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  1. Cumunion: Hove or Sheffield?

    Anyone going to the next cumunion in Sheffield this Friday. Be great to meet up.
  2. Mentioned in Despatches

    I lost my job and subsisted on benefits and handouts. I took a cheap room near the sauna and spent all my time there taking and giving loads in the darkness and breeding like the pig I had become. Somehow, the sauna wasn't enough and, anyway, I could no longer afford the entrance fee. I discovered a subterranean world of old Victorian toilets in run-down parts of town and in the parks. A world of old men - depraved, diseased and damaged people meeting in filthy, dark and smelly old brick buildings to suck and fuck like animals. I was younger than most and still relatively healthy-looking in the dim and dark spaces despite losing weight and the sores on my body so I always attracted mates wanting to breed with me. Besides, I don't think they really cared or they wouldn't be fucking in such a depraved environment. One day, in an old toilet near the park, I was bent over, filthy jeans and underwear around my ankles being fucked bareback by two fat old trolls. I caught sight of my face in the cracked mirror over the sink with the hollow cheeks and dark rimmed eyes and realised I had hit rock bottom. At that moment, the old git spurted into me, adding his dirty cum to the loads I had already taken that day and I smiled at myself. Here in the gutter was where I wanted to be.
  3. Fortune And Men's Eyes

    Each morning we were let out to the shower area to wash the piss and filth and cum from our bodies and to eat breakfast, naked and dripping with water, whilst the guards hosed out the cell. It was then I could see my compatriots and understand just how low I'd sunk. Fat, thin, hairy and smooth, some with sores on their skin, idiot faces and blackened teeth, like a vision from hell in a medieval painting. Then we'ed be shoved back into that hell-hole, the door clanged shut and I was engulfed in naked bodies. After a while, the temperature rose in the confined space. We began to sweat and I could feel the raw animal lust returning. My heart began to pound as I felt myself dragged to the floor, engulfed in flesh and the first cock nosing into my arsehole. By the end of the week, I had given up all hope, lost all inhibition and become an animal like the others, scrambling over sweating, shuddering bodies to find a cock to sit on or a slimy arse to fuck and my hole was gaping and swollen from constantly being fucked.
  4. Filthy Sauna

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the compliments. I'm going back there soon so I hope to have another chapter!
  5. Hi. Love to meet up and swap loads with you

  6. BOTTOMS; Picky about who fucks you?

    Not picky at all. In fact, the older, the sleazier and the uglier the top is, the more I like the depravity of spreading my legs and letting them breed me.
  7. Fortune And Men's Eyes

