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  1. hey: just want to let you know your ass is SO inviting - love it xx Carsten

    1. monkey2712


      Look hotter with your thick poz cock in it

  2. Now thats one fine ass!

  3. I'm on a campus so only students and staff likely to be in the immediate vicinity. Have had a couple awkward moments when recognise a coworker from his pics....
  4. If they are on Gridr they want it ... It's what I use in canpus
  5. I avoid my own students, only ones from other areas of the uni.
  6. Not a professor yet.... Lecturer but love fucking students in uni toilets or library rooms
  7. Love fun at work, I've posted a few times about it, but pretty much get fucked at work daily and usually top one or two guys daily too... Students are so ready to fuck it's great!!
  8. They can usually tell from the cum leaking out my ass... If they ask questions I'm honest, if they don't ask I don't tell.
  9. Wear whatever top askes for, or nothing at all. For anon meets usually jock as Im more there to take loads not get sucked or touched. If it's a more involved hook up then naked ... No barriers of any kind 😉
  10. Where were all the bug chasing fucked up guys when I was in Nottingham...
  11. Once COVID calms down come study in Australia 😉 sure I can get you extra credit for somthing.... We have a sexology course too
  12. Wow, hot hole man...

    1. damsonffpig


      Thanks, proud of it and always hot to receive compliments 😉

  13. Same, never used a condom only BB since first time getting fucked
  14. In work today, Friday is slow as hell, 5 mins on Grindr and can see there are a load of horny as fuck twinks on campus today... 5 more mins and have i guys asking me to fuck him and one wanting to top in the toilets in the library... Soni head over, one is in the first cubical the other in the third cubical. I head over to the first one he's in there hands on wall trackies round his ankles jock framing his tight twink ass... I lean on and start running his hot hole couple mins on and he's begging me to fuck him... I spit on his hole line up and slam in, he crys out and I pump
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