of us – me, the men holding my legs and the black guy – looked down and watched his cock push into me, opening up my hole then sliding up me until his short, curly pubic hair was tight against my arse. Then as he began pounding away, his balls began to slap against mine as he began to slide it in and out. He leered at me and leaned forward, searching for my mouth with his and clamping his big, soft lips on mine as his thrusts became more urgent. “Yeah!” whispered the man holding my leg, who continued urging “Fuck the bitch! Oh, fuck, you've got it coming now, boy!” The black man grunted as he thrust, mashing his mouth on mine and gripping my thighs as he worked to a climax. Then, he gave a loud gasp and pushed hard into me and I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted. At the same time, the man beside me stroked my hair praising me in a hoarse whisper, saying “There you go. Good boy, there you go, good boy.” I relished his praise. At the sink, the old man gasped with pleasure as he received the cum from his lover, and as we gazed at each other, we exchanged a smile, recognizing each other as brothers in depravity at that moment. Then the black guy stood back and pulled his cock out of me, and a gush of warm spunk slid down my balls. The guy holding my leg slid his finger into my hole, scooped out some cum, and murmurred “Mmmm …lovely!” as he licked his finger clean. Then someone else was between my thighs, and I found myself looking into the face of the first man who had warned me not to go bare. He pulled off his tee-shirt, dropped his trousers and underwear, giving me a clear view of his long, thin cock which had sprung-up against his belly. Below his belly button was a black bio-hazard tattoo. He saw me look and grinned, asking "I warned you, didn’t I?” as he continued "But since you’ve been pozzed at least three times so far, I guess You won’t mind taking my load, right?” Without waiting for an answer, he slid into me. My response was to reach for the poppers bottle and sag back into his crotch in surrender.
  2. I had been working in the city for several weeks before I found the bar. It was down a dark, run down side street and only obvious from the gaudy neon light outside. I had read about it online, and most of the reviews used words and phrases like 'filthy', 'sleazy', and 'full of older men'. The prevailing opinion was you only went there once just to see how awful it was. I, on the other hand, was attracted to it precisely because of the sleaze and the sense of depravity in the reviews. For some reason I find myself drawn to encounters which would disgust most people, (although I had not had many such encounters myself). Well, once inside the bar, the music was playing loudly, and the dim lighting revealed the bar counter, a dance floor and a selection of tired and grimy tables and chairs. About six guys occupied the bar stools, chatting to the barman, who was a large, middle aged man with glasses. Somewhat nervously, even if excited, I took a spare bar stool and ordered a beer. Three of the guys on the corner of the wooden counter were giving me the eye as they chatted - a thin old guy probably in his sixties with a cap and thick spectacles, a fat guy about the same age whose polo shirt only just covered his heavy belly which hung over greasy trousers, and a younger, chubby guy with a pale face which shone with sweat, which was framed by thin, mousy hair. The man seated next to me greeted me, and we chatted for a while, which also served to calm me down so I could relax. After a while, I plucked up some courage and asked "So, does this place have a ... you know... dark room, or some place like that?" He gave me a wry smile. "Just downstairs. The toilets in the basement. That’s where the guys go and get up to all sorts." I sipped some more beer, feeling my palms getting sweaty and my heart beat faster. "But if you go down there, be careful with your wallet. It's easy to get your pocket picked when someone's sucking you off." I blushed and nodded. "Can't be too careful." "Oh, and use a condom." Uh oh. I thought, here comes the safe sex lecture. He must have seen my expression because he shook his head and said "No, I mean it. This 'ain't Disneyland. You let a guy in you bare down there, and you'll likely get knocked up, if you know what I mean. Some of them would love to get in your pants and give you a dirty load." My heart skipped a beat and I felt excitement and fear in equal measure. "Anyway," he said, tapping my shoulder, "I just thought you should know. I'm going outside for a cigarette." He got down heavily from the stool and disappeared outside. The guys at the bar were ignoring me now. I took another sip of beer, then went over to the narrow, dimly lit stairs to the basement toilets. At the bottom, a left turn led to a small space containing two cubicles with broken locks and a filthy sink. The urinals were straight ahead from the foot of the stairs, behind a screening wall. There was no one there. I didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. I was in the area next to the cubicles when I heard a step behind me. I turned to see the three guys from the bar crowding into the space. They didn't say anything, but the thin guy with the thick glasses began to rub a rather large bulge in his threadbare trousers. I gave them a nervous smile, aware of my own trousers tightening at the groin. He slowly unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled out a thick, stiff cock. I took his cock in my hand, feeling the warm, silky flesh in my palm. "Do you want to suck it, mate?" he asked. The sixty-four thousand dollar question. The