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    The author will no longer be posting any new stories or updating existing stories to this site. Thanks to everyone who has read and supported that work the past several years.

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  1. damn brother, i sure miss your stories on here-  I know your reason for no longer writing here, but still.... your writing is what i relied on to get off to after a long breeding session or sessions

  2. As some of my many, kind story followers know I will no longer be posting any more stories on BZ and appreciate everyone's feedback and likes of the stories. Since BZ does not allow a user to delete their account - as of 9/21/17 - this account is 'inactive'. Best - 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bjbottom


      I loved your stories and want to thank you for writing them and sharing them with us!   I will miss them and your contributions.

    3. ejaculaTe


      The platitude "Life moves on" comes to mind and all of that. But this development just sucks -- at the risk of sounding a bit sentimental and wistful, one strength of BZ is the willingness of folks to put time and effort into their fiction writing. You don't need a degree in English lit to appreciate the effort and skill that Whthole4u showed in his stories. To Whthole4u: thanks for all of the hours of pleasure you've given us with your writing....

    4. Scorpion


      I can understand your frustration... but on the other hand... all your work, your wonderful stories would be gone and

      lost forever.

      I think of my stories like some kind of legacy... if I am gone, they will remain and people might think, oh why isn't he

      writing another chapter, not knowing I am not here anymore.

      And still - some will enjoy the tales I told, and some will yearn for another chapter.

      So - although I respect your wish - I am glad your stories are here to stay.

      I hope you are doing well - wherever you are...


  3. Hey amazing fucker,

    please keep writing. I have cum stroking my clit and fingering my cumhole so many time.

