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  1. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    Thanks guys - appreciate the nice comments. I see what I can do about carrying this one on!
  2. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    I hadn't been to the sauna for some weeks, though I'd heard there was a twink working there who was a real cum dump. I'd have to go soon and try his dirty arse. One evening on my way back from work, I decided to cut across the park as it was a pleasant evening though dusk was falling. There were a few people around, one of whom was a short, tubby lad of 18 or 19 who was strolling by himself. In the centre of the park was a shelter with an old bench. It often had homeless guys hanging around and I guessed they maybe slept there at night. I normally avoided it so as not to be hassled. In the distance, I saw the lad taking the path in front of the shelter and sure enough about 5 or 6 rough-looking guys emerged in the gloom and surrounded him. I heard them ask for money and then they started hitting on him, asking if he wanted to spend some time with them and offering him some booze. I shook my head at his naivity and walked on. It was nearly dark when I reached the far gate, but something made me pause. I retraced my steps, with a growing sense of excitement as I didn't encounter the tubby twink and realised he must be still at the shelter. I moved quietly on the path until I could make out the old wooden building. There was no one in sight. I was about to leave when I heard someone laugh followed by a low moan and a gasp which reeked of sex and made my hair stand on end. Slowly, I moved around behind the shelter making sure to stay hidden in the bushes. At the back of the old building was an old mattress and empty bottles strewn around and the group of homeless guys standing and watching something. I moved to get a better view and saw the lad naked and face down on the filthy mattress being fucked by an old guy as the others watched. He had pushed his stained trousers down and his fat, pale, hairy backside was wobbling and clenching as he rode the chubby twink who was groaning and gasping as they copulated. The others were standing watching, passing a bottle around and some had their cocks out and were wanking as they watched. "C'mon! Hurry up!" One of them said in a throaty voice. "I needs some of that arse!" The others laughed and watched as the man steadily worked himself to a climax, giving a satisfied grunt and his buttocks clenched as he spurted. He levered himself off and sat nearby, trousers down, cock glistening with cum. The lad just lay there breathing hard. "Who's next?" Said a voice. A bald, lean old man with sores round his lips untied the string at his waist and let his trousers fall. His cock sprang up against his bulbous belly and he knelt and stretched out on the pale body. There was a moments fumbling, then the lad gasped as the old cock slid up him and the man began to fuck him. I was hard in my pants, and took out my cock and began to wank as I watched the lad being gang fucked, one after the other until they had all cum in him. Then they ignored him, passing round the bottle as he got unsteadily to his feet. "Here," one of them said, offering him a filthy rag which he used to wipe the mess between his buttocks. Another one grinned, revealing blackened teeth. "Off you go, Timmy. It must be past your tea-time!" Then the lad dressed, walked off into the gloom and I shuddered as I came, spurting wetly onto the grass at my feet...
  3. Slipitupme

    Pozzed in the cinema

    Sadly this cinema has gone now. It's a shame all the sleazy places in London have closed down now.
