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My Boyfriend's Poz Support Group Buddy

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Brad is totally my type:  tall, lean, and having a basketball player's build, has reddish-brown hair and the most sexy light brown eyes.  He's 6' 6", 190 pounds and 26 years old.  He is simply one of the sexiest guys I've ever known, he has a gorgeous eight inch cock and a great set of balls.  I was very happy with him, and had been with him for six months when he found out that he was poz.  I was negative, and during those six months when we had sex, Brad had never cum in me ... although I asked for him to.  I thought it was quirky at first that he wouldn't shoot inside me, but just let it go, although I knew ex had done IV drugs and they had plenty of bareback sex.)

When he told me he was poz, he said he would understand if I broke it off with him, feeling I deserved a less-challenging relationship.  I wouldn't hear of it.  Three months later we moved in together into a West Hollywood apartment and had sex all the time - always bareback.

Brad's doctor suggested he attend a gay men's poz support group where he could talk about being poz with guys who could understand.  That's where he met Justin, who was also in a poz-neg relationship.  Justin and I are surprisingly similar in build, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds, 28 years old and light brown hair.  They both had the same HIV doctor and had met once before in the doctor's office, although just in passing.

Since the beach is a long drive, Brad and I regularly went to a bathhouse, North Hollywood Spa that has an outdoor sun deck.  We'd lay out to get some sun and then go inside to have some fun, always together.  It worked for us in our new relationship, so why not?  Being around other hot naked guys just got us even more horny for each other.

Shortly after Brad joined the poz support group, we ran into Justin on Santa Monica Blvd, and he told me he thought it was cool that I was OK with Brad being poz ... and that his neg partner wouldn't touch him at all because of it.  I said "You're a hottie!  I can't imagine any man not wanting to be naked with you!" OK, so sometimes my 'edit mode' doesn't work well, and I guess the cat was out of the bag.  Justin was hot and now he and Brad knew I thought as much.  Justin wanted to know how Brad fucked my neg ass without him pozzing me, so Brad explained he would pull out of my ass right when he was starting to cum and then shoot on my abs. That way we were able to avoid condoms and also avoid having me seroconvert.

Then Brad apparently had a brain storm 'cause he said "Rob and I are going to lay out naked at the tubs on Saturday," adding "would you like to join us?" Justin was up for it as his boyfriend was out of town for work, so we arranged for Justin to meet at our place and then we'd head out together.

Justin had never been to a bathhouse before, so we got him checked in and inside.  I got a big room for us to throw our stuff into, with the thought we'd strip down and then head to the sun deck.  That's when Brad and I first saw Justin's cock.  Holy Fuck, it was huge and he was sporting a Prince Albert.  His nipples were also pierced, which I also found hot.  I definitely wanted his cock in a big way.  While I knew the poz support group’s rules said Brad and Justin were not supposed to play around with each other, I had the distinct feeling that rule would be broken before we went home that day.

Brad and I chose to lay naked, and Justin wore a Speedo as he wanted a tan line.  Brad and Justin lay next to each other, and my lounge chair was in front of their's, which, as long as I was on my stomach, made it really convenient for me to stare at Justin's basket.  The Speedo barely contained his pierced poz cock.  I wanted it.  So did Brad.

I had a spritz bottle, so after a little bit, I misted water on me to cool off. I then to be a dickhead, adjusted the stream to a jet and squirted Brad directly in the balls. That got his attention! His cock started getting hard, so I continued doing it. Justin laughed at what I was doing, so I squirted his Speedo as well, then worked the stream up to his nips. My cock was hard.  Brad's cock was hard, and Justin's cock was filling out his Speedo even more.  "Let's take a break inside and cool off," I suggested, wanting to be naked with these two studs.

The three of us showered off downstairs and then headed to the room, "Just for a couple minutes."  But no sooner had the door behind us, than we lost our towels, and we were three guys in heat, making out and feeling each other up, our cocks drooling precum like crazy.  We were horny and needed to get off.

In no time, the three of us were on the bed and ravaging each other.  I was on my back with Brad sucking my cock, while Justin sucked Brad's cock.  It wasn't too long before it was time to switch-up. "I gotta get a taste of my first pierced cock," Brad said.

I said "Don't get him off, because I want some too."  Justin wasn't used to three-ways, and this was his first since he converted to being poz, and he certainly wasn't used to a neg guy being so hot for his poz cock.

Brad switched places and laid on his back and Justin crawled up to straddle Brad and fed him his cock.  This was a great opportunity for me to get Brad's cock up my hole and to feel up Justin while he got his cock sucked by Brad.  Justin blocked Brad's view, so Brad was surprised when I lubed up his bare cock and lowered myself onto him.  I moaned at how hot Brad's cock felt up my ass ... and what a hot view I had of Justin's butt and hot body.  He turned around to see what I was up to behind him, and was surprised I was taking Brad's cock right there.  It was erotic as hell to watch Brad suck on another poz cock, and I certainly enjoyed having his cock up my ass.

Unfortunately, Brad's gag reflex had a problem with the ring in Justin's cock, so he had to back off it and just suck on the tip.  Seeing what was going on, I said, "Let's switch positions ... I'll be able to take his big dick with no problem."

