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Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?


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1 hour ago, Nestegg said:

I think this is my biggest fantasy.  My bf just turning to me, telling me to get on my knees cos he needs a piss and me just swallowing every drop.  And then getting on with the day.


I've performed this role at a friend's party in the past. When someone had to piss, they could find me to let me know and I'd get down, swallow everything and go back to whatever I was doing. It was amazing.

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Yusssss pls.. I love being told to piss in my own mouth and take piss in my mouth.. Even better when we can piss in each other's mouths and share while we kiss.. 

Its super hot when we can vibe enough that we can share and drink it bc it turns the other one on,or have each of us self-piss and try to get more on target.. 

Peeing all over each other is great too, ofc, but I've actually never had anyone pee in my ass.. 

How good is it and how bad do I Want it.. 


Lol.. Im a total piggie if we really vibe, and lol, I think it would be kinda hot to pee in each other's asses and see if we could suck it back out.. 

(I've done this with enemas, so I know it's kinda hot, & while I'm not always open to scat, I don't mind tasting their shit... (unless it's liquid or Itty bitty...that might be a turn on, but like not choking on it.. Lmao) 


Im very curious now...🥵🐷🥵

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