  4. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    The next morning, I waved goodbye to my mother and got to the sauna about an hour before opening. Bill was behind the desk doing some paperwork. “Morning Timmy.” He said. I could hear some banging and clattering down the hall. “Got some guy’s in to fix the showers. One of the cubicles has a leak.” He said, typing something on the computer. I undressed, hanging my clothes in the cupboard behind the desk, and feeling the excitement grow as I got naked. There was a crumpled pack of lube in the locker. With shaky hands, I squeezed some onto a finger and smeared it over my arsehole as I’d been told. When I turned round, Bill had dropped his trousers and pants and was stroking his erection. “I hate doing these accounts,” He said, pulling me over to the counter. “Somehow they never seem to add up. Bend over, there’s a good lad.” I bent over the counter and he got behind me, still looking at the screen. Slowly, he slid his cock up me and begun to fuck me. “That’s better,” He said. “How’s your mum today?” “O..ok.” I gasped as he worked himself towards a climax. “That’s good….tell her I said you’re doing a good job, will you?” He thrust faster, then suddenly grunted and I felt his cock throb as it spurted. When he was done, he slid out and wiped it with a tissue and then returned to the screen. “That’s better.” He slapped my arse in appreciation. “Now go and see if the guys doing the shower need a cup of tea.” I got up and used the dirty tissue to wipe my backside, then went along the corridor to the shower area. There were two guys working there – almost like laurel and Hardy. One was short, fat and red-faced with filthy jeans below a belly bulging below his t-shirt and the other was wearing t-shirt and shorts and had hollow cheeks and skinny arms and legs They barely looked up when I appeared naked in the doorway. “Would you like some tea?” I asked, my cheeks red with embarrassment at being nude in front of them. “Mac? Time for a break?” said the skinny one. Mac nodded. “Two sugars for me. Jack here takes just milk.” I went off to the kitchen and made a couple of mugs of tea. When I returned, they were standing looking at the shower. “I think you’re right, Mac. Looks like that crack at the back is the problem.” Mac nodded, scratching his fat arse through the jeans. “Put them over there.” said Jack. I went and put them on a table. “What’s your name?” asked Mac, unzipping the fly below his bulging belly. “T..Timmy.” I replied, mesmerised as he pulled his jeans open and dug out a long, thick cock, rolling the foreskin over the head as it grew erect. “That’s the problem with these places,” Said jack, lifting off his t-shirt and dropping his shorts. “They don’t look after them like they should.” His cock was long and thin like him, and I noticed the veins standing out on his arms and legs. Mac also removed his t-shirt, exposing a huge scorpion tattoo which covered his pudgy shoulder, and a floppy belly above his glistening cock. Jack sat down on the sofa and rubbed his cock as Mac bent me forward until my face was in Jack’s crotch. I took his cock in my hand and began to lick the salty tip, noticing his dry, scaly skin and a couple of sores on his thighs. “well,” said Mac, getting behind me and resting his belly on my back. “That just means more work for us!” He thrust his cock into me, and I gasped at its girth which stretched my hole wide before sliding home and I felt his heavy balls slap against mine. Jack idly rubbed my hair as I sucked him whilst his partner fucked me with short, urgent thrusts. “Nice hole on this one.” He said to Jack who just grunted in acknowledgement. “Timmy wasn’t it?” He leant forward and whispered in my ear, his bulky body on my back. “Mmmm.” I replied, my mouth full of Jack’s cock.” “Well, Timmy. Here comes my dirty cum. Bill said he wants you knocked up!” With that, he gave a loud gasp and thrust hard into me and I felt his cock twitch and cum, twitch and cum. “Fuck, that was good!” He grunted as he levered himself off me and pulled out. “Hurry up, Jack, we’ve got work to do.” Jack raised my head, turned me round and pulled me down. His long, thin cock slid easily up me given the lube and two loads in my rectum, and I found myself sitting in his lap, impaled on his cock. “Crouch up a bit.” He said. I put my hands on his thighs and lifted myself so he could thrust up into me from below. “Dirty bastard” Laughed Mac. “Look at that cum dripping out!” He was right. As Jack’s cock fucked me, cum and lube dripped out and smeared his balls. Meanwhile, Mac had dressed and was on his knees fixing the crack. He looked over his shoulder and said. “C’mon Jack, I need a hand.” Jack grunted and snorted and then I felt him trembling as he added his spunk to the mix in my arse. Then he pushed me off and used and old towel to wipe himself. They ignored me, drinking their tea and discussing the shower as I wiped myself on the old towel and went back to reception on weak legs.
  5. Slipitupme

    pozzing for older guys

    I'm 63. Started going with men in the 70's before AIDs and never considered condoms. Though I was young and horny, I preferred to bottom and when the whole AIDs/HIV crisis hit it scared me off for a while and I used rubbers. Then, in the 90's, I found an old toilet near some playing fields. I was struggling with my job at the time and feeling down. One night, after hitting the poppers hard, I let some old guy fuck me bareback and cum in me. It was sensational! The excitement and fear was off the scale. I never went back to rubbers, started hitting sauna's, bars and toilets and eventually was pozzed about 10 years later when I was 49 or so. On meds and undetectable and love every bare cock I can get.