moment when I could still make a choice to stay or go. I made my choice, and bent forward and took him in my mouth, tasting the salty sweatiness as he dug in a pocket and took out some poppers. I heard him sniff deeply, then the bottle was offered to me. I stopped sucking long enough to take a big hit, feeling the chemical course through me. My inhibitions wash away, so I eagerly resumed sucking him. The bottle, meanwhile, was passed between the men and the powerful aroma filled the small space. I felt a hand grab my arse and stroke it through the material of my trousers. " Nice arse," said a gruff voice behind me. "Let's see it, then." I fumbled with my belt and zip, and then my trousers slid down to my ankles. I felt rough fingers dig into the waistband of my underpants and pull them down, exposing my bare bottom. I continued to suck the cock, until he lifted my chin and straightened me up, before kissing me on the mouth. I gasped as his tongue slid between my lips and I tasted beer and cigarettes on his breath. He laughed as he pulled away. "Bend over the sink, matey," he said. The young chubby guy was sweating profusely and grinning like a Cheshire cat. He had dropped his trousers and pants as he wanked a thin, curved cock and was beside himself with excitement. Slowly, I turned and bent over the sink, grabbing the edge of the cold ceramic bowl. Beside me, the fat guy was humming happily to himself as he pulled the polo shirt over his head, revealing a fat, hairy torso, and flabby belly. His body odour filled the space as he dropped his trousers and a thick, stubby cock sprang up between his fat thighs. There was a grimy mirror above the sink. I saw my reflection, face flushed from the poppers, and behind me the thin guy digging a crumpled tube of KY from his pocket. He unscrewed the cap, squeezed a dollop on to his forefinger, and roughly worked it into my arsehole, the filthy, rough fingernail scratching my delicate skin. "Here we go," he remarked, dipping to push trousers and pants down, then waddling behind me and sniffing from the brown bottle. I had one last moment of sanity. "Don't...don't you want a condom?" He chuckled and handed me the bottle. "Naw, we're all friends here, 'ain't we?" The young man giggled. " Fuck him, Bill!" I sniffed the poppers, felt a moment's fear as Bill pushed forward and then his cock slid up me in a delicious, slippery rush and I gasped and sagged over the sink. "There we go," Bill whispered and began to slide slowly in and out of me. "Jesus, he's got a nice arse!" He said to the others. "Proper smooth and wet." He fucked me for a few minutes as the other two clustered round and probed under my stomach to feel the base of the cock sticking in me. Suddenly, footsteps sounded on the stairs. I would have got up but the others seemed unconcerned, and whatever the case, I was pinned to the sink. In the doorway stood the man from the bar who had warned me about being careful. His face was a comic mixture of shock, disgust and lust as our eyes met. Bill stood back, and the man could clearly see his cock was bare and glistening with lube. "Want some, mate?" The man blushed and shook his head, but he didn’t leave and I saw his hand begin to rub his crotch. "C'mon then, Jamie." said Bill. "Climb on and fill yer boots before you blow a fuse!" The chubby young man waddled behind me and eagerly pressed his cock into my hole. It was thin and curved with a mushroom head, and went in easily. Unlike Bill, he fucked me in short furious strokes, gasping with pleasure as the sweat dripped from his chin on to my bare buttocks, "Oh..oh yeah..uuuh..uuuh." he grunted as Bill pressed the bottle to my nose. " Fuck 'im Jamie! " growled the fat man, " Give 'im that dirty load of yours!" My head swam from the poppers and I heard my voice squealing with pleasure and animal lust as the young man's movements got faster and more urgent. " it comes...aah!" he gasped, and I felt his cock stiffen and throb and knew he was spurting in me. At last he relaxed, and pulled out, staggering back to lean against the wall. I felt a drool of sperm run down over my scrotum and was aghast at what I'd done. Yet I didn't move. I looked at my swollen face in the mirror and licked my lips in shame and lust. The man was still standing in the doorway, rubbing his crotch. But now he was shaking his head slowly and looking at me as if to say "You stupid bastard." I felt a heavy body behind me and the flabby belly being lifted on to my buttocks as the stubby cock nosed at my hole. Bill bent beside me and kissed me again, remarking "There now, didn't I say we were all friends?" The fat cock slid into my dripping hole and began to mechanically fuck me. I gasped and hung onto the bowl as he rode me, all the time looking at the man who was shaking his head, but now had his cock out as the young man knelt before him and sucked it. "More than friends," puffed the fat man as he started to thrust fast and hard into me. "He's gonna be family after we knock him up!" then he grunted like a pig and shuddered all over as he came in me. He pulled back and I straightened up, feeling the sperm from two loads sliding out of me. Bill was grinning and he ruffled my hair. "Dirty bastard, ‘aren’t you?" The fat man pulled on his clothes, belched and disappeared upstairs for a drink. Idly, I watched the young man's head bobbing back and forth until the man gasped and spurted into his mouth. Not meeting my eyes, he scurried out. Jamie got up and pulled his trousers up, his mouth wet with spit and cum as Bill fastened his trousers. "Don't you want to fuck me?" I asked. "Not yet, mate. We've got a whole evening ahead of us.”
