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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all. So there's a rather large thread in this sub-forum about chatting that caters to a particular type of chat, but I figured I'd start a thread for those of us breeders who want to talk or swap pics/vids about raw fucking outside of that particular niche. I'm on wickr, and find it's much better for privacy and sexting than other apps. For basic information so people know whether or not to hit someone up, here's a few things you could offer (I'll use myself as a demo). Mid-20s, twinkish, vers-top into the normal stuff, along with condom to bareback, stealthing, pup play, dom/sub, sports gear, roleplay, jocks, underwear, pits, blindfolds, gloryhole, anon, public, groups - pretty open. Username is stlth1. If anyone wants to chat with me, say hey! otherwise, share your info and let's get eachother off
  2. Hello guys, I'm a member on this for about six months now i think but i already used to visit this site way before to read the bareback stories. I was really happy when i subscribed to the site to see that there was a chatroom. So I decided to see what was going on there and i was suprised and not in a good way I have to say. Most of the time each time i visit the chatroom. it's only discussion about getting poz load and pozzing. Please don't think that i do not tolerate this kind of content. The only thing that i complained about is that. the discussions is mostly about that and not just about bareback sex. could there be a solution like different channel like the topics created? Am I alone to get pissed off to just see this kind of discussion? Maybe it changed but each time i visit the chat room. I stay like 5 minutes before leaving because it's all about pozzing subject. I'm sorry for my english. that's not my mother tongue.
  3. Chat Login Error

    Hi, Even tough i'm able to login into BZ, when i try to access the chat, while a new tab opens, there will be the following message: IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified. This is new, all other settings are the same, i've updated to high sierra OS though.
  4. I a twisted perv, no limits, the more twisted and perv you are, the more I get turned on. Am into taboo twisted chat, hook-up and trade pics or vids...... you first..........Love POPPERS, gooning, sounds, ect I am in DC, VA Metro area KIK: Soyborikua Wickr: thejackal70
  5. Hey brothers! 23 here, always looking for new dudes to chat with. Send me stuff, I'm into everything. Weirder the better. Or we can just chat about music and stuff haha! kik/wickr/snapchat: Chaddydelrey lets go dudes!
  6. Anybody want to edge and grease up? 22yo always lookin for jack off buds. We can, cam or both. The greasier the better. Vaseline, albolene, oil, lotion. Slather it on, I wanna get messy. Hit me up anywhere dudes. Kik/skype/wickr: Chaddydelrey oovoo: Chadtothebone
  7. Perv Kik

    No limits perv bottom here hit me up on kik @bbguy1987
  8. Fantasy And Experience

    I have quite a few fantasys that i want acted out i was wondering on a few of yours? Maybe some of the pervy stuff you did? How you you went about doing it? Or just some nice pervy chat. A few of my fantasies are: being raped, stealthed, pozzed, bound, pimped out, and just all around used against my will let me know some of yours!
  9. The other nite I was too horny to sleep. It was fullmoon but too late to leave the house and no one around coming over. So I logged on the a gay chat site and found a hot top. His profile and pix were so hot. His cock was thick and very veiny. We had the following chat until we both came loads..... hope to meet him in person soon. Hot chatjankoslave has entered the room topfukker: hy boy u okay? jankoslave: hi there - yes - horny here jankoslave: hot profile topfukker: mmmmm thx slaveboy naked for daddy? jankoslave: wearing just shorts here - can take them off topfukker: mmmmm good boy! get fucking naked! dad naked heavy steel cockring fat veiny cockringed cock jankoslave: have a cock ring on - but cannot take it of right now topfukker: mmmm keep hat cockring on fucking horny!!! jankoslave: yeah - very hot - would like to bend over to get ur fat and veiny cock up me topfukker: needing fat horny hard ringed daddycock boy? jankoslave: oh yeah man - desparately in need for a hot hard cock topfukker: mmmm firt some horny cocksucking slutson n your knees between dads legs topfukker: first jankoslave: sure - sucking ur hot cock as deep as possible - push it in my mouth jankoslave: fuck my mouth deep so that i start gaggin topfukker: mmmmm dads hand son your hea dpushing that fat hard pervy cock fucking deep in your boymouth jankoslave: on ur hard cock topfukker: fucking your boythroat jankoslave: yes - until ur balls slap my chin - fuck my mouth hard to make me uninhibiive topfukker: mmmmm dads fat cockhead deep in your throat chicking my slutboy jankoslave: hold my head and fuck my throat deep topfukker: fuck yeah holding your head anf fucking yor throt fucking deep ass up in the air for daddy.... dad opening a bottle of poppers jankoslave: yeah man - deep throat fuck me hard topfukker: fucking gaging and chocking dad perving your boythroat jankoslave: yeah, give me some poppers - i am swallowing here too - makes me beg for more hard mouth torture topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk swallowing a at coc for daddy son and fucking needing poppers?? topfukker: fat cock jankoslave: while u fuck my mouth u kick ur boots into my balls hard topfukker: fuck yeah sexbitch rping your throat feedig yo pppers kicking your boyballs jankoslave: poppers makes me even more uninhibited - and taking more pain from ur hard daddy cock in my mouth and ur boots in my balls topfukker: mmmmmmmmm fucking your throat and fingering your tight horny poppers up slavecunt sucking for dad boy?? topfukker: poppered up jankoslave: ur ball kicks are gettin harder and harder now - making me moan even more topfukker: moaning and fucking needing the pain jankoslave: yeah - my cunt is already waiting to take ur hard fat cock - jankoslave: without any lube topfukker: fucking cockbitch turn around and show dad that popperscunt jankoslave: yeah - i am showing you my best side - and bend over for u to inspect my cunt topfukker: mmmmm pushing more finger sin your sexunt jankoslave: legs wide spread so that u have access to my hole and balls too topfukker: pulling your balls jankoslave: yeah rub ur finger in my hole - turn them round add more fingers and scratch my hole . topfukker: fuckkkkkk scatching your poppershole jankoslave: ur other hand is squeezing my balls - making me moan loud... and asking for mercy. but u squeeze them even harder and punch them more topfukker: fucking squeezing your balls and fisting your boycunt jankoslave: yeah - my balls getting red and my hole gets sloppy from your fingers - getting ready for taking ur big fat hard bare cock topfukker: pushing my fat hard perving bare cockringed cock fucking deep in your slavecunt poppers under your nose jankoslave: make me sniff poppers permanently - it makes my hole gagging for ur hard bare cock to fuck me even harder and deeper topfukker: fuck sniff fucking deep cockbitch fucking riding that bare breeding cock!!!! riding dildo boy? jankoslave: also u to use my balls harder - kick em hard with ur knee squeeze my balls harder and pull them hard jankoslave: yeah - how did u know i am riding a dildo here??? topfukker: fuck yeah leaterbitch riding leathermastercock while master squeezes your fucking balls jankoslave: would love to take ur hard thick cock in nature. with a steel ring to make ur even harder topfukker: mmmmmmm big fat dildo sexbitch?? topfukker: mmmmm fuck in nature naked fucking no limits bare cockringed slvefucking jankoslave: yeah - shove me all the way down ur cock by pulling my balls towards u topfukker: fuckkkkkkk yeah cockwhore pulling your slaveballs pullng your bare slavecunt deep on my bare fat cockringed cock jankoslave: would really like ur cockringed dick deep as possible up my hole while u squeeze and pull my balls hard topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkk yeah leatherbitch sniff and fucking ride that dildo thinking of my bare breeding cockringed perving popperscock jankoslave: u still ordering me to take more and more poppers so that u can add more pain to ur bare fucking my hole and ball use topfukker: fucking sniff now!!!! and fucking strtch that slavecunt topfukker: stretch jankoslave: yeah - i am desparate to take all ur hard fat ringed cock as deep into me as possible take it completely out of my hole and ram it back in jankoslave: add a few fingers alongside ur cock in my hole stetch it - widen it.... topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkk yeah sore swollen wide open popered up slavecunt ramming my bare cockringed LeatherMasterCock deep and bare in your sexcunt topfukker: fingers and cock deep in your german sexcunt jankoslave: and if you cannot get enough fingers in me just kick my balls hard.... that'll open my cunt more together with the poppers jankoslave: i really would love ur daddy cock in my ass topfukker: kicking your fucking balls sniff german leatherbitch topfukker: fucking needing dads perved LeatherCock?? jankoslave: yeah man - u make me ur cumwhore and bitch - fucking the hell out of me YES YES YES i need dads pervy leathercock deep in me jankoslave: as deep as possible - and also kick and squeeze my balls hard jankoslave: get ur fingers alongside ur occk - maybe u can even wank ur cock in my sloppy cunt topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh fucking horny cockneeding leathersexson dad fucking feeding his leatherboy fucking poppers and fucking the hell out of your poppered up boycunt perved leather Das son bare poppers cuntfucking topfukker: Perved LeatherDad fucing fisting anf fucking your are german inferior boycunt jankoslave: yeah - try to open and widen my cunt for ur big fat cock and ur hand - get all in my sleazy open cunt for ur pleasure topfukker: fuck yeahhhhhhhhh dads perved fist and dads perved cock fucking stretching your high boyslavecunt jankoslave: ram ur cock hard and deep inside me - make me quiver for ur ringed cock topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk high and quivering on that bare erving leatherdaddycock topfukker: fucking no limits perved soncunt raping jankoslave: yeah - ruin my cunt for daddys pleasure and get ur cock and