  6. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    Thanks guys - I really appreciate your "positive" comments! We'll have to see how Timmy gets on. More surprises in store for him, I think.
  7. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    I cleaned up and made Bill a coffee. It felt strange to be walking around naked and available to the denizens who came to the sauna. Bill made me lube my arse ready as it had got quite busy. Sid was there, and the old troll called Arthur, along with a couple of guys I hadn't seen before, including a fat, black guy with sagging tits and a short, thick cock and heavy balls. I didn't really know what to do, so I wandered upstairs to the TV room. The black guy was there with Arthur and Sid watching porn on the TV. All were naked and jacking their cocks and talking. "So, we haven't seen you for a while, Mike". Said Sid to the black guy. "Where you been?" They ignored me as the black guy said "Been away working. Haven't had any tail in ages." They laughed as Sid nodded at his cock. "Looks like it wants some today, Mike!" I turned to go as Sid said. "So where were you working?" As he spoke, he casually took my wrist and pulled me towards the sofa. "Oh, up north."Said Mike, levering his bulk off the sofa as Sid pulled me down and onto my knees. "Big construction project, so the money's good." As he spoke, he got behind me and began to slide his cock up me. It was fat and stiff, but slid easily in through the lube. He sighed happily as he lifted his belly onto my back and began to fuck me. "Trouble is, you work long hours and then you're too knackered to do anything else...yeah that's tight...nice.."He said. Sid stuck a bottle under my nose and I sagged into the cushions as Mike began to thrust urgently into me. "Contracts..contracts ended now..." He puffed. " Hang on... I'm going to cum." With that he pushed into me and I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted. "Phew!" He said " I needed that!" He pulled out roughly, and I felt sperm gush over my balls. "Cheers guys," He said. "I'm going for a coffee" He waddled out as Sid turned to Arthur. "You coming for a coffee?" "In a minute," Said the old man getting behind me and sliding his cock into my sopping hole. "Ok," Said Sid. " See you downstairs when you're done" He left as Arthur began to fuck me. Behind the sofa was a mirror. I saw myself kneeling, being fucked from behind, and there on Arthur's shoulder was a biohazard tattoo I hadn't noticed before. He grinned at me in the mirror. "Hold still," he said. "Got some more spunk for you" Then he grunted and shuddered as he emptied his old balls into me. With that, he slapped my arse, grabbed his towel and left. My descent into depravity had just begun...
  8. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    My tea was ready for me when I got home. “How was your first day?” Asked my mother as I sat down to eat. “Alright,” I replied, blushing as I remembered being fucked and feeling my arsehole still wet and puffy from the pounding it had received. “That’s good.” She replied and noted his blush and the excitement in his eyes. She was sure she was right – Timmy was gay and, if his face was to be believed, no longer a virgin. “You’ll be going back tomorrow, then?” She asked. I looked at her and returned her smile. “Oh yes.” The next day, I went to the Sauna and helped Bill clean up before the sauna opened. Bill was stripped down to singlet and shorts to clean the shower area and I saw he was covered with tattoo’s. In particular, there was a large biohazard symbol on Bill’s fat, hairy stomach with two scorpion’s either side. Bill saw me looking. “Like my tatt’s?” He said. “Yeah,” I said “but what does that symbol mean on your stomach?” “Don’tcha know what that means?” I shook my head. “It means I’m poz, mate. You might see a few more on the clientele.” I was surprised, and also slightly excited, and wracked my brains to remember if there had been tattoos on the men the previous day. Bill was rubbing his crotch and there was a sizeable bulge in his trousers. “Mind you, they don’t all have them. May be you got pregnant yesterday already!” And he laughed at my shocked expression. He also noticed