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  1. As some of my many, kind story followers know I will no longer be posting any more stories on BZ and appreciate everyone's feedback and likes of the stories. Since BZ does not allow a user to delete their account - as of 9/21/17 - this account is 'inactive'. Best - 

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    2. bjbottom


      I loved your stories and want to thank you for writing them and sharing them with us!   I will miss them and your contributions.

    3. ejaculaTe


      The platitude "Life moves on" comes to mind and all of that. But this development just sucks -- at the risk of sounding a bit sentimental and wistful, one strength of BZ is the willingness of folks to put time and effort into their fiction writing. You don't need a degree in English lit to appreciate the effort and skill that Whthole4u showed in his stories. To Whthole4u: thanks for all of the hours of pleasure you've given us with your writing....

    4. Scorpion


      I can understand your frustration... but on the other hand... all your work, your wonderful stories would be gone and

      lost forever.

      I think of my stories like some kind of legacy... if I am gone, they will remain and people might think, oh why isn't he

      writing another chapter, not knowing I am not here anymore.

      And still - some will enjoy the tales I told, and some will yearn for another chapter.

      So - although I respect your wish - I am glad your stories are here to stay.

      I hope you are doing well - wherever you are...


  2. Hey amazing fucker,

    please keep writing. I have cum stroking my clit and fingering my cumhole so many time.

