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  1. I didn't see grandad after that - he must have left while I was busy. Bill thought it was hot that he had fucked me and made me bend over the counter so he could fuck my cummy arse and shoot his load after a few thrusts as he was so excited. I cleaned up and left at the end of my shift. It was a warm night and still quite light, so I headed down to the park intending to sit by the lake and relax after the tense day I'd had. What would I do when I saw grandad next? Would I let him fuck me again? After a while, I needed a piss. There was an old, brick toilet set back amongst the trees. I went up the overgrown path and into the gloomy doorway. It smelled of damp and piss and was lit by a stained window high up near the roof. There was a narow space with a long porcelein urinal with cubicles behind it. As I entered three guys who had obviouly been playing broke apart in panic, one of them a bald little guy comically trying to drag a threadbare pair of trousers up over his bare arse. They looked at me guiltily until I smiled, went over to the porcelein urinal and unzipped my cock. It was semi-hard and I felt them relax as they saw it. The short, balding man lowered his trousers again. His lower body was flabby, hairless and slug-like in the gloom and his cock was small and flaccid. He turned and bent over. To my surprise, his buttocks had no muscle, just flabby sacks between which his hole gaped wetly with lube. Ignoring me, one of the other men went over, levered out his cock and slid it into the proferrred hole with a sigh of satisfaction, and began to thrust slowly in and out. The other two came over and closed in on me. One had greasy, curly black hair and a lazy eye, the other was tall, very thin and bald and I could see his veins knotted around his arms and the calves below his shorts. "Hey." Said the guy with the greasy hair. "Nice cock you got there", and he licked his lips lewdly at me. The other guy said nothing, but encased my cock in his boney fingers and rubbed it gently until it was hard. I was excited, but also scared. What if someone came in? Nearby, the small guy was bending over and sobbing as he was fucked, and I distinctly heard him whisper "Oh yeah!..please!..give me your poz load!" I felt the hairs rise on my neck as I realised how depraved these guys were, but I could move or resist. The thin guy released my cock and fumbled with my belt. "W..w..wait "I gasped. " I'm not sure..." The greasy haired guy nuzzled my ear and carressed my cock. "Easy..no one's going to hurt you...you want to play don't you?" My trousers fell to the wet floor, and the thin man dragged my underpants down with them. Before I could protest, the greasy haired guy bent forward and took my cock into his mouth. I gasped at the sensation and couldn't help pushing it further in. The thin guy took my neck, turned my head and smiled at me. His teeth were black and filthy, and I could see crusty sores in the corner of his mouth. He took my hand and encircled it around his thick, surprisingly long cock. I looked down at it, and noticed the upper shaft and head had a number of angry red warts and his pee-hole was drooling some kind of slimey discharge. I tried to back away, but my resolve was going as the man sucked my cock and I watched the little man being sodomised. Suddenly, the top grunted and came in him. He sighed happily and slid it out. The shaft was cummy and slimey and the small man's gaping hole glinted wetly, drooling cum as he straightened up. "You like that, don'tcha? "Whispered the thin man. "Yeah, you want some dirty cock." Oh god. I thought. This was bad news. Goodness knows what diseases these guys were carrying. "Show us you want it." He said, and offered me his cock to suck. I bent forward, feeling the shaft and the warts encrusting it, and hesitated. But he thrust his hips forward and that disgusting cock slipped into my mouth. "Yeah, " He whispered. "Suck it, bitch. " I felt a hand slide over my bottom, and then the greasy haired guy dropped to his knees, clamped his mouth to my arsehole, and slid his tongue up inside. I was shocked, and embarrassed as I hadn't cleaned out before I left the sauna, but he didn't seem to mind the slime inside and pulled my hips back int his face. to be continued.... "
  2. He had covered his cock with a towel when I walked in, but now he slowly removed it and began rubbing his cock which got stiff and wet. I din't look at hi, but just knelt with my head on my arms, ashamed and yet weirdly excited. "Wh...what's his arse feel like..."I heard him say. "Lovely," growled Arthur. "Hang on, I'm going to cum, then you can slide in" He worked at me for a few minutes, then he sagged onto my back, grunted happily and I felt his cock throb as it spurted. A hand touched my face and turned it. "Timmy." Said grandad matter of factly. "Oh, Timmy.!" I smiled at him and he smiled back. Meanwhile, Arthur slid out of me and sank back into the cushions. "There you go, Jim." He said. "All wet for you, mate." I just stayed in position. Time stood still, then my Grandfather whispered" I've always fancied your arse, but I didn't want to get you pregnant. I guess we don't have to worry about that, do we?" He got off the sofa, and I felt his hands on my hips. Then his fat, stubby erection slid into my hole and up into my rectum. "Oh yeah!" I heard him gasp as he began to thrust into me. "So, are you staying long, Jim" Asked Arthur. "Might go down the pub later." "s..sss..sure. "Said grandad. "Sounds a good idea." I just knelt there as he fucked me. It felt so good, so intimate. Then he leaned forward and whispered in my ear "I'm going to cum now, Timmy. Do you want me to?" I could only nod, I was so excited at what was going to happen. "Ahhh!" He gave a loud grunt and I felt his cock throbbing and knew his spunk was shooting in me. When he finished, he pulled out and slapped my arse. "This is my grandson, Arthur!" He said. "And you're right, his arse felt great!"
