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    Rhondda, Wales
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    Non-sexually: Art

    Sexually: Love to be fucked hard and raw, preferably in a sling. Would love to take multiple loads in a sling but not had guys queuing to load me yet.
    Love piss, will drink it and get drenched in it, want to be puss fucked.
    Love being slapped lightly and having the top spit in my mouth while fucking me, make me beg for it.

    Like jockstraps, want another guy to shove his dirty jock in my mouth.

    Lots more I want to try, want to take my first fist, try being fed, double fucked. Rape play being tied and forced to take cocks by a dom top. Who knows.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    31 yo chubby (steadily losing weight) student. Can't accom but love going to the sauna to get fucked, had an amazing experience in sec clubs in Europe and want to travel more to check them out (berghain and lab.oratory are high on my list, after cumunion London and streams of pleasure)
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    I wish, would love to be the bottom for a TIM or Dick Wadd movie.

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  1. Oh the old "Unless I get to treat a minority like a zoo, invade their safe space, I'm going to scream sexism"...how the fuck does that argument even have any legs...thanks "progressives", can always trust you to throw your supposed "allies" under a bus...or 10.
  2. Love my PA, wanted one since I was a teen then finally pulled the trigger when I was like 28, the pain etc is all so overblown, I literally wanked the night of having it done, got me so horny I couldn;t help it, zero infection issues and all other piercings gave me issues. Gone up to a 2g at one point but due to times I've had it out currently think its an 8 or something. I mostly bottom but I find most tops like it to play with (and like my cock in general to hold on to as they fuck me). And its fun to fuck with when I do rarely. Did start a Jacobs ladder but in 3 months they grew out or something, whether the piercer did it too close to the surface I don't know but I couldn't be bothered after that and I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would (but still desperate for a guy with a full Jacobs and other piercings to fuck my cunt raw and bloody). Fancied and amphallang too but the healing time makes it a no for me and I suspect that because its such a large amount of skin that needs to heal I'll get issues (again though any guys who have one want to fuck me please come by).
  3. Bathtubs in clubs, laying in there cock in hand as guys walk up pull down their jocks and start pissing on me, staring into my eyes, mouth open to swallow, and them spitting on me or shoving a foot in my face for an added bonus. Then just laying in wait to be the next guys urinal in a tub sloshing round with piss, it in my hair and soaked into my skin so even when I have a quick shower before heading back to a room I can still smell it walking down the street, makes me a proud pig then. Happy memories, of clubs like Lab berlin, black hole and open mind barcelona and the biohazard party (which in spite of being fucked by a hot big dick piss pig over the toilet amoung others I'm still not knocked up ffs) in folsom So want to go to wet and hot one day but its so much to go to america and I can't even afford to go back to folso this year...where's my daddy lol
  4. Thanks for the follow

    1. AWHORE
    2. WelshpupForPoz


      pity you aren't closer to breed me while wearing those jeans and that belt bucket.

    3. AWHORE


      Yess it is,lets stay in contact here..

  5. I went during Folsom last year. Was an amazing experience, got fucked raw by a few guys in a sling, hot arab guy with a a big dick knew how to treat my hole, Then spent a lot of time in the bath tub there getting pissed on and drinking loads. Loved walking back to my Hostel stinking of piss. That and the Poz night I went to were highlights...wish I could afford to go back this year but I can't. Also had a huge amount of success in the Boiler sauna. Amazing place that is too, really nice, high end facilities...then amazing and huge sex maze. The slings are just a little too high though. Also have to say while I have a big dick and seems far above the average here, I never felt so average as I did in Berlin, with many guys having much bigger dicks then me.
  6. Literally nothing by some miracle. Taken so many loads from strangers in dark rooms, been pushed up against and wall and pumped and dumped into, drank probably gallons of piss (which apparently can carry one of the stds, cant remember which clamydia maybe) but never. Was even ill this year really bad...turned out to be nothing more then an infected sweat glad.
  7. thanks for the follow, so want to get sleazy as fuck with you

  8. I've had that, there's this one hook up I have and I think it's the shape of his cock that hurts me. I've taken cocks with nothing but spit for lube, had guys really slam into my cunt, had some very fat big dicks inside me and they all feel good but the curve on this one guys cock actually just makes me soft (usually put a cock in me and instant hard on, dont get soft dick bottoms) and hurts. Also have to say this thread is turning me on and wishing I was closer to you all to test those limits. Usually only have trouble when 1. the top can't get fully hard. 2. Top can't seem to find my hole and tries penatrating my taint instead. Even adjusting in the sling usually doesn't help them.
  9. It's a nice lure, and its good to have something for the tops to play with but when I'm ass open in a sling. i know plenty of tops who do enjoy to grab it and pull hard on my big balls as they pound me so it does matter a bit....like don't try sitting on my cock your only going to hurt me break the sling and turn me off.
  10. sounds like a challenge...either way you should force it in, make me feel it and scream
  11. add me on wickr caradoggo

  12. Look at connections and see if they have a biohazrd party the time you are going...or go when Folsom is on in september, I am, already booked the biohazard party for then.
  13. would love to get fucked by you in a public sling so other guys can watch you get off and even have your sloppy seconds
  14. Personally find it frustrating as a bottom with a big cock. guys see it and want to be fucked, Gets annoying when Im literally laying in a sling in a club and some guy tries to sit on my cock while Im in it.

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