Brad and Justin just looked at me and laughed as Brad remarked "My boyfriend the slut!  Give the man what he wants."  Justin took Brad's place on his back, I bent over to suck Justin's cock and Brad fucked me doggy style. Everyone was happy until Brad pulled out saying, "I'm getting too close. I don't want to cum yet."

Justin said, "Yeah, I want to have a turn with Rob too."  I moved off his cock and stood next to Justin who then reached over to my loose lubed butt and gave it a grab.

I turned a little to give him easier access to my hole and he slid a finger up inside me. Brad and Justin got a little quiet and for a couple moments Brad and Justin looked at each other's eyes, and gave each other a slight nod. Brad said, "Yeah, Justin ... it's Rob's turn."  

Brad slid back on the bed to give us some space and watched while Justin worked my already-lubed hole with one finger, and then two fingers, and as he did so, Justin turned to Brad saying "Rob's ass feels amazing.  No wonder you told me you love fucking him."

Brad said, "Go ahead and give him a couple more fingers, he loosens right up."  At that point I was bent over the bed just enjoying the amazing treatment Justin was giving my asshole.  I was totally relaxed having him do what he wanted and Brad was playing with his cock watching Justin.

Justin slid his four fingers out of my ass and slid his pierced poz cock inside me.  Wow, he felt great.  I love my boyfriend's eight inch cock but Justin's seven inch, fat cock was a whole different kind of great.  "Yeah, fuck me," I urged Justin.

Brad meanwhile was jacking his cock, taking in the scene, his cock rock hard.  Clearly he was totally into watching me be get plowed by his poz friend.  Justin bent over and whispered in my ear, "You get off on my hot poz cock, don't you?"  Brad didn't notice Justin's question, but it had me rock hard.  I didn't say anything at first, so Justin asked more loudly "You want that, huh?"

Brad looked up at both of us and smiled when I answered "Yeah, fuck me ... give it to me!  But first let me change positions!"

We all started laughing and they both made room for me to get on my back with my legs in the air.  

Justin said, "Let me take a couple minutes ... Brad, you get back inside him."

Justin pulled out of me and noticed a little redness on his cock. He realized his Prince Albert piercing was rubbing my asshole raw from the friction.  We looked at each other and he was about to say something about it. I gazed into his eyes and slowly shook my head and whispered, "Don't say anything."  

Once his cock was inside me, Brad said, "Oh yeah, Rob has such a hot hole.  God I love fucking his ass."

"Yeah, I want this ... fuck me, Brad," I urged.

As Brad fucked me, Justin kissed me, quietly saying "Rob, I'm going to help you get what you want."

Brad looked at Justin saying "We're probably okay fucking him, since we're both undetectable."  A strange look crossed Justin's face, which led Brad to ask "What's that look for?"

In a slightly dull tone Justin answered "My doctor didn't like my blood panels, so he took me off my HIV meds two weeks ago.  I thought I told you." Justin continued, "But don't worry about me.  Fuck Rob's hot hole and shoot inside him!"

There wasn't much room behind Brad and the wall, and Justin had a plan.  He got off the bed and stood next to Brad, lightly tweaking his nipples.  That drove Brad crazy and filled him with lust.  Justin then moved behind Brad as he was fucking me and tweaked his nipples.  Brad muttered "Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!"  I grabbed Brad’s hips to pull his cock into my ass, and Justin lodged himself against the wall so that Brad couldn’t back away as Brad yelled, "Shit! I'm cumming ... fuck, I'm shooting."

I was also shooting, but unlike Brad's load, my cum load blew all over my chest.  It was likely the biggest load I've ever had.  Fuck that was hot.  After all this time with Brad, I finally got him to cum inside me - and I wanted it really bad.  Poz cum just made it hotter.

Brad's cum had nowhere to go, but inside my ravaged hole.  And he was freaking out softly saying, almost to himself, "Oh my god, I came in you!  Fuck!  I don't want to poz you."

"Hang on, honey, it'll be okay.  A lot of guys don't get pozzed the first time they're bred!  Come here...."  Brad's cock was still in my hole and I pulled him towards me and kissed him many times, murmuring "Don't worry."

He moved off me and laid down on the bed and Justin was there with a slight smirk.  We both knew what he did for me, and I was grateful. "Can I get a hand here?" Justin asked.

In the excitement, Brad and I hadn't helped Justin get off, and his cock needed to blow a load.  "Yeah, I think I can help you out," I replied, turning to Brad and asking "Okay with you?  I think it's Justin's turn."  Brad looked at both of us and slowly nodded yes.

I pulled Justin down to make out with him, and I could feel his poz cock grazing my thighs and balls. I reached down and aimed his cock inside my hole, easing his pierced poz cock inside me, my boyfriend's poz load the only lube.  I announced with genuine excitement "Fuck, this is amazingly hot."  

Justin grinned as he slid in and out of my wrecked hole and asked "You really like this.  Fuck, man, I never thought I'd ever get inside your hole."

"Hell, yeah, man, this is amazing."

In a slightly louder tone Justin asked "You want me to cum in you?"

Mischievously I replied "Ask Brad if you can."

Justin replied in a voice loud enough for the guys in the adjoining rooms could hear "It's not Brad's hole I'm breeding.  Do you want my poz cum?"

There was only one possible reply for me:  "Fuck yeah, dude.  Shoot your hot poz load into my ass!”