  3. “DOES THAT RAW DICK FEEL GOOD BOY? IS THAT WHAT YOU NEEDED?” The bottom had tried crawling forward, his body reacting to the infectious AIDS T-Bone I had just shoved in his booty hole - dry. He didn’t get far. His doggy masked head shook from side to side as his manicured pink nails - hidden inside his puppy costumed paws - tried to hold their grip on the edge of the bed. “GET BACK HERE BOY! STAY!” I snarled as I yanked my dick out of his rare hole, grabbed his wrists, dragged him back to where I wanted, and then mounted him again. My POZ drip mixing with his bloody hole was all the lube the pup needed. The pup’s dog tags jangled and jingled. “FEEL THAT BIG DICK KNOTTING YOU BOY?” He might have said something, but then arched his back and yelped like a good pup when I yanked out and slammed back in. I yanked out again, took a second to admire his furry little hole - surrounded by a touch of pink, now red, skin. His hole was the only thing on his body not covered by his pup costume, which was just fine by me. All I needed was someplace to bury my AIDS T-BONE. “BIG AIDS DICK IN THAT ASS BOY - FUCKING YOUR PUPPY HOLE!” The boy bucked, I laughed, grabbed the back of his collar, slid the fingers of both hands underneath and twisted and pulled back. The pup bucked and yelped and my AIDS T-BONE buried a little deeper. “I GOT A SHIT LOAD OF HOT AIDS GRAVY FOR THAT PUP HOLE BOY - FULL OF VIRUS KIBBLES AND BITS!” His little paws were useless. I turned my head to the left and admired myself in the full length mirrors he had on the wall. The small lenses of his two video cameras were not easy to detect, but I made sure they got the shots. I hope he enjoyed watching this later. I hope he enjoyed seeing my wasted body, the skin that hung slightly off my muscles, the ribs that showed in my chest, my hollowed out cheeks and lesioned skin. “THAT’S IT - WHIMPER FOR ME PUP. MY AIDS T-BONE DICK IS FILLING THAT ASS UP - TURNING YOU INTO A FULL FLEDGED BITCH!” The pup gurgled his agreement as I twisted the collar tighter and started to long dick that ass with deeper, filling, stretching and wrecking strokes! I had been eyeing the pup online for a while now. I knew his habits, his secret desires, his voyeuristic pleasures. I knew he liked to secretly record and live stream anonymous dick fucking him. I knew he always insisted on safe sex only - something which he was not only vocal about, but condescending to those who held a different approach to life. “I’M YOUR AIDS SIRE PUP! UNMEDICATED DADDY DOG DICK SLICKING UP YOUR LITTLE HOLE - BUSTING IT OPEN WITH MY BIG KNOT - THAT FORESKIN SLIDING BACK, GETTING READY FOR MY POZ NUTT TO SPADE AND FIX YOU!” A loud, clear, yelp escaped the pup’s lips as I tore open a new path of destruction in his guts. I pressed down on his shoulder blades with my left hand, turned my body clockwise with my dick still buried deep in his furry ass. We formed an AIDs’ cross, ready for his crucifixion. I took my right hand and pushed his right leg outward so his hips raised up a bit, giving me head on access to his sidewalls. “YEAH BOY, PLAYING FETCH. TAKING MY AIDS T-BONE SMACK IN THEM ASS WALLS. OPENING THAT FURRY HOLE SO WHEN MY BALLS MAKE YOU PREGNANT THERE WILL BE LOTS OF BRUISED AND BLOODY SPOTS FOR THEM BABIES TO HOOK UP TO!” The pup’s hole was smearing my dick good now, creaming for my AIDS T-BONE. I yanked out, the pup’s body spasmed from the sudden evacuation, and I easily rotated my position. I used my right hand now to press down between his shoulders keeping his body on the bed and adjusted his left leg and held it so I could damage the other side of his ass walls. The pup’s whimpering told me he was hungry. “GOOD PUP READY TO SUCKLE SOME POZ MILK OUT? GET THAT ASS BACK HERE - THAT’S IT - RIGHT ON THE END OF THE BED AND DROP THEM LITTLE HIND LEGS DOWN. I’M GOING TO DRIVE MY AIDS T-BONE RIGHT UP THAT HOLE AND SQUIRT MY VIRAL MILK! GOOD PUP - TAKE THIS AIDS T-BONE! FEEL IT PUP? FEEL THAT KNOT SWELL? YEAH WHIMPER FOR ME LIKE A GOOD PUPPY - WHIMPER FOR ME AS YOUR SIRE BREEDS YOU - BEG FOR MY POZ MILK! BEG FOR IT PUP - BEG FOR IT - FILLING YOUR PUP ASS UP YOU FUCKING BITCH! FILLING YOU UP!” A couple of hours later I got up my nap. Filling a NEG hole up is always the best thing to get me set for a long nap out in hammock in the afternoon sun. I wiped the sweat from my brow, adjusted my eyes, and pulled up the pup’s homepage. Fuck yeah! Folks had liked our scene and had rated it five WOOFS! Lots of comments about ‘what a great set up’, ‘hot role play’, the ‘realistic fake fluids’. I’d give pup a couple days. He’ll come scratching at my door begging to be let in and when he does, I’ll be ready. (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  4. The oak planks beneath my feet felt solid even though the ship rocked to and fro. The Captain had sent for me, so as I made my way from his cabin under the sterncastle to the forecastle and the front of the ship I had to try to maintain my balance while avoiding my fellow crewmates. Well, OK, maybe I was not a part of the crew yet - at least in their eyes. I was too young, too inexperienced, too pampered and formerly rich to be a pirate. Plus I was the Captain’s boy - his ship wife if you will - although I had not been a boy in age for a few years according to my father. Yet having celebrated my 18th birthday just a few weeks prior to the pirates capturing the ship I was on and slaughtering most of the crew, I still often like a child in my new surroundings. Sea spray matted my hair and once I climbed the forecastle steps, and the Captain dismissed his Quartermaster - he roughly guided the wet wisps of matted blond hair off my face. He then pushed me to my knees, unbuttoned his silk britches and had me take his sugar stick in my mouth. He loved being watched and loved even more shooting his salty seed into my mouth while standing on the forecastle, his arms crossed, pretending he was the ultimate master in his foppish silk, colored clothes. The Captain’s clothing choices always made my eyes hurt as he relished the brightest colors and the shiniest silks. Yet underneath his peacock attire, was a tall, well built man with muscles earned by years at sea and a demeanor that was rough, brutal, and used to taking what he wanted, when he wanted it - including my mouth and arse. Once the Captain had filled my mouth, I swallowed, cringing at the bitter taste. I had learned quickly there was punishment to be had if I spit it out, so hiding my grimace, I took it, and then as he stepped back and buttoned up as I left him on the forecastle. These displays always brought unwanted attention to me and while I made my way back to the sterncastle and the cabin the powder monkeys and others whooped and cawed like a cackle of black birds at my passing. In the cabin I reached for the bottle of rum that was dangling by its neck from a rope in the mid-beam timber. I gulped once - the fire burning my throat - then again and swished it around to remove the foul taste. I had tilted the bottle up for a third swig when a voice said, “You know there are better things to be swallowing.” I turned and sighed as I looked upon the Quartermaster. He was so different than any man I had ever known, or any other man on the ship for that matter. In size, he was a good four or five hands taller than the rest and just as thick and wide. His skin was black as London coal and mottled with the scars of battles past - each worn as a badge of honor and medallion of victory. The Quartermaster, or Sir - I don’t know his true name as when asked he just said Sir - was the real power on the ship. The Captain pranced around and hollered and demanded and the crew would say, “Aye Capt’n”, and then would look to the Quartermaster for the simple nod or shake of his head that would either affirm or change the orders. There were several dark men of the islands on the ship’s crew and when I first expressed my surprise that he held the rank and position he did, Sir just chuckled and said, “It is not unknown for someone like me to serve the black flag. We all wish the same thing do we not?” I had seen my share of the atrocities done to men like him in my few short years and was honestly grateful to the Father Above that Sir had found his place in this world. “I saw you coming back from the bow and your morning feeding,” Sir chuckled. I scowled at his humor, wiped the last swig of rum from my lips, and knew better than to state what I was really thinking. He continued, “I figured you would need something warm, sweet, and filling to settle your stomach, so I held my morning water and instead of sloshing down the quarter gallery figured I would let it slosh around in your mouth.” Sir quickly loosened his canvas britches and let them drop to the floor as he steadied himself with his left hand against the timber frame. The ship rocked and I stumbled as I made my way over to him, but got on my knees and held firm against his thighs as the first hot droplets of nectar kissed my lips. I quickly open my mouth and began to gulp the hot waters he fed me. His dick head was large, dark, and ripe like the giant plums I used to snitch from our neighbor’s garden when I was a child. First thing in the morning he tasted just as wonderful. Not sweet - not bitter - but like wild venison dipped in fig sauce coated with the frothy green foam that seeped from it’s eye like from the churning of small waves against the hull. Sir was my Neptune - my king of the sea. I think Sir had been holding his water all night as he really filled me up. Once I was sure he was done, I stood up, licked my lips, and gave him a smile, as I knew what would come next. I made my way to the Captain’s desk and shoved a pile of maps and papers to the side. Sir walked up behind me and slid his calloused hands under my canvas shirt, up my sides, and then grabbed my chest hard. “TELL ME YOU WANT MY PEGO. TELL ME YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOU. TELL ME YOU WANT ME TO CUM IN YOUR ARSE, TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT MY POX!” Sir demanded. I had never heard such words and talk until I was taken by the pirates and even then I had to figure out what some things meant like ‘pego’, which was his tackle or manhood. Oh I had heard my father and others refer to their manhood but never imagined I would welcome another man bloody buggering me with his like I did Sir or that I would enjoy risking my eternal life as a bloody Sodomite. While I enjoyed taking him, feeling him push in, pull out, and then grant me his seed, I was also grateful. He saved me - quite literally on that first day. As Sir took me from behind, rough and deep, those memories came back. Our attempt to evade the dark ship that stalked over the horizon; the fighting and screams and blood; the death and pillaging. A group of the pirate crew had me cornered in my cabin and were arguing over whether to gut me, ransom me, or use me like a wench - or all three - when the Quartermaster showed up. He looked me up and down, barely acknowledging my nakedness, then barked to his crew that I was to be protected and kept safe as the Captain was in need of a cabin boy to replace the last one who had died of fever, so I would have to do. As one of the three top men on the ship, by rights, Sir could use me just as the Captain and the Bos’n did. The Captain and Bos’n wasted no time and spent my first night as pirate booty rutting on me like brutal wild animals. The Bos’n especially liked rutting me like a wild boar. He was a filthy beast and just as hairy and smelly as any boar I had seen but his tusk - well I have to admit his big tusk felt awful good banging my arse open and I knew I pleased him as he grunted loudly whenever he wet my insides. Yet, while I enjoyed his man tar coating my insides, it was the tar