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  1. I'm a BB top. I enjoy raw "unsafe sex". Its hot that other men have blown their load into your hole. Poz or not, I do not care. So I am only speaking for myself here (but I am sure others would agree), I would actually prefer a hot hole thats dripping with cum. If some of the seed is toxic, even better. I fuck raw. I enjoy it. So to answer your question, there is no need to wait for me. I do not engage in "safe sex." It is good though that you care for your top. But for me, the only care I would have is how frequently I can access your seed loaded hole. OINK
  2. Top, uncut and yet to poz up here. Guess I need to fuck more toxic bttms. OINK
  3. Sounds good. Thats what I thought it would feel like - so just started chasing as a top
  4. I'm a top and I like my PA. Can't wait to keep stetching it up a few more sizes. When fucking, most bttms really like it. I have noticed though a lot less attention on guys sucking my dick - which is fine as I rarely shoot my load when getting sucked - I'd rather fuck my load into an ass. Any other PA tops notice getting less oral once pierced? As a neg top, more fucking and less sucking is what I need in order to poz up anyway. Any poz tops gone for a circular barbell and made a few tiny modifactions to sharpen the ends ever so slightly?
  5. Agree 100%. And the thought of a hot thick load of seed being feltched out sickens me. I just don't get it. The load should be absorbed once planted.
  6. Need to stick my raw neg dick in a few POZ holes. Never knowingly fucked a POZ hole thats not on meds. Not chasing, just wanting the experience (for now). Can travel in Syd. PA 6 UC here. Message me in private if you want my seed.
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