Just then every muscle in Justin's body tensed up as a prelude to his hot load.  He pounded my hole even harder, as if to force his virus into my body.  Justin yelled, "You're such a cum slut, take my poz load." I could feel his cock unloading in my guts. The spasms triggered another orgasm for me.  I was in heaven, as was Justin who collapsed on top of me, with his cock still lodged inside my hole.  We hugged and kissed.

Brad looked a little shell-shocked at what just took place. We all stretched out on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other just to hold on.  I wasn't sure what was going through Brad's head, so when everyone caught their breath, I said, "That was amazing. I've wanted that for a long time. Thank you."

Brad looked at me with a puzzled look. He said, "I had no idea ... you never talked to me about it or asked me for it."

I asked, "Would you have bred me if I asked you to?"

Just then, I felt Brad's cock start to get hard against my thigh.  Brad said, "Justin and I hoped you would be okay with us just fucking you, but now, you'll have a lot more of our cum from now on."

The three of us smiled, relieved about how the afternoon turned out.  Brad got off the bed, his big poz hard on, pointing in my direction.  I got up on all fours, and pointed my ass in his direction and my mouth on Justin's cock.  Justin's cock was slightly funky, but I didn't care.  It was my turn, and I got what I wanted.

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After I got another load from Brad, we were soaking wet and funky.  Justin suggested we go get showered off, which was exactly what we needed.  Although I was holding on two the three poz loads that had just been pumped into me, and I wasn't going to lose them.  A good shower was exactly what the three of us needed after such a ground-breaking afternoon.  We dried off and went to get new towels, throwing them in the bin and then asking for new towels.  Brad got one for himself and one for Justin.  When I asked for mine, Brad told the attendant that I didn't need one, and he steered me back upstairs towards the room.  I asked, "What's going on?"


Brad replied "Since you broke your poz cherry today, we should see if you can get some more charged loads up your hole - and we can't advertise it if you're wearing a towel."  At this remark all three of us started to sprout wood.  This was definitely going to be interesting.

We went up to the second floor where Brad and Justin walked me around the hallways.  As we passed the water fountain I paused to get a quick drink.  Three guys were standing in the immediate vicinity.  Justin separated my ass-cheeks inviting the guys to "Get a look at this, guys.  Freshly bred butt-hole," finishing-up with a sharp slap to my ass.  I was, of course, startled as hell, and in the process began to loose some of the cum I had been consciously holding back.  'Fuck', I thought, 'here I am with cum running down my legs'.  Two of the guys just smiled and walked on, but the third, a guy in his 30's started stroking his cock under his towel.  Brad completed the invitation saying "If you want a piece of that, stop by Room 213 and ask for Rik!"

I was being pimped out by the two guys that bred me! How humiliating ... but also kinda hot!  We were all still sprouting wood, so we were all getting off on this.  And I still had nothing covering me.  Brad said, "Come on, let's walk around."  The three of us went to the multi-level video room next.  Once our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, there were around six guys watching the porn.  But my two pimps were going to change their focus.  


Justin looked at Brad and said, "I think we need to show our slut off!"


Brad smiled and said, "Great idea."


"What do you guys have in mind?" I asked.


Justin stepped up to me and gave me a big, French kiss saying "Let's have some fun!"  With that he led me to one of the risers and had me get on my hands and knees, so my asshole was at a perfect level for his cock.  Justin didn't ask Brad at this point, he just worked his pierced cock up my hole again - in front of the other guys.  Brad was working his cock under his towel, enjoying Justin's perverted exhibitionism.

Justin, meanwhile, was slowly fucking my ass.  Clearly he wasn't looking to get off, but publicize ownership of my fuckhole - if only for the afternoon.  A couple guys moved closer towards us to get a better view, which was, of course, exactly what Justin was planning.  In a completely audible voice he remarked "Brad, this slut still feels good after we pozzed his hole.  Stick your cock up his ass and feel for yourself."  As he withdrew he asked me "Hey, Rik, how’s your hole now?" But before I could think of a clever reply Justin had fully withdrawn, stepped away, and, giving me a sharp slap, held my cheeks apart as Brad stepped forward, draped his towel over my head, and slid his poz cock up my ass.  "Yeah, you'll like this freshly pozzed hole," Justin grunted.

Brad fucked away for several minutes, and while so doing, Justin asked "Doesn't he feel good?" (I can only assume Justin was playing poz whore master for the audience.)

"Yeah, I should have pozzed him back when I converted. This slut would have loved it," Brad commented.

Crap!  Did Brad really mean that?  I started out that morning with my boyfriend and his friend, and now I'm their freshly pozzed towel rack and cumdump.  If this wasn't humiliating enough, I started feeling several hands feeling my body.  Looking down, I could see five pair of feet around me.  Guys were feeling my chest, cock, ass and Brad's cock as it slowly worked my hole.  I heard Brad ask "You want to fuck my slut?  You've gotta big dick.  He'll love it."

Brad pulled out and I felt two fingers slide into my asshole.  I certainly didn't know whose fingers they were - I was not in a position to explore who-was-who.  Nor, to be honest, did I want or care to find out.  I watched Brad's feet step away as another guy got into position.  I waited to feel a new cock ... and then saw a condom wrapper fall to the floor.  Justin intervened saying "Dude, this slut is deathly allergic to condoms.  He can only be fucked bare."  I kinda laughed at Justin's quick thinking.  Nicely played, Justin.