that often coated his hands that was the worst. The filthy man never washed and while my skin and flesh toughened up from the beatings his tar-covered hands and sticks gave me, the taste of his fingers being jammed in my mouth to suck on as he rutted always left my insides heaving like the worst storm. Tar belongs on the timbers and oaks, not in my mouth! “MY POX IS DRIPPING FROM YOUR CUNNY - MAKING IT ALL HARD FOR YOU! TELL ME YOU WANT ME IN YOUR CUNNY! TELL ME YOU WANT MY POX!” Sir said, breaking my memories and focusing me back on the moment. The heat and pain he caused when he entered me were either the coal fires of Hell burning my soul or the Fire Sword of the Angel Gabriel protecting me. His manhood was massive, but the burning it caused was nothing compared to the wonder he stirred and the feelings of pleasure he gave me when he let me serve him like this. From the moment he saved me, Sir showed me kindness and mercies. Small things really I guess, but in this world, they were huge. A kind word, an extra crust of bread, a firm but gentle touch on the shoulder, a new canvas shirt when the bloodied, torn, and ruined shirt I had when captured became nothing more than nesting fodder for the ship’s mice and rats. Between satisfying the desires of the Captain, the Bos’n, and trying to learn my duties so I didn’t get slapped, kicked, or beat for disobedience, I had little time to wonder about the quiet, scary looking Quartermaster. That is until one morning a few weeks in after the Captain had buggered me and left me in his cabin, naked, afraid, and confused. Sir had come in to look at the charts but paused when he saw me on the floor huddled against the desk. I stood up, afraid I would get beat if I did not offer, so I bent over the desk and waited. Sir’s breathing got labored; the oak creaked with each step as he stepped closer. Gently he ran a finger down the ridges on my back left by the Bos’n. I was shaking and expected him to just take me. The air crackled like a storm was approaching and the hairs on my arms raised, my flesh dimpled; yet Sir held back and just said, “I’ll come back shortly. Take what time you need. I believe the Captain will be wanting his spyglass.” That evening, when taking the Captain’s dinner tray back to the galley to the cook, I paused just long enough to accept an apple from a small linen bag he had sitting on the counter. His toothless grin when he handed it to me was all the explanation he could give having no tongue with which to speak. I nodded and smiled in appreciation and tucked it under my shirt. The Captain was fast asleep by now and the watch was late, so I stayed in the shadows to avoid the few men that were up as I made my way to the Quartermaster's cabin. I tapped the stout wooden door with my finger, not wanting to make noise knowing how it could carry in the ship. I tapped again, the door latch creaked, the door cracked open, and the Quartermaster held out the metal lamp to see who had need of him. The lamp swayed back and forth as its faint light, cast by the stub of a single candle, let him see enough to know it was I. He opened the door, I stepped in, the door closed, latched, and I shivered with a chill like from a cold winter’s morning. “Are you OK? Is the Captain OK? What’s happened?” The Quartermaster said with a tinge of anxiousness in his voice. “Quart...Quartermaster, Sir, I….” He gently laid his hand on my quaking shoulder, “Just Sir. Just call me Sir. It’s OK boy, begin again.” I really didn’t know what to say so I just reached into my shirt, pulled out the small apple and held it up for him to see. A gift. A token. A thanks. Sir smiled, stepped to the back of his cabin, hung his lamp on the small hook by his bunk, and sat on the edge. It was then I realized he was completely naked. The small flames and the light of the moon reflected off the calm seas cast dancing shadows over his night skin and I was mesmerized. He casually shifted his long, thick manhood off his left thigh and patted his bunk, “Come. Sit with me and share this bounty. Did Cook give this to you? You did not steal it did you? You must know that taking things - stealing - is a severe punishment.” I thought that was a funny sort of thing for a pirate to say, but I had also seen they had some weird rules - known and unknown - so I held my tongue and just nodded. Sir pulled a knife that was jammed into the side timbers out, held up the apple, and cut a thick slice off and handed it to me. The juice dripped across his thigh and onto my hand and I laughed in delight as I figured the apple would have been dry and nothing more than a husk. I eagerly chewed it and swallowed and Sir did the same. He shared another piece with me, then a couple more. With the apple’s flesh consumed and nothing left but the seeds and toughest bit of the core, Sir jammed the knife back into the timber, looked at me, then reached out and with a tenderness I had not known from even my own father, gently wiped the smalls bits and juice from the corners of my mouth and lip. His face was mostly shadows as he licked his fingers clean. I don’t know what possessed me, but I reached out and firmly grasped his stiff manhood and gasped in wonder at its size and warmth and his aching need. He squeezed my wrist painfully, “DON’T,” he hissed. With all my strength I slid my hand up, then down, feeling the slickness of his manhood, the roughness of the skin rash and chancres, the wetness of the pustules as they seeped open onto my hand. Was that why he had never wanted me? I let him shift my hand away from his body and smiled as I held my coated hand to my face and inhaled. The smell clung to my nostrils, filled my throat, made my chest clench, and only increased my hunger. I stood up and Sir watched me in confusion as I pulled my canvas shirt and britches off. My eyes locked with his as I kneeled before him, grasped his pox timber with both hands, and guided it to my mouth. BY THE SAINTS HE TASTED WONDERFUL! Sir’s manhood pulsed and twitched with every flick of my tongue, depositing a stew of sweat, pox juice, man dripping, and more. I moaned as I suckled on the tip, drinking him up, pleasuring him with a small kindness. Sir’s head was back, his mouth open, his hand’s gripping the side of the bunk as I stroked his shaft, mouthed the tip, and cupped his balls. I had to feel him inside me, but I knew he was too big. I would not be able to take him like I did the Captain and Bos’n. I stopped my work, stood up, climbed onto the bunk and wedged myself between the bulkhead wall and Sir’s back. He twisted, looked at me, then turned his body and lay on the bunk beside me - his face to mine - his shaft pressing in need against my body. Sir’s face was all dark shadows now, so I gently ran the fingers of my left hand over his head, down his jaw line, across the crooked bridge of his nose, to his mouth. When I withdrew my fingers from his lips he slid his right arm over my back, pulled me tightly towards him and began kissing me with burning intensity. The Captain and Bos’n had never kissed me. No man had. They had only used my mouth in other ways. This - this was so different, so… Back in the present, Sir had withdrawn his shaft from my backside and was using the long nails on his right hand to scratch and claw at me like a mountain lion gutting a lamb, “YOU WANT ME TO STOP?” Sir asked, knowing full well I would never ask that. “I WANT TO SEE THAT CUNNY SWOLLEN - RED - OVERFLOWING WITH MY POX. I WANT THAT CUNNY RIPE FOR MY SEED - SWELLING AS I FILL YOU UP!” Sir slammed back into my now even bloodier arse. That first night, after he had kissed me and explored every inch of my body with his hands, our sweaty bodies entangled, was the first time I had felt safe. Nothing else mattered. All the pain, fear, unknown of the past weeks was swept away with the tides. I had an anchor now. An anchor that would hold me steady through whatever storm may blow. “Please, please go inside me,” I asked Sir. He stroked the side of my head, “You don’t know what you are asking. I can’t. I musn’t.” I guided his hand from my head down between my legs so he could feel how wet and moist my body was. I let go, flipped over so my back was now to him, and lifted my right leg up and back exposing my hole. Sir sucked in a lung full of breath like the hiss of an adder snake about to strike. I nestled my head in the crook of his left arm, scooted my body back a little so I was firmly pressed against him. His choice now was to either enter me or let me push him off the bunk. OK, well maybe I could not have pushed him off because he is a lot bigger than me, but still, in that moment, I didn’t know how else to ask him to give me what I needed. “FUCK ME SIR!” I begged as I pushed my ass back onto his swollen rod, using the rocking motion of the ship to harpoon me like a fish. Sir obliged, fucking me with a roughness I would come to love and need. While over the course of the past months he had fucked me in just about every place imaginable on the ship, his favorite was still having me bent over the Captain’s desk. The stains of red, pox, and arse left on the oak floors was one more reminder for the Captain of who was really in charge. I arched my back as Sir grabbed my right leg and hefted it higher. He began stabbing at my puckered flesh with his fingers; his nails scraping my skin away like the barnacles that clung to the ship’s hull. This was a pain I wanted. This was a pain I had to have. His fingers found their mark and my body stiffened and I cried out. Sir cupped his left hand over my mouth to silence me and while the beating of my heart pounded in my ears as the waves pounded the planks of the bulkhead, Sir continued to create the wetness he needed. I could tell from the tenseness of his body he was going to take me. All doubt was erased when, with two fingers firmly buried in me like gill hooks and he whispered, “TELL ME YOU WANT THIS - TELL ME YOU WANT MY POX. I HAVE TRIED TO BE KIND AND GENTLE WITH YOU. WHY OR WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS? WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DESIRE THIS?” I moaned in pleasure as Sir’s fingers dug at the nub in my arse, making it swell and oil up. I could feel his fingers getting slicker. “I WANT IT,” I said with all the effort I could muster. “TAKE ME MY LORD. I AM YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT SIR. AT YOUR GRACE AND MERCY MY MASTER GIVE ME YOUR SEED.” I yelped as Sir clamped his hand back over my mouth and forced his pox meat into my arse. The slickness let him slide in a bit, but then he caught up like a wayward ship running a-shoal. Before my body and mind could process the intense burning and pain he had inflicted, in one motion he pulled me closer, rolled his body onto mine, pressed my head firmly into the molded straw of the bunk’s padding and boarded me as he buried himself deep inside me. Lighting flashed bright and white behind my closed eyes as Sir pushed into me deeper and deeper. My body instinctively tensed and tried to push out the invader to no avail. All at once my resistance gave way and the deluge of his pox manhood began. Wave after wave of pox seed crashed and churned inside me. Sir pumped and pumped to expel it all and I took it. At the time it felt like he had spent an entire night’s watch filling me up, but I know that cannot be. “TAKE MY POX - THAT’S IT - OPEN THAT CUNNY UP - TAKE IT ALL - HARLOT CUNNY FOR ME!” Sir exclaimed as he filled me with his morning blessing. Far too soon his shrinking manhood slid from inside me. I quickly knelt and lapped up the sticky, pox remnants left on his mast and once I was done, I stood up, hefted my canvas britches up, looked at Sir, and knowingly asked, “SEE YOU TONIGHT?” (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  5. whthole4u

