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  1. I have a story about an epidemiologist from the National Institutes of Health. It's not hot but it's kinda ironic. I'm from Salt Lake City. I moved back after I got out of the Navy. A few months later I got the clap from a hot blonde stud who was a law student at Brigham Young University law school. (I think—he wasn't the only stud I barebacked with but the timing was right.) I was telling a friend of mine that after three and a half years of raw kinky sex from Bangkok to Hong Kong to Tokyo—from sex clubs to ladyboys to Marine barracks—without any STDs I caught something in boring old Utah. My friend said, “Oh, yeah, I went to BYU. They're all dirty boys. They fuck everywhere, never use protection, and are afraid their bishop will find out if they go to the campus health center, so they never get tested. I can't prove it scientifically, but those Mormon closet cases have so much clap it counts as an ovation.” Six months later I met a guy on Grindr who was in town to help the NIH figure out why Provo, Utah, had such a high rate of STDs. I explained my friend's theory; the NIH guy got a paper published; my friend got to prove it scientifically, and I got an epidemiologist’s fat cock. Everyone got what they wanted, except for those poor Mormon girls who married gay dudes.
  2. utahrawslut

    Best Gangbang Hotel?

    I worked in the corporate office of a big hotel chain for a while, and while I've had some hot, hot sex at a Motel 6 in Salt Lake City, the thing about all the big brands is that they are franchises, so quality can vary at lot from one to the other. That's just the nature of the beast. In Los Angeles, I had some super hot times at the Holiday Inn by the Long Beach Airport. There's some sexy guys in LB into wild stuff, and work was paying for the room, so I really enjoyed it. :-) Plus people in LB are way less pretentious than the WeHo crowd, at least in my experience.
  3. Yo, Lurker! I was trying to send a private message and the site tells me your box is full. Guess that makes you pretty popular!

  4. The thing that strikes me as unfair about consent laws--at least in the US--is the fact that we have different ages for different things. Driving: 16. Voting: 18. Joining the military: 17. Booze: 21. And sex? Call your state's attorney general and ask, cause it could be practically anything! The fair thing would be to pick an age and say that's it: this is when you're an adult. Some people won't be ready at that age; some will be ready before hand. That's life. But unless we're gonna give some government agency the authority to administer a test that you have to pass to be an adult, just picking an age is the only way to go.
  5. utahrawslut

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I love the coffee room or smoking lounge or whatever the one room is in a sauna where there's no sex! So many guys just come in, fuck, cum and leave--but the real pigs can be found in the one place you can take a break, getting their second (or third or fourth) wind for the night!
  6. utahrawslut

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Holy fuck. This last thing I did was the most intense, slutty, wild sexual experience I have ever had. I am still reeling from it. So, I have this fuck buddy. He's really good in bed. We're really compatible. Great times. And he invited me to a sex party once, but I couldn't make it. Which means that today when he said he was hosting "some fuck fun with a few of my friends," I felt like I really should make the extra effort, even if it did mean a cab ride. Plus, I had been topped pretty darn hard several hours earlier, and then right before the party, so I didn't know what kind of shape my hole was in. But I went over there--and boy am I glad I did! So first another bottom showed up and we took turns sucking the host while we waited for the remaining two guests, two tops. I put on a spandex jock strap and a blindfold, so the remaining guests would get the right idea about me. So I didn't even see them until about fifteen minutes after the sex really got going. I was blindfolded for the entirety of the blow job portion of the evening. Win! The host told the other tops I was a great whole to fuck, which made me really nervous about if I was still clean after that righteous pounding. So I felt for which of the tops had the smallest cock and asked if I could sit on it. After a few minutes he worked his way in and I felt some liquid ooze out of my ass. Thank god, it was only a mix of lube and load! I was in the clear! Which I promptly celebrated by riding the first top until he came in me while the second top bred the other bottom. Boom. Then the host put me on my back and started to give me a slow, deliberate fuck. After a couple minutes, I noticed that the other two tops must be amazing multiple shooters, because they were DP'ing the other bottom! After the host unloaded in me, and I made sure a second time I was squeaky clean, we sat back and watched. This wasn't a gentle DP, this was both cocks in you ramming independently. Damn! My hole was getting more and more used to rough fucks. I got put on my back by the one top who hadn't fucked me yet, and he just pounded away until he came. We also started talking dirty. Then I took a minute to relax on the couch while I gossiped with the host and one top; the other was fucking the bottom again. At some point I got fucked on the couch. Then more relaxing while we watched the bottom get fucked by the host. The bottom jerked himself off while he was getting fucked that last time, and I caught his load, then used it to lube up one of the top's cocks. And they must have thought that was hot, because before I knew it they were DPing me. Oh my God. That was fucking intense. I've been DP'd a couple times, but it was always by caring, considerate tops who took their time. These two both fucked me at the same time. And--and I know it sounds fucking crazy and I wouldn't believe it if someone told it to me this way but I swear it happened--they both came in me at almost the exact same time! Anyway, the party broke up after that, with everyone saying how much they hope another one happens soon. (But not too soon! I won't be able to walk!)
  7. Thanks for the friend request! Always nice to know another bareback slut. How are the men in Palm Springs? (Also, you know your Private Message box is full?)