me lick my lips unconsciously. Slowly, he unzipped his trousers. “Want to see my old, poz cock?” I stared, mesmerised, as Bill opened his trousers and levered out a fat, heavy cock with a thick mushroom head, slimey with pre-cum. I was trembling with fear and excitement and didn’t resist as Bill took my hand and placed it on the warm flesh which stiffened slowly until I was holding Bill’s erection. “Good lad,” said Bill. “Give it a rub, then” I began to wank the warm. Silky flesh, feeling my own erection in my pants, but feeling my arsehole throb and twitch even more strongly. Suddenly, Bill pulled me into his arms and kissed me on the mouth. I gasped as I felt a man’s lips on minefor the first time, and the wet tongue probing my mouth. I gasped with pleasure, almost swooning in Bill’s arms as the man’s hands went round to cup my buttocks, and my heart pounded in his chest. I couldn’t resist as the hands moved to myis belt, undid the buckle and slid them and myunderwear down to my knees. My cock sprang up against Bill’s belly, but the man ignored it. He sensed Timmy was almost there, almost ready for impregnation. He fumbled in his pocket, found the poppers and opened the brown bottle. He took a brief sniff to get him going, then stuck the bottle under Timmy’s nose. “breathe,” He said. Timmy I took a deep sniff and felt the poppers explode in my head and a warmth which swept away my inhibitions. I began to snog Bill’s lips, gasping with pleasure, as Bill hurriedly pushed his own trousers and underwear down. It was time. “Do you want my cock?” He breathed into my ear. I barely heard, instead squeezing the heavy cock pressing against mys belly. Bill chuckled to himself. There was an old sofa in the changing area. He lifted Timmy’s t-shirt over his chubby torso, squeezing the young man’s flabby tits and nipples until he gasped with pleasure. It was definitely time to mate, he thought. He turned Timmy round, bent him over the arm of the sofa, dug the tube of lube out of his pocket, and smeared it gently between the fat, upraised buttocks, dipping his finger in gently until the lad squealed with delight. Then he grasped his cock, and began to push the mushroom head into the delicate pink slit between the cheeks. I gasped with pain and began to wriggle. “Easy, just relax” Whispered Bill and pushed the poppers under my nose. He felt the quivering body sag in surrender, pushed forward and then the head burst in and his shaft followed in a delicious rush until he was balls deep in Timmy’s backside. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as Bill began to thrust slowly in and out. My own erection had subsided, and my sole focus was on the sensation of Bill’s heavy cock sliding in and out. I felt Bill pull my arms back. “Hold it open!” He gasped, placing my hands on my buttocks and making me pull them apart so he could get deeper in. I was gasping with pleasure, wanting only to be fucked, and with a growing sense of wanting more – of wanting Bill’s tainted seed. I groaned, my eyes opened wide and my tongue flickered over dry lips as I knew Ie was going to let this man come in me.. Bill was gasping now, close to cumming and he sensed Timmy’s acceptance of his fate. But he wanted to be sure. He leant over the chubby, sweating body and whispered in his ear. “I’m…I’m…gonna cum!” He gasped. “Gonna…ahh…gonna give you my baby’s. Is that what you want… want me to get you pregnant?” I could only arch my back and thrust against Bill’s belly. “Cum in me!” I sobbed. With a growl of pleasure Bill thrust into the chubby body, his cock swelling and throbbing as he shot his dirty load into Timmy’s rectum, sensing with every spurt that he was impregnating the willing body beneath him. Finally he finished and slowly slid his cock out, closing the buttocks behind to prevent sperm leaking from Timmy’s ravaged hole. “There you go, you’re fucked now.” He said, belching with pleasure and slapping the quivering buttocks. “I need to open up. Wipe your arse but don’t bother putting your clothes on. I’ve told the regulars you’re an added bonus for them. They can fuck you whenever they want. “ I stood up and nodded. Bill stroked my hair. “Let’s see how many babies we can give you, eh?”