    Bend Over For Daddy

    Part 2 - Bend Over for Daddy I could only stare in wonder as the Uber driver fished a mammoth dick out his shorts. His cock was even longer and thicker than the one that had just bred me. In a flash I had pulled-off my pants and was grunting face down in the back seat as he mounted me and raw fucked my ass, using the fresh cum that had just filled my guts as lube. “Give me that hole,” the driver demanded as he pushed deeper, “You like black dick? Huh? Maybe I should drive you around and find some street dudes to breed you. How much you pay me for that? You’d like that? Getting creamed by anonymous dick? Anonymous black dick? Hell yes you do! Cummy ass right here - cummy hole needing some more nutt. Ready for another breeding?” I could only grunt in affirmation and pleasure as he spurted his load and doubled my total for the morning. There’s just something fucking hot and amazing about a man who does not even ask about using a condom, but who just whips out his raw dick expecting a bottom will take it then, there, and anyway he wants. I was definitely game for that. The Uber driver grabbed some paper towels from underneath the front seat, wiped up a few streaks, leaned back, powered the window down a little and lit up a cigarette to enjoy that post-orgasm chill. I left my pants off, but put them under me so I would not spot the leather seats, and sat there gently playing with his semi-hard dick while he chilled and smoked. His dick would twitch, drool, get a little hard, then soften again as I touched and stroked it. I was eager for more and focused on working him back up when there was a sudden rapping on the window and I about pissed myself and said, “SHIT!” The Uber driver eased the window down a crack more and saw the guy from the house that had fucked me. His head turned at an angle so he could see in, “Yo slim, saw you were still here and lit up. Thought I might ask to take another crack at that as I got some more daddy juice to spill. You up for killing a few?” He then pressed his face close to the window so all I could really see was his mouth as he said more quietly, “Chill like a couple of real nasty Gs? Do that homie down low thing?” The Uber driver laughed, “Yeah man, sure,” then turned to me and said, “Scoot over.” He then reached into my pants, pulled out my phone, handed it out through the window to the daddy on the sidewalk, “Just so you don’t any ideas. I’m your ride remember.” The daddy stood by the car as we both got dressed, then climbed out of the backseat. Positioned between the two of them as we walked up the broken walkway, I asked “Don’t I get a say in this?” They both looked at each other, at me, and busted out laughing like I had just said the funniest joke ever. When we got inside the Uber driver asked where the bathroom was so he could piss. As his stream echoed off the porcelain, I asked our daddy host, “Do you guys know each other or what? I mean you said hi to him when he dropped me off and now...like how do you know he’s cool with...you know.” Daddy laughed as he paused, stripped, grabbed a crumpled box of cigarettes and tapped out a fresh one, lit up, inhaled and replied “Naw, but we from the same hood. Seen him around here and there and when I looked out and saw his car still parked, well - I knew he was a brotha that’s into sloppy seconds and freak shit and up for some more creep-and-roll. Now get the fuck out of them clothes and BEND OVER FOR DADDY!” I was getting naked when the Uber driver came out, “Hey slim,” the daddy host said as he waved the driver out of the room and into the kitchen. I could hear them speaking in hushed tones and was tempted to edge closer to the door to try to hear, but then they came back in. The Uber driver unzipped his pants, sat on the edge of the couch, lit up a cigarette and said, “Get that mouth down here. I need some sloppy head.” I eagerly bent forward, resting my hands on his firm thighs as I started to slurp on his hefty shaft. The daddy had shucked his pants back off, walked around us, dug around in the pile of filthy clothes on the couch and hauled out a couple more black, dirty caked socks and chuckled as he held them up to the light to inspect them. He then reached down onto the floor and grabbed the t-shirt I used earlier to wipe myself off, which he tossed to the Uber driver. The driver held the shirt up to his face, inhaled, “Oh yeah, smells like used pussy. I dropped a hefty nutt in there, so you don’t need no lotion man.” The daddy dropped the bottle of lotion back onto the floor that he had been preparing to slather me up with and with my throat busy, the daddy grabbed my hips and slammed into my open hole. I lifted off the driver’s dick, “Fuck me with that raw dick!” I pleaded, “I want all the dick you can give me.” In reply the Uber driver said, “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SUCK THAT DICK!” while the daddy banged me, priming my engine with that BBC oil. The daddy handed the Uber driver the filth-matted socks and he immediately knew what to do. First he reached around and set his cigarette on an ashtray amidst the trash on the couch, then he held the back of my head firm with his left hand and with his right, wadded them up under and over my nose so the only way I could breath was to inhale the sharp, ripe, rank. I started gagging, sputtering through the spit onto his dick, which made him just press the socks tighter, and which made the daddy slam my hole harder. The Uber driver gripped my head, forcing the socks into my nostrils, cutting off all fresh air. I gagged and wretched. Apparently taking some pleasure in my discomfort, the driver demanded “Fuck, yeah, smell that shit! Chew it up. They stink to fuck'in bad! Come on, make them pussy walls talk. if you scrape them right they'll chatter back. Long dick that shit! It's good and wet for you. Fill that hole up. How 'bout we 'gag the fag? Open that mouth. Don't fuckin' fight. Mutha-fucker, I said 'Open that mouth'! If you bite my fingers I'll knock the living shit out of you. Now, goddammit, open that mouth! That's right. Choke on them dirty man socks. Fuck yeah. That shit's nasty! Gag on it, bitch! Wretch. Bet that wasn't the first black you was expecting in that throat, hug? Oh, no you don't. No breathing through that nose. You work that mouth. Only through your mouth. Swallow that filth. HERE THAT BRO? HE TRYING TO GAG UP IN THEM SOCKS - SO MAKE THAT ASS BOUNCE AND CLAP - COME ON FUCKER - SLAM THAT SHIT - POUND IT OUT - BITCH SHAKING GOOD - WANT ME CHOKE THE BITCH OUT? THAT’LL MAKE THAT HOLE CREAM ALL OVER YOUR DICK - COME ON G, FUCK IT - FUCK IT - FUCK IT - YEAH G - NUTT IT GOOD - THERE GO - HELL YEAH I HEAR THAT PUSSY GETTING WETTER - YOU FILLING IT UP MAN? CHRIST YEAH!” The daddy grunted and groaned as he bred me and I continued to struggle to breathe through the unclean air filters stuffing my throat. Once his bone was dry, he slid out. The Uber driver released his grip on my head and I stood up and reached to take the now slimy socks from my mouth. I got slapped hard, “No you fucking don’t,” the driver said. He reached down and picked up the dirty red t-shirt back up. Our daddy host plopped himself in the middle of the couch, lit a cigarette, and let out a contented sigh. The Uber driver stood behind me, spun the t-shirt into a cotton binding then wrapped it around my mouth and head, tying it tight. “There,” he said proud of his MacGyver styled handiwork, “Time to put those dirty socks on another spin cycle in that mouth. I want to hear you trying to puke that grit and dirt back up because it ain’t going nowhere so bend the fuck back over and bury that head in them dirty clothes, no one needs to be seeing you, all I need is that hole.” With that, I was unceremoniously upended, my hole jammed with a new, raging boner, and as he took advantage of me all I could do was struggle to keep my breathing focused. The blackened cotton in my mouth was mixing with the filth and saliva to create the foulest punishment. My stomach and throat wanted to push it out, but the tied t-shirt around my head ensured it stayed in place and stewed and brewed. The Uber driver was banging my ass hard when we heard a voice from the front door, “Hey bro, got your text. What’s...OH DAMN!” The driver paused, I set my hands on the couch arm to try to push myself up and got my head slapped, “Where the fuck you going?” I felt the couch move as the daddy host got up, I heard hands clasp, then he said, “Yo slim, this my neighbor Coop. Told you he’d be up for it.” More greetings made, then the new voice said, “Bro - you know the deal with this shit.” Our host said, “Yeah, yeah, fucking chill man. Hang on.” I then felt him rummaging in the pile of dirty clothes. He then pulled another t-shirt over the top of my head but instead of pulling it down over my body, twisted and wrapped it so it so it was like a hood with the neck hole positioned over my nose/mouth. He then took a belt and wound it around my neck and cinched it so my homemade gag and hood wood stay in place. Once his handiwork was done, the driver - who’s dick was still buried in my ass and I could feel the blood in it