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    Piss. Cocksucking. Watersports. Everything about piss. Sucking piss. Drinking piss. Licking piss. Smelling piss. I love piss. I want to suck piss from guys dicks everyday
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    I.love piss and simply want to suck guys cocks as much as I fucking can. I love piss. I will suck cum too. But I am crazy about piss. Text me 2516567789 Or message me
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    New. All I ever wanted to do was suck piss. And piss. And cum from guys dicks as much as humanly possible. 2516567789. Text me. Or message me
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    Piss. Cocksucking. Guys to feed my face piss and cum. Watersports. Everything piss and sucking piss as much as possible. Text me 2516567789. Please

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  1. Yes. It’s amazing. I started in 9th grade. The smell of the boys bathrooms were so fucking nasty sweet. It was ridiculous. Boys would piss everywhere. I even saw them pissing in sinks and on walls. I knew I had to have piss. It was like a light turned on and piss was all I could think about everyday. I would go into bathrooms. This was. All boys school. So I was really in heaven. I would go in. And lick suck and drink. The floors under each urinal. I would. Put cups down. I would scrape the crusty yellow gooey puss from the bottoms of each urinal collecting. Crusty sweet candy piss flakes. I got to where I was sucking and drinking their piss everyday. For year . I am talking. Gallons. One day. I got caught. With my head and face in a urinal with a straw sucking dry the piss hole at the bottom . I didn’t really know which to. Say so I told the guy the truth. That I loved piss it’s all I wanted. And I. Want to suck as much as I can. He laughed and told me to go to back stall and I could suck piss from his dick. This was so unbelievable Becuz I could smell the reeking stink of piss all over and on me. And I was sucking and drinking piss at sane time . I finished. He said thatcher had a few friends. Would I suck their piss if he told them About me. I said yes. This started me sucking puss from guys all over school. For years. Plus I would go to. Park bathrooms and clean the urinals there. I have to have Piss everyday now So I go and get it. Lol . I love piss.
  2. 251-656-7789 Park bathroom urinals are best places to get really good piss. I suck piss from tap. From guys cocks. In public bathrooms. It’s such a huge turn on Becuz. Piss stinks so good it’s a huge turn on. If I haven’t got cock to suck. I will suck or drink urinal piss. i will drain urinals dry. The best experience is to be sucking a guys cock kneeling at a pissy crusty urinal I can smell piss. And. The guy is fucking my mouth with piss and my chin is dripping piss and cum I have had this happen many times and it’s heaven. Even better is to look over and other guys are. Waiting. Rubbing their. Crotch. To puss fuck my mouth I set up all puss sucking and cock sucking. Appointments. . With guys. sane bathroom Becuz. It has 3. Stinky pissy urinals. I drink a lot of piss.
  3. Urinal piss is second to only. Sucking piss from a guys cock. I went to sone good urinal and managed to get 34 ounces of fresh gold piss. I also stuff rags down the piss hole. So I can get them. They will be soaked and crusted I do this fort he smell. It’s awesome. Makes me so hard. I cum without getting hard. Piss is very sexual its the true smell of sex. I get piss once a week from this park bathroom and it’s fantastic.
  4. The best experience is sucking guys piss in a public bathroom. Near the urinals where I can smell. The pissy piss smell. Puss turns me on so huge. I am so addicted. It’s incredible. I drain and drink urinal piss all the time. My favorite is the. Very smelly pissy crusted urinal that’s. Got. A bunch of guys piss in it. I am so used to pissc I can taste differences all the time Different guys. Have different tasting piss and different smelling piss. I suck so much. Piss that I. Feel i turn into a urinal. I don’t care about getting sick. I love the smell and taste of other guys piss so much I take the risk. For. Over 16 years. 167 total gallons. 1648. Cocks It’s all I really want. I accept the consequences if I forget sick . I have thrown up before Becuz I have sucked or drank so much. I got bloated But that’s nothing. My love for urinal piss is the. Greatest addiction I have. becuz. Smell and taste drive ne craxy. I suck piss every day so I prob can’t stop I am so addicted .
  5. Yes. Piss is the greatest reward. I. Love drinking and sucking piss from Almost anywhere. I love sucking it from guys dicks. But. I also. Can totally clean and suck a park bathroom urinal dry. I went today and got 27 ounces of absolutely. Awesome smelling. Dark golden piss. I know. It’s risky but I don’t care. I suck pissv everyday. . It’s all I want. I am so addicted. To piss I can tell. Different tastes and smells. It’s awesome. I have drained gallons of. Smelly pissy piss from the urinals at the baseball park. Mostly younger guys. Piss in there. And all over the place. If I get sick. From piss then I accept it. I wanted to suck piss from guys all my life. I have been into it now 16 years And I figure. 140 gallons. Minimum I have drank from the urinals. It’s so fucking good the. Taste and smell outweigh. The Bad for me. I got to where I ask guys in public bathrooms if I can suck the piss from their cock. After I suck from tap. I then go drain the urinal piss dry. I am a severe addicted piss addict. But it’s so. Good. To me it tastes so. Good i can’t get enuf. Ever. .
