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  1. I did the 23&Me DNA test, then downloaded my genome report. I then downloaded Promethease, which will let you sift through the results and see if you have the CCR5 or CD195 protein.
  2. At the Meat Rack in Los Angeles in the '80's, took a break from sucking guys and went into the restroom to piss. There was a black guy sitting on the toilet, so I turned around. He asked "Do you need to piss?" I said yes. He said, "I'll drink it." I had never really thought about it, but I needed to piss ... so he grabbed my cock and slid it inside his mouth. It took some concentration to focus on pissing and fight my hard-on, but in time I was able to piss inside his mouth. He drank it up and I learned how fucking hot piss play is. It wasn't long before I wanted to experience drinking piss and giving that pleasure to another guy.
  3. Back in the late 80's and early 90's I used to go to a LA fuck-and-suck called Basic Plumbing. I used to look for lipodystrophy/wasted asses to fuck. Back there were a lot of flat asses begging to be bred. That's what probably started my interest in fucking poz hole. Not many veiny/wasted studs around any more.
  4. I saw this Twitter thread last night after I saw this thread. I wasn't aware of body hair shaming ... which is really fucked up.
  5. Hairy guys like this make me weak in the knees. (But I'm not that hairy.) I had a hairy Italian lover and he hated his fur. In the end ... we like what we like.
  6. I was on PrEP, and my history of kidney stones was never a concern for my doc. However, I did contract pancreatitis when I was on PrEP which put me in the hospital for 13 days. My doc said Truvada could have contributed to the pancreatitis and he took me off it. He has a huge HIV/Infectious Disease practice and is a huge supporter of Truvada, so it's not a gay sex phobia. I told him I only bareback and he said "I don't care, you can't go back on PrEP." (My adherance to it wasn't the best anyway...) To your question ... I accept the risks. I think taking PrEP is the gateway drug to taking poz loads ... but that's just me.
  7. I'm @barebackfan there and most other sites
  8. A gaping hole like this one is awesome as well.
  9. size differences with couples are really erotic ... that's awesome that your boyfriend reinforces how small your clit is through humiliation/degradation ...that's sexy stuff have you considered asking him to put your cock in a chastity cage?
  10. Wow @HardOneLA ... And, I can relate to what you wrote. My partner discovered he was poz very early into our relationship, and I'm neg. We tried the condom thing in the beginning, but it just wasn' t working for us. At all. So we did the Catholic pull-out method ... just like you guys. He's never cum in me and didn't want me to cum in him (not sure why). And yeah, not being able to shoot inside a guy is a real pain and is a whole lot less fulfilling ... but we do what we have to do. I wonder if our mutual experience is commonly shared by other sero-discordant couples.
  11. Every thrust has me wondering if today would be the day, if today he’d flood me and knock me up. I know that I don’t want it, that I keep telling him to be safe, to be careful but my boyfriend doesn’t listen. He loves to fuck me, to show me that I’m his in the most primal way and once he gets me going, my body tight and needy he knows I won’t stop him no matter what he does. It’s not every day, it’s not even regular or anything I can plan it’s just that some days he decides that he’s going to fuck me bare. Though that last part he does more often than not, fucking into me without any protection or barriers between us as he calls me his cumslut while he drives me to orgasm after orgasm. He knows how risky it is, how I can’t take Truvada and how him being in me bare is such a risk. He knows but he doesn’t care, because he likes to claim me, to mark me as his, to flood my insides with his cum and tell me that I’m his, his and no one elses. His biohazard tattoo placed on his pec demonstrates his pride in being poz. Its placement is deliberate, it shows under tank tops and when he is shirtless at the gym, riding his bike or on runs. The good thing is that he doesn’t always cum inside, in fact more often than not he’ll pull out to splatter his cum on my back or my stomach or my face. I love that feeling, the hot sticky streaks of it all over me, marking me and showing that I’m his. The cum inside of me marks me even more, the fact that he doesn’t plan it, that he simply decides it in that last heartbeat before he explodes makes that risk so much more intense. Every time, every thrust inside could be the one before he floods me with his toxic cum and no matter how many times I remind him of the risk, how many times I warn him that he’ll poz me he does it anyways. I can’t say that I really hate it, I love that feeling, the way he swells and twitches inside of me as he fills me. I love how he gasps and groans and his hands tighten on my body slamming deep and holding me still while he floods me. It’s probably the most intense feeling in the world, that moment before he cums where I’m wondering if he’ll pull out and be safe or if he’ll flood me and risk our futures for the chance to mark me, to feel me clench and flutter around him as he pours himself into me. I don’t hate it but I definitely don’t want to get poz yet, I have to finish school and then get a job and begin our lives together. I want his cum loads and he knows that, but he also knows the risks, the way him knocking me up would endanger the easy future we want but he doesn’t care. I can always feel him behind me, can see it in his eyes that lust to flood me that he doesn’t care about all of that, that all that matters is me and him and that moment where he shoots his load into me. He doesn’t follow any schedule, doesn’t warn me before he cums, he simply fucks me into oblivion and then fills me and I can’t help but love it. I know that sooner or later I’ll be where I am now, his cock in me, twitching and swelling and his hands manhandling my pecs and nipples before he cums deeply inside. It’ll be that day where his cum finds my ripe hole waiting with an easy infection point and suddenly I’ll be full of his babies. He doesn’t ask, I don’t think he even cares about that moment all that much all he cares about is marking me as his. The way he’ll ignore my protests and cum deeply into me as he tells me that he knows how much I want this only serve to make it hotter. He knows how much this turns me on, how much I want to risk it but also how much I don’t want to be HIV positive yet. I tell him that I don’t want it and he’ll push into me bare and tell me that I might say that but my body tells him what I really need. It won’t be long before I’m pushing back and moaning out how good his toxic poz cock feels, bare inside of me as he fucks me. I still warn him, still beg him not to cum in me but he always tells me to hush, to just enjoy him giving me what I need as he slides through my folds and presses against my ass lips. He drives me to this feeling, that height of both ecstasy and fear in that moment before he’ll stiffen. I can feel it now, his cock driving into me as he waits to make his choice, as he thrusts deep again and again and draws my voice out of me in moans and squeals and gasps. In a moment I’ll know which one he chooses, our futures or a gamble for him to mark me as his, to show himself and everyone else that I’m no one elses as his cum leaks out of me and runs down my legs. I should stop him, make him be safe but I simply can’t bring myself to make him change, to stop him from taking me and marking me as his, his unmedicated cum on me, in me, flooding me again and again. Sooner or later his risk, his willingness to risk my future will affect us but maybe not this time, maybe we’ll be lucky again. Or maybe I'll earn my biohazard tattoo this time.
  12. Thanks! No, I'm not even sure where I'd publish to ... they're just to explore the stuff that gets my cock hard.
  13. piss play, breeding, chastity cage, neg4poz... I love the elements of this story

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