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  1. Hi. It was a good day. Not sure how many I got because i spent a lot of time in the darkroom and sometimes two or three cocks fucked me one after the other. But had that nice slimey feeling of spunk sliding oout and over my balls
  2. Visited my favourite sauna last week on naked day. Stripped off and headed to the basement. Pitch black down there so all you can do is feel anonymous naked bodies. Reached the bench on the far wall. There was a skinny body with a long cock and a big PA in the end. After a a few minutes sucking it hard, I bent forward and he got off the bench and slid his cock in me. Fortunately, I had lubed up in the changing room, so it just went in smooth and he offered me poppers and fucked me slow. I could feel the ring in me and wondered if it was doing any damage. After a while, he says he doesn't want to cum, pulls out and lays back on the bench. I sucked his slimey cock, still bent over and someone gets behind me. Nice thick cock pushes into my swollen hole. I reach back and feel it is condomless. Thrusts nicely into me as I suck the cock and tongue the PA. After a while he grunts and I feel him spurt. After he pulls out, the man on the bench fingered my hole. "Dripping, huh?" He said. "Feels good to get that first load, doesn't it?"
  3. I go over to the stairs and go down. At the bottom, a balding man is tucking his shrt into his trousers. He grins at me and gives me a thumbs up. I can smell the place, a mixture of poppers and piss and damp and hear the unmistakable sounds of men having sex - groans, sobs, and the slapping of skin on skin. I go into the dark area next to the cubicles. The young man is there, only he is entirely naked and his clothes are scattered on the piss-soaked floor. He's bending over sucking Bill's cock as he leans against the sink. Behind the lad, a skinny man with his trousers around his ankles is fucking hiim in the arse, one hand around his waist and the other pushing the twink's head down onto Bill's cock. Bill sees me and grins. There are other men watching and waiting in the cramped area as they wank their cocks. The man in the boy's arse starts to thrust hard, working himself to a climax. " Gonna cum!". His whole body shudders and I watch his wrinkled buttocks clench and relax, clench and relax as he squirts his cum in the smooth young body. For a moment I feel guilty. "Should they be doing this?". A short, flabby man in a singlet is standing next to me. His arms are covered in old school tattoos and he has heavy steel earrings. He leers as we watch the skinny man pull out and drag up his trousers to his waist. " Too late now." He says, undoing his belt and opening his trousers. " He's probably already pregnant" He gets behind the young body and slides his cock between the sweating buttocks. The pressure forces out a drool of cum which drips out to join the puddle of spunk on the floor beneth them. The boy releases Bill's cock, gasps for air, and whispers "No more..please. No more..." But Bill jams a bottle of poppers under his nose and the lad sags in surrender as Bill pushes his cock back between his lips and the tattooed guy starts to thrust rapidly back and forth in short, urgent strokes. "Oh... uh... yeah." He gasps. " Take it you little bastard! Take my dirty cum!" With that he gives a loud cry and pushes hard against the bending body as he empties himslf. Then he pulls out and staggers upstairs without another word, dragging his trousers up as he goes. Bill smiles at me, nodding towards the boy's rear-end. I can't resist. I push my trousers and pants down and get behind the young man. His bottom is running with sweat and sticky with sperm which drips steadily from his gaping, brutalised hole. Bill offers me the poppers. I take a deep sniff, then slide into the warm, silky wetness as the solvent explodes in my brain. It's filthy, animal sex as I work myself to a climax, groaning with pleasure as I breed him, until my cock explodes and my sperm gushes out to join the rest swimming in his youthful rectum. At last I pull out. My cock and belly are covered in sperm and lube so I go over to a cubicle and use paper to clean off. Bill is now behind the young man, pushing his head down into the basin as he fucks him. I dress and head upstairs where I find most of the guys have left. The barman gives me a beer. "I guess he's getting a right seeing-to down there, eh?" He says. I nod in reply and he gives me an evil grin. "You'll have knocked him up alright." I raise an eyebrow as I sip my beer. The fat barman pushes up his sleeve and reveals a black bio-hazard tattoo. " I know you're in the club, matey. I seen the way your looks have changed the last few month since you've been coming here." From the basement comes a loud grunt as Bill orgasms I smile and raise my glass. "Yep," I say. "Here's to the club."