  6. Text me. Message me 251/656-7789 The greatest. Reward you can get from any guy is to suck his. Piss. From his dick. Or to suck piss from urinals. Bigot to where I hang out at good bathrooms and toilets. And just wait. Sooner or later guys cruise me or come by and hit me up. The very first thing I ask a guy is. May I please suck the piss from your dick please. 99.9 percent of guys will gladly. Fill your throat full of their sweet. Nectar piss. I wanted to suck and drink piss so bad. I would do just about any trick to get piss. Specially. Drink it from urinals. My favorite.
  7. My number 251/656-7789 I live in bama. Gulf coast. I fell in love with piss in 9th grade. The smell of urinals drove me crazy. Now. I meet guys in park bathrooms and bathrooms everywhere and suck piss. I suck and drain urinals dry I bring tube straws and cups. I don’t even care if I can get sick. I love piss so fucking much I get every drop of piss from. All the urinsls I can. I visit 15 or 20 really great urinals at baseball parks. full loaded of piss. Gallons. I usually get weekly. I always drink. So much piss from other guys. I get bloated And I pour. A lot on my bed and pillows Becuz I love the pissy stinky smell of the urinal piss. Sometimes I. Get so full I throw up a little bit but. I am so used to piss over 15 years I have been drinking puss from urinals and the tap . Sometimes it’s very stinky pissy. But that’s the best piss . I pay for piss too. Even . 251 656 7789. Alex. Hit me up text me. Voice mail me. Message me. Thanks
  8. Urinal piss is fantastic. I am not even scarred of getting anything. I drink and suck urinals dry. The smellier. The stinky urinals the better. I. Drain puss from urinsls all the time and drink it. And pour it on my bed and pillows. I love the smell. If piss. It’s addictive. I don’t even care if I did catch anything. I love piss too much to even worry. Text me guys. Alex. 251/656-7789
  9. Guys text me or voice me. message me 251 656-7789. I live in Alabama. Gulf coast. I am looking to meet white guys 18-38. Who will. Piss fuck my mouth and let me suck piss from their cock. I love urinals and smelly pissy urinals Use my mouth as a urinal. And a cum dump. Text me. Message me I will get with you Thanks. Alex
  10. Guys hit me up 2516567789. Alex I fell in love with piss in 9th grade. Sucking every drop I could from every urinal in bathrooms at school . I put cups in urinals. Rags anything to fill up my thermos. Or just drink the cups full of piss down. Piss is why I suck cock. I want to smell like the pissy soaked pissy urinals at school I want my room my bed and pillows to be soaked with the other guys piss and smell like the urinals. I made this happen I sucked so much piss I was getting bloated I robbed the urinals everyday of 30-60oz if piss some days much more. I even went to park bathroom urinals this is how much I love piss and want piss. I. Started sucking guys Cocks at school full of piss everyday. . It got around I was a cock sucker at school and many many guys were making me suck them off and duck their piss. I also was going to park bathrooms meeting guys in the bathrooms there sucking puss and cum . I did NOT want boyfriends Becuz I wanted Piss more and to suck other guys dicks. To this day Today I still crave piss and the smell of pissy things. Pretty much all I think about is sucking cock and sucking piss. Piss has been the best experience and it makes sex wonderful And I am looking to suck as much as I can Please text me if you want to feed me or if you want to get sucked dry. I am a urinal and would love to suck or smell your piss 2516567789 text me about piss. Voice mail me Message me I will respond Thanks Alex
  11. Hey guys. My number is 2516567789. Text me. Message me. Voice me. Again 2516567789 text me about piss. Voicemail me. Message me. Any fucking thing. If it’s about piss. I suck drink lick Smell. Piss. Pay for piss. I suck as much piss from. Bathroom urinals As I can. I bend down and take as much cock in my mouth sucking as much pisd as humanly possible. Text me. Get intouch with me. Make a few bucks off me if you want. I fell in love with piss in 9th grade. The smell of the nasty pissy piss soaked boys bathrooms turned me on so fucking much. I had a hard on cock most all day. I was super sensitive I guess to piss. And could smell piss 100d of feet away. I would skip classes. To go to this one stinky piss soaked bathroom. The boys would piss everywhere. And the utinal were so clog full of piss they would. Leak and drip piss. I spent many hours sucking as much piss as I could from these urinals. I put cups in the urinals. Boys would always piss them full. It was. Paradise for me . I was so full of puss so many days. I was bloated., I took piss home ad much as I could I used rags and towels and bags I wanted my room and bed to smell like all the urinals at school. My parents thought I was bed wetting But I would fill my thermos and other things full of other boys urinal piss and either drink it And/or pour it all over my bed and pillows. i sucked so much of their