  3. I went into the toilet and wiped my backside which was dripping with Bill's sperm and the residue of the night before with an old rag on the shelf. Bill told me some of the guys liked to wank with it. Then I grabbed a black bag and went off to empty the bins. I heard voices as I made my way upstairs, so a few guys had come in early. As I approached the TV room, I heard Arthur say "Yeah, he's a right little pig, alright. Nice tight hole to relieve yourself inside. Had him a couple of times" Then another man said. "Great! You're a dirty sod, Arthur! Does he know you're poz, then?" Arthur laughed. " Oh yeah! We've all had him and he knows our spunk is swimming with bugs!" "Well, " he said. "Just what I need. I could do with a fuck and shoot some dirty spunk up his slutty hole!" But I was less concerned about the conversation, and more about the second man's voice. Was it? Could it be? I peered cautiously around the door to see three naked men on the sofa - Arthur and a man I recognised from the flat I had visited. But it was the third man that made my heart skip a beat. Grandad! I had seen him in the pool on holiday before, but never naked. He lay back in the cushions, fat hairy body and balding head, and I saw for the first time the thick, stubby erection in his fist. I quietly moved back and fled downstairs. "You look like you've seen a ghost!" Laughed Bill when he saw my pale face. "What's up?" "I can't work today. I have to go." I said. "Whoa! Not so fast. What's up?" So I told him what I'd seen and he roared with laughter. "So Jim is your grandad, eh? Well well. I guess it runs in the family. He's a dirty old sod, but a nice fat arse. I've seeded it a few times." I was aghast. Not only was my grandfather here, but he was obviously poz if Bill had fucked him. "You're not going anywhere, Timmy. Get back up there and do your job." I looked at him and realised I could walk out. But I really didn't want to. My cock was swelling with excitement and I knew what I had to do. With increasing embarassment I went back up stairs. I paused outside the door. Could I really do this? Then, with a sigh, I walked into the room, avoiding eye contact with the men. "Here he is. Nice arse on it, eh?" Said Arthur, grabbing my wrist and pulling me to the sofa. I saw my grandad's shocked face as Arthur pushed me onto my knees, stood up and got behind me. "So, we 'ain't seen you for a while, Jim. What you been up to?" As he spoke, he slid his cock into my dripping hole and sighed happily. Grandad was red-faced and his mouth gaped in surprise. Arthur started to slowly fuck me as he waited for a reply. "Well, er... I've been...busy...you know." His eyes were glued to the cock sliding in and out of me.