  4. now its nine months later and I'm poz of course. I'm not on meds yet and have lost a lot of weight. My friends have noticed my sunken cheeks and have expressed concern. I'm back in the bar, perched on a stool with the other trolls living only for the evenings after work when I can go out into the night in search of depraved sex. At the far end of the bar, Bill has managed to engage a young man in conversation. The lad is no more than 18 or 19 and I guessed he was probably a new student at the University. Short, smooth skinned and fair he is far too angelic to have ended up here, but the spiders felt the stirrings on their web and were moving in. I could tell he'd had a bit too drink already and Bill is buying him shots. Other men have clustered round them smiling and chatting, but their eyes glittered dangerously and I know the twink is lost if he doesn't leave soon. He whispers something to bill who nods to the basement toilets, and the lad staggers off and descends the stairs. Bill winks at me and jerks his head towards the basement. The barman gives a filthy laugh and then Bill heads off to the stairs, followed by the rest of the trolls. I finish my beer and then head outside for a cigarette. It's a sultry, dark, moonless night and I feel sweat in my armpits. After a while, I grind the butt into the gutter and go back inside. The barman's busy stocking the chiller with bottles, and no one else is around. I
  5. These are fantastic stories, and reflect my experience living in london in the 70's and 80's. I really miss those public toilets. If you were young and fit, you were guaranteed sex whenever you wanted it. I went through the same BB, then safe, then back to BB journey and well remember being fucked bareback again for the first time in years, and how much more exciting it was now that there was a risk of serious infection. I never looked back. Great stories, and well written!
  6. Those were the days - cottaging in the 80's My stories are all based on personal experience, and they are not exaggerated, though some scenes have been enhanced for dramatic effect! It was almost dusk as I passed the old, brick toilet set back from the road. I needed to piss, but Iwas also curious about what else might be going on. Though not long out of school and in my first job, I had already had some fumbled experiences in places like this, though not much more than a rough wank and, once, a man had sucked my cock. I went up the path, in the doorway and round the tiled wall screening the urinals from the street. Two men were inside, a tall skinny black guy and a short, plump white guy in a green bomber jacket. They were standing close together. The black guy's trousers were open and the short guy was rubbing his cock. As I came in, the black guy pushed the other man away, zipped up and left. I went up to the urinal and pulled out my cock which was already getting hard. The little plump guy smiled at me and I said "Sorry if I spoiled your fun." He shrugged. "we'd only just got started." He looked over at my cock. "mmm...that's nice. I stood back to let him see properly, and he gently pushed me back against the wall then got to his knees and sucked my cock. I gasped as his wet lips engulfed me and barely noticed him tugging at my belt and pulling my trousers down. He unzipped the bomber jacket and pulled my hand to his chest. To my surprise I felt silk and the outline of a bra. "O darling! " he gasped "You want me, don't you?" and I saw him undoing his trousers as he knelt before me. I didn't reply, but my cock was painfully stiff with excitement. He stood up, turned round and lowered his trousers and pants. His bare bottom was round and smooth and shockingly rude in that bright, tiled space. Without a word, and before I could react, he held my cock, pushed back and skewered himself on it. I was pinned to the wall, my cock deep inside a hot, slippery hole for the first time and I gasped as he started to move back and forth. I had never imagined it could be like this and after a short while I knew I was going to cum. Somehow, that made it feel more filthy, the thought of doing that inside his arsehole, and I struggled to push him away. But he'd sensed I was close and squashed his buttocks into my belly. "it's alright!" he whispered "cum in me!" With a sob of release and shame, I spasmed and felt my spunk shoot inside a man for the first time until I was exhausted and sobbing with release. He eased himslf off me, cool air striking my dripping cock, and turned to give me a cuddle. "lovely!" he said, pulling up his trousers."first time, love?" I nodded miserably, disgusted with myself and wanting only to get away. He pecked me on the lips and whispered "It won’t be the last, I bet!" then stepped outside and was gone. And that’s how it was back then. There were still plenty of toilets in every town, most old and dating back to victorian times, and it was easy to find out which were popular for easy sex. AIDS was known about, at least in stories from america, but no one really knew much about it or took much notice. And no-one even thought of using condoms - why would you? They were to stop girls getting pregnant, after all. Toilets were known as "Cottages", I don't know why. In those days, there weren't many gay pubs or venues, and most men kept quiet about being gay. So cottages were the place to