    I managed to avoid the gang for a while, mainly by pretending I was sick and avoiding the recreation hall. It couldn't last, of course, and I looked forward to my time with a strange mixture of fear and excitement - fear of being raped and pozzed, yet excitement at the degradation and the masochistic pleasure I was feeling. Whether it was in retaliation or just for fun, one of the gang slipped some dope in my cell. There were periodic checks, and I guess they tipped off the guards. They found it under my mattress and despite my protests they dragged me off to the punishment block. I'd heard bad things about this place and my blood ran cold as I was bundled through the door of the stone building and into an office where sat a small, ratty looking senior guard behind a desk. He grinned when the guard told him what had happened and I swear his hands shook with glee as he said. "This is the dirty little bastard came in a week ago and got knocked up by that faggot gang in the rec room, right?" The guard nodded and the one behind the desk just laughed. "The I've got just the punishment for him. Take him to the hole and put him in for a week." He looked at me with disgust. "You faggots are no better than animals. Well, time for you to swim in your perverted filth!" The guard dragged me through the door and into a small cubby hole. "Strip" He said, thumbs hooked in the belt around his fat stomach. I took off my clothes and he couldn't help licking his lips as he saw my young body. "Oh my," He said. "Are you in trouble now. With a body like that you are gonna be real popular!" And he gave a filthy laugh. Outside was a corridor and at the far end a metal door. The warder unlocked it and pulled it half open. It was pitch black inside, but the shaft of light from the door revealed it was crammed with naked, sweating bodies and the light glistened on the piss-soaked floor. The men inside shielded their eyes with filthy fingers as the guard said. "Good luck, kid." and pushed me inside. The door slammed shut and I could see nothing. It was hot and smelled of sweating bodies and piss and I was engulfed in sweating flesh as we were crammed into the small space. I tried to slide around the walls in the dark, tripping over bodies on the floor. I could hear moaning and gasping and the hairs stood up on my neck as I recognised the sounds of sex. What the hell was I going to do? I heard giggling too, and people jabbering madly and the sound of sobbing. It was like an insane asylum where people had been left naked in the dark and had descended to animals. Which is I guess what the warders intended. Suddenly a hand grabbed my ankle and I fell heavily to the floor which was writhing with naked bodies. Immediately I was engulfed, like a fly in a web as hands grabbed my arms and legs and faces pressed their lips to mine. "No...noooo!" I cried as I sank beneath the writhing, filthy tide of flesh but there was no escape. Helpless in their grip, unable to see anything in the pitch black, I could even scream as my knees were forced up to my chest as bearded face descended on mine and forced their tongue into my mouth I fat flabby flesh between my legs, hard fingers digging into my thighs and then a fat cock slid up me, it's entry made easy by the grease and cum smearing the veiny shaft. I gagged as he sank on to me, then sagged in surrender as he began to fuck me, kissing the bearded stranger and aghast at how excited this degrading experience was making me. There were bodies all round me, such that I was engulfed in sweating flesh as the unknown cock worked itself to a climax in me. The man grunted like a pig, shuddered and shot his load, then pulled out and I felt his sperm drip over my balls. Someone was lying beside me, large with heavy tits by the feel of him squashed against me. He pulled me by the arm and neck, and eager hands pulled my legs open and made me straddle his fat body. I felt hands scrabbling beneath my belly and over my sweating buttocks, and then his cock was grabbed and guided into my dripping arsehole. I groaned with pleasure and suddenly, like a revelation, saw myself impaled on a strangers cock, probably being infected by the time I left this hell-hole, and knowing I was sooo excited and enjoying my depravity. I moaned, leant forward and found his mouth with mine and reached back to spread my cheeks, allowing the fingers and tongues to find his cock where it slid in and out of me and gave myself up to pleasure...
  8. thanks for liking my story. Love to visit you when I come to Manchester

    1. transsexual_bareback


      I loved your story and I would love to meet with you and have some fun when your in the area

      Pauline xx


  9. The Car Park Toilets

    Sadly, most toilets have been closed now because of cut backs. Great pity because that's where I started my piggy journey, and I'm sure many other lads did too. Just the excitement of slipping into an old toilet, wondering if you'd been seen by anyone, then smelling the damp, piss-soaked aroma. The anticipation as you stood next to a guy at the urinals, glancing down and seeing his erection, and then the smile at each other, the shared secret as you both undid your trousers and did what you had to do...
  10. Filthy Sauna