  4. Thanks Guys. I really appreciate your support! I'll try to think up some new adventures for Timmy...
  5. Dawn was breaking by the time they finished with me. My face and bottom were covered in spunk, and my belly felt like it had been pumped full of it a well. I manged to retrieve my clothes and crawled out onto the beach. I dressed, but realised I still couldn’t go home like this. I remembered an old, brick toilet set back from the beach in some bushes and thought there might be a basin I could wash the worst of the filth off. There didn’t seem to be anyone around, so I crept up to the building and went inside. It smelt of piss and damp. There were some urinals and cubicles and a cracked wash basin which had running water. I took off my trousers and peeled my underpants off my sticky buttocks and ran some water in the bowl. It was difficult, but I managed to raise one leg on to the edge so I could apply water to my arsehole which was puffy and sore. Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps and a short, fat man came through the door. He was wearing stained overalls, rubber boots and was carrying a mop and bucket. I froze with shock, and he grinned as he saw my bare arse and the puffy slit between the cheeks. “’ello.” He said. “what’s all this? Got yourself fucked did you?” I lowered my leg and stood there miserably as he laughed at my discomfort. “That’s why I like the early shift,” He said. “There’s often some dirty bastard washing his bum hole in the morning.” He put the bucket down and unzipped the front of his overalls. He had a fat, hairy belly and around the belly button was a large biohazard tattoo. When he pulled the zipper lower, a thick cock with a large mushroom cock fell into his fist and swelled into erection. “You alright in there, Mick?” Shouted a voice from outside. “Oh yeah,” He called back, turning me round and bending me over the washbasin. He dug out a battered tin of Vaseline and smeared it over my gaping hole. “This won’t take long, mate!” I felt his cock pushing into me. It forced my hole further open around the mushroom head, then slid into my gut with a delicious sliding feeling. “I’ll just clean the ladies, then, shall I?” Called the voice from outside. Mick was thrusting in and out, gasping with pleasure as he sodomised me over the basin. “Y..you…ooof…yeah you do that!” He gasped, lifting his belly onto my backside and going deeper up me. I was crushed over the cold porcelain as he worked himself to a climax. “Here it comes you dirty sod!” He grunted and I felt his cock throbbing inside me as he added his spunk to the cum already swimming inside me. “That’s better.” He sighed, pulling his cock out, wiping it with a dirty cloth and zipping up his overalls before wiping my bottom with the same rag. “Thanks,” I mumbled. He turned away and started mopping the floor. “Bye then.” I said. He ignored me, so I pulled on my underwear and trousers and went outside. Another man was emerging from the ladies with a bucket, and he raised an eyebrow when he saw me, then jerked his hips suggestively. I blushed and walked off with his laughter in my ears. By now it was nearly 9 o’clock and I knew Bill would be at the sauna, so I headed of there to get a shower. I let myself in and found him behind the desk drinking coffee. “Where you been?” He said, “Your mum’s been round looking for you.” I explained about what had happened and he gave a whistle of appreciation. “You ended up under the promenade, then? Bloody hell, they’re real tramps under there. Did you get fucked by an old guy with a warty cock and sores?” I nodded my head. “Then your arse will be swimming with bugs by now! His names John and he’s well known for having the clap and god knows what else!” As he spoke, I noticed his cock thicken and stiffen in his shorts and a dark pre-cum stain appear at the tip. “Mind you, there’s some find that gets them horny. Strip off and show me your arse.” I did as I was told, and he turned me round and stuck a finger up me, which slid in easily from the cleaner’s spunk from earlier. “We’d best phone your mum and tell her you’re ok.” He dropped his shorts and bent me over the counter and then dialled my home. As the phone rang, he slowly slid his cock up me and grunted with pleasure. “Oh yeah, nothing like an arse full of bugs around my cock.” I heard my mother answer and Bill said “That’s right, he’s here. I’m with him now.” He pushed his cock deeper and I squealed with pleasure. “Yeah, he’s happy enough….that’s so wet and dripping…no I was just saying there’s a drip in the shower…oof I’m going to cum..sorry I said I’ll make sure he comes straight home..ahhh.” With that he shot a huge load up me in spasms as my mother thanked him for looking out for me and rang off. Bill pulled out and I saw his cock was covered in slime. “”Lovely!” He said, pushing his cock back into his shorts. “I’ll leave it dirty to marinade” He ruffled my hair. “You’re a good one, a right dirty little pig. Lube yourself up and get off upstairs. They’ll be in soon and you’ve got work to do.”