  3. here I am. It's six months since I tested poz, and the virus has agressively invaded my body. I am already losing weight, and have thrush in my mouth and a sore on my cock which won't clear up. But I'm not on meds, as I'm scared of the side effects even though I'm coughing a lot. The small room behind the biohazard door is lit with a dim red light as I lounge on a bench, smiling at the regulars as we wait patiently for our prey. The door opens, and the moustachioed man enters with a small, chubby twink in tow. The lads eyes are glassy, and I'm guessing he's either high or drunk. He's soon enveloped by diseased, sweating bodies and begins to squeal with pleasure as his cock is sucked and eager fingers probe his arse, smearing lube feom filthy tubes into his hole. There is a struggle, a squirming of bodies, and then he is face down on the bench with a fithy rag soaked in poppers over his face, and his pale, flabby body is no longer struggling. Someone pulls his arse cheeks apart and climbs aboard, sliding into the lad who squeals like a pig. It doesn't take long before the top grunts and delivers the first poz load, before standing back and grinning at me. I take his place, feeling my cock slide deliciously into the hot, wet hole and even as I start to spurt I wonder who's sperm will knock-up the the lucky lad....
  4. There were a number of bar stools on the back wall. I took a seat on one, trying to get straight in my mind what was happening to me and what I had done. A big guy was seated on the next stool. His head was shaven, he stocky body sported a number of 'school tattoos', and his thick cock and heavy balls hung below his bulging belly. "Quite a show you put on just now," he commented approvingly. I noticed his thighs bore a number of ugly, purple blotches and just above his cock was a small biohazard tattoo in red and black ink. "Did...did you fuck me?" I asked. He saw me staring at the tattoo and the blotches on his legs and grinned evilly as he replied "Oh yeah. I never pass up on a chance to load up a willing arsehole. I imagine you have more than a few toxic loads swimming up there." I gulped and trembled a little as his cock began to thicken. His cock which may well have already infected me"You scared? Chickening out?" I shook my head and smiled shyly back. He chuckled suggesting "C'mon, I've got some friends who'd love to meet you." With that he levered himself heavily off the stool and led me round to the far side of the bar where a group of four or five older trolls were drinking and chatting. As we approached the men he began to introduce me, only to ask "This is...what's your name?" "Ian," I answered. "I'm Mick." The trolls looked hungrily at me. I couldn't help but notice their flabby, ravaged bodies, sunken cheeks and stringy arms and legs. Mick bought me a drink and as I took a sip I felt several hands exploring my cock and arse. I couldn't stop myself from getting erect and could sense the air of excitement which was building. "Show us your hole, Ian," Mike suggested. I bent forward and spread my cheeks. Someone spread some lube on me and then a finger slid up me. The lube helped but, even so it felt scratchy. In a few seconds I started to feel strange. A warm, tingling rush swept through my body. My cock felt even stiffer, my heart was pounding and I felt incredibly horny. "What's happening?" I gasped as I felt my self discipline slipping away and an incredible urge to fuck someone, anyone. "Just a little something to relax you," answered Mick as he nodded to the owner who was perched on a stool behind the bar, remarking "I think he's ready." The owner nodded back, and lifted a flap in the bar. They led me through and up some narrow rickety stairs to the floor above. I could feel their hot bodies around me and smelled their sweat and the acrid smell of poppers. There was a small room off to the left, bare apart from a filthy, stained mattress on which were a number of used packets of lube. "Lay down," instructed Mick. I complied, laying on my back, feeling a damp patch under my hip. Immediately I was surrounded by ageing, sweating flesh as the group descended on me. Fingers and lips probed and licked my face, cock and nipples and I could hardly breathe for the weight of bodies clambering over me. It was like animals in a farmyard with a bitch in heat. They turned me over and smeared lube between my buttocks. There was a pushing and shoving around me, and then I felt a heavy body on my back as calloused hands dragged my legs apart. A bony forearm snaked around my throat and then his cock slid into me. "Oh yeah!" someone whispered as he began to slide in and out, choking me just enough to make me gasp. Other voices whispered around me, urging him on