I saw the guy step back, remarking "I only fuck with condoms ... sorry."


Brad replied "No problem," and with that the guy walked away.

Another guy said, "I'll fuck your slut!" Brad said, "Have at it!"

The new guy threw his towel over my head as well and got in position behind my hole.  Justin said, "We're looking for charged loads for our slut here, you got one?"  


The new guy said, "Yeah, I've been poz for a while, and I'm happy to share my strain with your slut!"


Brad said, "Excellent, give him your load!"

The new guy slammed his cock inside my ass and I just about lost my breath.  Holy shit he was big!  The new guy commented "Damn, his hole is full of cum.  I love messy sluts!"  And with that by way of introduction he fucked my ass, surrounded by a whole group of guys, giving the impression I was the last available piece of ass on the planet.  I couldn't see much of anything, especially since now a couple of smelly towels were draped over my head, but suddenly Brad slid beneath the towels, wiggling close so he could kiss me while I was getting fucked.


Then I felt his legs stretch out next to my right torso.  He let out a soft moan of pleasure.  "Are you getting fucked?" I asked.


"Yeah, Justin still hasn't had a chance to breed me with his toxic cum yet and I want it really bad.  Do you feel like a bugchasing cum dump whore now?"


I managed to say "Fuck yeah, and oh God, I love you!"  Then he pulled my head down and started making out with me again.  We were both getting bred by poz guys, and I had no idea how toxic the fuck was going to be - and didn't care.

"I'm gonna cum now!" announced the guy fucking my ass.


I didn't know what he looked like, and was fairly sure he hadn't actually gotten any sight of me, but it didn't matter:  at that very moment he was sperming my asshole.  "Fuck, you just get bred!" was his parting comment as he slowly withdrew from my ass, giving me an appreciative tap on the ass.  At this point poz cum was running out of my gaping asshole and various guys in the video room were sliding their fingers in and out of my battered hole.  It didn't matter how much is in my bank account or what kind of car I drove.  To the men I was a piece of meat, just for their pleasure.

I could tell that Justin's fuck strokes were getting harder, as Brad's body was bouncing back and forth from the fucking.  Justin was going to cum soon, and Brad was going to share the virus strain that had just gone into my body.  I was stroking Brad's nipples, and telling him how hot he must look getting fucked in the middle of all these guys.  Justin started grunting and breathing hard and then announced "I'm cumming up your ass, dude! Here it comes!"  Brad's eyes rolled in the back of his head in ecstasy.  Justin was totally turned on by finally getting the sex that his neg boyfriend wasn't giving him, and he got to breed his first neg hole and the poz hole of his support group buddy.  And for Brad and me, well, we had taken poz loads side-by-side from two different poz guys.  And we couldn't have been happier.

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      Hours later she awoke to Brandon fucking her nice and slow and making her feel amazing yet sore from that brutal fuck from Red. He came inside her and then he told her it was time to go. Brandon made a show of kissing her and telling her she was so beautiful in front of the cam before letting her out the front door. I text Jessica and tell her she was making Brandon fall hard. She sent a smile back and asked when she could see me. I told her I would be back in a few days and to go to Brandon’s every day till I am back. She text back a sad face and I text her that I loved her, and she should be a good girl for Brandon. 
    • By greedyhole
      Felt really horny yesterday as I haven't been fucked properly for a few weeks. I have a friend staying with me in the moment and hence I cannot play. I love anon fucking and normally I accom in my place, waiting blindfolded on all 4s with the door on latch - so the tops just walk in, unzip, fuck me, cum and go. Heaven!
      So yesterday, I decided to go to a sauna as I really needed some cock. I douched deep and ended up in Pleasuredome. I was there 8pm and right after entering, I thought it was a mistake as it was quite empty and after the first round I was really disappointed. Not many guys and no one was playing and also the steam room was deserted. This is no wonder as after they re-opened after COVID there are now hardly any free rooms. You have to pay extra for a room or cubicle. So my plan to wait in a cubicle head down and ass up didn’t work.
      So I went to the gloryholes – basically three cubicles where the middle one is connected to the left and right one through bars which allow easy blowing or getting fucked. They are dimly lit and nearest to an anon scene. I lubed my hole and waited. That should be the only lube I needed for the whole evening.
      Just a minute after I occupied the middle cubicle, a guy entered the right cubicle. The good sub I am, I went down and my knees and offered my mouth to blow him and soon enough I got a nice 6” cock in my mouth. That felt so good and I blew him for a few minutes but I really needed cock in my arse. So, I took my chance and just turned around and offered my arse and what shall I say – he just slid his cock in. He started to fuck me in a nice pace as it is a bit difficult to fuck through the bars. I made sure I pressed my arse firmly against the bars so he could go in deep.
      While he was fucking me like the good slut I am, another guy entered the left cubicle and a second later I was spit-roasted by a nice 7” cock. Again, after 5 minutes I tried my luck and turned around and what can I say – the 7” just slid into my hole and fucked me and I was sucking the 6” again. No condoms – yay! I was switching between them a few times until the 6” finally couldn’t take it any longer. When it was his turn fucking me again, I could feel him getting faster and more aggressive and soon he was grunting and I could feel him pumping a hot load into me. The second he came he left but was immediately replaced by another guy.
      I offered my arse to my 7” again and he must have noticed I just got bred as he now also went more aggressive while I was blowing the new guy. So, he added his load soon. This is not bad, I thought to myself as I could feel my hole getting all wet and since was leaning over to service cock, the cum was easy to drip out – or be fucked out of me.
      My tactics started to work, I blew all guys until they were hard and horny and after a few minutes I just turned around and offered my hole. Not a single guy was trying to use a condom or refused to fuck me. After a while the spit-roasting died down and there were more gaps but never longer than three or four minutes until a new cock arrived. My hole really was getting loose and sloppy and cum was dripping everywhere. Puddles of cum on the floor, between the bars and my whole arse was sticky and covered in cum! Heaven!
      Since it was quite late, I guess all the guy just wanted to cum and go home and since there was not much action anywhere else I was the easiest way for them to empty their balls.
      I remember another fucker, he was very aggressive and fucked my switched between blowing him and he fucked my well seeded hole and finally when I sucked him again, he held my head and shoved his cock deep into my throat and pumped he babies down my throat and left! Yummy. My own cock was leaking precum but I made sure the guys didn’t wank me off!
      Another guy was licking by cum filled hole before adding his load. I got all kinds of cocks, big, small, thick, thin, bendy but no one was using a condom (or tried) to and most of them ended up cumming in my arse and some in my mouth.
      I soon lost count but I must have serviced at least 25 to 30 guys and taken 20 loads. I was sticky and cum was running down my legs and since the first sachet of lube I didn’t need any additional lube. I was in there for 2.5 hours and finally got tired and the trickle of guys was ending anyways. So, I left the cubicle and went to the steam room sat down to relax my legs a bit and finally blew my own load into the mouth of a hot Oriental guy. I did cum buckets. 
      O I showered and went home with empty balls and a hole full of cum which was leaking while riding the bus home. Left a nice wet spot on the seat.
      I certainly will do this again as this was unexpected and really cool to be the only greedy bottom in there who must have gotten most of the loads this night.
    • By CmDump
      Young 24 BTTM CumDump here, I’m based in East Croydon (next to station). 