fist inside me. then wank ur codk hard and long with ur big hand inside me jankoslave: i am so close even not touching my cock .... topfukker: fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh dads hand in your sore swollen slutcunt and Leatherdad fucking wanking his fat bare breeding perved cock in your fucking horny poppers slavecunt topfukker: mmmmmmmmmmmmm fucking riding a cock boy??? jankoslave: yeah man - make me ur whore and bitch - ur play toy for u to get ur fun with my cunt and balls jankoslave: ram ur cock all the way down my hole - make me beg to get it in me even further..... topfukker: fuck yeah sexson always fucking naked for daddy and fucking needing dads perved fat cock jankoslave: ur fist also turning in my hole and scratching my insides for ur bare hot fat cock topfukker: dad ramming his LeatherCock fucking deep in your bare slavecunt no limits perved kinky dad son sex topfukker: dads fist turnig in your fucking horny german leather slavecunt jankoslave: sure - always naked and ready for u to use - for u to ram ur hard fad daddycock in my cunt whenever u want.... topfukker: no lmits perved leatherfun topfukker: mmmmmmm always fucking totally needing dads fat hard horny cockrunged cock topfukker: LeaterCock jankoslave: yeah - give me poppers and screw my balls and make ur fucktoy and boymeat for u to use as u want jankoslave: make me ur perved sexslave for daddys pleasure - and make me beg for ur hard fat cock.... topfukker: fucking feeding my sexson fucking poppers and fucking my sexson ass dads sextoy fucking horny leather perved dad son sex pervert german laeather sexbitch jankoslave: awaiting u with my legs wide spread and bent over for u to fuck me hard and as easy as possible... topfukker: fucking using topfukker: mmmmmmmmmm bend forward sexbitch and begging for dad bare perving cock and perving poppers dad in leather chaps black sendraboots leather cap jankoslave: yeah - fuck me make me ur pervy sexbitch and fuck me raw - give me ur load topfukker: fuck yeahhhhhhhh pervy german leather sexbitch needing mo limits bare cockringed pervy leathecock jankoslave: yeah - please fuck me give me ur load seed me - make me beg to get as much of ur seed as u can. no limits fucking and use of me... with heavy ball play topfukker: leather colla and just needing perved cock topfukker: collar jankoslave: ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk topfukker: needing it perved bitch?? 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jankoslave: i am spreading my legs even wider to get ur hard pervy fat cock all inside my bitchcunt jankoslave: giving u full access to my hole - squeze my balls hard to open my cunt even mor for ur hard fat dirty cock topfukker: fuck yeah spread to boylegs show perved daddy you fucking need that perving breeding cock fucking deep in your bare bitchcunt topfukker: no fucking limits perved bare seeding breeding dad son LeatherSSfuckng jankoslave: shove ur hand alongsiide ur cock and make my cunt mor sloppy - wank ur cock insde me and squirt all ur pervy seed in my hole topfukker: shoving that hand alongside that perving SSPozCock jankoslave: yeah - turn ur hand inside me, scratch my hole with em. to allow ur seed inside my hole.... topfukker: wanking tha fat bare Leathercock in your wide open fisted popperscunt topfukker: stretching your bare soncunt making sure dads SSPozCock will fucking breed your leather sexcunt jankoslave: yes - give mir ur dirty pozcock and seed - all ur dirty seed. make me ur sexslave .... im close to cuimming here topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sexbitch naked toally perved and horny and sniffing fucking deep for perved dad?? jankoslave: make me ur pozz daddy sun ur SSPOZCock whore topfukker: fucking perved totally fucking popper dup german leather sexson dad will make you his fucking perved breeded sexslave with hs bare cockringed perving SSPOZCock jankoslave: yeah totally naked to please u as leathermaster to make u happy and cum inside me, give me ur dirty pozz load.... begging for it jankoslave: yeah man - give ur dirty pervy load - i need it so badly.... close now topfukker: LeatherSSPOZCoxk raping your sexcunt jankoslave: no mercy using and ruining my sexcunt - u enjoy raping my hole with ur dirty cock and ur big hand.... and kickin and squeezing my balls - they r urs to use as hard as u want jankoslave: my sore cunt ready to take ur pervy dirty load from LeatherPozzMaster jankoslave: ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk jankoslave: cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming jankoslave: shooooooooooooooooooting all over hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee topfukker: collared bare naked leathersexbitch SSDaddy fucking squizing your leatherballs and fucking ripping your bare popperscunt with tha bare cockringed breeding LeatherPOZGestapocock topfukker: cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg jankoslave: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man - just came loadssssssssssss here topfukker: cumming nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww deep in your cunt jankoslave: cum inside meeeeeeeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwwwww - give me ur dirty load