meet. However, most of them were older guys, not exactly "gay" in the modern sense, just out for sex. The man had been right about me, and I started to hang around the toilets in town. Being young I was always in demand. One day, I was in a toilet down a backstreet waiting to see if anyone would come in, when there was loud footsteps and a clatter as a bucket and mop was thrown down. I glanced sideways to see a guy in a boiler suit with an ugly face and greasy hair. "Don't mind me!" he said. I didn't know what to do. I tried to appear nonchalant as I willed my stiff cock to go down so I could put it away. "Need a piss myself." he said and stood beside me. He unzipped and I tried not to look as his piss splashed against the porcelain. He was looking at me and grinning, making me nervous. Then I realised he had finished, and was still rubbing his cock. I glanced down and saw he was erect, his cock large and veiny with a mushroom head. Suddenly, he reached over and clasped my cock. I gasped at the feel of his rough hand, but couldn't resist as he took my hand and put it on his cock. "nice, eh? Don't worry, no-one's going to come in with the cleaning sign outside." I relaxed a little, and allowed him to push my head down. "Suck it" I took his cock in my mouth. His groin smelled of sweat and stale piss, but his cock was smooth and warm and the drooling tip tasted nice and salty. He started to caress my backside as I sucked him. "Show me your arse, kid!" I undid my belt and pushed trousers and pants down. His hand went between my buttocks and I felt his finger probe my slit. "Mmm, tight 'ain't it? You ever been fucked?" I shook my head, all the while sucking his cock. He got a small, brown bottle out of his pocket, unscrewed the cap and thrust it under my nose. I jerked at the acrid, chemical smell but he clamped it to my nose. "just some poppers to relax you, mate." It was true. As the chemical swept into my lungs, my whole body seemed to sag and open up, even as my heart pounded and pure lust overcame me like a shroud. "there you go!" he said, lifting me off his cock and turning me to face the wall. " bend over!" I did as I was told, and then he rubbed something cool and slippery into my arsehole, opening it up a little with his finger. I gasped, and started to panic a bit. I wasn't sure, and was frightened of his cock. He got behind me, and I could feel his erection against my bottom. He reached over and pushed the bottle under my nose. I sniffed and felt the poppers explode in my brain and at the same time he thrust his cock into me. I cried out in pain as my hole spasmed but he didn't stop until he was right up me and I could feel his belly against my botttom. "oh yeah!" he sighed and thrust slowly in and out. The gentle movements and the poppers relaxed me. The pain in my arsehole faded to a dull, pleasant ache and I found myself panting with pleasure. "there you go!" he whispered happily. "like a man's cock up you, do you?" I could only nod, holding onto the wall and giving myself up to the incredible sensation of having a cock slide in and out of me. Suddenly, there were footsteps. I tried to stand up but he held my shoulders down and continued to fuck me. I glanced sideways and saw two men come in, their faces splitting into grins as they saw us. "Bloody hell, Jim" said one, a hard looking lean guy in a flat cap "got a live one here!" The other man was already licking his lips, undoing his belt and lowering his zip. "I said no one would come in - no-one but my mates!" he laughed and I felt my blood run cold as they pulled out their cocks and advanced on us...
  7. They took me upstairs and we found a room. There was a large mattress inside, lit only by a pale red bulb, and music from the rest area drifted in the background. In contrast to my other experiences, they were quite tender with me as we lay on the mattress, the two old, diseased bodies either side of me. We kissed as they fondled me, driving me crazy with their fingers, tongues and mouths and telling me how much they wanted to give me a baby. It was quite loving, and in a way more sexy to be treated like this, being told how much you are wanted and being made pregnant. At last, Pete rolled me onto my stomach and lay beside me, kissing my face and whispering in my ear "It's time, darling. Spread your legs and let James breed you." I felt the man get on my back, the pot belly sinking onto my buttocks as his heavy cock probed for my hole. It sank into me, sliding through the sperm and lube already up there, and I groaned with lust. "Shhhh, baby" whispered Pete, "just relax and take his sperm like a good boy." James thrust in me, his greasy hair on my neck as he held me close beneath his thin body. His hips slammed up and down like a rabbit, and then he gasped for air and began to shudder. "Here it comes!" Whispered Pete. "Your poz baby!" With a grunt of release, James collapsed on my back and I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted in me. All the while, Pete stroked my hair and kissed my face, telling me what a good boy I was, and how I was being knocked up. James finished and got off me, his cock slipping deliciously out of my hole. Pete immediately took his place and I groaned as he sank his cock into me, the soft light and music and his tender thrusts combining to send me into ecstasy, knowing I was joining the club...
