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    tattooed, pierced, poz versatile bottom. Since I've been poz, my top side has come out more and I luv to swap loads.
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  1. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    Part 2 - Timmy's story I was 18 and all my friends had gone to University. I wasn't a good student, and so wasn't able to go. I was also aware I was attracted to guys, and this made me very shy in case anyone found out. My mum said I had to get a job. "There's a place around the corner advertising for staff." She said. "It's a men's sauna. Why don't you apply? I'm sure you'd enjoy it." As she said this, she gave me a sly look and I blushed with the thought she had guessed my secret. I was overweight and very nervous about my appearance and didn't want to go, but she insisted and took me round there next day. It was just a nondescript door in a row of houses with a sign that said "sauna" over it. We knocked, and a middle aged guy answered wearing only a singlet and shorts. He raised an eyebrow when mum said "This is Timmy. He's come about the job." Then she pushed me forward, blushing furiously. He looked me up and down and grinned, revealing blackened teeth and said "Well. I'll give him a trial for a couple of days and see how it goes." With that the door closed behind me and I found myself in a tiny reception areas. The place smelled of steam, body odour and damp and didn't look too clean. "What's your name?" He said. "And you'd better be 18" I told him my name was Timmy and yes I was 18 though I didn't look it. He nodded. "Well Timmy, I need someone to clean up, scrub the floors occasionally and generally help out." As he spoke, a naked man appeared and asked for a clean towel. He was 50 ish with a flabby body and a semi-hard cock beneath his belly. I gasped. I had never seen a naked man before and I couldn't help staring at his cock. "What's this, Bill?" He said. "He's cute" Bill saw me staring and laughed. "This is Timmy. He's going to help out. You and the other dirty fuckers in here keep your hands off him." Then he turned and leered at me "Unless you want them too, eh mate?" I blushed again, aware my cock was rigid in my trousers. What sort of place was this? The man took his towel and grinned. "You're gonna be really popular. They'll all want to get in your arse." Then he turned and walked off, and I clearly saw the crease between his buttocks was wet and glistening. Bill told me to change into some shorts and a singlet like him as it was so hot and steamy. I went behind the desk to change, but when I looked up there was a mirror on the wall and he could clearly see me naked as I slipped on the tight shorts and singlet. He handed me a black bag and told me to go and empty the bins upstairs where the rest areas were. "It's not that big. You'll find your way round. Now listen, you'll see plenty of naked guys, and probably men having sex with each other. Is that a problem?" I felt my heart lurch and was so excited and yet scared. "N...nno thats fine." I said. "Ok. You want to join in, that's up to you. I'm sure they'd love it. But they're dirty bastards. If you let them fuck you bare, you'll get knocked up. You understand?" I had had sex lessons at school and understood about safe sex. I just nodded, uncomfortable at the conversation and headed upstairs...
  2. Slipitupme

    Any guys go to SOP?

    I've been working in London for a couple of months and have been to SOP on Tuesday nights several times. It's amazing! As others have said, it's a no attitude, sleazy bar where anything goes. I've never seen a condom used. There is nothing like kneeling in the bar in fill view of everyone whilst someone pisses in your mouth. Last time I went, I undressed, lubed my hole and walked naked around the curtains which screen off the dark rooms at the back. A cute Asian guy was fucking another man bending over a bench. As I came up to them he smiled at me and said "Want a fuck?" He pulled out of the guy, grabbed my arm, pulled me into position and slid his cock up my arse. It was heaven and so sleazy! Later I was in the toilets crouching next to the urinal being pissed over by a couple of guys. When I was nice and wet, I bent over the sink and spread my cheeks and was fucked by a couple of guys one after the other. I'll be going back this Tuesday (11th December) and looking for cum up me. I have a nice bottom with tattoos of vine leaves on it.
  3. Slipitupme