      Any TOPS looking for a ass and hole to use, breed and fill?  No loads Refused!
      I’m free after 17:00. My door unlocked, walk in, find me ready and waiting on bed! Do anything you want! No Limits! 
      Leave me used and filled deep, dripping full of Cum! 

    • By JackEdJIZZ
      I am off to see the wizard
      The wonderful wizard of POZ
      I hear he is a whiz of a Wiz
      If ever a Wiz there was
      If ever, oh ever, a Wiz there was
      The wizard of POZ is one because
      Because, because, because, because, because
      Because of the wonderful things he does
      I am off to see the wizard
      The wonderful wizard of POZ!
      Fuck what the hell was I doing or thinking?  That perverted version of the movie song kept running through my head faster and faster.  As I neared the alley location in my instructions, I started to fucking skip...just like Dorothy and the damned Scarecrow.   Off to see the Wizard of POZ.   No doubt, the weekends parTy was still making my thoughts perverted and filthy.   But there were little moments when I wondered how the hell I got to this point.   
      As life long fag and bareback bottom I enjoyed getting fucked hard and in any manner that pleased whatever sadistic top was using my hole.   Even though I never used protection of any type, after 30 years of raw ass sex I was still negative.   I even chased somewhat and I had my ass filled with POZ cum on a number of occasions but never got knocked up.   I never hesitated to share points with my cadre of meth whores and fuck buddy addicts.   But now, as if driven by some unknown force, I was spun as all fuck and skipping my fag ass to see the Wizard of POZ.
      Almost suddenly I was at the location on the tiny slip of paper.   Not an address, just a description.   Back alley in downtown Asheville.   Steel staircase to the upper two floors of an old building.   A popular tapas restaurant operated in the front area of the lowest level.   It was the current "in spot" for the gentry and trust fund hippies of Asheville.   I ate there once, had a gift card from a client and took a lesbian couple there for night out.    It was a fun night, ate a good meal, went to a queer piano bar, then let the girls watch me get ass fucked by a BBC fuck buddy.   Of course, all of that was facilitated by gentle Tina clouds.   Now, I was behind the building, damn near tweaking and wondering what I was in for.
      The telltale sign I was in the right spot was a Biohazard graffiti sign sprayed on the said of the building.   Well, motherfucking big shot bug chaser.....you got your ass here...now go the fuck up the stairs was my next internalized message.   I was going to see the fucking WIZARD OF POZ.   Gonna see the wonderful fucking life changing things he does.    Gonna see if he is a real fucking Wizard and if he is indeed a fucking Whiz of a Wiz.  I laughed out loud as I thought of that.   Dude better be a whiz of a wizard 'cause all the tainted cum and shared points had not knocked me up.   Fuck, what the hell could this whiz of a Wiz have to offer a spun up faggot wanting the bug.
      FROZEN.  DAMN FROZEN. I got my ass this far, but was frozen stiff and unable to get to the first step.  Was all the thought of getting my ass POZZED up just a fantasy like so many other fakes and flakes have?  Did I have no balls?  Was I just a pretend chaser after all?   I stood there, shivering in the light rain of the darkening afternoon.  I had worn a bit of a slutty outfit, shorts a bit too tight, a white wife beater and a trucker cap with a rooster and a lollipop (cock sucker) on it.   I kept beating myself up about being a fake when I heard the second floor door open and a cute chick with orange hair and nice tits came down the stairs.   She looked me straight in the eyes and said "you know you want it fag" and walked away.  What the hell, I thought how the shit did that little bitch know what I was thinking.   My instructions said third floor and she came down from the second floor.   Just as I was contemplating that, she drove past in a beat up VW convertible.   She slowed, rolled the window down and shouted, faggot go ahead see the Wizard and got your ass POZZED up like a true faggot.  The she flipped me the fucking bird and said, " I guess you are just another big talking fake fag".  The Wizard needs to just send you home with your little dick tucked between your legs was her final words.
      Fucking bitch, I thought...FuCKING no CUNT gonna talk to me like that.  With that, I bounded up the first flight of stairs.  I paused at the door she had come out of and considered pissing on it but refrained.   But another round of cussing that little cunt gave me motivation to hit the next flight of stairs.   I was at my destination.   More graffiti painted on the door.   A very sloppy biohazard and the letters W O P......fuck my fag ass had indeed gone to see the wizard of POZ.    As instructed.  I rang the door bell two short rings, two long rings and one more short ring.   I waited and nothing.   Waited so more.   Had the bitch called and told the Wizard I was a fake and a pussy?   Was this all a set up?  I was raining a bit harder and I was getting wet and pissed off.   My cloudy thoughts did not provide much guidance and my near tweaking was starting to move to full tweaker status.  Then two loud buzzes, what my note told me to expect as the door unlocked.   I tried the knob and it opened, easily and almost by surprise.   I was at the emerald city and about to see the Wizard or so I thought.
