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  1. Back online now been traveling for 6 weeks for work.. needless to say have been taking advantage of the opportunities that afforded... especially  some fucking good times in South Africa...

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    2. monkey2712


      And in Spain, Singapore, France and Greece :-)

    3. jaybird


      international ass!  :>


    4. PERVDOM666


      I'm about to head to Athens -- any leads you can send my way 


  2. Same for me, I want all the cocks and all the cum in me... all holes filled at once.
  3. Thanks for the follow :) Love your pic, wish my ass was dripping like that right now...

    1. monkey2712


      Five loads in my ass in that pic, all anon and one after the other

  4. Hello guys,

    • I am l bottom who looking for a top to have a good time. In Chicago suburbs 
  5. monkey2712

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    4 loads so far today... first was in the park walking to train- station random guy loads me up bent over a tree branch... next two students on my lunch break both fucked me full of their hot cum one after the other the second one took my load raw too :-). Then one guy at the train station on the way hot higher in tiny shorts found on Grindr told me to get in cubical leave door open and have ass out ready to slide in to... so now have four loads leaking out my ass and hunting for a couple more before bed.
  6. Good luck chasing, if I was closer I’d help you out!!

  7. monkey2712

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    Strangest was Disney world... really is the happiest place on earth...
  8. monkey2712

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Not a long update today... just taken two poz loads and 3 anon loads. Head down ass up door unlocked... address on Craigslist and posted up in the local cruising sites!!! Good way to spend sunday
  9. Hot profile pic, would suck and ride that any day!!

  10. monkey2712

    Craigslist meets?

    CL is my primary way of finding annon guys , usually get lots of real meets but maybe 25/30% are fake or drop out last min.
  11. Love ‘working at home’ done nothing but get fucked and fuck all day!!!

  12. hey monkey cool profile indeed - still unmedicated?



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    2. monkey2712


      Just gave me the result, I told him I was expecting a poz result. He offered counselling :-)

    3. cardoc49


      you had the fuck flu? it must have made you shiver with anticipation still? and you declined?

    4. monkey2712


      Yes I declined, I did have some symptoms mainly night sweats nothing much else. I would have not gone for the test but the guy gave a me some drug resistant gono too, so they do all the tests

  13. monkey2712

    Rest Stop Breeding

    Do that all the time in cruising areas and parks. Even had a shop assistant in a department store recognise me off Grindr in the mall fuck me in a changing room once

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