    SOP 1st July PISS and CUM slut

    Went to SOP for the first time last Tuesday. Incredible!. Got fucked bareback 3 times in the sling in one of the darkrooms then went outside and told a guy I was desperate for a piss. He knelt right there on the floor of the bar and I pissed all over his face and body. He just smiled and said now the floor was nice and wet. I went out to the toilets and several guys were there sucking and pissing over a guy who knelt next to the urinal. One of the guys who had fucked me was sitting on the edge of the urinal wanking. I lubed myself up some more, spread my cheeks and settled onto his cock. I bounced up and down as we watched the other guys, then he stood up, bent me over the washbasin and began to fuck me as I stared at myself in the mirror. A chubby guy in black spandex top and shorts came over, levered his short stubby cock out and pissed over my arse as we were fucking. After a while, the man in me left and the chubby guy got in the saddle and began to fuck me bareback. "I like being up there after someone else." He whispered. "Did he cum?" I said I didn't think so, and he stopped and said "Come and find me when you've got cum in you." I went outside to where they had put out a big paddling pool. A fat, piggy looking guy was lying in it and it was already wet. I stepped inside and lay down bedside him. He was wanking a nice sized cock. Suddenly, a guy in a jock strap stepped up and began to piss strongly all over us, the warm liquid splashing down on our bodies. The man beside me grunted happily and started to finger my hole under my balls. When the guy had finished pissing, the pig turned me over so I was face down in the piss, got on top of me and slid his cock up my hole. We were fucking like pigs in full view of the guys at the bar. I was in heaven! Definately going again!
  4. Slipitupme

    Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    Love drinking piss. It's part of my need for sleaze and to abase myself as much as possible. I go to a sauna which has a piss room. You sit on the tiled floor and wait. Guys come in, straddle you and piss when they need to. I love opening my mouth and drinking it down. There is a fuck bench in the room, and I complete my depravity by bending over it, drenched in piss, taking any cock up me raw and letting the sleazy bastards breed me.
  5. love to meet up. working in southwest london

    1. sleazyseldn


      I'd love to take your poz load fella and any other bugs you may have.