    He started to slide his cock deliciously in and out of me, taking his time as he enjoyed the feel of my cummy arsehole around his cock. "Mmmm....darling!" he gasped. " you have a sexy pussy!" The other man got off the sofa and headed out. "See you two lovebirds later!" He laughed. "Knock him up good, Terry!" Terry chuckled as the man left and whispered in my ear. " Is that what you want, baby? Do you want daddy's nasty sperm in you? Do you want my baby?" I was gasping with pleasure as I knelt on the old sofa, arse up, being fucked by this sagging old man. But his cock felt so good, and I was so high with the sleaziiness of it, I could only nod my head and say "Yes...breed me!" He sighed happily. "Good boy!." Then he thrust faster in and out until his cock was like a rod of iron in me "Here it comes!" He gasped and I felt his cock throb and throb, knowing with each contraction his toxic sperm was spurting into me. After a few moments, he stopped moving and lay heavily on my back. I could feel his ribs and his heart pounding. "Oh yes...you're all wet with my spunk now. Let's give it a chance to take, shall we?" He lay on me like an old pig. It was quiet and still as the others had left, and I could hear the clock ticking and smell the body odour on the sofa back beneath my chin. Eventually, his cock softened to the point where my hole expelled it with a soft hiss and he got heavily to his feet and slapped my bum. "There you go, son. Hope you enjoyed getting pregnant with me. See you later" Then he was gone and I was alone in that filthy room, sperm dripping out of me, wondering what the hell I'd done. And yet, my cock was rock hard and I was as excited as I've ever been. There was a noise in the door way and the thin, veiny man called Arthur who'd used me to get off came in and gave a dirty laugh. "Fuckin' hell! Look at you!" He laughed as I got to my feet, erection standing out with a drool of pre-cum hanging from the tip. "Bet you didn't expect this, did yer? Bet you didn't plan to go home well and truly pozzed?" I shook my head and blushed, "I'm so ashamed of myself, I shouldn't have done it" I said. But my hard-on showed a different story and he just leered at me "I think you knew what you were doing. You're just a filthy bastard like the rest of us." He turned, knelt on the sofa and spread his sagging, wrinkled buttocks revealing a puffy, slack brown hole glistening with lube. "C'mon," He said. "Give me your last neg load. This is what your arse is going to look like one day" He wriggled it obscenely at me. I couldn't resist. My heart was pounding and I knew now what I was. I got behind him, pressed my cock into his puffy lips and slid up him as Bill appeared again with his rubbish bag to empty the bin. He watched me fucking the wasted old body for a minute or two, then came and slipped his hand under my buttocks and squeezed my balls and fingered my cock were it entered the slimey hole. "That's it" He said. " Don't be shy. Shoot up him like his wants." He suddenly thrust his forefinger into Arthur along side my cock and I gasped with pleasure, feeling the orgasm approaching "C...cumimg! I gasped "Ooh, lovely! I can feel it shooting around my finger" Arthur was laughing as he took my load "Git your fucking finger out you dirty sod!" Bill did what he was told and winked at me as he licked the cum and juices from his forefinger. "Nice. " He said. " Sweet. And your last neg load. I know they've all fucked you. Welcome to our little club!"
  11. Very hot story. There used to be a cinema like that in London full of trolls and sleazy as hell, There was a wall at the back behind the seats with a narrow space behind it. You'd often see a couple of old men standing there watching the movie, pants and underwear around their ankles being fucked by anyone who wanted them. Tried it myself a couple of times. Incredibly filthy to stand there watching the movie, pants down. After a while, a guy would want to blow his load before he eft, and come round behind you, stick it in and cum.
  12. Filthy Sauna