  8. I don't remember the rest of the day clearly, but I do remember being in my cell that night sobbing and terrified at what had happened to me. Not only the rape, but the fear that I had been infected by those men. But what could I do? The next morning, we were led out to the showers. I found myself next to the big, handsome guy from the day before as we walked to the bathrooms. "What's your name. kid?" "Danny," I replied. "Well, I'm sorry for you. Two things - you're fair game now for anyone. No-one is going to help a damaged slut. Secondly, you're probably going to get HIV, if you haven't already." He saw my pale, shocked face and squeezed my shoulder. "Deal with it, or go under." We went down to the showers and there was steam, guys laughing and shouting. The guards got us to strip and I realised people were avoiding me, looking at me and laughing and pointing. Then I saw the gang from the day before, naked and wet. I tried to hide away in the throng but they saw me, and the guy with the lazy eye grabbed his cock and waggled his hips at me as the chubby guy pointed at me and grinned evilly. We had breakfast, and then my heart sank as we were let into the recreation area. I wandered around, trying to talk to people or join in some of the card games, but nobody wanted to know me and some guys actually turned their backs on me. Then I saw the gang over by that awful cell where I had been raped and my blood ran cold. I turned to try and lose myself in the crowd and found my way blocked by a fat, black guard with a puffy face from which two piggy eyes looked at me hungrily. "Where you going, pig?" "No...nowhere, sir" I replied. He nodded to the gang. " Get over there!" "Please, sir. Don't...don't make me" He shoved my hard in the chest. "Do as you're told! Can't keep those guys waiting for some of your sweet pussy, can we?" I looked in to his sweating face and realised he was getting off on this, and was probably queer himself. He turned me around and shoved me in the back. Prisoners got out of our way, and my blood pounded in my ears as we approached the gang who lounged near the cell door. I tried one more appeal and turned to him. "Please, sir...let me go!" But then an arm went round my neck and strong arms grabbed wrists. "Thanks," I heard the lazy-eyed man whisper to the guard who licked his lips and nodded. "Get on with it, I'll just keep an eye on you, if you know what I mean?" and he literally quivered with excitement. The chubby guy whooped with pleasure and they dragged me into the cell. I struggled and kicked, but my heart wasn't really in it as I realised even the guards were enjoying my humiliation. They stripped me down and I sank to the mattress under the weight of their bodies. As they turned me over, I saw the fat guard peering inside with his flies open and a thick, black cock grasped in his fist, an expression of animal lust on his face. A finger ploughed into me with some kind of lube, and the chubby guy giggled "Sweet ass, baby! Been broken in now. Time to enjoy the ride!" He got on my back and sank heavily on to me and I yelled out with pain as his cock slid brutally into me. The lazy-eked guy was kneeling next to me holding my shoulders down with one had, whilst stroking his cock with the other. The chubby guy thrust rapidly in and out, his sweat dripping onto my neck. To my horror, I realised that my body was reacting to being fucked, with my cock rigid against the mattress and waves of pleasure spreading through my ass. I couldn't help groaning, and I heard the guard say "Well now, little bitch is getting into it, 'ain't she?" The chubby guy grunted like a pig, pushing hard into me as his cock throbbed and spurted, once again filling my rectum with toxic cum. At the same time, I came against the mattress, ashamed and disgusted as my sperm spurted under my belly in a sticky mess. They didn't notice. The guard said,"You guys better hurry up, break time's nearly up. I wanna see ol' Pete here get some." I manged to turn my head to see the thin, white guy with sunken cheeks lower his trousers and release a long, drooling cock. He grinned at the guard and as his shirt came open, I saw a scorpion tattooed on his belly above his cock. He stretched out on my back and I felt his ribs and dry skin on mime. The others dragged my legs further apart as he got into position, his bony knees on the back of my thighs. "Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" Said the guard crouching down to watch as Pete's cock slid easily up my lubed, dripping hole. "Knock the little bastard up good!" Pete began to fuck me, his breath wheezing in my ear and spittle drooling onto my cheek. I could feel the bones in his hips sticking into my buttocks each time he and someone reached in under his ass and fingers probed around the base of his cock where it entered me. "Here it comes, you little slut!" He croaked and then gasped and coughed as his cock throbbed in me and I knew I was being impregnated by this old, diseased criminal. He finished and slid off me and I sobbed quietly into the mattress, determined not to let them see my despair. "Break time's over!" They left. I made to get up, but the guard drew his night stick and pointed it at me. "Not you, slut. Git on your knees!" I turned and knelt down, resting my head on my arms, bare ass upraised. I felt the guard's heavy body behind me. "Wow, they shore filled you up good, boy. Jess hold still, this won;t take long." His thick, swollen cock probed my puffy, slimey asshole then slid up me until I could feel his heavy belly against my buttocks. "Oh yeah! Oh fuck!" He gasped."Gonna cum!" Snorting like a pig, he shot his load than pulled out and got heavily to his feet. He wiped his greasy, dripping cock on my tee-shirt and flung it in my face. "Get dressed, pig. If you learn to do as your told and put out when asked, you'll git along just fine until you join the club, like us." He turned and lowered his pants a little, exposing his fat buttock on which was a large bio-hazard tattoo. Then he laughed, pulled up his trousers and dragged me back to my cell.