  6. Slipitupme

    Kingston on thames

    oops. I meant swap loads!
  7. Slipitupme

    Kingston on thames

    Anyone looking for fun in the Kingston area? Working there for a while and looking to seap loads
  8. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    After I'd cum, I was overcome with shame and disgust at what I'd done, and quickly showered and left. Bill grinned at me from behind the desk and said "see you soon, you dirty fucker!" but I vowed never to retun. For the next couple of weeks I was anxious waiting for the flu to hit or for some other symptoms to show. But nothing happened and and eventually I went for a test which came back negative. My relief was also mixed with a sense of disappointment. I thought about this and realised that I was a whore after all, and becoming pregnant from some filthy old man was the ultimate turn-on. I tried to resist it, but the need was in me now, like I was possessed or something, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Eventually, I gave in and found myself back at the sauna, handing my money to Bill as he winked at me. "Knew you'd be back," He said. " Carrying someone's baby yet?" I shook my head and he raised an eyebrow. "Is that what you want?" I blushed and gave a brief nod and he slapped my shoulder. "Knew you were a dirty sod!" He said. "We've a few more in today - couple of guys I 'ain't seen for a while 'cos they've been sick. They don't take meds so their immune system is fucked." He watched as my eyes widened with shock which was what he intended. He held out a locker-key and said "So, do you still want it, mate?" I paused, aware of the blood pounding in my ears. This was it. Decision time. I breathed deeply and took the key, heading to the lockers with his laughter behind me. I undressed, showered and went upstairs. To my surprise, it was very dark and I had to feel ahead of myself to stop banging into a wall. I found out later this was Bill's idea - to turn off the lights so you couldn't see anyone, only feel anonymous naked bodies and stiff cocks with no idea what their owners looked like or how disgusting their bodies might be. I turned a corner and passed a cubicle based on the gap in the wall my hands encountered. As I started to pass it, someone touched me. I jumped and then stood still, allowing the hand to slide over my thigh and squeeze my stiffening cock. Another hand emerged from the darkness and began to probe my hole. "Nice!" The voice was a harsh, dry whisper and another voice gave a low chuckle of appreciation. I shivered with fear and lust, not knowing what to do. "Come inside!" Whispered the voice and strong, boney fingers grabbed my wrist and started to pull me into the black cubicle. I almost resisted, but something in me responded to their touch, and I allowed them to pull me inside. Instantly, a thin, boney body was pressed against me and lips crushed to mine. I moaned as the tongue entered my mouth and couldn't help putting my arms around him. His body was thin without an ounce of fat. Then someone else got behind me and I felt a surprisingly large and stiff cock pressed against my bottom. "Mmm, fresh meat!" Said the man behind me, and I realised this must be the couple who weren't on meds. I felt the hairs rise on my neck and the fear, but the lips stayed crushed to mine, the tongue slithering disgustingly in my mouth. Then the cubicle was filled with the smell of poppers and a bottle was pushed against my nose. "Breathe deep, darling." Said the man as he released my lips. I had no choice and took a deep lungful, feeling my body mellt and my head swim. A thick finger covered in lube ploughed up me from behind and I gasped with shock. He began to move it slowly in and out and I began to moan with pleasure. " That's it, open up for daddy" The voice behind me was croaky and I reached back to feel skinny legs and a bulging belly above his enormous cock. I groaned in surrender as the poppers were thrust at me again and suddenly a hand pushed my shoulders forward and down and the huge cock began to slide into me. I cried out with pain and pleasure as he slid it home until his paunch was pressed agianst my buttocks. "Shhh!" whispered the man in front of me "Let him in, there's a good boy" I could only sob with surrender as he began to fuck me, and gratefully took the other man's cock in my mouth and steadied myself on his thighs against the brutal thrusts. "That's it, matey. Let old Harold fuck your sweet arse! You're gonna get what you want, don't worry. Open your hole for him." I gasped, but reached back to pull my buttocks apart so the big cock could get in deep. Harold grunted with pleasure as his movements became more jerky in my hole. "Oh yeah, gonna give you a baby you little slut!" Then he gasped and grunted like a pig, forcing himself into me and I felt his cock throbbing as he spurted. "Oh, you dirty bastard! It's in you now!" Said the man in front of me. "Don't fight it!" I groaned and crouched there, accepting the cock spurting toxic cum into me as the man stroked my head tenderly. At last, the enormous cock slid out and I felt the wetness around my anus. "Your turn, Peter." They turned me round and Peter slide his cock into me as Harold pushed my head down to clean his cock. Suddenly, I had a clear image of myself sandwiched between their diseased bodies and the tears splashed from my eyes at my depravity even as I pushed back and squeezed my hole around the thrusting cock, eager to milk more poz cum from him and get myself knocked up.
  9. Slipitupme


    hi FFun2bb. I live in the uk - hamburg and munich sound great!
  10. love your cummy arse!

  11. Quote

    can you fuck ya poz load up me in woods sorry I am mature on meds but I want poz cum up me in woods 07428391351