seeeeeeeeeeeeed me with ur dirty poz seeeeeed jankoslave: fuck ur load deep inside my hole - deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppper topfukker: fuck teahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jankoslave: feeling u squirting inside my hole .......................... jankoslave: a huge loaddddddddddddddddd jankoslave: such a huge load topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! topfukker: fucking huge breeding load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jankoslave: yeah - breeeding my swollen cunt with ur hot dirty seed topfukker: fuckkkkkkkkkkk that was fucking horny!!!! topfukker: fuck yeah breeding pozzing owning your sonslavecunt jankoslave: yeah, i came buckets..... that was so hot topfukker: mmmmmmmmmmm me to!!!!!! fucking hot!!! jankoslave: thank u really - would always go for another round with u. even better in real.... topfukker: mmmmmmmmmm fuck yeah son!!!! have to go now slaveson.......... hope to speak to you again! jankoslave: cu jankoslave: ... and thank u
  10. Introducing the new Bareback Bears, the secure chat site for uninhibited bears and daddies. Opens Friday, March 13, 2015 at 0000 GMT (Thursday at 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern) NOTE: Internet Explorer is not yet supported, but any recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari (desktop or mobile) should work fine. BEWARE OF BUGS: the system may go up and down frequently as less obvious flaws are flushed out. Features at launch: * SSL encryption * Seamless desktop/mobile experience * Quick registration * Face pic recommended but no longer required * Passwordless login * Filter profiles by position, status or distance * Up to 16 photos in gallery * Full-screen photo viewer * Instant Messages with history * Search by username * Search by location * Event listings with RSVP More features coming soon email support@barebackbears.net for information or assistance or to report bugs. Bareback Bears https://barebackbears.net Masculinity... without the wrappings
  11. How many of you guys would be interested in a revival of the old barebackbears chat site? I wrote the software for that system, and I'm thinking about giving it another go. A site just for bears/daddies with no ads, no circus atmosphere, and no porn we didn't make ourselves. What do you think? (disclaimer: niche sites like this may never reach critical mass, but that doesn't mean they can't be lively and fun).
  12. Maculine, pig, sub, bottom boy here parTyinG ...very horny and high and would love to find one or two guys for some perv dom/sub dirty chat.....ishtarboy on yahoo & skype
  13. My most recent attempt to get chat working has failed. Since I'm back to the drawing board trying to figure out what chat package to use, I could use a little guidance… In particular I'm wondering how big of a deal video chat is to you guys. It basically turns it from just chat to full-on cams. I would think that would be a huge plus, yet when I had it a few years ago most people never turned on their cams - they just stuck with text chat. One complication is encryption. It's easier to encrypt text than it is live video. If I have video chat, how much should I fight to make sure the video is encrypted? Anyway, give me some feedback on those things as well as anything else that's important to you when it comes to chat.
  14. I'm working on getting chat/cams (re) set up for you guys. Won't bore you with the details, but (knock wood) it should be up and running before the end of the week. If you've been on this site a few years now - it's the same chat we had back a few years. It wasn't very stable back then. Hopefully the new version will work better than the old one. It will be video chat - so both text chat and video will be possible. One person can be on video and the other one just on text chat. So if you want guys to watch you get fucked - just set up a cam and invite someone over to fuck you... The chat will have different "rooms" - so the more extreme conversations should take place in "the backroom". Private chatting and invite only rooms will be possible. Video chat is basically cams - only there won't be any charge to use video chat here. However, I can't promise that it will always stay free. I gotta see what it does to my bandwidth usage. If the bandwidth goes way up and revenue doesn't go up with it, then I may have to start restricting it or lowering the bitrate, etc. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm not quite sure how mobile devices and tablets will be supported. We'll have to see. The software is supposed to support them, but I don't understand how that works, so I'm suspicious of that claim. We'll see...
  15. chatting

    who enjoys chatting and jacking off while on line and trade pictures
  16. Looking to chat

    I have a fairly big fetish for my boyfriend with other guys with my boyfriend as the bottom. I'm just looking to talk though if anyone would find it hot to talk about doing things with my boyfriend add me at skype: kavael22
  17. Breeder bottom looking for hot....nasty...anything chat or text. anytime...479-209-2451...hope this isn't against the rules...

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