  9. Thanks for the reputation!

  10. Thanks for the reputation!

  11. Eventually I had enough, and headed downstairs on shaking legs, sweating and with cum dribbling down my legs. I hit the showers and cleaned up and felt better afterwards.There was a small coffee area through a door to one side. I went up to the counter and asked for a coffee from the guy who'd buzzed me in. He grinned at me "Having fun?" I grinned back and nodded. "I need a break." He laughed "That's if you can sit down by now?" I reflected on my puffy, gaping hole and knew what he meant. There were two armchairs already taken, and a sofa on which sat two men, one of whom I recognised as the tattooed, short guy who'd first fucked me. In the brighter light, I could see he was older than I'd thought and his riot of tattoos covered his sagging flesh. The other guy was thin, with lank, greasy hair and a large pot belly protruding over his pale thighs. They moved up and I sat between them. "Hi," said the tattooed guy. Then he leaned in and whispered "Nice arse by the way. Enjoyed breeding you." I blushed and sipped my coffee. "I'm Pete, by the way, and this is my partner James." James just nodded, and I noted how his towel had carelessly opened to reveal a thick, sem-hard cock and heavy balls below his belly. "Not seen you here before." Continued Pete. "No, first time. Didn't know it was a specials night." Pete raised an eyebrow. "The guys here tend to be regulars. You mean you didn't know until you got here?" I shook my head and shrugged ruefully. "Guess it's a bit late to worry about it now." James guffawed and stroked his cock. "I'll say! After your performance upstairs I think you'll soon be joining the club!" The guy behind the counter leered at us and called over. "And if not, you two have got just the ticket, eh?" "What did he mean?" I asked Pete as the counter guy went off to let someone in. Pete reached over and began to caress my nipples as James put his hand on my thigh. "We're both poz, as you can guess, but we 'ain't on meds and never will. Viral loads are through the roof." His towel had come open and I saw his erect cock with a drool of precum in the slit. This was the cock which had been in me already, spurting its poisoned seed deep in my guts. I felt my heart lurch in excitement, terror and shame as I faced the reality that I had almost certainly been pozzed by this man. But my cock was making a tent of my towel and he squeezed it tight as he saw the shock briefly in my eyes. "Bloody hell!" Said James. "He wants it bad, don't he Pete?" Pete kissed me, his hand still on my erection through the towel. "Why don't we go upstairs and find a room?" He whispered. " Let's make sure you leave here pregnant tonight, eh?" They stood up and he held out his hand. "Well? Are you coming?" I looked up into their faces, flushed with excitement and pure lust and took his hand. "Oh god, yes...I think I really want this."
  12. I left him after that, too tired, sweaty and sore to carry on. He kissed me and said he hoped to see me again. "In the meantime," he said, "There's a sauna you might like. Very friendly and a bit more comfortable than these places!" He gave me the address and I headed back to my hotel for a hot bath. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and said again "what have I done?" But it was too late now and I couldn't forget the sheer excitement of all those men in me, the evidence for which squirted from my arsehole when I sat on the toilet bowl. Work kept me busy for the next week, but then I had an evening free and remembered the sauna. "why not?" I thought. " it'll be less sleazy but I can relax a little." I looked it up on line, and the description made my heart skip a beat. It was reviewed as "dirty" and "sleazy". Most people said they had been once, and never again as it was "full of old men" Someone even said they'd got a dose of clap there. My hand was shaking. Relaxing? It sounded more like a pig paradise. I went out after dinner and, although I had the address and a map, it took me a while to find it down a sidestreet near the docks. There was a windowless building with a nondescript door with the word sauna on it with an arrow pointing to a buzzer. I buzzed and heard the door unlock. I pushed it open and went inside. There was a counter and aother door beyond it. A middle-aged guy leant on the counter. "Hi" I said," How much is the sauna?" "Fifteen,"He replied," But tonight is one of our special nights, so its 20." "Special nights? What kind of special night?" He looked curiously at me "Tonight is the monthly HIV night." I swallowed. "Oh, right. you have to be HIV positive to come in?" He laughed. "No you don't. But the fact you had to ask means you're not - right? I shook my head, shaking with fear and excitement. "I don't know. Here's the 20" He shrugged and buzzed open the inner door. "Your choice, kiddo. Have fun. By the way, it's also no towels, naked only." Inside was a small changing room with lockers. It smelled of body odour. A couple of guys were getting changed and I glanced over their naked bodies, white and flabby like slugs, and felt my throat go dry with lust. I stripped and noticed a grimey bottle attached to the wall upside down with "Lube" on it in felt pen. I squeezed a dollop onto my fingers and smeared it between my buttocks then, with a deep breath stepped out of the changing room feeling vulnerable and excited in my nudity. There