    can you do me please


  12. Slipitupme

    Sauna pig

    My latest adventure.... I headed down to the sauna last week – the first time I had been there in months. The familiar excitement gripped me when I stripped off in the changing room (it was a “no towels” day), lubed up my arsehole and walked naked into the sauna which is on three floors. I climbed the staircase to the first floor, passing a variety of nude men of all shapes, sizes and age groups (though mostly older guys) and felt the Viagra kick in and my cock begin to fill out. Just off the corridor is a small dark room with a walk in wet room area for piss play, and an open area with a fuck bench in the middle. Several old trolls stood around wanking and waiting. I saw a figure standing in the piss area and stepped into it. He was tall and thin and was holding his limp cock tightly round the head. On a whim, I sat down on the cold, wet floor and looked up at him. He pointed his cock at my face, released the head and began to piss over my face. The stream got stronger and I opened my mouth to taste it and let it dribble and splash over my body until I was drenched. Another man stepped into the area, coming close and watching the other man piss on me. His cock grew hard and I took the opportunity to suck it as the man stopped pissing by squeezing his cock again. It was a beautiful cock – long and smooth with a slippery mushroom head. I got to my feet and bent forward, spreading my buttocks so he could see my hole was lubed and ready. Wordlessly, he got behind me and slid his cock up inside me. As he began to fuck me, I felt a warm trickle on my backside, then a stream as the other man pissed over me, the warm liquid splashing over the cock as it entered me. After a while, the automatic shower turned on to wash the floor, so he stood back, stepped out of the cubicle and pulled me over to the bench. Dripping with piss, I blushed with shame as the other men watched me being led over to the padded bench and forced face down onto the leather. He got behind me and I felt his cock slide up me again and his body lying on my back. Figures gathered round to get a better view. “Dirty little pig, aren’t you?” He growled in my ear and I could only groan in response as he fucked me. “Wallowing in all that piss,” He whispered. “Yeah. And we know what else pig’s want, don’t we? They want to get knocked up.” He slapped my bottom and thrust hard into my rectum. “That’s it. Open your little hole for me. Gonna give you some dirty cum to go with that dirty piss!” I gasped with pleasure and excitement, knowing what he was going to do, and welcoming the thought of taking his seed. “Ahhhh…yeah.. here it comes you pig!” With that he thrust hard into me and shivered in orgasm. I felt his cock throbbing in me and knew I was being filled with sperm. After a few minutes, he pushed off me and slapped my bottom. “Thanks, mate.” He laughed and left the room. I lay there gasping, drenched in piss, with his toxic sperm dripping from my hole. I’ve noticed there is always some troll eager to take advantage of me when I am vulnerable and exhausted after being fucked. Some old troll too ugly or too filthy to get his cock accepted by anyone. Sure enough, as I lay there gasping, I felt calloused hands on my hips and a thick, stubby cock probing my dripping hole. As it slid up me, I glanced back and saw a fat, pale body, and a sweaty face with matted mousy hair and a glimpse of what looked like bruises on his torso. But his cock felt so good I could only lie there gripping the bench as he fucked me. I felt fingers probing beneath his balls and a finger pushing into me next to his cock. “Fuck, he’s wet!” said a voice. The man in me didn’t last long. Puffing and panting, he shot his load, filling me with spunk and goodness knows what else. He pulled out and my gaping hole released a wad of sperm over my balls. “Who else wants to fuck him?” I rested my head on my arms and sighed, giving myself up to the pig in me as they lined up to breed my arse…
  13. I go to the Greenhouse in Darlaston. It has a room with a fuck bench and a large walk-in shower area off to the side. You just walk into the big shower area, sit on the wet stone floor and wait. Pretty soon someone will come in, straddle your body and piss on you. I normally hold their cock and direct the piss into my mouth and drink it down. If you're lucky, other guys will come in and see whats happening, and you will have two or three guys standing over you taking a piss on your face. Love it!
  14. Slipitupme

    Cumunion: Hove or Sheffield?

    Anyone going to the next cumunion in Sheffield this Friday. Be great to meet up.
  15. Slipitupme

    Mentioned in Despatches

    I lost my job and subsisted on benefits and handouts. I took a cheap room near the sauna and spent all my time there taking and giving loads in the darkness and breeding like the pig I had become. Somehow, the sauna wasn't enough and, anyway, I could no longer afford the entrance fee. I discovered a subterranean world of old Victorian toilets in run-down parts of town and in the parks. A world of old men - depraved, diseased and damaged people meeting in filthy, dark and smelly old brick buildings to suck and fuck like animals. I was younger than most and still relatively healthy-looking in the dim and dark spaces despite losing weight and the sores on my body so I always attracted mates wanting to breed with me. Besides, I don't think they really cared or they wouldn't be fucking in such a depraved environment. One day, in an old toilet near the park, I was bent over, filthy jeans and underwear around my ankles being fucked bareback by two fat old trolls. I caught sight of my face in the cracked mirror over the sink with the hollow cheeks and dark rimmed eyes and realised I had hit rock bottom. At that moment, the old git spurted into me, adding his dirty cum to the loads I had already taken that day and I smiled at myself. Here in the gutter was where I wanted to be.

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