piss I would sometimes have to throw up Becuz I was so full and bloated Of piss. I got to where my room smelled just like the boys piss soaked bathrooms at school . I went around to all the bathrooms and robbed the urinals of most of the piss in them I got used to drinking piss one day I was dipping piss with a rag from a urinal and this guy cane in and caught me doing this. I had been sucking and drinking and getting piss for almost 2 years like this I knew this guy from a biology class He was fairly hot. He asked me WTF I was doing. I had no idea what to tell him I was always sob timid and shy and scarred but I really was caught red handed I told him The truth I told him I really loved piss And I wanted piss I loved the smell and feel and taste of piss. He asked me If I was drinking piss out of the urinals and I told him yes I didn’t know any other way to get piss other than that I wanted it so much. He told me that he had to piss and asked me if I ever sucked piss from a guys 8 inch dick before I said no. He then asked me if I wanted to suck the piss from his dick. I told him I would love to suck as much piss as he could give me. This started me sucking guys dicks A lot. The guy was brad And he told me he had several soccer friends and if I wanted piss he could tell them about me and to talk to me about sucking them too. I said ok please. All unwanted was to smell puss and suck piss from guys cocks or urinals I didn’t give a crap about girls . It was crazy It became a Nightmare. I was sucking guys cocks before school During school After school At home In bathrooms in woods Anyplace I could get it. I was constantly full and I would throw up a lot Becuz I sucked so much piss. This was everything I wanted my clothes smelled My room smelled so pissy my parents never opened it up. I saved and kept as much piss as I could get from urinsls and guys. To this day I go around to parks and bathrooms and still get as much pisscas I possibly can. I suck ad many guys off as I can my love for piss still goes on and on If you are a guy and want to chat or text me or message me About piss My number is 2516567789 USA Gulfcoast Text me I will suck your cock dry Thanks Alex
  12. Guys. I am obsessed with piss I go to this. Park bathroom. It stinks and reeks pissy urinals. Such a turn on. . I have Ickes. Sucked. And drank these clean for years large deep bowls. Full of piss from guys. 15-40 I have gotten so used to drinking piss everyday. I got to have it now. It’s an Addictiion The other day. I was kneeling. Guys came in asked me if I was the cock sucker fag they supposed to meet I had 4 guys I. The bathroom one was piss fucking my face 2 others were standing by jacking off I told them. Please don’t waste piss and cum in a urinal. Please can u save it for my mouth at least I had 3 guys at once trying to force me to swallow piss and cum. It was crazy. I had. Cum oozing from my face and I was chucking on piss. I told them I meet guys everyday and could suck them dry regularly This bathroom is fantastic I drain guys in here they come to feed my face It’s the best thing in the world. 251 656 7789 alex
  13. Guys. Text me 251 656 7789. I am a white guy piss pig. Obsessed with piss. in school 9th grade. Every time I got near the boys bathrooms my dick would get hard Becuz they stank and smelled so fucking good. They reeked of sweet piss. All I knew is I had to figure out any way I could to. Lick suck and drink every bit of guys piss I could get. I spent all my time in the boy’s bathrooms. mainly licking and sucking piss from the urinals. Also the floor was usually soaked with piss. And I would lick the crusty yellow dried up piss oozing down every single urinal. God it’s so fucking. Yummy . I would cram rags in urinals to stop them up and put little 12 oz cups. In urinals to catch guys piss. This was working so good. I was able to drink gallons of other boys piss every single day. I kept the pissy rags took them hone. And hit 100s over time. I wanted my room to reek and smell like the urinals at school and the bathrooms. I spent alit if time thinking about WAys to get piss Drink piss and how to suck piss from guys dicks. I went to 8 park bathrooms. I would put my number up everywhere and just sit around. Outside. Kinda bear the door but a little away. Guys would cruise by. A lot. At this point I decided I would tell guys truth that I was a obsessed PISS. Pig . Guys would. Tell me what’s up and ask me how’s it going and what I was looking to do. I would always tell guys at park bathrooms. That I was waiting to meet any guy who would let me suck the PISS from his dick. 99 percent of all guys I met at bathrooms would. Tell me to come in and kneel down and feed my mouth their piss. This is all I ever wanted. I knew at 15. That all I wanted in the world was to suck piss from guys ducks and be a urinal for guys. Thank god guys are cool with this now and every public bathroom you go to it’s only a matter of time before you can get to suck piss if. If you are truthful and let guys know you love piss. It’s incredible the amount of piss I have sucked in my life the past 15 years. I found many ways to get piss including tell guys at school I needed puss for drug screens. 