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Dr Mike - Biohazard Or Healer Story Links


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Several guys have asked me to repost the Dr. Mike - Biohazard or Healer - main story from 2012 along with the various related and side stories. As I just wrapped up the story My Name is Mikey, the story arc is complete and all the links are below. Enjoy!


Dr. Mike – Biohazard and Healer


                                    My Name is Mikey (Dr Mike’s back story)



Charles – Horse Dick Leather Lord and Master and Dr Mike’s Lieutenant



The Soldiers – Supporting our Troops the Dr. Mike Way



Carl – the Homeless Dick Gangbang in the Library and Matt the War Hero



Joseph – Dr. Mike’s Patient I Stealth Pozzed and Earned my BIOHAZRD Status



The Homeless Guys from the Video Store – Fucked Up, Dicked Down, Pimped Out



Franklin Square Park Crew – Warren the Drug Dealer Gets me High, Fucks me Higher



Dr Mike – The Sire Chronicles – the Final Chapters



Uncle Jack Attacks: The Kidnap – A Sire Chronicles Story



The Breeder’s Market – The Tours and Training Begin: A Sire Chronicles Story


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For new guys looking for stories to read, this is the best starting point for the WhtHole stories- and if you are a long time reader, you might want to binge on Dr Mike this weekend

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