  4. Part 3: “YOU’RE TOO big - stop no pull it out!” I screamed. My BBC guide’s laughter was the last thing I heard before I passed out. He had warned me - repeatedly. He had told me I would cry, scream, and try to run. That’s why I was tied down like a hostage for this BBC with rough, coarse rope around my wrists and ankles, keeping me from crawling off the bed in in his house in the Shaw neighborhood and fleeing home. I still didn’t know his name - he was my BB guide, the bouncer from the sex party, and my pimp for the street and homeless dick he made me take and for slutting me out to the crackh
  5. Hi – this main story – Speed Breeding – ended on August 9 with the final post titled: EPILOGUE – A RING OF FIRE. However, the story continues as an offshoot in RING OF FIRE – posted at https://breeding.zone/topic/42827-ring-of-fire/ - two chapters so far. Thanks -
  6. Part 2: Nathan grunted and his cum burned my inner flesh like a wildfire. I didn’t want him to stop, but he did, and as he gently eased out of my now stretched and floppy hole, he slapped my ass twice and asked, “Ya’ll round for a bit? Yeah? Cool man. I’ll swing back through and hit it again in a few. Need to run up top and re-up my stash.” My BBC guide had just urged Nathan to rape my ass with his raw, crack head dick. That was the theme of this freak down - what he called a Ring of Fire - all the nasty BBC in the park that needed to breed and bust some raw hole were welcome as they stood aro
  7. Ring of Fire: The flick of the lighter, the warm glass pipe between my lips, the smile on my BBC guide’s face as I inhaled the toxic smoke and held it deep in my lungs like he ordered was the first flame of the inferno to come - the Ring of Fire. My BBC guide - who still had not given me his name, so he remained an anonymous master of sexual predation and exploration - was tall, stocky, with a full beard and a GIGANTIC steel pipe snaking down the right leg of his jeans that even soft was fucking impressive. He had promised earlier in the night when I was getting ready to be a whore at the sex
  8. Epilogue - A Ring of Fire: A black hand snatched the wad of cash - my tips from the Speed Breeding and anonymous dick/cum I had taken - then he took the keys to my apartment Garrett was holding, and as Garrett stepped back, smiling like the twisted fucker he was, the black bouncer/guard I had teased earlier filled the doorway and said, “HIS PARTY IS OVER. MINE IS JUST BEGINNING. YOU READY FOR SOME BBC SLOW, DEEP, ROUGH BREEDING? NONE OF THIS SPEEDY SHIT - I PLAN TO TAKE MY TIME OPENING THAT ASS PUSSY UP AND FILLING YOU WITH NICCA NUTT” Before I replied I gave him and up/down once over look and
  9. Part 3 - THY KING-DOM CUM: “WELCOME TO FOOT LONG FRIDAYS,” the BBC bull said as he welcomed me into his home. I guessed it was his house. Raymond - the mandingo tagger security guard who nutted me and had given me a ride before handcuffing me and dragging me into the house - had called the man Pops. I was tweaked on Tina and bold and maybe just a tad mouthy when I replied, “Wait - isn’t it Saturday?” SLAP! A good slap to the side of the head shut me up and as I wiped the unexpected tears from my eyes from the sting, the BBC bull stepped closer, the wet tip of his dick pressed between the crack
  10. Part 2 – Mandingo Tagger Tag Teams: I could smell his need to fuck as I walked past the security guard who had unlocked and opened the office door for me. Maybe it was because he partially blocked the door as I came through so that in order to get past him I had to rub my ass against the firm bulge in his pants. The office door clicked and locked, four sets of eyes stared me down, but like I said, being tweaked out on Tina makes me bold. “Pay to play huh?” I asked rhetorically, “How’s that saying go? Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash? Well my ass is flush, ready, willing an
  11. “DOES THAT RAW DICK FEEL GOOD BOY? IS THAT WHAT YOU NEEDED?” The bottom had tried crawling forward, his body reacting to the infectious AIDS T-Bone I had just shoved in his booty hole - dry. He didn’t get far. His doggy masked head shook from side to side as his manicured pink nails - hidden inside his puppy costumed paws - tried to hold their grip on the edge of the bed. “GET BACK HERE BOY! STAY!” I snarled as I yanked my dick out of his rare hole, grabbed his wrists, dragged him back to where I wanted, and then mounted him again. My POZ drip mixing with his bloody hole
  12. PART 4: I had not even been in DC for a week and here I was ready to be a gangbang-train run-slut whore-raw bottom for any dick that paid $20 at the city’s biggest sex party. If my friends could only see me now - HA! Garrett - my new landlord/employer/fuck buddy led me to the warehouse/parking garage he owned where the sex party was going to be. We stopped in an alley between the warehouse and a few apartment buildings that faced Rhode Island Ave. He leered at me, held out a brown bottle of coke, had me sniff up, then asked, “WANT A QUICK LOAD UP THAT ASS BEFORE WE GO IN? BEFORE YOU BECOME THE
  13. Part 5: Hawk gave a wild sweep of his arm, “GET THEM ALL IN HERE. EVERY FUCKING ONE. I DON’T CARE IF THEY SWING THAT WAY OR NOT. I EXPECT EVERY GOD DAMN DICK WITHIN A MILE OF THIS PLACE TO FUCK MR. DEA AGENT HERE. DRUG HIM UP AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. SOMEONE NEEDS TO PAY FOR THIS FUCK UP SO UNLESS ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO STEP FORWARD, THEN IT’S HIM.” My punishment was fast, swift, painful, and complete as one after another of Hawk’s drug crew were escorted into the small room and ordered to mount and breed me. A couple of them did stuff my ass with big meth shards, bu
  14. PART 3 of Speed Breeding: All I knew about what was going to happen was when C.O. - a local, thug pimp who ran young twink guys on the street - dropped me off at Garrett’s house and told me, “Aiight, you’re on loan to me tomorrow. Be ready at 3:00. I’ll pick you up. I need a gangbang bitch for a group of brothas who’ll be watching the game tomorrow night. They get off on raping a faggot. They know you can’t call the cops cause they won’t give a shit and they know there’s no risk of baby mama drama. My man says you can handle it. That’s why he’s got you - and Kip - booked for Speed Breeding on
  15. PART 4: I gritted my teeth as Hawk’s dick punctured my rectum and a moan escaped my lips. Fucking drugs! I had to focus. He clearly liked knowing he was inflicting pain. Fine. I would let him think I was suffering as much as he wanted while I figured out a way to kill the prick. Until then, it was time to take one of the pieces off the board. I just so happened to know a dumb junkie and having him removed from the equation would ease some of the pressure on me. The challenge now was how to get Chris arrested by the local police and locked up for more than a few days without the DEA becoming in
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