pulsing - said, “Why they call you Coop?” Before our new guest could answer, the daddy laughed and said, “Cause he be fucking the grannies around here for nothing more than a handful of grocery coupons with that magnum freak dick of his so we call him Coop for short.” All three of the BBCs laughed. The laughter was cut short as I heard a zipper. The Uber driver whistled and cursed. The daddy said, “And that shit ain’t even hard yet,” and Coop added, “You know there’s no worries on that front. See - it’s already coming to life seeing you got this freak’d out craziness happening and I can smell that creampied ass from here. That’s good cause you know I don’t wear fucking condoms and only fuck raw. So he’s good with that?” The other two laughed, “Like he has a choice?” Hmmm - just what I wanted to hear. The Uber driver yanked his dick out of my swollen, used hole. I grunted from the shock of being left gaping and the frustration of not being stuffed. He then took both hands and spread my ring open like he was trying to peek inside a clam shell, “See? Fucking slut right here and let both of us just climb right in raw and dawg it out. All that nicca milk, coating them guts, but I’m about ready to bust again - you down for that?” Coop quickly answered, “Hell yeah, let’s get it on!” I heard some rustling, a few quips, our host turned up the volume of the porn flick a little to which Coop said, “Yeah, luv hearing them bitches cry as they get dicked down.” The Uber driver - or maybe it was the daddy host - I was not real sure at that point, grabbed my right arm and walked me closer to the TV. I figured they would have me get on the ottoman or something, but no. I was guided so I stepped over someone lying on the floor as my left foot brushed his rib cage as I stepped across him. I was then made to kneel and get on my hands and knees - on all fours doggy style - over the body on the floor, which I knew was Coop when he said from underneath me, “Jesus, there’s nicca nutt coating them balls like glaze on a Krispy Kreme,” before he proceeded to start licking and slurping on my nut sack. That shit makes me squirm - can’t help it - have very sensitive balls - but that clearly did not bother him as he smacked, suckled, slurped, and rolled my balls around his mouth like he was shooting 8-ball corner pocket. The Uber driver smacked my head, “Put that face down there, get a feel for what’s coming.” I blindly bobbed my head around like I was dunking for apples at a Halloween fair, not sure what the fuck he was talking about. I then bumped into something long, thick, stiff - Coop’s fucking dick. I paused and the driver chuckled, “Fucking right. Nicca’s got that 12-inch eggplant. You think we busted that cootch open? Fuck no. G is swinging that king dick hole wrecker. Too bad you can’t taste it.” I could only grunt and moan in frustration and awe at what he said as the filthy sock gag in my mouth and t-shirt hood made anything else impossible. I felt hands position themselves on my lower back, then grunted as a big dick slid in my wet hole. The Uber driver started banging my ass again then paused as Coop’s mouth moved from my balls, followed the skin trail back towards my hole, and with a shift of his body underneath mine, he started lapping at the base of the driver’s shaft as he fucked me. “FUCK YEAH - WORK THAT TONGUE. TASTE THAT PUSSY AND DICK MIX - HAPPY TRAILS RIGHT HERE. YOU TRYING TO TASTE THAT DEEP TANG? YEAH? SCOOT BACK A LITTLE MORE - HELL! YOU GOT A MOUTH ON YOU BRO - LICK IT CLEAN SO I CAN DIRTY IT UP AGAIN - FEED YOU THAT HOLE NUTT.” It took me second to guess what was going on, but as Coop has adjusted his body and as his monster dick bounced and danced around my head I figured out he had moved on from just orally working my hole, to sucking the Uber driver’s dick. Coop was tasting my ass - freshly fucked as I coated the driver’s dick. Back and forth the driver went - full length into my arched ass, then dropping down a little to gag Coop. Frankly, tops who suddenly become dick suckers because a big dick is nearby is usually a turn off, but Cop’s donkey dick promised things to come so while he gargled and slurped I could only moan in frustration wishing I could remind them both that load was for my ass - not Coop’s throat. Our daddy host - who must have been back on the couch smoking, chimed in and said, “Yeah, Coops got some mad throat skillz too.” Clearly more than the grannies in the neighborhood were getting serviced. “HERE IT COMES - READY TO SEED THAT WHITE PUSSY AGAIN - LEMME FEEL THAT TONGUE TOO - YEAH - GET READY TO SLURP MY SHIT BECAUSE I GOT ANOTHER NUTT SACK FULL OF CUM - GONNA BLOW IT DEEPER IN THAT HOLE - YOU BETTER GET A STRAW G CAUSE THIS SHIT IS GOING DEEP - FUCKING HELL! BREEDING THAT ASS! RAW DAWGING IT! UGH - UGH - U...YEAH! OPEN THAT MOUTH, IT’S GONNA COME RUSHING OUT WHEN I PULL BACK.” Gagging and slurping filled the room as Coop cleaned off the driver’s dick and then went to town sucking at my gaping hole. He had a fucking Hoover mouth and as he cleaned up the creampie his dick swelled and got as straight and stiff as a Redwood. Coop stopped his deep tongue action, pushed at me; I rolled off to the side and heard him get up. I worked my tongue around the slimy-filthy-cotton-mass in mouth and inhaled through my nose. I would never get the taste or smell out! “I need to put something long and hard in that ass,” Coop warned. I stood up. Multiple hands grabbed me, feet entangled as I was wedged between two legs. Warm hands grabbed my hips, “Here,” Coop instructed, “Put one leg over mine, then the other, I want you to straddle me - don’t worry, I got you. Get in that cowgirl position - time for some black bull dick making you taste some nutt from the back door.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but he and both the daddy and the Uber driver got me into position. In my mind I could see Coop sitting on the ottoman, me straddling his legs, my torso facing his. Coop guided me as he lined up his jumbo 747 for my runway, “That’s it, squat some more, put your arms on my shoulders and hands around my neck - that’s it. Don’t worry, my Gs are holding you up - you won’t fall, I got you too. You trust me? Huh? That’s right - you a good pussy hungry for dick. Good thing these homies opened that cunt up - otherwise - THIS - MIGHT - HURT!” As if he had said, “On 3” all at the same time, he pulled me downwards with his hands, the driver and daddy pushed me down from my shoulders, and Coop slammed up with his hips. The result? Well my ass split and even with all that cum his 12-inch Mandingo dick tore me open like a zipper as he raped my ass. My cries of pain were muffled in the dirty socks in my mouth and the t-shirt hood covering my face pulsed as my breath quickened. I tried to push off from his chest but Coop’s dick had impaled me like a spit through a pig and now he planned to roast and baste me. His two accomplices reached under my arms and lifted me up a bit - Coop slammed his hips up again - my hole split more - he moaned, I cried - they dropped me. I was gutted. Over and over they raised me back up and dropped me back down. All resistance broken, all flesh scorched and burned as Coop broke my walls down into utter destruction. Once Coop was buried as deep as he could go, he leaned back a little and I could hear him sucking someone’s dick again. Damn! I wanted that! I mumbled into the rags in my mouth, to no avail. Having got the taste he wanted, Coop sat up, “Aiight. Ease up off it - that’s it - stand all the way up. Here - turn around and sit. OK, now lean back - you OK. See? You’re on the stool. Scoot forward a little - good - good.” I was on my back on the ottoman and as Coop adjusted my body, the other two Gs started slapping their dicks across my hooded face and talking shit - the warm up for the grand finale as Coop pushed his 12-inches in. One voice mixed into another - yet the message was clear: “SLAM THAT BOSS DICK IN THAT PUSSY!” “MURDER THAT MAGNUM DICK WITH THAT SLOPPY CUNT - RIDE THAT RED BONE” “THAT HOLE DONE YET?” “TUCK THEM KNEES BACK - TIME TO GET THAT WOMB WRECKED!” “HUNGRY PUSSY FOR NICCA SEED - SLURPING THEM BABIES - FUCKING WHORE!” “SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET INTRUDERS RAID YOUR HOME?” “PUSSY BLEEDING FOR IT GOOD NOW - THAT’S IT - TAKE THIS MOTHA-FUCKIN-DICK BALLS DEEPS - READY TO BREED IT - READY TO FILL IT WITH HOT NUTT!” Some time later the Uber pulled over to the curb. The driver put his right arm across the back of the front seat, turned, smiled and said, “How bout I help you inside? You look a little worse for wear. Maybe I should stay with you for a while, make sure you OK.” Yeah, the weekend was turning out alright after all. I smiled. Then he snapped his fingers, smirked and said, “Oh yeah. I almost forgot. You asked me to drive you around and find some street dudes to fuck you. What say we go grab your wallet and head out. I know just the place to get that hungry hole stuffed with more anonymous, black dick. Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to tap that hole some more too.” (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  6. whthole4u