  9. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    I knew it was wrong – I wasn’t that naïve. But it felt so good and so natural I couldn’t resist. Sid started to fuck me with slow, deliberate strokes as Frank knelt in front of me and offered his cock to my mouth. I had never sucked a man’s cock before. The silkiness of it was exciting as was the salty drool of pre-cum oozing from the narrow, red slit. I began to suck it even as Sid started thrusting hard in and out of my arse. Suddenly, he pushed hard against me and I felt his cock stiffen and throb but I was so intent on sucking Frank, I barely noticed. The door opened and the old man from the TV room appeared. His entire body was wrinkled and slack-skinned, but his thick cock stood out from his sagging belly with a metal ring around his cock and balls. “Oh, it’s Arthur,” Laughed Frank. “How’s it going you dirty bastard?” Arthur licked his lips and came over to us and I felt his bony fingers probing my hole and the cock sliding into me. “Ok, Arthur. You look like you need a fuck.” With that, Sid pulled his long cock out of me and spread my cheeks. I felt the old man get behind me and his thick, veiny cock started to push into me. My arsehole stretched until I thought it couldn’t stretch any more, then his cock popped into me and slid in up to his balls. “Nice!” He grunted. “It’s all wet in there.” “Yeah,” said Sid. “I’ve just dropped a load up him. I’m off downstairs.” With that, he left. I was shocked. He had shot his spunk in me! All the fears and worries I had about safe sex came back to me, but Frank pushed the bottle under my nose and I sagged forward in surrender. “Cumming now.” Growled Arthur and leant over me, his whole body shuddering and I realised a second stranger was shooting up me. But it felt so good, I could only kneel there and let him do it. “That’s better.” He said as he pulled out of me. “You want a bit, Frank?” The other man shook his head. “Not yet. I’ll have it later.” Then they left, talking about something they’d seen in the news. I got off the couch and felt my hole which was wet and dripping with cum. Shaking, I pulled on my t-shirt and shorts, emptied the bin and went downstairs. Bill was making tea to take through to the others who were in the lounge. “You took your time.” He said. I blushed and turned away to put the bin outside. Then I heard him chuckle. “Oh, I see.” He said “ They’ve knocked up your cute little backside already, eh? What would your mother say.” I looked over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror and saw the dark, wet patch in my shorts. Blushing furiously, I went out to the dustbin….what had I done? But my cock was stiff as I thought about it and I knew I would go back for more. After all, it was a bit late now, wasn’t it?
  10. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    "Yeah, very nice." His finger slid between my buttocks and began to rub lube into my hole, even as the three of them carried on a conversatio. "You ok, Fred?" Said Sid to the man he was fucking. "Yeah, good." Came the reply. "But I'll have to go soon and get some shopping for dinner." The third man released my cock and said. "The local supermarket has some good offers." It was bizarre. There I was, shorts around my ankles being sucked for the first time by a man old enough to be my grandfather, and in the middle of a conversation about shopping! The third man, whose name was Frank, held up the bottle to me. "Take a sniff?" He said. "It's only poppers." Not wanting to be ungrateful, I sniffed the bottle and felt the poppers explode in my head, my heart pound and a dangerous lack of inhibition sweep over me. "Yep," Said Fred. "I better get on." He leaned forward until Sid's cock slid out of him, then got off the bed and began to wipe his arse with a tissue. "Same time next week?" Said Sid. As he spoke, he casually pulled me in front of him and pushed me forward until I was kneeling on the bed, arse upraised. My head was spinning as he began to push his cock into me. "Well, ask Bill to make some tea on the way out, would you?" His words were so casual, so ordinary, I was confused and unwilling to say anything as he was sliding his bare cock deliciously up me.