as fingers probed between my legs, searching out the cock fucking me. "Take it, you bastard!" the top gasped as his body shivered and his cock throbbed and throbbed as he spunked in my hole. I could actually even feel his heart pounding in his rib cage. Then he withdrew and climbed off of me. Eager fingers probed my hole, feeling for the sperm which had been deposited and then I was rolled onto my back and my legs gently, reverently pulled up to my chest. An old man in his sixties with a bony torso and sores on his mouth and in his hair squatted between my legs, grasping a long, thin cock in his wrinkled fist. Grinning almost irrationally, he leaned forward and slid it up me, thrusting urgently back and forth like a rambbit. "Yeah! Oh yeah!" he gasped. Then he leaned forward and I felt his crusty mouth searching for mine. There was a moment's revulsion but then his lips found mine and I could only kiss him back as his tongue filled my mouth. Holding me like that, mouth clamped on mine, he gave a little groan of pleasure and came in me, jerking and thrusting like an animal. When he'd finished, he stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes as he murmured "Welcome to the club, matey." I glanced around at the filthy walls, the eager faces and realised I was in the depths of depravity and an enormous sense of relief and acceptance swept over me. Some one pulled me across the mattress until I was straddling a heavy, hairy body and a thick cock jutted up against my arse. It was Mick, his face sweating and swollen with lust. Eager fingers grasped his cock and guided it into me and he licked his lips as my rectum engulfed him. Someone knelt next to me, urgently thrusting his cock against my mouth. I turned and sucked it in and, almost immediately, it burst a thick load of cum on my tongue. I let him finish then looked down at Mick as his body rippled and thrust up into me. He smiled and opened his mouth, giving a loud groan which somehow recognized the pure filth of the moment. I sat up as best I could and gave him a kiss as we swapped back and forth the load of cum I had just taken, mirroring his thrusts into my arse.
  5. After most of the men in the bar had wandered over and fucked me, there was a pause in proceedings. I was hanging helplessly over the bar stool, sweaty and gasping for breath. "How do you feel?" he asked, lifting my chin and staring at me. "I...I'm...I can feel it dripping out of me." I gasped. "Can't have that, can we?" he remarked as he disappeared behind me. I felt him wipe his cock between my cheeks, gathering up the sperm leaking from my hole then, with a grunt of pleasure he slid his cock easily into my cunt which was now puffy and swollen. "Ah, yes!" he signed, "So much cum in there. I wonder which load will take and knock you up?" After a few minutes, he slowly withdrew, ordering me to squeeze my arsehole shut so I didn't leak to much. He slapped my sweaty buttocks and said "Good little pig. I'm going for a drink. Catch you later." Then he turned and my eyes followed his sunken, wrinkled bottom as he headed for the bar. I levered myself off the stool, took a deep breath and headed for the toilet to take a piss. The toilets were off to one side, basic, no doors on the cubicles and very dirty and smelly. I stepped into a cubicle to piss. In the next one, an old guy was bending over the bowl being fucked by a younger man wearing motorcycle boots and with an obvious biohazard tattoo on his hip. The old guy alternately gasped and cooed "Oooh! it! Cum in me!" Despite a growing hard-on, I managed to finish pissing. I couldn't ignore the activities in the adjoining cubicle. The younger man began to growl in pleasure as he worked himself to a climax and with a loud cry he spurted noisily before pulling out and strolling off. I headed for the bar and as I did so, I passed in front of the cubicle where the old guy looked back over his shoulder and wiggled his wet, sagging bottom lewdly at me, extending the invitation "Your turn, dearie," his voice high-pitched and lisping, and, perhaps to remove all doubt, he asked "Want to fuck me?" I was sorely tempted but I was so over-excited I knew I would cum straight away and I didn't want to cum yet.... "Maybe later," I mumbled as I moved on. Seconds later a man passed me on the way in and I heard the high-pitched voice give him the exact same pitch: "Your turn dearie...want to fuck me?" Outside, the lights had been turned down low and the music up loud. It was filling up with guys of all ages and body shapes, all naked and all eager to breed. I was aware of my wet and swollen arse hole and my erection swaying in front of me. Multiple glittering eyes checked me out and with a deep sigh I stepped into the crowd....