  6. I left a couple of hours later, spunk drying on face arse and thighs, and stinking of their sweat and cigarette smoke. I was literally dripping cum into my underpants and didn't want to go home in this state, but the sauna would be closed by now. It was dark, but the night was warm. I decided to head down to the beach and find a place to rest, then I'd call home later and say I'd been to a club. I followed the road down to the beach, crossed the promenade and dropped down onto the pebbles. Behind me was a dark space beneath the promenade where the concrete had eroded. It was quite narrow and low, but I decided it would be a good place to hangout until daylight. As I bent and crawled inside I first smelled body odour, then heard someone give a hacking cough. It was obviously already occupied and by several men by the sound of things. "'ere! watch out mate!" Said a voice, followed by a cough and a spitting sound. "s..s..sorry." I said, starting to back out, " I..i was just looking for a place to rest." At the sound of my young voice, I heard someone chuckle in the dark, and boney fingers grabbed my arm and pulled me into the dark. "well now, " said another voice. "I guess we've always got room for a lad...providing he's friendly like." I was pulled slowly into the small dark space beneath the promenade like a fly in a web. Once inside, it was completely black and I could feel warm bodes and foul breath around me. "Get your panties off, then." Said the rough voice. "Wh..what?" I gasped, but a hand clutched my throat and a voice whispered. " I said, get those panties off. You're gonna get that sweet bum fucked. You didn't think we let you in out of the goodness of our hearts did you?" He squeezed again and I gasped and undid my belt and fly. I pushed trousers and pants down and felt the cool sand against my belly. Above me, I heard footsteps and the sound of council workers emptying bins, but I couldn't make a sound. There was an overpowering smell of unwashed body as a man got on my back. I squealed through the boney fingers as I felt a large, slimey cock slide between the cheeks of my arse, seeking my hole. Suddenly, he found my slit which was still wet with spunk, and he drove down and into my rectum. I gasped as the heavy cock began to thrust and tried not to breathe the stink from his body as he buggered me whilst only feet away I heard the workers laughing and joking. If only they knew was being knocked up just below them. The man in me growled and bit my ear. "Pig!" He hissed. "Dirty little sow. Love my dirty old cock, don't cha?" I could only groan with pleasure as another man slithered round in the small space. His smelly trousers were open and he forced his cock into my mouth. It was wet and covered with fleshy bumps which I realised must be warts, and the head tasted slightly metallic and I found my tongue touching what felt like a sore on the tip which explained the wetness. I tried to pull away but there was no room and I was pinned to the sand by the man jerking on top of me. I was forced to suck the diseased cock until the man in me jerked and grunted as he spurted probably diseased cum up my arse. "Get off him, then! Let's have a go!" The man got off me, his cock sliding out with a wet farting noise. I tried to crawl out, but strong hands pulled me back. "No you don't! You got to pay the rent!" I heard laughter and realised there were several men in that small space. The man who's cock I had been sucking was waiting for me. He pulled me onto my side as someone pulled my legs up to my chest and then I felt his warty cock slide up me from behind as his hand snaked over my thigh and began to jack my cock. "Who want's a nice fresh cock, then?" He whispered. I heard rustling as clothing was removed, and suddenly a cold, flabby backside pushed backwards into my belly. Between the cold cheeks, the cleft was hot and greasy and I was helpless as the man fucking me squeezed my cock and got it into position. The cold backside pushed back, and suddenly I felt my cock sliding into a delicious, grainy, wet heat as I was deep in a man for the first time. I gasped as the filthy old arsehole moved up and down my cock, my body sandwiched between the tramps, and as the man in me began to cum, I felt my balls tighten and then I came too, shooting my sperm into that filthy hole like a pig, and sobbing with the shame and excitement...