    Whilst we'ed been talking I heard the front door open a couple of times and footsteps in the changing room and then going up the stairs. I left Sid reading his paper and levered myself off the chair, aware of the cool spunk coating my cheeks. Upstairs, I ignored the sauna as I heard voices in the small TV room off on the other side of the landing. There were three guys there, much older than me watching the TV. One sat in a threadbare sofa on one side and the other two on another sofa on the other side. They were real trolls with sagging tits, spindly legs and old, lined faces. There was a porn movie playing with a couple of twinks fucking in a bedroom. "Nice cock on that lad." Said one as the camera zoomed in to show the heavy cock sliding into an arsehole. "Not bad," Said another. "Got a good technique, too." They could have been discussing football or something for all the casualness in their voices. "Alright matey?" The one on the sofa on his own smiled at me reavealing a mouthful of bad teeth. "Why dontcha sit here?" I sat down beside him, conscious that he smelled of body odour, and noticing his hand tugging idly at his cock had dirty fingernails. The others were watching the porn, wanking each others cocks as they moved on to taliking about some new housing estate being built. "Been before?" Asked the old man next to me. "Nope" I said. "First time. Been here a couple of hours" He cackled. "Yeah and I bet Bill or Sid have been up you by now - they don't hang about!" I blushed and nodded. "Both of them." He interrupted the other two. "Dirty bastards have fucked our friend here already!" They laughed and one of them, with rings through his sagging tits and a paunch hanging over his heavy cock gestured me over. "Let's have a look,then." I stood and went over. He turned me round and I bent forward, allowiing his scaley fingers to spread my cheeks and probe my hole. "He's wet, alright. Carrying a bellyful of dirty spunk, I reckon." The other man next to him was very thin and wasted looking with heavy veins on his arms and legs and a fat erection sticking up from his lap. "I need a fuck," He announced. "Once I get off, I can relax a bit." They pulled me onto the sofa between them, getting me to kneel on the cushions and rest my arms on the backrest. Lube was rubbed roughly over my hole, and then the wasted man got off the sofa and got behind me. Without any warning, he slid his cock into me making me gasp with the size of it, but the lube and spunk in my hole allowed it to slip in easily enough. "That's better," I heard him say as he started to thrust into me. The other two ignored us and began a conversation about the news whllst next to them I was being fucked by this disgusting old man. "Ahhh... " he said to the other two. "That feels better. Just need to empty my balls and then I'll hit the sauna." He hadn't even acknowledged me but now I felt his thrusts becoming urgent. For all he cared, he was fucking a piece of meat just to get off. "Yeah...he gasped. Here it comes!" With that he collapsed on my back, shuddering and grunting in orgasm as he shot his load up my insides. After a while, he got heavily off me, pulling his cock out brutally and said. "Right, see you later" to the other two. Then he left. I just knelt there gasping and embarrassed, spunk now dripping over my balls and onto the cushions. "Look at all that spunk!" Said the one with the tit rings. "Reckon Arthur gave him a bellyful that time!" I looked over at them, my face flushed with lust. The man with the tit rings stood up and held his heavy cock in his hand. "You do know you've been pozzed, dont'cha mate?" I nodded and just knelt here. He grinned and for the first time I saw the dark blotches on his skin and the sores on his lower legs. "Good, So you won't mind another bellyful of poz babies then, will you? With that he got behind me and began to slide his fat cock slowly, deliciously into my rectum. "Hold still, darling and let's see if we can get you pregnant today." He whispered as the other man laughed in the background.
  13. Filthy Sauna