3 times a week. I had 15 or 20 guys giving me coke bottles full of their pisd. Of course I drank every drop and poured it on myself to smell. Their piss and sex. Eventually. Guys found out I sucked piss from the urinsls. So they called me piss boi fag this was even better Becuz I had so many boys buggin me and hitting me up every day for blow jobs snd sex and piss. All Becuz I told truth. Most guys will piss away their puss. In urinalysis or on floor. So guys really don’t mind feeding a hungry mouth. I learned so much about piss sex. I want other guys to know so they can have an easier time. Becuz. Guys now totally understand puss sucking. Pugs like me. Most guys who go to public bathrooms are looking for cock suckers anyway. You get to know which bathrooms are awesone. And which urinals are full of piss. which urinsls hsve bowls that have gallons of sweet yellow tangy piss just Sitting in them. I found several baseball park bathrooms full of piss weekly. And I go drain them dry soak up every drop I can. And drink as much as I can, My number is 251 657 7799. And if you want to sell me piss or you just need advice. Text me. Voice ne. Message me. Email me sypherdin@yahoo.com Alex Please believe I started being timid and shy But I wanted piss so bad I did everything in my power to get piss. I want guys to know I suck pisd And Believe me you will get lots of piss if you just tell guys truth and put your phone number at every urinal you can find. Guys are looking to unload their cocks
  14. Hey guys. Text me. Or voice me about piss 251 656 7789. Yes. I am obsessed with PISS. I am a total bottom piss pig. Urinal. When I simply smell. Pissy and piss soaked. Bathrooms and urinals it drives me crazy. It started in school. I knew then I had to do something. Anything. Everything I could to lick. Suck and drink. Guys piss. I spend 70 percent of my time in school bathrooms and park bathrooms. Licking sucking drinking piss at urinals All I ever wanted was to suck guys piss from their dicks. And be a urinal for guys to use. I made this a reality now. I want to smell. Piss and cum and ore cum all over me. I want to be soaked in other guys piss. I pay for bottles of piss too. The bathrooms at school and at parks are so nasty there is piss soaking everything. All the time. Every day. Also dried up yellow crusty piss. Puddles of it on floor and oozing down urinals. I would lick and suck up as much of this. Crusty yellow piss that guys waste The biggest lesson is. This. Guys will feed you puss if they simply know that you want to suck piss from their dick. I am very truthful and tell guys or put up my number at every urinal possible. Just Becuz you live the taste and smell of piss doesn’t make you a bad personal. Until I started sucking piss I was a shy. Guy hoping to suck cocks. Once I started telling the truth and letting guys know. I have been getting 20 or 30. Messages and calls every day. About sucking cock and piss. Piss changed my life. And it’s the best sex. A guy can have. All I want now is to suck piss from guys dicks. My number is 251 656 7789. I am Alex. My email is. Syoherdin@yahoo.com Please text me. About puss. Voice be. Email me. Do whatever. I pay for pisd too and piss soaked rags. Towels. Anything that reeks of a guys piss. I suck guys dicks dry. I am totally in love with piss and. I am a urinal piss pig . Contact me. Please
  15. Guys text me about piss 251 656 7789 I am a piss pig urinal. Puss is why I suck dicks. Been sucking and drinking guys piss. since 9th grade. The smell of the pissy school bathrooms. Pissy park public bathrooms and puss soaked skating rink bathrooms. Drove me. Insane. I was i obsessed. I. Decided I would try every day. Of my life to suck drink and lick and smell as much puss as I could. I went to every public bathroom. Urinal. Park. School bathrooms. Skate rinks just to. Lick and suck and cram rags and cups and anything that would capture and hold boys piss. I didn’t even care. I put my number up everywhere there was a urinal. This is all I want. Finally. Guys would hit me up and call me and I was getting 20-30 calls and texts every day. At my school I was known as the piss pig boi fag. It was cool with me. I thought I was crazy or special. Or weird. But I now know. That there are. Millions of guys into this. And guys will feed other guys their piss and cock I would tell guys truth and just ask if I could suck the piss from their cock. Just be truthful And you can have all the sweet piss you want. I spend every day sucking piss Or working and sucking piss. Licking urinals Guys totally understand It’s a different age we live in and guys are looking for cocksuckers like me now. Text me voice message Email me 251 656 7789 Alex Sypherdin@yahoo.vom Sorry about any typos If you see a word that says Puss It’s supposed to be PISS I also pay for sweet piss and pissd rags too. Contact me

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