  7. I showered and cleaned up the sauan. It was pretty quiet the Bill called me over. "I've got an errand for you, since its quiet." He said. "Get dressed" I put on some clothes and went to the reception desk where he handed me a package with the name of a local hospital on it. He gave me an address and said "take this over and give it to Mick - its his meds which he forgot to pick up from the clinic." "I's a basement flat. He lives there with some other guys who are all poz, though not all on meds." I felt my heart skip a beat and he gave me a filthy smile. "They're pretty far gone, most of them and they don't have the cash to visit the sauna often. I told them you're coming over. It's up to you whether you want to stay for while." Then he raised an eyebrow and I knew what he meant. Did I want to stay and have sex with these men. I took the package. The flat was about 20 minutes walk away in a run down area of old victorian buildings. I went down some steps and knocked on a peeling fron door with carboard in the window and an overflowing rubbish bin next to it. I knocked, and the door opened to reveal a dark hallway with an overwhelming smell of body odour, cigarette smoke and the tang of poppers. The man in the doorway was fat, short, balding and dresed in a stained threadbare dressing gown. "Wotcher want?" He growled looking me up and down. "I...I'm Timmy." I said, recoling from the smell and his grubby appearance. "I've got something for Mick." He smiled revealing stained teeth and the tongue which licked his lips was furred yellow/green. "Oh, right. Heard about you. Come in." He turned and I followed him into the hall way. "Mick ain't here, but you can leave his stuff." He scratched under the robe which gaped open to reveal a flabby belly and masses of hair around a heavy cock. I swallowed, feeling repelled as he scratched busily in his groin, but I was also excited especially as the strong smell of poppers made my head swim. I put the package on the floor and stood awkwardly. "Come and meet the others." He said, noticing my glance at his dangling cock. "Bill said you was a good boy, real friendly like." and he leered at me and laughed. Before I could speak, he led me down the hall and into a small sitting room, dimly lit by a small window high up on the wall. It was smokey and smelled of sweat and worse. There were two sofas on which sat five or six men, all old and all looking like they needed a bath. Several were just wearing singlets and underpants. Others were smoking and they were watching porn on an old TV as they passed a bottle of poppers around. It was really hot and I felt sweat trickling in my armpits. "Well. aintcha gonna sit down?" I squeezed on to a sofa between two old trolls who were watching the TV and sniffing poppers. They ignored me as did the guy who had let me in. I was wondering what to do when the man next to me, dressed only in his underwear said "Fuck, this porn has got me on the go!" He pulled his undepants down and a thick, swollen cock slapped against his hairy belly. It was slimey with pre-cum and I noticed what looked like blisters under the head. "I could do with a fuck!" Suddenly, the other man's boney fingers were on my belt, undoing it and unzipping my fly. "Know what you mean, Fred. I could do with some arse around my cock." As they spoke, they dragged my trousers off, followed by my underpants. The man who'd let me in came over with a filthy tube of lube. "So when's your next clinic appointment Fred?" He said as they pulled me round so I was kneeling on the sofa. "Next week" They spread my arse roughly apart and I felt cool lube being rubbed into my anus. "I guess I'll have to go on meds soon." I heard Fred say as he got heavily off the sofa. "Viral load's through the roof." He got behind me, and I felt his cock against my arsehole. What was I doing? This was a disgusting old man, in a filthy flat, about to put his diseased cock in me without even caring who I was, that I was just an upraised arse and a hole to fill. The man who'd let me in, who I later found out was called Paul, matter of factly pushed some poppers under my nose and as the chemical washed through me, Freds thick, diseased cock slid wetly up into my rectum. In front of me, Paul's robe was open and he was scratching his groin and complaining about it, even as he offered me his swelling cock to suck as Fred fucked me in long, slow, delicious strokes. I was lost. I couldn't resist as the poppers and the thick cock in me made me gasp with pleasure. "Oh yeah!" said Paul. "Fill it up, Fred. Let some others have a go!" Fred was grunting and thrusting hard and I realised he was about to come in me. I felt a moment's fear, a moments regret, and then he gave a pig-like grunt, pushed against me, and I felt his cock throbbing as he spurted into me. When he finished he gave a sigh. "That were good!" He said, sliding his softening cock out of me. A drool of cum slithered over my balls and he scooped it up with his finger and pushed it back in. I stood up, my cheeks flushed with shame and looked across the room. Two men were on the other sofa, one pale and gaunt, the other wizzened with sores around his mouth. They had pushed their clothes down and were jacking their erections as they chatted about someting. Paul grabbed my arm and led me over. "Any one want some tea?" He said. As he spoke, he turned me round and I felt hands on my hips pulling me down on to another cock. It slid easily up me through the spunk and the lube until I was sitting on the old man's lap, impaled on his cock. "Two sugars in mine." I heard him say behind me and then he started to thrust up into me and empty his sperm with the rest...