was a small area with a steam room, showers and a toilet. The filthy carpet was wet beneath my feet. A staircase led up into darkness and I made my way up, eyes not yet adjusted. There was a corridor with rooms off it. The only light came from flickering televisions showing porn. Nude men lay face down on the beds inside, legs spread hopefully. I made my way further along the corridor feeling my buttocks sliding against each other with the lube until I came to an open space with a large, round, leather couch in the centre, two slings in the corners and, like the others, lit only by a porno movie on a TV screen on the wall. It was packed with naked bodies, pale flesh glistening in the light from the TV. Both slings were taken, the men in them both with someone between their spread legs clearly fucking them as their arses swayed back and forth. The crowd seemed to suck me in, and I shuddered at the touch of the sweating bodies I knew to be diseased. The atmosphere was heavy with poppers making my cheeks feel flushed and my heart begin to pound. Hands were all over me, feeling my thickening cock, squeezing my nipples, probing my arsehole. I found myself next to the bench on which pale, flabby bodies writhed and groaned, some on their knees offering themselves to the circle of watching men. Someone kissed me, and I recoiled at the thought of his diseased body, then felt myself letting go and with a groan I kissed him back, feeling his tongue in my mouth and a beard scratching my chin. He pushed me back onto the bench in amongst the naked bodies and raised my legs. In the dim light I found myself looking up at a short, fat middle aged guy with heavy rings in his sagging nipples and old school tattoos all over his body. He grinned, revealing stained and broken teeth, and shuffled forward, holding my legs apart as he got into position. I felt the first thrust of his surprisingly thick cock, and felt a moments panic. I could kid myself that the other times I might have got lucky and got away with it but this was the real thing. I was about to be fucked bareback by an HIV positve man. Two men either side took over holding my legs as he leant forward and clamped a poppers bottle to my nose, holding one nostril closed so I had to take a big hit. As the chemical coarsed through my body, I felt my inhibitions being swept away and knew I was lost. He swapped nostrils, and as another hit made my head swim, he pushed brutally forward and his cock slammed into me. "Ahhh... christ!" I gasped in pain, but at the same time my arms went round his neck and I gave myself up to the wonderful, filthy feeling of his cock moving in and out of my hole. He kissed me, and his sweating body started to tremble and his movements more urgent. Perhaps the poppers had got to him, or maybe he'd been there a while. Either way, I knew he was going to cum in me and I groaned in surrender. Isn't this what I came for? I thought. He suddenly gave a snort of release, his body jerked and I could feel his cock throbbing as he filled me with toxic sperm. I was overcome with lust and crushed my mouth to his as he stopped moving, and lay gasping over me. At last he got off me and I felt his softening cock pop out of my hole. "Phew! Cheers, buddy." He said, then turned and disappeared into the crowd. I lay there feeling an enormous sense of freedom and as if I had arrived at the place I was supposed to be. Slowly, deliberately, like a supplicant I turned over and bent forward, offering my arse as I began to suck the cock of one of the guys lying on the couch. I didn't have long to wait. I didn't even look round as a short but heavy cock slid into me and another stranger prepared to breed me...
  13. We went upstairs and sat at the bar. There were a few guys by now and I saw them looking at us with some disgust. The barman served us a couple of beers. He dropped a coin when he was putting the money in the cash register. When he bent down I saw a wet patch on the back of his trousers. I could now see Bill better in the glow from the lights behind the bar. He was skinny and older than I thought, with wispy hair and thin, waxy skin and liver spots over the back of his wrinkled hands. He also had a noticeable sore on his bottom lip and I shuddered at the memory of his kiss, and those diseased lips around my cock, He grinned at me "I heard about your exploits downstairs last night. Sounds like you're a right dirty bastard!" he said. I blushed and grinned back, then sipped my beer. He leaned towards me and said in a low voice. "I take it you're poz like me, then?" "I'm...not sure. I've never been tested." He chuckled and winked at me. "If you've been fucking bare downstairs, I think we can safely assume you are now!" My hand shook a little as I remembered the previous evening and being bred by the man with the biohazard tattoo... He saw my excitement. "You like the thought of it...the dirty sex?" My throat was dry and I could only nod. "Time for me to do my rounds. Want to come?" Intrigued, I said alright and he suddenly went serious. "You come with me and there's no turning back. I live in the gutter and plumb the depths." I looked into his evil face, lined and gaunt from god knows what depraved activities and swallowed my beer. "let's go." I said, aware of the darkness emerging from my soul. We went outside. It was getting dark and the broken pavement glistened with rain. We went down a side street, then turned