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Found 11 results

  1. Souderton bottom

    Hello all, I'm new here from Souderton Pa. I'm looking for a couple clean guys to fuck the hell out of my man pussy.
  2. Successful Hook-Up Methods

    Whats the most effective way to hook up for you? For me it has to be cruising, depends on the place but if it's busy then theres lots of dick to be had
  3. Has anyone used MisterBnB or similar? How was your experience? Did you hook up with the host? Did the host's photo help in choosing a place? I usually prefer hotels for privacy and being able to take hook ups back. Would be up for staying at a MisterBnB place if the host was a sleazy fucker Anyone got a place on there or similar websites and rent a room out?
  4. Twitter #bbbh + City

    I've been thinking we should make it easier to find bareback hook ups and events via social media. The hashtag #bbbh (bareback brotherhood) is one of the most common used but was thinking we could adapt it slightly to include the city too (unless guys already do this?) For example; #bbbh-NYC = New York City #bbbh-LON = London #bbbh-ATL = Atlanta #bbbh-FTL = Fort Lauderdale #bbbh-LA = Los Angeles There's some nasty fuckers on Twitter and would be good to be able to search when I get into a city. Plus would work for events too like; #CumUnion #bbbh-FTL Doesn't have to just be on Twitter. I know guys put it on their iPhone app profiles as well. Anyone else on board with this idea? Plus #teamtop #teamvers #teambottom are popular tags too at the moment, but again they need to be used more
  5. Book Store Etiquette

    I've never been to a book store / private video booths so curious to the process. Do you pay before going in? Or do you pay for porn in the booth like on a TV monitor? How does it all work? Do they mind guys hooking up? or is it meant to be jerk off only? I presume there is glory holes etc in the walls Any info appreciated. Want to check one out next time Im somewhere like NYC
  6. Hey guys- I have been online yesterday and today on most all the sites- BBRT, A4A,Recon,Asspig, NKP, etc-- anyway-- I went the full day yesterday without a hook up. Not even a "wanker" who just wanted to email till he came--zip, nil, zilch, zed!! Had the same problem last week too- all 3 days I was off and hunting. So, I thought it might be me- until I saw there were only 5 guys with hook up now ads here in Ft Lauderdale on BBRT-- that is unheard of ! So I gave up a little bit ago and went for lunch at the gay plaza- always a good place for viewing men walking from bar to pizza parlor to gay mens clothing shop...grabbed a slice and sat in front of the pizza place, and realized I was the only person outdoors at noon- no one walking thru the parking lot, no one browsing/cruising along the side walk-- in fact, the only real sound was a locust or cricket chirping away. As I pondered where everyone was, I got a call from a good friend up in New York City--lamenting that he was striking out on all the hook up sites there, got so bad yesterday that he went to the West Side Sauna- and was greatly disappointed. Even the bookstores were not producing any cock for him. SO- my general question is- has a new wave of hook up apps taken over and replaced the way we are hooking for sex, has global warming driven everyone inside and made us all lethargic, is LeBron James live on TV penis exposure making us all fixate on it rather than hooking with a real one?? Would love to hear what you are experiencing in your area, or if you have discovered a new source for guys looking to fuck..
  7. Times change with the hook up sites. I have lots of luck with some newer ones as the hits have dwindled off of some of the older ones. List the sites you have the best results hooking up with. Mine is currently adam4adam.com BBRT and I must be in the minority but I still have good results from craigslist.
  8. Last night I did. this guy in the dark room was stumbling and I asked if he wanted to sit down. He said no he was fine. Then he falls but gets up, he was doing poppers and I think he was spilling them because the room smelled like them. Then he fell for a third time and I told him he should go. He was belligerent and I told him I was gonna tell the manager because he was gonna fall and hurt someone. Then he grabs me and he had retard strength. I pulled away and leaving the room he pushed me into people walking by.in the hallway. One I just grazed but one I bumped into but I told them I was sorry that someone pushed me. He seemed to be drunk, high, doing poppers and in a psychotic episode. Probably a meth head. Then I went to the front to see if I would find the manager and I realized I didn't know what he looked like since the room was mostly dark with the only light coming if from the doorways. then I saw someone leaving and realized it was him by the way he was walking and he had this creepy sneer on his face. So I went back and he had mostly cleared out the room. I was gonna stay but it was late and I wanted to leave, but I didn't want to run into him and have him hit my car with his if he was driving. then I waited a little while and left and as I was leaving I saw him coming back in, I could tell it was him because he seemed angry and crazy, I don't think he noticed me. I bet he snuck back into the club. I learned my lesson. If I saw someone stumbling I would still ask if they needed help or wanted to find a place to go sit down, but after that if they fell again I would not say anything to them, I would try to identify who it was and then call a manager or another person who worked there.
  9. New 19 yr old bottom into breeding

    Hi guys, my name is Nicholas or... just call me Nick. I'm 19, going to school in Boston from the Bay Area of California. I've been exploring my fetishes lately and I really like breeding and barebacking and pozzing. I'm an asian and white (filipino and portuguese) bottom... Could anyone experienced help me find people I can do it with? And yes, I'm aware of the risks and all that, but I'm fine I really like that whole HIV brotherhood thing. Lemme know!
  10. Phoenix/Tempe July 23-25

    Neg vers bttm coming into town in just over a week, looking for loads. Love the anon dark room scene or if you have a suggestion for a bathhouse I'd love to check out the scene while in town.
  11. Hey guys- I know BBRT, A4A,ManCunt , etc- all have guys with big cocks scattered through their ads- but is there a web site out there, or maybe even a group on Yahoo - where guys with HUGE cock- 9 plus inches, post? I enjoy the average cock, but more and more I crave having my ass deep reamed - and 6 or 7 inches isn't hitting the mark like it used to. And as much as I crave a huge cock, I am sure guys with above average endowments would like to hook up with a willing hole that will take a deep fucking without whining and asking for shorter strokes

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