      I walked in and the door closed behind me.   Two more buzzes.  Fuck, I tried the knob and it would not open the door.   Locked in.   Shit was starting to freak me the fuck out.   Spun up, tweaking and freaking, shivering from being cold and wet, my eyes took some time to adjust to the darkish room.   Carpet was threadbare and filthy.  A couple ratty stuffed chairs were on one side of the small space.   Some poorly drawn pictures of clowns having ass sex were on one wall.   The other wall had two doors and a large sign that said "NO TALKING".   The an electronic voice instructed me to strip and put my clothes on one of the chairs.   Nothing else, just strip and put my clothes on the chair.   What the fuck, I came this far and besides, I could not think of anything else to do so I stripped off my shirt and short and deposited them on the chair.   I was just standing there in my jock strap and waiting.  The voice said FUCKING FAG WHEN YOU ARE GIVEN AN ORDER OBEY.   My drug addled mind took a bit to realize the jock had to go too.   Soon it was in the small pile on the chair and I was totally nude.  Waiting and wondering.
      Then, after 10 minutes or so, one of the doors opened part way.   I could not see anything but was reluctant to move.   Suddenly a figure in a white dress/cloak or something came through the door and picked up my clothes.   Fuck, it was someone I knew.   Angel (never knew his real name) was a regular at the 6 stall video arcade just east of Asheville.   Always dressed in some kinda see through white top, he never spoke a word, but he had a huge cock and would fuck anyone who offers him an ass.  Other guys said he was POZ but nobody knew who he really was.   But he had reamed me well on a good number of visits, usually on a Sunday at opening time.
      I spoke to him.   Man. I said, what is gonna happen here?   That was all I said.   He pointed to the no talking sign, then without warning, hauled off and bitch slapped my hard enough I nearly went to my knees.   When I kinda got stabilized, wham another, then another.   Then with no warning whatsoever, he kneed me in the groin and put me on the floor.   Without a word, he picked up my clothes, left me rolling on the floor in pain and went back through the door closing it behind me.
      That is two strikes faggot, the electronic voice stated just as I was able to get back to my feet.   The Wizard demands you obey or there will be consequences beyond your imagination that infuriating voice continued.   Serious Consequences if you fuck up one more time it finished.   I started to say "yes sir" but caught myself and just stood there spun nude, hurting and humiliated.   All I could think was that this was not the fun fuck and get knocked up I was expecting.   I realized I was in over my head and likely could do little about it.
      The second door suddenly opened wide.  It opened to a dark space and I could not see  anything inside the room.  But a female human voice beckoned me to enter that space.   I did as commanded and entered.  The door closed and I heard electronic locks.   I sensed other bodies in the room but could not make out anything.   I could just make out muffled breathing.  Then the female voice told me to put my hands behind my back.   I did as told and was quickly hand cuffed.   Then using just a butane lighter for light, the orange haired chick from the second floor stood before me, total nude.   She had large nipple piercings and was highly tattooed.    She was also wearing a dildo harness with a huge black dildo in it.   She held the torch near that huge dong and said, your first task is to take this cock for the next 3 hours.   My 3 associates and I will take turns ramming this into your faggot hole.  If you don't pass out, maybe you will get one step closer to the wizard.   If you do pass out, you will wake up surprises.   Got that FAG?, she nearly purred into my ear.   She put a metal collar around my neck and locked it.    Another nude chick came over and took the key and swallowed it.   The second chick said" you are gonna have to find this in my shit at some point."    The orange haired girl pulled on the leash and off we went to another dark room.   A couple candles were lit and I could see a stockade.   Quickly and without a word they had be fully restrained.   Equally quickly and without a word or lube, that sadistic chick walked behind me and shoved that huge dildo into my ass, pulled it fully out and rammed it back in to the hilt and stopped.   Again she purred, ahh, you are an ass fucking faggot.   Maybe you will end up getting this tight ass knocked up.....then laughed as she said, but not before we loosen you up for good.   With that she started hammering my hole with all she had.   I screamed and she stopped.    One of the other girls walked up and started flogging my back with her flog.   She had a low growly voice and said "stop screaming or you are gonna learn what pain is really like bitch.   She added, if you are such a big bug chaser, then you need to prove your ass can take it.   With that, the orange haired cunt resumed punishing my hole.   On and on she went.   I could hear a torch and figured they were doing clouds, and was starting to jones for some.    But nothing offered.  My ass hurt and hurt bad.   I could feel it stretched out, like I had been fisted hard.   After a bit, she commented to the other girls, he is loosening up some, better get the big one ready.