into a dark alley way with a flickering sign at the end which said Gay Cinema. Inside was a small booth with a bored looking fat guy watching some monitors playing porn. I paid the money for both of us, and followed Jim into the cinema. It was dim, smelly and lit only by a screen showing a close up of a bare cock thrusting between two huge buttocks. There were quite a few men watching. They all seemed to be middle aged or older, real dirty raincoat brigade, most of them wanking judging by the furtive movements of their arms. He ignored them and led me to a staircase leading down to the toilet which consisted of a single cubicle, broken wash basin and a urinal. There was a big hole cut in the cubicle door and I could see in the dim light that some padding had been put around the rim. The door below the hole was covered in dark stains and the whole, claustrophobic area reeked of piss. "Makes the toilet in the bar seem positively four star, don't it?" Bill pulled me into the cubicle and shut the door. It was dark and the toilet bowl had no seat. "After a couple of hours watching porn, they're ready to pop." he said, "and they 'ain't interested in anything but a warm, wet hole to do it in. You up for this?" I took a deep breath. "Yes," realising as I said it what I had become. "One more thing. They're not exactly interested in personal hygiene either, let alone the last time they went to a clap clinic. This is the gutter, mate." I nodded my agreement. He sat on the porcelain bowl, undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down. "Nice," he said as my erection sprang free. " but that’s not what we're here for. Turn around." I did as I was told, and he produced some lube and tenderly anointed my arsehole. I giggled and said "I feel like it's my wedding night!" He laughed, and turned me round again. "Stick your arse through the hole." I squatted and found it was big enough to put my whole bottom through, until I was half sitting, half squatting on the padding. Bill stood up. To pass the time, he opened his flies and pushed his thickening cock in my mouth. As I sucked, he opened some poppers and the cubicle filled with aroma until my cheeks felt flushed and my heart pounded. Suddenly, a rough finger was thrust into my cunt, making me jump with shock. "Ah," "Said Bill."Got one, have we?" A second finger was thrust in me, making me wince with pain as the nails scratched me, but I held still. I heard the man grunt appreciatively as he found my hole was well-lubed. The fingers withdrew and I felt hands on my buttocks pulling them apart a little, and then a blunt, heavy cock was pushed into me. My cunt stretched around the head, and then the shaft slid up me until I could feel his hairy stomach against my cheeks.. "Oh, Christ!" I gasped as it began to fuck me. Bill sat down on the bowl, holding my face in his hands. He kissed me then ruffled my hair. "Good boy!" He whispered. I was jerking against the door as the man started thrusting heavily in and out. Footsteps sounded on the stairs and I heard a low chuckle of surprise. "Fuckin' hell! Give us a look, mate!" The cock in me slid most of the way out, and the voice said. "Bareback, eh? Dirty bastard" The man fucking me made no reply. I could tell by the urgency in his thrusts he was close to coming and grabbed the bottle and took a deep sniff. As the chemical hit my brain, the cock in my arse swelled and throbbed and I knew it was coming in me. Finally it stopped. After a pause, the softening cock slid out of me, and I felt sperm dribble over my balls. There was the sound of water in the basin, and at the same time the newcomer pushed a finger in me, sliding easily into the lube and spunk. "Don't mind if I do!" he chortled, and I felt his long, thin cock slip easily up me He fucked me like a rabbit, rapidly in and out then suddenly pushed tight against me. "Coming in you!" he groaned and by his jerky movements I knew he was filling me up. Then, brutally, he pulled out and we heard him stumble upstairs. Bill pulled me up and turned me round. He pulled my cheeks apart. " Bloody hell, it's dripping alright. Looks like you got plenty of babies pumped in you." He licked my hole delicately, savouring the taste of the spunk, as several sets of footsteps clattered down the stairs. "Sounds like the word's got round " he said, turning me back and pushing my bottom towards the glory hole. "Can’t disappoint your lovers, can we?" I heard low whispers of appreciation as my arse appeared, rustles of clothing and zips being lowered, and then I was penetrated again, sagging against Jim's neck as he kissed my cheek and whispered encouragingly to me. One after another, they raped my arsehole with all manner of cocks, small, fat, long, thin and not a condom between them. Once the last footsteps had gone back upstairs, Bill lifted me off the glory hole. I was wringing with sweat and sperm was running down my thighs as my cunt gaped from all the pounding. He turned me round and produced a filthy cloth. “Cum rag.” He grinned and used it to wipe the worst of the spunk and lube dripping from my battered arsehole down my balls and thighs. My cock was rigid and tingly and fit to burst and I knew I was lost in piggery, never to return. Jim turned, lowered his clothes and bent over the smelly toilet bowl. “Climb on, lad. I think you deserve it.” I took the lube, smeared some over my cock, and pushed forward, sliding deliciously into a hot, grainy heat which made me gasp with pleasure and disgust at the same time. “Can’t… can’t hold it!” I gasped. “ Spunk up me, then!” He cried and with a howl of release I felt my cock burst into throbbing ecstasy and I shot my spunk up him. For the first time, I noticed a small, cracked mirror on the rear wall and saw myself in the dim light crouched over the naked man, cock deep in his arse, face flushed with lust and perversion. I smiled at my true self and licked my lips as I moved my cock in him ensuring my cum was pushed deep in his guts…