    The Freshman 10

    The Freshman 10, Part 3: Loving Daddy or Stalker?: Mr. Durant’s raw dick had left my hole throbbing as he had slammed it into me dry while his son - Kevin - had run out to the car. So much had happened so fast. I started college, met Kevin, spent an amazing night with him and then...well then his father sent Kevin off on some bullshit job assignment so he could spend the night fucking me raw and breeding me. Kevin’s red Cadillac ELR sports coupe barreled down the highway as we headed back to campus for our first class of the day. He kept reaching over and squeezing my hand, holding it tight as a silent, “I had fun, let’s fuck again.” I liked Kevin - ALOT! But I felt like I could still smell his father on me, that I could still feel Mr. Durant’s dick shooting his cum in me, that I could feel his big, strong hands holding me aloft as he pierced my ass with his BBC. My guilt was giving me a mind fuck and Kevin could tell something was up. He clearly thought he had done something wrong, or somehow I didn’t like him as much as he liked me or whatever. None of which was true it was just…fuck…I was so confused about it all! Even before we hit campus my phone started blowing up. There were several texts from a blocked number and as we walked from the car to our first class I opened the first one and about dropped the phone: “Good boy pussy – you want more daddy dick?” How the fuck did Kevin’s dad get my number? The texts continued: “I know your hole is twitching from my dick. I popped that pussy OPEN! I know you will be thinking about me breeding you deep all day! I’m smoking a cigar, thinking about that pussy juice coating the tip, stroking my shaft, making it hard for you.” I started to shake – need, fear, desire – all wrapped up together. The next text came and this time it was a pic and I blurted “FUCK!” and that time the phone did slip from my fingers, but luckily I managed to bend down and snatch it off the grass before Kevin could or else he would have seen the latest message from his father: Kevin and I were almost inseparable and frankly not having him there to rely on would have made things so much harder. Our second day together – the one after his father had bred me without him knowing – Kevin volunteered to come back to my house when I declined his invitation to go home with him again. I hesitated but looking in those damn gorgeous eyes of his I melted and caved and agreed. Only when we were stepping upon the porch of my student group house did I start panicking. My roommates – whom I barely knew – didn’t know I was into guys. They frankly knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about them and our only engagement so far had been a few days of nervous, “Morning, how are you?” as we passed each other in the hall on the way to the overused bathroom. Within seconds of stepping in the door, his hand confidently in mine, Kevin had charmed the entire house with his joyous smile, easy personality, and fucking to-die-for good looks. Not one of my housemates paused, hesitated, or batted an eye as he and I stood there hand in hand. Proud – together – man to man. My next level of stress came as we walked up the stairs and I led Kevin into my sparse room. After his place mine looked like a fucking shit hole with a few milk crates for shelves, an old mattress on the floor, a Salvation Army Store lamp with a bulb that flickered on and off and no shade, and what few belongings I truly owned in a couple of cardboard boxes in the corner. None of that mattered to Kevin for as soon as I closed the door to my room he dropped his backpack, which made a THUD on the old wood floors, and immediately began to undress. I frantically looked around – I was not prepared at all for something like this, I didn’t even have fuck towels or something. Kevin just smiled, “Come on, get on your bed and show me that white ass – I’ve been horny as fuck all day.” When I sheepishly apologized I didn’t have lube or anything Kevin laughed, “Awesome man! Spit fucking’s the best!” With that, Kevin proceeded to slick his dick up with copious wads of spit as I hesitated, but gave in to my need to get some dick. “WANT MY NUTT?” Kevin asked as he banged me on my old mattress on the floor. I was so concerned my roommates would hear I just moaned softly, but he got the message and proceeded to seed my hole. I returned the favor and as I blew my own load up his tight ass got lost in the dark expanse of his eyes, wondering how all this had happened to me – so soon, so fast, so good! The rest of the week passed in a blur as I settled into my new routines at the university and did my best to ignore the almost constant stream of blocked number texts, which were companioned by a similar stream of unknown sender emails to my personal email account – the first of which was just a picture: After that I stopped opening emails, too afraid of what I might find. I did draft a few emails I thought I might send in response – some were to tell Mr. Durant to fuck off, some to tell him how much I enjoyed the sex, but we could never do it again. I never pressed SEND as I could not make up my mind, and instead created a password protected file on my laptop where I wrote the whole thing down as best as I could remember thinking that if I did so, it would help me figure out what to do. Did it? No. It just made me more confused and mad horny and Kevin didn’t mind the horny part! Kevin was with me every day before class, after class, and in between classes we didn’t have together. We spent every second we could together. I had never felt this way about anyone and within just a few days could not imagine my life without him. We shared so many interests and just clicked at every level and the sex – fuck the sex – was God damn amazing! After the second day together I forgot all about his father. OK, well maybe not FORGOT as the cyber stalking from his father was an almost constant presence, but I was in total denial and just so focused on the moment with Kevin it was like a bad itch I refused to scratch. Kevin had even asked and texted me several times about spending the weekend at his house and shamefully I lied. I didn’t know what else to do or how to avoid the situation. I told him I needed to go see my parents, but I didn’t. I just planned to hide in my room all weekend as my way of avoiding his father until I could figure out how to handle it. That all changed on Friday. My last class of the day, and Kevin’s too, was a course in Valuation and Corporate Finance. Kevin was still bugging me about coming home with him for the weekend and while he had been sweet, kind, considerate, and more than patient with my brush offs and excuses all week including my story about having to go visit my parents. I knew I would have to face this sooner or later. I had decided to tell him after class what had happened. Everything. How his father had fucked me, bred me, how I had let him, all of it. I knew he would never want to see me again, but…well…I could not live this way anymore. My future with Kevin meant I had to be honest – warts or bad daddies and all. You can imagine my surprise when Kevin did not show up to class. My cell phone buzzed about 10 minutes in: “Got called to Lockheed. Major probs bro. Project has gone sideways. Won’t be able to give you a ride home so asked my Dad to pick you up. See you soon!” Shit. Shit shit shit shit! No fucking way. I was not able to focus on what the prof said the rest of the class. When we finished, I followed the herd out the door and onto the commons and stopped short. There, standing casually against the right fender of a navy blue sedan was Kevin’s dad in all his fucking glory! Mirrored shades, gold watch, rings, dress pants and shirt, and his arms crossed as he waited. FUCK! I was not the only one to stop and stare as Mr. Durant was catching the eye of every boy and girl on campus who walked by. But even through the mirrored shades I shivered, knowing his eyes were laser focused on me. I wanted to run, hide, and pretend this was not real. Yet, before I knew it I was walking towards him and with each step his smile got wider. “GET IN THE CAR BOY,” was all he said. Mr. Durant’s car – well at least the one he was driving then as I knew he had several from what I saw parked in his driveway and garage, was an old sedan built of heavy, solid material much like him. It felt attached to the ground somehow, hefty and intense, and when I slid into the well tended leather seats and shut the door I noticed the polished silver metal ashtray built into the door handle ledge. You sure don’t see that anymore. The chrome of the window crank was spotless, as was the rest of the car. Mr. Durant revved the engine, put it into drive, and as we drove away from campus I continued to appreciate the fine workmanship, the attention to restoration and detail, and then I saw the wicker picnic basket in back. “Grab me a beer from the cooler. Right there behind the seat,” Mr. Durant ordered. I wanted to state the obvious about drinking and driving, but had more immediate concerns on my mind like where the fuck were we going and what was he going to say because I didn’t answer his texts or emails? I then realized this was not my way home! Kevin’s daddy popped the beer and drained it in nothing flat as he drove down the road. He handed me the empty can with a clear ‘get me another look’, so I did. “Why did you lie and tell my son you were going home to see Gene and Judy?” Mr. Durant asked. How the fuck did he know my parents’ name? How did he know what Kevin and I had discussed? All sorts of thoughts ran through my head the first of which was he clearly was reading his son’s texts. I had nothing to say. What was between me and Kevin was none of his business. Unfortunately for me Mr. Durant was having none of that. I then thought about a couple of email messages that I had thought had been from Kevin, from his account, asking me to take a picture of my ass, or tell him how much I loved him fucking me. Now – well, it seemed obvious those were not from Kevin at all. We drove in mostly silence for about 30 minutes and I had no fucking idea where we were except in the country. Mr. Durant pulled his sedan off onto a small side road, then parked at the edge of a clearing that was partially shaded by some trees that appeared to have been transported from a land before time – they were so tall, thick, their bark heavy and gnarled from years of fending off Mother Nature. Mr. Durant climbed out of the car, purposefully strode around the front, opened the passenger side door, and said, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR AND SHOW ME THAT WHITE PUSSY. YOU BEEN HIDING THAT CUNT ALL WEEK. TIME FOR A LITTLE BREAKING AND ENTERING – A LITTLE B&E –TEARING UP THAT ASS!” I fought against my desire to be good, to be the man I should be for Kevin, to be honest and true – but I failed, miserably. I eagerly stripped and stood naked before Mr. Durant who just smiled and I knew that his eyes behind those mirrored shades were taking me all in. Now I needed him all in me. I planted my hands firmly on the right front fender, annoyed by the wiry antenna that prevented a full arm spread. Mr. Durant wasted no time in joining my nakedness, spitting on his dick, pressing his hot flesh to mine, and tearing my hole up as he forced himself on me, “YOU JUST A NEEDY BOY – NEEDING DADDY’S DICK TO GO POP IN THAT HOLE – NEEDING THAT DADDY DICK BANGING OUT THAT BOY PUSSY, TAKING THAT CUNT! LET THIS BOOTY WARRIOR UP IN THERE, LET GO THOSE INHIBITIONS, LET MY BLACK DICK TEACH YOU HOW TO SERVE A MANDINGO DADDY RIGHT!” My cries of pain and need were muffled by Mr. Durant’s left hand over my mouth as he fucked me raw, while a flock of crows squawked and cawed and took flight from their roosts in the clearing nearby. Mr. Durant started smacking my ass with one hand in between strokes and I was convinced more than ever he had been reading my emails, texts, and computer files as he said, “I KNOW YOU LIKE IT WHEN I POP THAT PUSSY! LONG DICK THAT ASS – MAKE YOU SQUIRM FOR DADDY AS I OWN THAT CUNT – THAT RIGHT BOY? I KNOW HOW GOOD IT MAKES THAT ASS FEEL AS I PUSH IN INCH AFTER INCH, HARD AND RAW. FILLING YOU UP LIKE YOU NEVER DREAMED POSSIBLE. STRETCHING YOU OUT AS YOU FEEL ME CUM INSIDE. YOU NEVER IMAGINED HAVING A MAN USE YOU – CONTROL YOU – DOWNRIGHT FUCK YOU OUT – THAT IT COULD FEEL SO AMAZING!” For an ‘old’ man he sure the hell had stamina as it was a good 20 minutes later of getting my hole solidly pounded when Mr. Durant proclaimed to the world, “THAT PUSSY READY FOR MY CREAMPIE – SLOPPY CUNT – READY FOR DADDY’S NUTT – SO GOD DAMN OPEN FOR DADDY –THAT’S HOW I KNOW YOU NEED IT, WANT IT, LOVE THAT SHIT! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR BOY – DADDY’S HERE NOW – YOU WILL GET IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT! GOOD BOY FOR DADDY – TRYING TO BREAK MY DICK OFF IN THAT PUSSY, FUCKING THAT BOY HOLE WITH MY RAW BBC – FEEL THAT LOAD BLOATING YOU UP? HELL YEAH! EMPTYING MY BALLS IN THAT BOY CUNT!” The rev of a truck engine echoed through the trees as it drove on a road nearby. Having filled me with days’ full of cum, Mr. Durant opened the back door to the car, reached into the picnic basket, pulled out one of his cigars, had me turn around, then stuck it in deep in my freshly nutted hole. He smacked his lips as he lit it, smiled, then spread his legs as he sat on the leather seat, “Back up on my dick. Reach back, guide it in, that’s it, feel that shaft swell as it stretches your ass. Work it while daddy enjoys this pussy juice smoke.” I rode Mr. Durant’s dick up, down, and sideways as he enjoyed his cigar and I enjoyed his black dick heating my insides up. My bliss was interrupted though as Mr. Durant pushed me off, stood up, grabbed the picnic basket, then a blanket from the trunk, and handed them to me and went and stood in front of the car. His arms crossed, his dick still hard and wet, he stood watch as I laid out the blanket, carefully moving any stones or sticks from the area first to make it as comfortable as possible. I opened the basket, set out the boxed sandwiches and fruit, grabbed him another beer and one for myself. It was hard to focus on eating when I could smell him, see his dick just drooling and twitching, and my ass was trying to respond in kind. My cloth napkin did little to hide my hardon and he did not even try hiding his. With lunch finished, Mr. Durant stood up and monitored me as I packed things back up and when the blanket had been folded he took it, laid it on the hood of the sedan, and in one fell swoop lifted me up and plopped me on my back and slid me right to the edge so my ass was hanging in the air being held up by only his firm grip. With nothing but the sweat from our bodies and the load he already gave me, Mr. Durant slammed my hole back open and I sighed. Lying there on his car, the dappled sun dancing across my body as his dick danced around inside me was intense! I moaned and tried lifting my legs and hips back so he could go deeper – that was what I needed and had to have, and he knew it. “YOU NEED DADDY DIGGING DEEPER IN THAT BOY PUSSY? HUNGRY HOLE FOR DADDY. NEXT TIME YOU DON’T GET TO EAT AS I WANT TO GIVE YOU THEM DRY HEAVES FROM CHOKING ON MY DICK. FEED YOU AT BOTH ENDS. ALL YOUR HOLES ARE MINE FOR DADDY’S PLEASURE.” Mr. Durant then shifted his stance, his hips continuing to smack my flesh as he leaned over my prone body and first gently flicked his thick tongue over my pointed nipples, then as they hardened into mini-spikes he gently tugged on first one then the other with his teeth. Then as my nipples grew more flush he started to nibble on them, then gnaw a little, then chew with abandon as he fucked me as hard as he could. I had no idea my nipples and my ass were connected, but it felt like a direct electrical current ran from one to other and he would time his bites with his strokes – my ass would pulse and he would champ down on a nipple as the charge hit my chest, which would boomerang back to my ass in time to meet his 10-inch upstroke. “GOOD BOY, SHOOT FOR DADDY,” Mr. Durant ordered as he paused his oral duties and guided me on, “I CAN FEEL THAT CLIT PULSING, THROBBING ON MY DICK HEAD WHEN I PUSH BY, TRYING TO MAKE THAT PUSSY CREAM AND SQUIRT. CAN YOU SQUIRT FOR DADDY BOY? THAT’S IT, JACK THAT DICK, JACK THAT BOY DICK, LET DADDY SEE YOU SHOOT!” That’s all it took for my freshman balls to unload and stream after stream shot out of my dick, up past my shoulder and went SPLAT on his shiny car hood. The intensity of my orgasm was met head on by his iron horse as he pummeled my pulsing hole, forcing me to continue to spew as he joined me in unloading his own juice. My ass caught every drop of his though, which made for less mess I had to clean up when we were done. Mr. Durant drove me home in silence. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know if he was angry, upset, just tired, or what. I so wanted to touch him, to get fucked some more, but to also tell him it could never happen again as I liked Kevin. The words didn’t come out though. Back home in my shabby little room, I rubbed my eyes, laid on my mattress and no matter how much I tried to imagine Kevin it was his father that I saw in my head, that I imagined fucking me as I jerked off into one of my socks. I watched some TV, kept checking my phone to see if Kevin had texted (and secretly hoping his father had), and was disappointed each time. Sleep finally came and some hours later I awoke to the smothering pressure of a large body on top of mine as a big hand covered my mouth and a set of keys were dropped on the wood floor. I squirmed and fought to no avail and then the liquored breath said, “Shhh boy. You be quiet and let daddy fuck you unless you want to get buck wild and let all your roommates know your dirty little secret.” Mr. Durant? How the fuck did he get in my house? Or know which room was mine? Or unlock my bedroom door? Christ what if someone saw him? I could hear the soft thump thump of music playing somewhere in the house as Mr. Durant humped my hole. His was a needy, rough, demanding fuck driven by inebriated lust and I knuckled my fists into the sheets as he tucked me in for the night saying, “TAKE MY CUM BOY, TAKE DADDY’S CUM.” (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
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    The Freshman 10