      I don't really know how long they went out it.   The girls traded off.   These second one was the growly voice girl and she actually was not as rough, but she did keep a steady pace.   When she was replaced by the next chick, they had indeed gotten the big one.  This girl was tall and slender but with huge banana tits.   She dug her nails in my back as she walked to a place where I could see her and see what punishment my was was about to receive.    One of the other girls came to her and started sucking her tits.   I felt a hand on my cock and balls.   Prove you are a faggot now boy, orange hair said.  Lets see if your little boy dicky stays soft while my friends pleasure each other.   Banana tits then hit her knees and started liking the other girls twat, while feeling those huge tits of her own.  I felt a bit of a shudder in my cock and tried to avoid going hard.   But orange hair noticed and stopped the show.   All she said was make it hurt and hurt a lot.    Banana tits got up and promptly split my ass wide open with that huge dildo.  I am not sure I had ever had anything that large in my ass.   It took her some effort to ram it all the way home but she did.   I screamed in real and unadulterated pain.    "Gag him" orange hair said and a ball gage was roughly put in place to stifle any more noice from me.
      Then a few lights went on.    As I looked up I saw a huge black cock just feet away from my face.   Orange hair and the girl who swallowed the key were soon rubbing on the muscle daddy attached to that huge hunk of dark meat.    Orange hair said, I am gonna show you how real people fuck.......not ass fuck like you pussy fags do.    If you were a real man you could have my cunt and the cunt of these other girls.   But since you like dick in the ass, all you can do is watch.    A dirty mattress was drug near the point the black dude was standing and orange hair laid down and ordered the black cock into her pussy.   With her legs in the air, that stud pumped her pussy hard and she kept telling him to fuck her harder and harder.    Finally they both shuddered in orgasm.   She stood up, walked to me and shoved her cum filled cunt in my face.   I had finally somewhat adjusted to the huge dildo probing my own ass, but was still in pain.\
      Orange hair was back to purring again.   See if you were not such a worthless fag, not would be your cum in my cunt, instead, you have a bloody asshole.   She paused then walked behind me.   She said, good work bitch, you gave this piece of shit homo a true rosebud.    My stud got his nut in me while you wrecked the fags ass.   Just the way it should be.   What the fuck, a rosebud, wrecked ass.   I wanted to get knocked up, not ruined.   The key swallowing chick unlocked my left and and told me to feel my ass.  The growly girl pull up so I could indeed feel a gape like never before and yes what I could only surmise was a rosebud as they had fucked the guts out of me.    A quick flash and soon I was looking a  phone photo of my newly modified ass.   Well, orange hair said, at least if the Wizard chooses that you are not worthy of pozzing, your ass will be a sign to every other fucking queer that you are a worthless pieces of shit.   Won't even be tight enough to get a top fag off.    Way to go faggot....aren't you glad you went up those steps?
      With that the lights went out and they all left the room.  Ass screaming in pain, ball gag in place and locked in the stockage and my own meth rush worn away, I realized I was in deep shit.
      All I could think of was that fucked up song.   More misery to add to my ass and my need of a huge slam.   Fucking Wizard
      I am off to see the wizard
      The wonderful wizard of POZ
      I hear he is a whiz of a Wiz
      If ever a Wiz there was
      Probably some old straight dude doing this just to record or watch and play with himself.   Find a fag, abuse it and kick it to the curb.  But get a big nut off doing so fuck the Wizard.  Fuck getting POZ, all I wanted was to go home and tend to my newly ruined asshole.   FUCK FUCK FUCK......damned Tina had lead me many places, but now I had gone one place too far.
    • By Horny4256
      Part 1
      I stepped out of my office and checked the list for tonight, it was Friday one of my busiest times of the week ready for the weekend and the events have all been set up. At 26 years old I would have never imagined owning a business like I do but it has been very lucrative as of yet. My name is Samuel at 26 I am 6'4 black hair 235 lb of muscle thanks to my many visits to the gym and also thanks to my Nordic heritage I have black hair and blue eyes my hair is long enough that I'm able to wear a ponytail and I usually have it up for times like this.
      My business is I own a gay campground that's adheres to many a gay man's wishes, it has been pretty popular in the four years I've owned it with many nights and days of hot sexy gay men coming by to release their innermost desires. There are many stations all over the campground as well as a deep dense forest for many cruising moments. Tonight's event was the foam party as well as the new initiations to the club.
      What some now and some don't know is there a special section in the campground reserved only for poz men and those looking to be converted. That was the after event specials for those looking for it. The only way to gain entry is if another HIV positive member brings you along or if you make a reservation for that on the website and signing the disclosure agreements. I looked at the list of reservations for the poz event and was happy to see how many names signed up that I recognized and had a bunch of newcomers.
      The special for the newcomers who sign up for the HIV poz event and those who bring them have their fees waived for entry as long as they themselves bring proof that they are hiv-positive mostly a test showing of their HIV positive status and same goes with the negative guys. Another thing with the newcomers is that those who come in for the HIV positive event get to stay a full week at my campground to help groom them and make sure that they convert all expenses paid. I have been able to make a lot of money off these events so I'm able to accommodate for their long-term stay and it's always a pleasure to help keep them around to make sure the bug takes.