  14. He pulled my trousers open and down and fondled my balls. "Nice.. " he whispered, "Full of lovely spunk!" He had undone his belt as he squatted in front of me, and as he stood up he was naked with from the waist down. His cock was stiff below his sagging belly, but he wasn't interested in that. He turned round and showed me his wasted buttocks with the flesh sagging in wrinkles. He dug out some lube and smeared it over my cock., then reached back and guided it towards his hole. I gasped with shock and excitement as he pushed back and my cock slid deliciously into his perverted asshole. "Oh yeah!" He gasped. "Fuck me, dearie!" Despite feeling repulsed by his wasted body, I couldn't help thrusting in and out and gave myself up to the filthy act. Suddenly a light flickered in the stairwell. My heart lurched in fear, and then the heavy body of the ugly barman lurched into view with a torch in his hand. "Don't mind me, lads." He said. "Seen it all before. Got to check every couple of hours to make sure no druggies using the place." He came over and shone his torch on my belly. "Give us a look, then." The other man pulled himself slowly off my cock until it flopped out of his arsehole and glistened wetly in the torchlight. "Why don't you give it a go, Jim?" He grinned. "Don't mind if I do. Here hold this." He handed over the torch and loosened the belt below his heavy belly. I might as well have been a piece of meat the way they talked about me, and yet it excited me how matter of fact they could be about such filthy activities. He bared his fat, pimply backside which was pale in the reflected torchlight. "Got any lube, Bill?" The other man dug out the tube and handed it over. Jim squeezed a dollop onto a grimey forefinger then smeared it into the dark crease between his buttocks. He spread his cheeks and guided my cock into him. His hole was puffy and slack and flowered around my cock like silk as I slid up him. "Fuckin' hell!" He grunted. "You've got a nice cock, mate." He began moving back and forth on my dick as Bill shone the torch on the fat buttocks and watched me fuck him. "You can cum in him, if you want. He loves it when they spunk up him." "Yeah," Said the barman. "Shoot it! Give me your cum!" I was overwhelmed by the sheer degradation, sheer filthiness of what was happening to me, and with a sob of pleasure my cock swelled and throbbed and I felt myself spurting deep inside the man's rectum. He held still until I finished, then stood up. Spunk dripped from his hole and he dug out a dirty handkerchief and mopped it up. He pulled his trousers up said "Thanks, mate" and went up the stairs. The man called Bill ruffled my hair and gave me a kiss. "Come on, lets go up and get a drink."
  15. Part 3 By the time I got back to my hotel I was sweaty, my clothes were filthy from the basement floor, and my ass was wet and squishy with spunk as I walked. I was also exhausted from all the pounding, and crawled into bed and fell asleep. The next morning I felt better, and smiled at myself in the bathroom mirror. Somehow, I felt I'd discovered a side of myself which I never knew existed, but was more real than anything else. I also felt a sense of surrender to my fate which got my cock hard. In my heart I gave myself up to the sheer depravity of what I'd done. So, as night began to fall I made my way back to the grubby side street with the cheap neon light flashing the bar's name off and on. Inside it was disappointingly empty apart from a couple of guys on bar stools chatting to the barman who leered when he recognised me. I blushed and ordered a beer. When his attention was distracted I walked over to the basement stairs and went down. Of course, the dark, smelly space was empty and I was just about to give up when a guy emerged from one of the cubicles. He could have been any age between 50 and 70, thin and wispy-haired wearing an old jacket and slacks. "Well.....hello you" He said in a gruff voice and grinned at me. I couldn't help but grin and say Hi back. Without any hesitation, he came over to me, clasped my hips and pulled me against his body whilst crushing my lips in a deep wet kiss which tasted of beer and cigarettes. I gasped in surprise, enjoying the perversity of the moment and my cock filled out in my trousers and pressed against his crotch. "Mmmm....nice." He said and fumbled with my belt. "Let's see what we've got here, shall we?" He opened my pants and levered my stiff cock out. "Lovely!" He grinned as his rough-skinned hands stroked me to full erection. He pushed me back against the sink, dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth, looking up at me as he began to suck and lick me. It was incredibly sexy to be in the basement toilet with his hot, wet mouth engulfing my cock, and so exciting in a perverted kind of way. be continued

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