  6. It was my second visit to the Fort, a sleazy pub in London which held naked days on Wednesdays, and where I began my descent into depravity when I was fucked in the sling in full view of the bar. As I remember it, the bar was dark, the music was loud, and the room smelled with the body odour from the many old trolls lounging naked at the bar. I removed my clothing, storing them ia locker, then walked naked to the bar area where I ordered a drink. Numerous pairs of eyes glittered in the dim light as they scanned my body. Naturally I was nervous, and still unsure of what I was doing. As I turned from the bar and moved towards the far wall, a man walked past me and stroked my bottom in passing. I turned and he gave me a smile. His face was swarthy, with deeply sunken cheeks and his body was quite muscular, his veins clearly protruding. "Nice arse," he remarked in a clearly Italian accent. "Thanks," I replied. His body was so obviously wasted it made me shiver with fear and excitement. "Want to have some fun with me?" he asked. I had to ask, "Are..are you poz?" Again he smiled answering "Yes, of course. Twenty years now. Come and play," as he led me over to a corner, gesturing at a couple of empty bar stools, asking " You kinda new here, eh?" "Second time here," I admitted. "Then you should get plenty of cock. A fresh boy like you. Still neg?" I nodded, and he shrugged as if to say not for long and then said "Raise your legs and show me your hole." I leaned back and managed to raise my legs almost to my chest. He gently fingered my slit and poked the tip of his finger into it, urging "Push it open, Try to suck it in. The guys like it nice and puffy." I gasped as his finger slid into my hole, definitely glad I had pre-lubed myself when I undressed. He probed in and out, at the same time offering me a bottle of poppers. I sniffed deeply, and felt the familiar melting rush. I half-noticed some guys moving closer to get better view, and my new friend winked at them as his fingers opened me up. I looked down and saw he had an erection, and a thick drool of precum was hanging from the mushroom shaped head. I took another sniff of poppers and suddenly, in a matter of fact way like a dog mounting a bitch, he removed his finger, pushed his hips forward and slid his slimy, toxic cock up into my rectum. I gasped with shock, but he crouched over me, shoving the finger which had been up my hole into my mouth as he thrust his cock in and out, grunting "Take it! It's what you came here for, isn't it?" There were several men clustering round us now, and someone supported my shoulders and two more held my legs up as the Italian man slid sensuously in and out of my arse. "Very nice!" he remarked, but not yet. I will maybe make you pregnant later maybe, eh?" With that, he slid out of me and stepped back. I was thoroughly excited, and my hole, gaping. The guys lowered my legs, and the Italian gestured for me to bend forward over the stool. I complied and he fed his slimy cock into my mouth, asking the general question "Okay, guys,, who's going to be first to knock up my little slut?" I felt strong fingers pull my arse cheeks apart, and a short, thick cock opened me up further, then slid up inside me. I looked over my shoulder to see a fat, middle aged man dripping with sweat as he started to fuck me, but the the Italian clearly was in charge of matters as he slapped my face, positioning my mouth to take care of his cock. "No, no," he almost cooed, urging "You just keep sucking. You don't need to see who in your hole, or, for that matter, who knocks you up." I felt the fat man grunt and shiver as his throbbing cock unloaded in me. When he withdrew his warm sperm ran down my balls. Another cock immediately began it's journey into my rectum, but this time I had learned my lesson: like a good slut I didn't look round this time, nor did I check out the series of men who mated with me. One after the other the men kept cumming until the sperm overflowed from my puffy arsehole. The Italian man, all the while, stroked my hair, reminding me what a good boy I was....