  11. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    At the top of the stairs was a short corridor and on the left was a TV room playing porn. I had, of course, looked at plenty of porn in the secrecy of my bedroom, but seeing naked guys having sex on a big screen was exciting. I was also quite shocked to see they weren't using condoms as the camera zoomed in on a thick cock ploughing a gaping arsehole. A very old man sat on a sofa watching the film. He was naked and playing with a large, thick cock. He stared at me as I came in and emptied the bin of tissues with shaking hands. My cock was hard in my shorts and I could see him looking at it. Then he licked his lips and winked at me, all the time stroking his erection. I left him there, and went next door on shaky legs. The door was closed, and I heard someone gasping and grunting and a voice saying "Yeah...fuck him... that's it. Do him good." I didn't know what to do, but I was supposed to empty the bins, so I opened the door and went in. There was a large, circular bed in the middle of the room. A small, plump old man was kneeling on the edge being fucked by a tall thin man with shaven pubes as the third man lay on his side on the bed stroking his head and feeding him his cock. "Fuck him." He said again. I was shocked, and excited and embarrassed all at the same time, and stood there stupidly with my plastic bag, not knowing what to do. The tall, thin man who was fucking smiled at me and said "Don't mind us...ooff that's nice...you must be new?" He was so nonchalant I said "Yes, I'm Timmy" In a voice thik with excitement. "Good to meet you. I'm Sid" He said. He drew his cock out of the arsehole and I saw it was glistening with lube and bare. "is it still raining outside?" He said. I couldn't believe he was so casual, carrying on a conversation about the weather as he barebacked the fat arse in front of him. I found myself standing next to him, watching, as the third man opened a brown bottle. Suddenly, the room was filled with an aroma which made my heart pound and my cock even stiffer in my shorts. "Not gong to University, then?" He said, his hand feeling down the back of my shorts and caressing my arse. "N..no." I said. What is this? I thought. But his voice was so calm, so seductive I began to relax and diddn't resist as he took my hand, lent back and got me to feel his cock where it entered the kneeling man. The third man sat up and swung round onto the edge of the bed. "Good to meet you." He said. "Has Bill put the kettle on yet?" As he spoke, he casually grasped my shorts and pulled them forward and down, releasing my cock which sprang up like a poker. "Oh very nice" He said matter of factly. And then he took it into his mouth and I felt myself being sucked for the first time. I gasped, even as Sid leant down, picked up a crumpled tube of lube and squeezed some on his finger. "Yeah,
  12. Slipitupme

    Filthy Sauna

    Part 2 - Timmy's story I was 18 and all my friends had gone to University. I wasn't a good student, and so wasn't able to go. I was also aware I was attracted to guys, and this made me very shy in case anyone found out. My mum said I had to get a job. "There's a place around the corner advertising for staff." She said. "It's a men's sauna. Why don't you apply? I'm sure you'd enjoy it." As she said this, she gave me a sly look and I blushed with the thought she had guessed my secret. I was overweight and very nervous about my appearance and didn't want to go, but she insisted and took me round there next day. It was just a nondescript door in a row of houses with a sign that said "sauna" over it. We knocked, and a middle aged guy answered wearing only a singlet and shorts. He raised an eyebrow when mum said "This is Timmy. He's come about the job." Then she pushed me forward, blushing furiously. He looked me up and down and grinned, revealing blackened teeth and said "Well. I'll give him a trial for a couple of days and see how it goes." With that the door closed behind me and I found myself in a tiny reception areas. The place smelled of steam, body odour and damp and didn't look too clean. "What's your name?" He said. "And you'd better be 18" I told him my name was Timmy and yes I was 18 though I didn't look it. He nodded. "Well Timmy, I need someone to clean up, scrub the floors occasionally and generally help out." As he spoke, a naked man appeared and asked for a clean towel. He was 50 ish with a flabby body and a semi-hard cock beneath his belly. I gasped. I had never seen a naked man before and I couldn't help staring at his cock. "What's this, Bill?" He said. "He's cute" Bill saw me staring and laughed. "This is Timmy. He's going to help out. You and the other dirty fuckers in here keep your hands off him." Then he turned and leered at me "Unless you want them too, eh mate?" I blushed again, aware my cock was rigid in my trousers. What sort of place was this? The man took his towel and grinned. "You're gonna be really popular. They'll all want to get in your arse." Then he turned and walked off, and I clearly saw the crease between his buttocks was wet and glistening. Bill told me to change into some shorts and a singlet like him as it was so hot and steamy. I went behind the desk to change, but when I looked up there was a mirror on the wall and he could clearly see me naked as I slipped on the tight shorts and singlet. He handed me a black bag and told me to go and empty the bins upstairs where the rest areas were. "It's not that big. You'll find your way round. Now listen, you'll see plenty of naked guys, and probably men having sex with each other. Is that a problem?" I felt my heart lurch and was so excited and yet scared. "N...nno thats fine." I said. "Ok. You want to join in, that's up to you. I'm sure they'd love it. But they're dirty bastards. If you let them fuck you bare, you'll get knocked up. You understand?" I had had sex lessons at school and understood about safe sex. I just nodded, uncomfortable at the conversation and headed upstairs...