    The Freshman 10, Part 2: When Daddy Says Jump: Mr. Durant grabbed the towel that was beside the butter dish, wiped his hand off, pushed me back down with his left hand then pressed it hard into my lower back to make me squat a little. While holding the towel in his right hand, he adjusted the base of his dick and guided the head towards my waiting ass. A little more shifting of bodies and I could feel the thick head begin to push into my buttered up hole. I gasped, the muscles in my ass ring screamed in agony as Mr. Durant tossed the towel onto the granite island and said, “I’ll go slow, I promise.” It sure didn’t feel that way as his dick pushed a little further and the scream now shifted from my ass to my throat – and caught – all that came out was a meek gurgle. “OH HELL YES – THAT PUSSY IS POPPED NOW,” Mr. Durant exclaimed as his dick head broke free of my ass ring and slid forward on its buttery trail. “I BET YOU NEVER IMAGINED THIS WAS THE FRESHMAN 10 YOU HAD TO WORRY ABOUT – POPPING YOU OPEN WITH MY 10 INCHES OF BLACK DICK. I WANT TO FEEL THAT AGAIN, FEEL THAT HOLE GO POP LIKE A WEASEL AROUND MY DICK – OH HELL YES!“ My head was resting on the back of my hand and I lifted it slightly as my ragged breath sounded like I was running a marathon. My watch said 10:45 p.m. and that was about all I could see except for the granite counter top on the island in Mr. Durant’s kitchen as he slid his long, raw, black dick, up my ass. As the butter inside my guts continued to melt, Mr. Durant took full advantage of my slicked-up state and started banging my ass harder, deeper, and long-dicking it. “YOU LIKE THAT BLACK DADDY DICK UP IN THAT PUSSY? LIKE GETTING IT POPPED WHEN I PUNCH FUCK IT? FEELING ME PUSH MY SON’S NUTT DEEPER THAN HE CAN EVER GO? YEAH I CAN FEEL HIS BOY BUTTER IN YOUR HOLE – NICE AND WARM, WETT, AND READY FOR A BASTING. TAKE THAT HWBM DICK IN THAT WHITE ASS – FEEL A HARD WORKING BLACK MAN FUCK YOU RIGHT. NOW EVERY TIME WHEN MY SON STICKS HIS DICK UP INSIDE YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO BE THINKING OF ME – HOW BIG MY DICK IS – HOW MY DICK MAKES YOU FEEL – HOW YOU NEED ME STRETCHING YOU OPEN.” With each stroke I could feel Mr. Durant’s long foreskin ripple back over the bulbous head, and then retreat on the down stroke. Having Kevin fuck me was awesome, but this – well this fucking turned my brain to mush and all I could do was moan and grunt because I knew if I tried to do anything else I would sound like a dumbass – I was truly being fucked silly. Mr. Durant didn’t seem to notice or mind though as he ordered me to push my ass back, arch my fucking back, grab the counter and don’t fucking move. His son was right; daddy was a true task master and at the moment the task at hand was to breed my ass raw, deep, and thorough. My hand slipped on the granite counter top – fucking butter! The floor was slick, the cabinet doors were being splattered with melted butter and ass juice, and I had all I could do to stay in position. “YOU READY FOR YOUR FIRST LOAD OF DADDY’S CUM? SOME HIGH-PROTEIN BBC NUTT? BEG ME TO CREAMPIE THAT PUSSY? BEG ME TO FUCK THAT WHITE TRAP? BEG ME TO SEED YOU WITH SOME SIBLINGS FOR KEVIN – THAT’S IT – YOU WANT TO BE KEVIN’S STEP-MOMMA?” Before I could answer Mr. Durant paused, grunted, jammed my hole as hard as he could, paused, jammed it again, then as he gripped my body with his powerful hands he filled my guts with his daddy seed. His spasm subsided and Mr. Durant yanked his dick out, I gasped, he said, “Lick it clean. Then when you done, clean up this mess and fix me a plate. I worked up and appetite.” I had never really sucked a ‘fresh-from-the-ass’ dick before and gagged a bit, but Mr. Durant was having none of that and force-fed me, all the while instructing me on just what to do. Once he was satisfied with that, he left me on my knees in the kitchen and walked away. I watched as he flicked on the dining room lights, sat in a chair, then ordered, “Bring me a beer and like I said before – and I won’t repeat myself – bring me a plate and clean up that mess.” Serving this dom daddy brought out something in me I had never known before. Did taking his 10-inch dick feel good? Hell yeah! Did having him cum in me feel amazing? Fuck yeah! But beyond that, just his presence, his…fuck I don’t know…just thinking about it makes me all confused and twisted up inside. I thought the sausage might be over cooked, but I dug around, found a plate, silverware, bread, grabbed the butter remnants, and walked a little bowlegged over to Mr. Durant and set them in front of him. He looked at me, I jerked a little and quickly went back to the kitchen and started wiping up the traces of my daddy breeding. At this point the guilt started. I suddenly remembered Kevin, how he was so sweet, how I really really liked him, and knew this would hurt him. It would me. I felt joy, laden with fear, self loathing, paranoia, and in my cleaning I even dug a gap at the bottom of the trash can to hide the paper towels and stuff that held the evidence of our lust and mixed in some old coffee grounds with them for good measure. When I was done, I walked into the dining room to see if Mr. Durant needed anything. His sausage sandwich was done, his beer empty, and when I reached to take the empty plate he grabbed my wrist, spun me around, and in one motion pushed me face down on the dining room table, kicked the chair back, stood up, and slammed his now hard dick back up my ass. “I HAVE NOT HAD FRESH PUSSY LIKE THAT IN A LONG LONG TIME. TOO MANY FUCKING WHORES AROUND. THAT WHITE BOY PUSSY FEELS GOOD THROBBING ON MY BLACK DICK. HOW’S THAT DICK FEEL HUH? HOW’S THE DICK FEEL STRETCHING YOU OUT? HOW’S THAT DICK FEEL GOING WHERE NO DADDY’S GONE BEFORE?” Once again Mr. Durant did not give me time to answer and frankly he didn’t care what I said one way or the other – I was his new fuck puppet and he was going to take full advantage of me and our time alone before his son came home. With his dick still embedded inside me, Mr. Durant stood me up and fuck-walked me down the hall to his office. I caught a glimpse of us bound together as we passed a large mirror in the hallway and couldn’t believe how fucking hot it looked with his black, sweaty, ripped body so entwined over mine. Mr. Durant’s persona changed again as we walked into his office – his inner sanctum – the embodiment of his wealth and success. It felt like he stood straighter, which I didn’t think was possible. It felt like his muscles got more taught and his dick swelled – again I didn’t think that was possible. With his dick still in my ass he deftly fuck-walked me to his desk, picked up his blue tooth earpiece, put it in his ear, wrapped his right arm around my stomach and held me firm as he sat us down in his CEO-style leather chair. I had never sat on a dick like that before and never one that big and I started to squirm, whine, pant, and try to figure out how the fuck I could take it like that. All fighting ceased as Mr. Durant clamped his huge left hand over my face, pressed my head back against his left shoulder, while with his right hand he easily dialed a number on his phone. “Kon’nichiwa,” Mr. Durant said. His grip tightened, I grabbed his forearm in silent protest and met nothing but resistant muscle. The conversation was short, and when he finished he eased his grip and said, “It’s the early afternoon in Tokyo. The call was already scheduled. Now where were we? Oh yes, you giving up that white pussy.” I was silent as a mute again as Mr. Durant took charge of my hole. With my face plastered on the papers that were previously neatly stacked on his desk this black daddy started to long dick me, telling me my bussy was made for BBC – not just any BBC but a DADDY BBC – since only a daddy could make it go POP with his thick monster dick! My arms were splayed wide, my hands grasped at nothing but air as Mr. Durant took full advantage of my raw hole, but then the phone rang. “Hey son, how’s it going? No I’m still up,” Mr. Durant answered. Fuck it was Kevin! I stifled a groan as Mr. Durant started angling sideways, trying to POP out through my left ass wall. “Yeah I hear you boy. Sounds complicated. But I know you will do me proud.” I cried out a little as Mr. Durant started to plug at the same spot on my left wall over and over and quickly covered my mouth with my hand. “What son?” Mr. Durant continued, “Oh, you know how I like to get my workout in between calls. Just got off the phone with the Tokyo office and New Delhi is coming up, so figured I would get some good, deep, LONG stretches in while I can.” I almost choked on my tongue when he said that. “You too boy. Drive safe. What? Oh no, have not seen your little friend. I think maybe I heard him earlier in the kitchen earlier getting something to eat, but I tell you what, I’ll go on downstairs to your crib and let him know you won’t be home until morning so he might as well crash here for the night and you guys can ride back to school together from home for your first class. How’s that? Good, good. I will.” Mr. Durant hung up the call, pulled is dick out, and chuckled, “I love my boy, but damn, son’s got a thick head – and a tiny head too – right?” I said nothing and Mr. Durant slammed me hard, “I ASKED YOU A FUCKING QUESTION – MY SON’S GOT A TINY DICK HEAD – YES?” I grunted in the affirmative, which made this black daddy purr and pounce and dig my hole some more. A few minutes later he paused his long strokes, shivered as he regained control of himself, and said, “Come on. I’m going to breed that pussy again.” I willingly followed him like a convert in a cult as Mr. Durant walked