  8. "C'mere" Said Bill when we got inside. I went over to him and he turned me round and bent me over. He fingered my swollen and puffy hole, and I blushed as a drool of cum slid out over his finger. "Nice!" He growled. "We'll get you pregnant yet. You feeling ok? No cold or sniffles yet?" I said no, and he shook his head. "Would have thought you'd be knocked up by now with all the hot loads up you. We'll just have to try harder!" There was a knock on the door, and I just had time to hide behind the counter when I saw my mother standing there. "Sorry to trouble you."She said. But Timmy forgot his key and I have to go out." Bill took the key and she asked how I was getting on. As she spoke, I felt a hand on my arse and looked back to see the old guy, Arthur, behind me with one finger on his lips and the other hand graping a drooling erection. "Oh he's fine!" Said Bill. "Very willing and good with the regulars" Arthur gave an evil grin, bent me over and slid his cock into my backside. I gave a gasp, and saw my mother raise an eybrow at the noise. "Must be some air in the sauna."Said Bill Arthur began to thrust slowly in and out of my arse, his hand over my mouth to stop me groaning. Bill must have realised what was happening, and he kept talking to her even as he knew I was being sodomised only feet from her. Arthur was gasping and thrusting hard into me, and getting close to his climax. "Well, I'd better be going" She said. At that moment, Arthur came in me, his cock twitching and throbbing as it spurted. "Nice to see you." Said Bill. "I'll give Timmy the keys and tell him you called. He's probably making himself useful somewhere." She turned and waved good bye as the old man's cock slid out of me and Bill turned with a big smile. "You can come out now you dirty sod!"
  9. This place was called Oscar's and was in a backstreet near the old thameslink station. As I commuted from there, I often got away early to visit the cinema on my way home. It was the sleaziest, dirtiest rough place with most guys real trolls who went for the afternoon in the hope of getting off any way they could. It wasn't exactly romantic! It was really exciting to go from my office in my suit, pay my money and descend into this sleaze pit. It smelt, it was hot, the floor was slippery and it was dark apart from the light from the screen. I'd head to the back where most guys stood and wait for some action. The first couple of times I was nervous and then I realised you had to be really obvious, so I'd drop my trousers and pants and bend over the seats in the back row. The trolls couldn't believe their luck and it wouldn't be long before I was being fucked with a queue of men waiting their turn. If only my co-workers knew I was breeding like a pig only a few hundred yards from the office!
  10. With a mate from school. We were both 14. He stayed over and we played strip poker. Then we added "forfeits" to the game which we had to do if we were naked and lost a hand (his idea). Ended up with him fucking me and ejaculating in me on my parents' couch.
  11. The next day, my arse was all puffy and swollen when I had a shower. As I came out, my mother was holding my underpants which were heavily stained at the back . "Are you ok?" She said. I blushed and nodded and she laughed. " Oh...I see. Well try and clean up a bit better after the next time!" I got dressed and went round to the sauna, letting myself in with the key Bill had given me. He wasn't at the desk, so I stripped off and lubed myself as usual, noticing how open I was and slipping a couple of fingers easily up myself which felt good. I wandered around picking up tissues and then I heard voices coming from the small yard at the back where we kept the rubbish bins. The back door was open, and Bill was talking to a couple of rough looking guys who were collecting the bins. They were both fat and middle-aged and drinking tea, so I guessed this was a regular stop for them. They were discussing football. "Terrible game, last night," said one of the men, spilling tea over his heavy beard and over his stained t-shirt. "Yeah, "Said Bill. "Not going to be a great season." I wasn't sure what to do, but Bill saw me with the waste bin and beckoned me outside. Although I was naked, I guessed it was ok. I stepped out and put the rubbish in one of the smelly bins. They ignored me and carried on talking about the game. "What we need is a new manager" Said Bill. As he spoke, he grabbed my arm and pulled me face down over a dustbin. I heard the men cackle with laughter, and a thick, rough forefinger ploughed up my bum. "Need a whole new team more like!" I heard one of them say. " Mind if i get a bit?" "Help yourself" Said Bill. I heard the sound of a zip being drawn down, then there was a smell of rotting rubbish as the man got behind me. I felt his stubby cock probe my hole, and then he slid up me with a satisfied grunt and began to thrust, his jeans scratching my bare cheeks. Bill and the other guy watched me being fucked, all the time talking about their team and what the next game might be like. The man in me worked to a climax, grunting softly as his cock swelled and spurted up my rectum. "Tha's better!" He gasped as he slid out and Bill offered him a dirty rag to wipe his slimey cock. "Climb on if you want to, Harry" He said. "We'd best be going soon." Harry was wearing overalls which he unclipped and let fall. He was naked beneath. His long, thin cock sprang up below a flabby, hairy body as he waddled behind me. His hand steadied my arse, then he slid up me in one delicious stroke and began to fuck urgenlty and fast. Bill and the other guy finished pulling the bins together as Harry reached his climax, giving a satisfied sigh as he emptied up inside me. Then he pulled out, pulled up his overalls and they began to move the bins out. "Wait a minute," said Bill. He picked up the rag and tenderly wiped my bum clean, then tossed it into the refuse. "Cheers lads. See you next week." He said. Without a backward glance at my naked body, they waved and closed the gate behind them. Bill turned to me. "Get up, Timmy" He said, "The regulars will be here soon and want their oats!" Then he laughed and I followed him inside...