  7. First time I barebacked I was 13. A friend of mine (who was much more experienced) came to stay whilst my parents went to a party. He persuaded me to play strip poker with "extras" if we lost a hand whilst naked. One of the extras was to put your cock in the other person's bumhole. After we were naked, he lost the next hand, turned over and I got on his back and fucked him. I've never forgot that feeling and I guess I've been trying to recreate it ever since.
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments. This one's kinda run its course. I'll have to think of a new story!
  9. I made my way back upstairs, wet between my buttocks, as the cum dripped out of me. On the top floor there is a water sports room with a bed, a fuck bench in the middle of the room and a big, walk-in wet area for piss fun. Entering the room, I found the usual trolls and piss addicts lurking in the shadows so I made my way to the wet area and sat down on the cold, damp tiles and waited. Before long, several of the ghouls moved in on me, eager to degrade me as I sat patiently looking up at them. Two men stepped in and stood over me, each holding his cock towards my face. There was a pause, a moment of quiet anticipation, and then streams of piss arced out and over my body, gushing down my belly and over my cock, which stiffened in response to the warmth of the piss. I couldn't resist, and leaned forward to gulp some down as it splashed over my face. Finally, they finished and left me drenched in urine and hard as a rock. I stood and stepped into the room. Several guys were wanking and looking at a chubby old man who lay face down over the fuck bench. He was holding his fat cheeks apart and I could see his brown hole was glistening with lube. I stepped up behind him and probed his hole with my cock. He gasped and pulled himself open, inviting my piss-drenched cock to fuck him. I slid into his slack, old hole and began to thrust, enjoying his slack bottom against my belly. The trolls moved in, eagerly feeling under my arse for my cock going into the old man. Someone pulled my head round and kissed me with a probing tongue as other hands guided my bottom back and forth encouraging me to breed the old slut. I couldn't last long, and started to shake as the cum rising in my balls. The man kissing me sensed my urgency and clamped his mouth on mine as I shuddered and shot a heavy load into the eager bottom, thrusting and thrusting until my balls were empty. The man who had been kissing me stopped, and assisted me in standing, smiling as he watched my slime-covered cock pop out of the now dripping arsehole of the bottom. I was absolutely exhausted, and found myself both grateful and helpless as the man led me to a mattress, pushed me face down, and mounted me. Bodies flanked us, urging him on as he fucked my hole, the mattress damp wet with the smell of piss, sweat and cum. I shuddered in ecstasy.....
  10. Despite my best intentions, a kind of madness comes over me every few weeks, when all I want to do is take as much cum in my ass as I can and I’m not particular about from whom. There is a sauna I usually visit which has two floors and a basement which is reached via a short corridor and a flight of steps down to a dark doorway. The basement is pitch black, steamy and smelly from body odours. You can’t see anyone inside, but I have watched the men coming and going and I know they are the old, the trolls and the skinny sleazy guys no-one would play with in the light of the main floors. Consequently, the sex is completely unsafe – no condoms are used or offered – as these men are infected already or just don’t care. I stripped and made my way down the corridor and down the stairs. My heart began to pound, not only with fear and excitement but the strong smell of poppers in the fetid air. I moved into the darkness, sensing and feeling sweating naked bodies crushed in the confined space around me. Reaching out, I felt the chains of the sling hanging in the centre of the room. I turned and lowered myself onto the seat, shuddering with disgust at the sliminess on my bare skin from spunk and lube dripping over the leather. Immediately, calloused hands grabbed my ankles, lifting my legs and pushing stirrups over my feet. I lay there with my legs wide and asshole exposed, like a fly in a web and waited, only able to see vague pale shape looming around me. A finger probed my hole, sliding into the lube I had applied in the changing room. I heard a low chuckle and other hands pinched my nipples as a warm wet mouth engulfed my swollen cock. I groaned, unable to resist, feeling and embracing the degradation as I offered myself to the darkness. A man loomed between my legs, flabby body like a white slug and lank black hair over his sweating brow. He was fumbling below his belly as he got into position, and then I felt his cock sliding into me. I gasped at the thickness of it, feeling the veins along the shaft as it slid up me until his cold, clammy belly lay on my cock and the sling began to sway and creak as he fucked me. The noise attracted a crowd and the urged him on as he rode me towards a climax. I gasped with pleasure as his cock slid deliciously in and out, and sweat dripped from his face on to mine. Then he gave a grunt and pushed deep into me as his cock throbbed and spurted into my guts. After a moment, he pushed off me and his cock slid out followed by a gush of sperm. There was a scramble and a mouth clamped over my hole, lapping up the sperm leaking from my body. Then another man was between my legs. I could see he was old and skinny with thick rings hanging from his sagging tits. His face was hollow, but his eyes pierced into mine. We connected at that fundamental level which all pigs understand, and, giving me a toothless grin, his long, mushroom headed cock found my hole and slid up into my hole. I could do nothing but reach around and embrace his bony back and wait for him to breed me….