      It was now around 8:00 it was picking up greatly everyone was excited to get to the foam party but before that everyone was just enjoying themselves in the pools clubs cruising areas and just all around enjoying some awesome sex. I have cameras set up all over the campground and went to my office to look at the feeds and join all the new and returning flesh on flesh action. The foam party started in 2 hours so I decided to go out and mingle with some of my guests. I put on my full leather gear with my harness chaps boots and cap as well as swapping out my nipple rings for the bigger ones that I always wear to events. 
      I never wore underwear while wearing my chat so that way my nine inch cock would always be on display with my thick PA showing below my bright red biohazard tattoo and my heavy balls underneath. Another part of me being the owner that I love the most is taking apart and all the sex around me with most not knowing I'm the owner but I could never pass off the opportunity to pass along my strain to any and all around me.
      On my way to the club I nodded the DJ into my bartenders because they were the only ones that knew I was the owner and made my way to the dance floor with all the other jocks twinks daddies otters and bears that littered the dance floor and started grinding up on the nearest one I could grab. The twink I grabbed started grinding on me hard while making out with me grabbing my cock and stroking it making me leak like a faucet which always happens. When I reached my full hardness in his hand he gasped at his length and girth and turned around to start pushing his tight hairless hole onto my rod.
      My pre-cum was enough to start graciously lubing his hole as he pushed further on to my cock and gasped as the head slipped past his ring and went further down. He slipped down further and further pausing to make it easier to accommodate my thick tool and it didn't take long until he bottomed out feeling my balls against his ass. His body was covered in a sheen of sweat as he picked up speed fucking himself on my tool but he was going to slow for me so I grabbed the back of his harness and started pile driving my cock into his hole feeling it's warm velvet open to accept what he really wanted.
      Going at the speed for twink long and cried in both pain and pleasure not wanting each moment to end begging me to make him his bitch and fill him to the brim with my creamy load. I gave him his wish and pounded him harder and faster growling in his ear for him to take my dick and he was about to get my gift he was wishing for. With one final thrust I buried my cock in at the hilt and yelled for him to take my poz cum loud enough for anyone around watching to hear that this Twink was getting bred by a poz stud.
      When the Twink finally caught his breath as he slipped off my cock with a pop I could see some of my load leak down his puffy red anus and he turned to me and asked if I was really was poz or was I kidding? I said to him I have been HIV poz for 7 years and never on any meds with making my viral load over 2 million so I'm highly toxic. I can see if the look of panic in his eyes as he soaked it in and started to cry a bit I asked him if he was okay he said that he was only 18 was afraid of being HIV positive. I seeked to calm him and took him to my office help calm him down and to accept what most likely is going to happen to him now. 
      Once in my office I gave him a glass of water which he greatly accepted and sat with him holding him until he stopped sobbing. I told him that it's not a total death sentence of being HIV positive but for him to now look at it as a release that he would never have to worry about having sex the condom and could enjoy the freedom of pure bareback sex with no limitations. He seemed to calm down with hearing that and I could tell he was still turned on because he had a hard-on in his Andrew Christian Jock  underwear and while he was calming down I started to slide my finger to his wet hole finger my load in more and more scratching him a little bit to make sure my gift took.
      He seem to enjoy it and before long we were both fully naked with me in his ass again fucking him like crazy and depositing a second high viral load up his ass. Once we were done with the second round I explained to him that I was the owner of this campground and because he was the first to get my load tonight he was invited to go to the HIV event tonight after the foam party and other events were over and I offered him the week stay with no charge and he gladly accepted it as he now gladly accepted his fate as my poz pup. 
      I gave him my cell phone number and told him to go out and enjoy the rest of the events and text me whenever he got close to the time of the poz event so that way he could start making his way to it. He smiled at me and gave me a deep kiss telling me thank you for opening me up to this new experience and that he was looking forward to more times like this and to help pass along the gift I gave him.
      With that we both put on our clothes again and I carried him on my shoulders back out into the parties and got a rousing cheer and applause from all the other men around when they saw us walking back into the club, the DJ announced that it was 30 minutes till the foam party and that anyone joining in to make their way to the designated area with their tickets of entry and to be ready for a wild night.
      Thank you for reading this please let me know what you think and stay tuned for the next part
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