  12. Thanks guys - appreciate the nice comments. I see what I can do about carrying this one on!
  13. I hadn't been to the sauna for some weeks, though I'd heard there was a twink working there who was a real cum dump. I'd have to go soon and try his dirty arse. One evening on my way back from work, I decided to cut across the park as it was a pleasant evening though dusk was falling. There were a few people around, one of whom was a short, tubby lad of 18 or 19 who was strolling by himself. In the centre of the park was a shelter with an old bench. It often had homeless guys hanging around and I guessed they maybe slept there at night. I normally avoided it so as not to be hassled. In the distance, I saw the lad taking the path in front of the shelter and sure enough about 5 or 6 rough-looking guys emerged in the gloom and surrounded him. I heard them ask for money and then they started hitting on him, asking if he wanted to spend some time with them and offering him some booze. I shook my head at his naivity and walked on. It was nearly dark when I reached the far gate, but something made me pause. I retraced my steps, with a growing sense of excitement as I didn't encounter the tubby twink and realised he must be still at the shelter. I moved quietly on the path until I could make out the old wooden building. There was no one in sight. I was about to leave when I heard someone laugh followed by a low moan and a gasp which reeked of sex and made my hair stand on end. Slowly, I moved around behind the shelter making sure to stay hidden in the bushes. At the back of the old building was an old mattress and empty bottles strewn around and the group of homeless guys standing and watching something. I moved to get a better view and saw the lad naked and face down on the filthy mattress being fucked by an old guy as the others watched. He had pushed his stained trousers down and his fat, pale, hairy backside was wobbling and clenching as he rode the chubby twink who was groaning and gasping as they copulated. The others were standing watching, passing a bottle around and some had their cocks out and were wanking as they watched. "C'mon! Hurry up!" One of them said in a throaty voice. "I needs some of that arse!" The others laughed and watched as the man steadily worked himself to a climax, giving a satisfied grunt and his buttocks clenched as he spurted. He levered himself off and sat nearby, trousers down, cock glistening with cum. The lad just lay there breathing hard. "Who's next?" Said a voice. A bald, lean old man with sores round his lips untied the string at his waist and let his trousers fall. His cock sprang up against his bulbous belly and he knelt and stretched out on the pale body. There was a moments fumbling, then the lad gasped as the old cock slid up him and the man began to fuck him. I was hard in my pants, and took out my cock and began to wank as I watched the lad being gang fucked, one after the other until they had all cum in him. Then they ignored him, passing round the bottle as he got unsteadily to his feet. "Here," one of them said, offering him a filthy rag which he used to wipe the mess between his buttocks. Another one grinned, revealing blackened teeth. "Off you go, Timmy. It must be past your tea-time!" Then the lad dressed, walked off into the gloom and I shuddered as I came, spurting wetly onto the grass at my feet...