  11. Sounds great. Where is the spot near birmingham airport? I occasionally pass that way on business and would love to get a load or two! Cheers
  12. I just got back from a local sauna which has a 'no towels' day. The place was quite busy and no less erotic with guys of all shapes, sizes and ages walking around naked. One guy caught my eye. He was probably in his late fifties, short with white skin and dark hair. The interesting stuff was the swollen belly, the hump of fat around his neck and the dark blotches on his torso. He wore a cock ring and had obviously taken something as his long, uncut cock was semi-hard. So I followed him into the porn room which has layers of mattresses on a platform facing the screen. He was lying on his back, wanking as he watched the porno movie. A couple of other guys lay on the mattress, mostly old trolls waiting for something to happen. I got on the mattress beside him, easing my naked body onto the vinyl which was sticky with lube, sweat and cum. I held his cock and smoothed the foreskin down over the fat head before sucking him into my mouth. As I sucked him, I felt fingers smearing lube into my arse hole and glanced back to see a thin, old guy who winked at me as he poked a finger in my arse. After a while, I stopped sucking and stretched out face down next to the guy I'd been sucking, and the thin guy spread my cheeks. "Fuck him, Pete" he said. I realised they were together. He climbed on top of me and his swollen belly pressed against the small of my back. I felt his cock sliding down my crack, guided by the thin man's bony fingers. He guided it into my well-lubed hole and I gasped as the long, smooth cock slid deep into my rectum. He began to fuck me in long, delicious strokes as the other men crowded round, urging him on, and feeling between my legs with their wrinkled hands to squeeze my balls and touch the cock as it entered me. His thrusts became stronger, more urgent and I sensed he was about to come. His partner lay beside me and kissed me as Pete grunted softly and his cock throbbed and throbbed in me as he came.. He sighed and slowly pulled out, a gush of sperm spilling over my balls, before flopping onto the mattress beside me. "Thanks." He gasped as his partner knelt up beside me. I noticed for the first time the scorpion tattoo above his short, fat cock. "My turn," he announced. I eagerly knelt up and offered him my arse in acceptance of my fate.
  13. Just got back from a sleazy bar I know. The restroom is down stairs and has a couple of cubicles and a sink. Several old guys wanking and sucking when I went down there. Ended up bent over the sink being fucked bareback by a bearded guy in a baseball cap as they all watched.