  13. Slipitupme

    Any guys go to SOP?

    I've been working in London for a couple of months and have been to SOP on Tuesday nights several times. It's amazing! As others have said, it's a no attitude, sleazy bar where anything goes. I've never seen a condom used. There is nothing like kneeling in the bar in fill view of everyone whilst someone pisses in your mouth. Last time I went, I undressed, lubed my hole and walked naked around the curtains which screen off the dark rooms at the back. A cute Asian guy was fucking another man bending over a bench. As I came up to them he smiled at me and said "Want a fuck?" He pulled out of the guy, grabbed my arm, pulled me into position and slid his cock up my arse. It was heaven and so sleazy! Later I was in the toilets crouching next to the urinal being pissed over by a couple of guys. When I was nice and wet, I bent over the sink and spread my cheeks and was fucked by a couple of guys one after the other. I'll be going back this Tuesday (11th December) and looking for cum up me. I have a nice bottom with tattoos of vine leaves on it.
  14. Slipitupme

    SOP 1st July PISS and CUM slut

    Went to SOP for the first time last Tuesday. Incredible!. Got fucked bareback 3 times in the sling in one of the darkrooms then went outside and told a guy I was desperate for a piss. He knelt right there on the floor of the bar and I pissed all over his face and body. He just smiled and said now the floor was nice and wet. I went out to the toilets and several guys were there sucking and pissing over a guy who knelt next to the urinal. One of the guys who had fucked me was sitting on the edge of the urinal wanking. I lubed myself up some more, spread my cheeks and settled onto his cock. I bounced up and down as we watched the other guys, then he stood up, bent me over the washbasin and began to fuck me as I stared at myself in the mirror. A chubby guy in black spandex top and shorts came over, levered his short stubby cock out and pissed over my arse as we were fucking. After a while, the man in me left and the chubby guy got in the saddle and began to fuck me bareback. "I like being up there after someone else." He whispered. "Did he cum?" I said I didn't think so, and he stopped and said "Come and find me when you've got cum in you." I went outside to where they had put out a big paddling pool. A fat, piggy looking guy was lying in it and it was already wet. I stepped inside and lay down bedside him. He was wanking a nice sized cock. Suddenly, a guy in a jock strap stepped up and began to piss strongly all over us, the warm liquid splashing down on our bodies. The man beside me grunted happily and started to finger my hole under my balls. When the guy had finished pissing, the pig turned me over so I was face down in the piss, got on top of me and slid his cock up my hole. We were fucking like pigs in full view of the guys at the bar. I was in heaven! Definately going again!
  15. Slipitupme

    Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    Love drinking piss. It's part of my need for sleaze and to abase myself as much as possible. I go to a sauna which has a piss room. You sit on the tiled floor and wait. Guys come in, straddle you and piss when they need to. I love opening my mouth and drinking it down. There is a fuck bench in the room, and I complete my depravity by bending over it, drenched in piss, taking any cock up me raw and letting the sleazy bastards breed me.

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