  14. Sadly this cinema has gone now. It's a shame all the sleazy places in London have closed down now.
  15. The next morning, I waved goodbye to my mother and got to the sauna about an hour before opening. Bill was behind the desk doing some paperwork. “Morning Timmy.” He said. I could hear some banging and clattering down the hall. “Got some guy’s in to fix the showers. One of the cubicles has a leak.” He said, typing something on the computer. I undressed, hanging my clothes in the cupboard behind the desk, and feeling the excitement grow as I got naked. There was a crumpled pack of lube in the locker. With shaky hands, I squeezed some onto a finger and smeared it over my arsehole as I’d been told. When I turned round, Bill had dropped his trousers and pants and was stroking his erection. “I hate doing these accounts,” He said, pulling me over to the counter. “Somehow they never seem to add up. Bend over, there’s a good lad.” I bent over the counter and he got behind me, still looking at the screen. Slowly, he slid his cock up me and begun to fuck me. “That’s better,” He said. “How’s your mum today?” “O..ok.” I gasped as he worked himself towards a climax. “That’s good….tell her I said you’re doing a good job, will you?” He thrust faster, then suddenly grunted and I felt his cock throb as it spurted. When he was done, he slid out and wiped it with a tissue and then returned to the screen. “That’s better.” He slapped my arse in appreciation. “Now go and see if the guys doing the shower need a cup of tea.” I got up and used the dirty tissue to wipe my backside, then went along the corridor to the shower area. There were two guys working there – almost like laurel and Hardy. One was short, fat and red-faced with filthy jeans below a belly bulging below his t-shirt and the other was wearing t-shirt and shorts and had hollow cheeks and skinny arms and legs They barely looked up when I appeared naked in the doorway. “Would you like some tea?” I asked, my cheeks red with embarrassment at being nude in front of them. “Mac? Time for a break?” said the skinny one. Mac nodded. “Two sugars for me. Jack here takes just milk.” I went off to the kitchen and made a couple of mugs of tea. When I returned, they were standing looking at the shower. “I think you’re right, Mac. Looks like that crack at the back is the problem.” Mac nodded, scratching his fat arse through the jeans. “Put them over there.” said Jack. I went and put them on a table. “What’s your name?” asked Mac, unzipping the fly below his bulging belly. “T..Timmy.” I replied, mesmerised as he pulled his jeans open and dug out a long, thick cock, rolling the foreskin over the head as it grew erect. “That’s the problem with these places,” Said jack, lifting off his t-shirt and dropping his shorts. “They don’t look after them like they should.” His cock was long and thin like him, and I noticed the veins standing out on his arms and legs. Mac also removed his t-shirt, exposing a huge scorpion tattoo which covered his pudgy shoulder, and a floppy belly above his glistening cock. Jack sat down on the sofa and rubbed his cock as Mac bent me forward until my face was in Jack’s crotch. I took his cock in my hand and began to lick the salty tip, noticing his dry, scaly skin and a couple of sores on his thighs. “well,” said Mac, getting behind me and resting his belly on my back. “That just means more work for us!” He thrust his cock into me, and I gasped at its girth which stretched my hole wide before sliding home and I felt his heavy balls slap against mine. Jack idly rubbed my hair as I sucked him whilst his partner fucked me with short, urgent thrusts. “Nice hole on this one.” He said to Jack who just grunted in acknowledgement. “Timmy wasn’t it?” He leant forward and whispered in my ear, his bulky body on my back. “Mmmm.” I replied, my mouth full of Jack’s cock.” “Well, Timmy. Here comes my dirty cum. Bill said he wants you knocked up!” With that, he gave a loud gasp and thrust hard into me and I felt his cock twitch and cum, twitch and cum. “Fuck, that was good!” He grunted as he levered himself off me and pulled out. “Hurry up, Jack, we’ve got work to do.” Jack raised my head, turned me round and pulled me down. His long, thin cock slid easily up me given the lube and two loads in my rectum, and I found myself sitting in his lap, impaled on his cock. “Crouch up a bit.” He said. I put my hands on his thighs and lifted myself so he could thrust up into me from below. “Dirty bastard” Laughed Mac. “Look at that cum dripping out!” He was right. As Jack’s cock fucked me, cum and lube dripped out and smeared his balls. Meanwhile, Mac had dressed and was on his knees fixing the crack. He looked over his shoulder and said. “C’mon Jack, I need a hand.” Jack grunted and snorted and then I felt him trembling as he added his spunk to the mix in my arse. Then he pushed me off and used and old towel to wipe himself. They ignored me, drinking their tea and discussing the shower as I wiped myself on the old towel and went back to reception on weak legs.

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