  8. utahrawslut

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Right here. He's in my bed, he fell asleep after he bred me, and I'm sitting on the edge of the bed. I'm watching him sleep (he has a hot sexy body and a great cock) while I write this on my phone. I'm typing one handed so I can caress his furry pecs. Part of me knows this is the hottest, sexiest moment of the day. But the cum dump part if me wants him to wake up so I can go find another load.
  9. utahrawslut

    What is your favorite bath house?

    I'd love to check out a bathhouse in London! The only bathhouses I've been to are Tokyo, Singapore and Seattle (when I was vanilla) and LA and San Diego (after I got wild). Guess which ones I had more fun at! ;-)
  10. utahrawslut

    Bareback without planning to

    Everyone on this forum has experienced that many, many times. Enjoy college, because whilst you're there, you'll have a great big supply of hot guys with big cocks who do the exact same thing to you that this guy did. You're gonna take so much cum, young man, it's going to be awesome!
  11. utahrawslut

    Pride Weekend Bathhouse

    Club San Diego, the one bathhouse in that city, was packed last night. It was the Friday of Pride weekend, so it's no surprise that everybody was out. Absolutely everybody. There were plenty of muscle pups, twinks and even some young ones. Being a bathhouse, it was mostly hot sexy daddies and geezers, but I like me a hot sexy daddy with a big cock. And I found a bunch. One Latino king bred my hole, one Twink came on my ass and a hairy muscled Dom sprayed all over my face. And while three loads sounds like a good but not great night, it doesn't count the eight—count em, eight—raw cocks I took. Something about the party atmosphere meant big old tops with stamina. Nice! Happy pride, everyone.
  12. utahrawslut