  14. The next day I could hardly concentrate on my work, thinking about what I'd done and the risks I'd taken. But at the same time, my cock was rock hard with excitement and when 5 0'clock came, I couldn't resist going back to the toilet. It was getting dark, but I saw several men go inside as I nervously smoked a cigarette and got up the courage to go in too. After a while, when no-one had come out, the curiosity of what might be happening got the better of me and I went through the doorway. It was gloomy, not pitch black like the night before, but the same smell of piss, poppers and sweat assailed my nostrils and my heart beat fast with excitement. The small space was filled with men, clustered around in a group. I heard the unmistakable grunts and moans of men engaged in sex and pushed forward to see what was happening. I gasped when I saw chubby, smoothed-skinned twink bending forward, naked from the waist down as a skinny old man held him around the waist and energetically fucked his fat arse. He must have been 18 or 19, short with blond hair which was matted over his brow. His eyes were bright with fear and lust and I saw bottles of poppers being jammed under his nose. The spiders had caught a fly, I thought, and now they were spinning their nitrate web around the lad as he sagged in helpless lust between their old, diseased bodies. The man fucking him gave a grunt and his hips spasmed in orgasm. When he pulled out, a gush of sperm dripped over the twink's testicles and onto the filthy floor. There was a scramble and then a black guy in a filthy polo shirt dropped his shorts, rubbed the thick cock below his bulging belly and slid it up the glistening hole, driving a low moan of pain and surrender from the sweating twink. I watched, fascinated as the black guy thrust in and out in a primeval rythym as the others urged him on. He gasped and shuddered in ecstasy then staggered back and I found myself in the front of the queue. Hands opened my belt and dragged my trousers and pants down and gnarled fingers guided my throbbing cock into the gaping, wet hole, as other hands pushed my bottom forward until I was sheathed in a delicious, hot, wet tunnel.After a few thrusts, I couldn't hold back and I spurted and spurted, and added my sperm to the toxic brew in the twink's backside.
  15. They dragged my trousers and underpants down and my cock sprang up strong and stiff. Then warm, wet lips engulfed it and I gasped with pleasure, even though I knew what I was doing was dangerous and wrong. Now another smell hit me as someone opened a bottle of poppers which filled the small space. My heart began to race and I put my hands on the head sucking me, and felt thin hair and wrinkled skin. Meanwhile, other fingers gripped the base of my cock, probed between my buttocks and pinched my nipples through my shirt. Oh god, I thought, I should go. This was all wrong. A bottle was thrust into my nostrils. "Take a deep sniff" whispered the man who'd been kissing me, adding "enjoy yourself." I inhaled, and felt the popper-rush and my resistance melted. Someone pushed my head down and fed a thick cock into my mouth. It was slippery and tasted of cum and smelled of ass juices. I gagged, but the poppers had me high and I began to suck and clean it. Someone asked "Who is he?" "Dunno," whispered another, explaining "Some yuppie slumming it." "He's sure eager for cock." A low chuckle "Yeah, and he's gonna get what's coming to him." I felt a finger against my arsehole. It was cold and slippery and I realised someone was rubbing lube into it. Oh no. This was too much. I needed to come to my senses. But it felt so good as the finger slid gently into me and the poppers bottle was thrust under my nose. I groaned and stayed bent over, my heart beating fast and a pulse roaring in my ears. "Fuck it!" someone urged. I felt a body behind me and then a thin, mushroom headed cock probing my hole. I reached back and realised it was bare, and my heart skipped a beat. What was I doing? How could I do this? But the head popped into me, followed by the long, thin shaft and I could only groan with pleasure and surrender. He began to thrust slowly, deliberately in and out, and I could feel calloused fingers feeling for where the shaft entered me. His thrusts were getting more deliberate, faster, as he worked himself towards orgasm. 'I'm going to let him', I thought, 'Oh Jesus, I'm going to let him'. He was now thrusting fast, so I wasn't surprised when he gasped "I'm gonna cum!. I'm gonna breed your fuckin' arse!" He gave a deep growl of pleasure, and I felt the cock in me swell and throb and knew he was spurting, his sperm carrying god knows what diseases into my guts. I was shaking with fear, but also with the realisation that I'd crossed a line into depravity and it was also exciting. Fingers probed my hole and a man said "Spunked up him, did you?" "Oh yeah. Gave him a dirty load." Someone stroked my head surprisingly gently. "Nice one, mate. Now you've joined the club." Fingers undid my shirt, pulling it off my body and then they gently, reverently pulled me into a cubicle. Someone sat on the toilet, I couldn't see who, and pulled my head down onto his cock. He stroked my face as I sucked him and gave me more poppers. Then he reached over my back and I felt his strong hands pull my cheeks apart, asking "Who's next? Anyone want to knock him up before he leaves?" Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I realised what was happening to me, the awful depravity of it, and I also knew I wanted it. An obese man mounted me, resting his heavy belly on my bottom as his stubby cock slid into my wet hole. He was excited, dripping with sweat and only lasted a few seconds before he gasped and came in me. He pulled out roughly, and I felt a gush of warm, slimy spunk dribble down over my balls. 'Yes, I'm going to let them', I thought as another cock nosed easily into my dripping hole. I had gladly accepted my fate.

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