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    im 25 poz smoker, kinky and also into watersports, bareback , smoking and being forced

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  1. thanks for the request, where are you located?

  2. Anyone going to the state fair ?
  3. queerboy09

    Oneida Gay campground

    I'm going the last weekend of August. Anyone going to the NY state fair?
  4. Thanks for the smoke (request) now bend over so I can work that hole and enjoy my smoke.

  5. NY State Favor today anyone?
  6. Anyone going to the NY State Fair Saturday (tomorrow 8/31) ?? I will be there
  7. thanks for the friend request hot man.. sleazy poz pig here

  8. Thanks for the friend request

  9. Thanx for the friend request.....if you ever get to FL, let's fuck!

  10. queerboy09

    Should I take his POZ load?

    And I was the one who fingered ur tight hole on the couch hehe and took ur piss too hehe
  11. CNY Pride will be coming up here on June 15th at The Inner Harbor in Syracuse NY. Last year's was good, but since then they have demolished the wooded area and nature trails 11AM-5PM https://www.facebook.com/cnypride
  12. queerboy09

    nyc best cum dumps?

    I will be back at Penn station Thursday morning around 830 I have a train to catch home at 1030. Was hoping to be literally gang raped with no mercy.
  13. queerboy09

    Tomorrow!! 12/27

    Are you or anyone near Penn Station? I will be in NYC thursday morning around 830 I have a train to catch at 1030. So sometime between then?
  14. queerboy09

    Tomorrow!! 12/27

    possible hehe
  15. queerboy09

    Tomorrow!! 12/27

    I will be comming in on the train into penn station around 1230 ( shortly afternoon, but with this snow we are going to be getting that might be later). poz non-med detectable, love piss and huge smoking fetish Marb Reds are my favorite. hehe also uncut and tatts and piercings are also a huge turn on hehe and if someone(s) would love to fuck id love to hehe. I would love to have my hole gang raped hehe. I will have some time to go see the area on my own and it would be nice :-p

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