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I hadn't seen him in close to eight months. We hadn't fucked in almost a year. It's a damn shame; he's hot! He's tall, maybe 5'11", and super skinny. There's some acne and he's a bit immature. A guy in his early 20s who still lives with his parents, is super Mormon 350 days a year and a Disney freak 365! But his angular face, equine neck and body, and nice thick cock always make my hole twitch! I texted him at about 1:00 to see if he was still up. He was. Did he want to hang? Yes! Woah, normally he makes an excuse but then sends super flirty texts and hot nude pics the next day. But this time he was on his way right over! He was here in twenty minutes. We slipped quietly into my room and began making out. Heavy petting, and I quickly got him down to his underpants. I was in mesh athletic shorts; he was in bikini briefs that emphasized his slim swimmer's body and bulged obscenely where he was already hard. More making out and him thrusting his crotch against my ass. Last time he quietly slid in me doggy until he blew a load in me, but this time he left the lights on and we weren't taking our tongues out of our each others mouths. I sucked the air from his lungs, leaving him breathless. "I know what you want," I tell him. He grins, "I can guess why." Then he thrusts harder. He's being more verbal and a bit of a tease this time. Such an improvement, I'm loving it! Then the underwear's off and he's rubbing his cock against my crack, pushing hard. I ask him what he wants; he replies, "Should I slide it in?" Of course you fucking should! Get in me and get off, damn it. "Do you want to?" I ask him quietly. He nods. I have to find lube. There's a bottle of one brand that's empty. I frantically go through my room looking for the spare bottle that I know is around somewhere. After I can't find it in a minute, he's behind me, reaching around to pull me back against him. I close my eyes. This needs to happen. I kneel in front of him and enjoy his cock. It's circumcised, about 8", thickest right behind the glans. Throbbing as I fit it in my mouth, it's delicious. He starts thrusting into my mouth. He'd never have been this aggressive a year ago. Sometimes change is for the better! Obama was right! Another frantic search for the second bottle of lube. I find two cock rings, a leather blindfold, two silk ties, but no lube. Crap. He's lying back and I crawl over to him, licking his shaft from balls to tip. This is just gonna have to work. I get as much spit on it as I can, then clamber up and start to slide down on him. I let his head push in just a little, but there's some immediate pain; then I pull back out and put more spit on it. "I need to get relaxed for you," I explain, "So that I can take it long enough for you to finish." It's like my work outs. You gotta warm up! It only takes a few minutes and you'll enjoy the rest a lot better. So in and out he goes a half dozen times, each time stopping for me to lather plenty more spit on him. It feels like hours (let me tease him for once!) but is only a couple minutes before I'm all the way down. He starts to thrust up in me. I tell him how good it feels, he replies it feels good for him, too. We go back and forth, getting hotter and hotter. I try to get him to talk dirtier. "What are you doing?" "Sliding into you." "You like sliding into me?" "What are you sliding into me?" "My cock." "Where are you sliding it into?" "Your hole." "Tell me again." "I'm sliding my big, thick cock into your tight hole." He sure is! It feels great, and I keep prodding him to talk dirtier. I've got him up to "I'm fucking you" before I start to drop some hints how hot it is that this is bareback. "You like the feel of skin-on-skin?" "I love it!" "How are you fucking me?" "Hard!" "Starts with an R." "Rough? No, raw." I grin. We kiss, he thrusts up and into me especially hard. Technically, rough and raw are both accurate, but it's the second word I wanna talk about. That's the part that's got me especially wound up. "Get on your back," he demands. Fuck yeah! I'm watching a hung, sexy bareback top get in touch with his dominant side. I wonder how he'll fuck in another year? He gives me a minute to get some more spit on him, then I lie back and ask, "What are you gonna do to me on my back?" "Fuck you raw," he replies, and does. I try to etch the memory in my mind. I'm on my back, legs up, and he is over me, leaning into my knees, face right up against mine, arms over my head. He hasn't kept the light on and can see me clearly and hear every syllable s I keep encouraging him. "You like to talk dirty?" he asks me. I sure do! 'Slide it in' has become 'thick cock in tight hole' which became 'fucking' which became 'fucking raw' and now I push him towards 'breeding.' It only take a few minutes. "I'm gonna breed you," he says, his voice an octave deeper than usual. It's not forced, he's just finding his place in the world. Which, right now, is on top of and inside me. "I want your load deep inside me," I tell him. I mean, we've both known this was coming since the moment he said he'd come over. But no we're there. No cute flirting, no euphemisms, just saying what we both want. He tells me he's close. I tell him to do it, to come inside me. Suddenly he stops moving, stops thrusting. "I'm coming," he whispers without emotion. He's staring straight ahead, body utterly still. I wonder if he'd kidding but then I feel his cock twitch all the way through my hole. And again, and again, and again. It must be a spectacular orgasm. It's the kind that runs through your whole body, the kind that makes me twitch, groan and collapse. But he doesn't move a muscle or make a sound. Big families. He must have shared a room. He slowly comes down, then asks me to finish. It only takes a second, and I shoot a half dozen thick wads onto my chest and stomach. We cool down. He didn't encourage me last time, but wanted to run back to his Mormon family the second he bred me. This time he was more aggressive, he had me finish, he kissed me after wiping up and exchanged a few pleasantries before heading back. He said he wanted to meet again soon. It'll be weeks, maybe months, but hopefully less than a year this time. There will be some false starts, lots of flirting when he knows we can't actually meet, dropping off the face of the earth to feel guilty for weeks at a time. But maybe it'll be a shorter wait for the next round. Maybe the next round will be a little kinkier or last longer. It will still be a long time before he's thrown off all his families hang ups and can go out and dump a load in two or three different bottoms at an orgy three times a week. But trust me, tops like this are worth waiting for!
  13. utahrawslut

    Vacation Location?

    Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't thought of Canada, that's a good idea. I'm trying to go somewhere with a bit of hedonistic rep, so not the Castro or the Village or WeHo.
  14. utahrawslut

    Vacation Location?

    So I am in an excellent situation. After finishing a three month job doing something i love, I'll have a week this summer to just have fun. I have never really had a bareback sex vacation before, and I'm looking forward to my first one. But, you know, there are a lot of different places to go to make that happen and I've heard great things about all of them. So maybe some of the people here have some ideas or suggestions for me. I've been to Southern California, and had an amazing time hosting dudes at my hotel room. I've heard wonderful things about him Palm Springs in Southern Florida, but have never been down there. I'm looking for a really good time, something like I would do in Thailand if I could afford to fly out there. Pretty much anywhere in the continental United States is on the table. What do you guys think? Suggestions, ideas, invitations? ;-)

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