    Thanks Guys - appreciate the compliments. Although I write them as stories, they are all based on fact and this really happened to me!
  14. Filthy Sauna

    I discovered a sauna in a run-down part of town in walking distance from my office. The reviews said it was a bit sleazy and was a sauna for “men not twinks” which I found intriguing. So I headed off there one afternoon. The guy who let me in through the nondescript door in a side street was probably in his fifties, pudgy and wearing tee-shirt and shorts. He smiled as he charged me the entrance fee. “New here, aren’t you?” he asked. I nodded as he handed me my key. “Well, enjoy,” he remarked with a grin. It was pretty run-down and smelled a bit of damp. As I was getting undressed, a nude man appeared beside me. He was old and skinny with a paunch and he had a big cock hanging down with some foam around it where he had shaved his pubes. “That’s better,” he commented in a thick, phlegmy voice. adding "I like it smooth.” I said something neutral and stripped off my pants. “Nice tatts” he remarked, looking at the designs on my bottom and arms. “Thanks,” I answered. I wasn’t used to this kind of direct talk, and felt excited as I headed to the sauna. After a while, he came in and sat beside me. He wasn’t wearing a towel and his cock was semi-hard against his thigh. “Least it’s a bit warmer in here, eh? Bit cold outside. First time?” “Yes,” I replied. Nodding, he asked my name and followed-up with some general questions, his hand resting idly on my thigh as his fingers caressed my cock. I gasped, but he was quite nonchalant and talking about the weather as he stroked me to full erection. “Nice cock," he remarked, adding “You bottom or top?” His blunt question somewhat embarrassed me, but still I was able to answer "Well, bottom mostly.” His cock was erect now, thick and covered in veins. I also notice he had apparently at some point slid a cock ring around his tool. “Want to fuck?” I didn’t know what to say, but not wanting to appear naïve or nervous, I just shrugged and answered “Sure.” He levered himself off the bench and I followed his flaccid, wrinkled buttocks along the corridor (he hadn’t bothered with a towel) until we reached a room with a large, oval bed in the middle. Tossing a small bottle on the mattress he muttered “Poppers, if you want em.” There were some packets of lube on the side. He tore one open and rubbed it on his cock, then pushed me onto my knees commanding "Bend forward and rest your head on your arms.” When I was in position he asked rather incongruously, “So what do you think of the place, then?” “Not bad...”I started to reply, feeling this was a weird time to be starting a conversation, but then I felt his bare cock pushing into my arsehole. I gasped as I opened for him and after a brief struggle, the big head slid up me in a rush. "Don’t - don’t you want a …condom?” I asked. He was deep in me now and starting to thrust slowly in and out, making me sigh with pleasure, answering “Nah, I hate the things and haven’t used them since I was diagnosed. Here, take some poppers," handing me the bottle, even as my mind took in what he’d said: I was being fucked raw by a poz cock. I took a sniff and felt myself relax into it. He was sliding rhythmically in and out, all the time talking to me as if we were waiting for a bus or something. It was bizarre, and yet it seemed to distract me from worrying about what I was doing. Suddenly, the door opened and the pudgy guy from the front desk came in with a black bin-liner. “Don’t mind me!” he commented, adding “Seen it all before. Just emptying the bins.” He bustled around clearing up, when all the time I was kneeling there being fucked. “Nice bum,” he remarked, stroking his crotch. “Many in today, Bill?” asked the man fucking me, although in truth he was beginning to pant and his movements were getting more urgent. “Yeah, a few now, Sid. Mostly regulars." Sid gasped and said “Hang…hang on. I think I’m going to cum. Yep…here it cums!” With that his cock swelled and throbbed and I realised to my horror that he was filling me with spunk. “Nice,” he commented contentedly, stepping back one or two steps so his cock flopped out and a dollop of slimy cum slid down my balls. The other man, Bill, dropped his shorts and a stubby erection sprang up stiffly under his flabby belly. Before I even had time to react, he got behind me, steadied my bottom with one hand and thrust his cock into me with the other. It was so matter of fact, so nonchalant without even asking I just sagged in shock as he began to thrust eagerly in and out. “Put..put the kettle on….Sid," he gasped, explaining “I’ll make a cuppa when I’m done.” Bill nodded and left as Sid worked his way to orgasm. “Gah!” He gasped at last “ Fucking beautiful!” He pushed hard against me and came in me, stroking my thighs and panting happily as he spurted. “Phew! Nice one!” he remarked as he withdrew, giving my bottom a playful slap. “Want some tea?” He pulled some tissue from the dispenser on the wall and wiped his dripping cock before stepping into his shorts. I just nodded and followed him downstairs, numb with what had happened. There was a small patio with a table and two plastic chairs. Sid sat on one reading a paper. On the other was a pool of what looked like sperm. Sid saw me looking and said “Some dirty bastards in here, alright.” I suddenly felt helpless with the filthiness of it all, and yet the pure animal pleasure excited me. Slowly I lowered myself into the seat, feeling the anonymous spunk oozing between my buttocks and coating my hole. Sid looked up and said “You’re not poz, are you?” I shook my head. “How did you know?” He shrugged. “Something about your face upstairs, the shock when I said I had been diagnosed.” He turned back to his paper and lit a cigarette. “Anyway, better get used to it. Neither Bill nor I are on meds, so you’re probably pregnant already.”
  15. Sauna seeding

    Went to a new sauna this week for naked day which was quite busy. I love the atmosphere of naked days when everyone is so obviously on the hunt and you are surrounded by naked, prowling men. I looked in the cinema which is basically some tiered benches facing a screen. There was this skinny guy lying back watching the film. Probably about fifty, very pale and hairless with old school tattoos on his forearms. His cock was also long and thin as it stood up from his pot-belly. I immediately went to my knees and started to suck it and he moaned a bit and began to buck his hips and fuck my mouth. I could see some other guys watching and it turned me on. I had already lubed up in the changing room. I got up, turned and lowered my bottom onto his cock. He didn't resist, and just grunted with pleasure as it slid easily up into my rectum until I was sitting on his lap with his cock buried in me. I moved up and down a little and he moaned how good it felt. Several old men were watching me now and wanking themselves. "I"m going to cum!" He gasped. I raised myself up a little, allowing him to thrust his cock in and out and then he gasped and I felt it start to throb. Immediately I lowered myself down into his lap so his spurting cock was right up me. I waited until his orgasm finished and then he slapped my rump and laughed. "My balls are empty!" I got off and his cock slipped out, wet and slimey with cum which also felt nicely wet between my cheeks. "Thanks!" I said and he just nodded. "Yeah, maybe see you later." I left the cinema, and headed to the small dark room, aware that I had a group of eager admirers following me, having watched me being bred bareback, and eager to be the next to fuck me.

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