down the hall, his stiff dick swinging side to side like the hypnotic call of a cobra. Instead of going to his bedroom though – the destination I assumed we were headed too – he turned and started down the stairs to Kevin’s apartment. Once through the door he walked over to the piles of clothes on the floor, picked up a random garment and started sniffing. He dropped the first, then the second, but with the third piece of clothing – a set of Calvin Klein underwear – he inhaled long, deep, and smiled and said, “That’s your cunt. Your pussy drawers. Fuck yeah! Prefucked cherry hole. I know these ain’t my son’s – even if they were the same brand, his smell is very different.” I was not sure what he meant by that and my mind raced with the taboo possibilities. Mr. Durant tossed the underwear back onto the floor, shoved me onto the bed and said, “It’s time for dessert. Let me taste that cherry creampie.” Mr. Durant pushed me into the middle of his son’s bed – the same spot where Kevin and I had exchanged our seed just hours earlier. With no effort he lifted my legs up, set them on his shoulders, adjusted his position, pushed my body back a little then slid his hands down my legs until he grasped my thighs. I grunted as he grabbed me tight and pushed my legs back so my ankles were by my ears. With my prefucked hole winking at him, Mr. Durant smiled, licked his lips, and pigged out on my creampie extravaganza. His mighty hands tilted my hips to the right, then the left, then back a little while his tongue scraped the inside of my hole, slurping out every drop of family mixed seed he could find. With his face slathered and wet, Mr. Durant dropped my legs, flipped me over onto my stomach, mounted me with a body slam and started bouncing up and down on my ass getting his cardio in, “LET ME IN THAT PHAT ASS! LET DADDY TAKE IT! MAKE YOU FEEL EVERY FUCKING INCH OF THIS DADDY DICK. YOU LIKE THAT HUH? THAT WHITE PUSSY OPENING RIGHT UP FOR ME LIKE A GOOD BOY. YOU A GOOD BOY FOR DADDY! VERY GOOD BOY! YOU WANT DADDY TO STOP OR KEEP GOING? YOU WANT DADDY TO KEEP FILLING THAT ASS WITH CUM? MAKE IT OVERFLOW WITH DADDY NUTT? CREAM ON THAT DICK BOY – SHOW DADDY WHAT A WET PUSSY YOU GOT. FUCK YEAH! FEEL THAT PUSSY GETTING JUICY – STRETCHING FOR ME – SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE IT! SHHH BOY – TAKE IT FOR DADDY – DADDY’S CUMMING – DADDY’S CUMMING – DADD…..OH HELL YEAH!!!” With a couple slaps to my cheeks Mr. Durant climbed off the bed and stood by the edge so I could scoot over and lick his rank shaft clean. When he smiled I figured we were done and let out a big sigh and rolled onto my back and grabbed my head. Mr. Durant coughed, I looked, and he was pointing at his semi-hard dick, “You still got some work to do. My dick is telling me that pussy is still fresh and needs some more daddy dick, but you got to work for the next load. Come on.” I quickly got off the bed and as I followed him out the door I reached back and touched my slick, tender ass. My finger came back coated with thick man cream and I put it up to my nose to smell. The heady aroma almost made me run right into a damn wall and I paused not sure now what to do with my dirty hand now, so I licked it. OMFG! That was the best fucking taste ever and no wonder he ate my ass out like a demon sucking a soul. Back upstairs in his office Mr. Durant sat in his chair, tapped a few keys on the computer and ignored me for a good minute while I stood there. I was horny, naked, embarrassed, horny, guilty, hungry, horny – all competing for attention. “Go get me another beer,” Mr. Durant said, interrupting my self confliction. When I came back he had his office chair turned to the side, his legs splayed, his long, thick, black dick standing firm once again. Christ he was impressive and I knew where Kevin got his hormones from. I set the beer on the desk, Mr. Durant made a little spinning motion with his right index finger, so I turned and showed him my ass. I thought he might lick it again, but I jumped as I felt something smaller and blunt poke at my hole. The pressure eased, I turned back, and Mr. Durant was smiling as he flicked a lighter and started puffing on a long, fat cigar – the tip that was between his lips was clearly a bit moist. Did he just stick that in my ass? With cigar in one hand, beer in another, and me on my knees between his legs doing my best to suck his dick, Mr. Durant was content to give my ass a rest – a short rest. With a last puff of his cigar he stood up and grabbed my right wrist, silently dragging me along to God knew where. This time we went into what I gathered was his bedroom – the king’s chambers – and it was a room fit for a king, a daddy, a successful man. Large, spacious, well appointed, I didn’t have much time to look around though as I was dragged straight on through and into the master bath. Mr. Durant let go of my wrist, bent forward, and turned the water on to start filling an oversized Jacuzzi tub. The splatter of water against the tub’s sides drowned out the gurgling sounds made as Mr. Durant held my head between his hands in a vice grip as he dicked my throat. Eager to get his nutt, Kevin’s daddy stood me back up, I was turned around and a raw BBC slammed back up my ass. Mr. Durant bent me forward, my chest resting on the lip of the Jacuzzi on top of the plush robe he had laid there. I moaned in need and begged, “FUCK ME DADDY! GIVE ME THAT DICK! PLEASE CUM IN ME AGAIN!” Mr. Durant chuckled, adjusted his grip, and settled in for a stamina, marathon fuck. My legs cramped, my knees felt week, yet the BBC daddy continued to bang me with long, focused strokes. The monster meet inside me swelled and jerked and I thought he was cumming, but not quite yet. Mr. Durant paused, pulled his dick out of my ass with a wet SLURP and commented, “FUCK THAT PUSSY IS CREAMY! TIME TO PLANT THE 8-BALL IN THE CORNER POCKET WITH THIS EBONY CUE STICK.” With a surprised squawk from me, he lifted me up into the air, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he walked over to press me against the mirrored wall in the corner where he had a multi-faceted view of my ass and his dick sliding up my raw hole. A little adjustment and Mr. Durant snapped his dick back inside me and in one stroke it was balls deep, poking out my belly button as he hefted me in the crook of his elbows – my weight artfully balanced in his arms and against the mirrored wall. “CRY OUT FOR THIS DICK – SCREAM FOR THAT NUTT- GET FUCKING LOUD AND BEG ME TO JUMP IN THAT ASS AND POUND THAT PUSSY FULL OF DADDY CUM. THAT WHAT YOU WANT? MORE DADDY NUTT – AS MUCH AS I WANT TO GIVE YOU? YOU A GOOD BOY FOR DADDY? TELL DADDY HOW YOU ARE GOING TO LET ME FUCK THAT PUSSY RAW ANYTIME I WANT – TELL DADDY HOW THIS MONSTER DICK STRETCHED THAT CUNT GOOD –TELL DADDY HOW YOU WILL KEEP THAT PUSSY SLOPPY WITH MY SON’S NUTT SO I CAN DIG UP IN THERE! YOU READY TO GET STRETCHED BY THIS DADDY DICK? FEEL THAT? FEEL THAT HOLE OPENING WIDE, BEGGING FOR DADDY TO FUCK IT? GOOD PUSSY BOY – DAMN GOOD PUSSY BOY – HERE YOU GO! BLASTING IN THAT CUNT! FILLING IT UP! DADDY TAKING IT! OWNING IT! DADDY NUTT BREEDING YOU!” Mr. Durant lifted me up and down on his exploding shaft in perfect rhythm as he refilled my tank. When he was done, he shifted his hips, pulled his dick out, gently lowered me to the floor and stepped back, “Get some rest – while you can. And oh, this is between you and me. What Kevin don’t know won’t hurt him and don’t even think about trying to tell him about our little fun tonight. He would never believe you as he knows his old man is a complete pussy hound and I think you like him, so that would only ensure you stopped seeing him. However, I think you and I will be spending ALOT more time together.” Mr. Durant eased into the hot Jacuzzi water as I skulked back down stairs, my ass throbbing from the last fuck, and suddenly afraid of the what ifs – what if Kevin had come home? What if he had seen us? What if he could tell? I spent the next while in Kevin’s bathroom showering off the smell and funk of his father. I kept squatting over the drain, trying to get my guts to release all of Mr. Durant’s cum, to flush away all evidence of the thing we had done. When it seemed like I had done all I could, I finally flopped onto Kevin’s bed and immediately went to sleep. Yet, it was a fitful rest, with dreams of Mr. Durant intruding in my mind like he had intruded in my raw ass. I suddenly jerked awake as warm hands shook me, and a voice whispered, “Hey, scoot over. Want to spoon a little. I’m tired as shit, but really need to fuck and have been waiting all night.” Kevin was home. I wanted to hold him, kiss him, fuck him and have him fuck me so bad but I still felt like – well I still felt like Mr. Durant was inside my ass as it throbbed and hurt and all I could do was think of him. “No, I can’t fuck,” I apologized, “I think I ate something from the fridge that did not agree with me...my stomach...I’m not… I don’t think my ass…” Kevin saved me from further embarrassment and lies by kissing my cheek and saying, “It’s OK, no worries, let’s just spoon a little if that’s OK?” Hell yeah! The next morning I awoke to Kevin’s stiffy poking at my ass. I didn’t think I could refuse him again and so I let him fuck me on my side and he blew his cum in my ass in nothing flat and seemed none-the-wiser to the events of the previous night. We showered together and walked upstairs, holding hands, which totally freaked me out. Again, Kevin was so bold and open with shit and I could never imagine holding another’s man’s hands in my parent’s house. But oh yeah – his dad was a raw dicking freak! Mr. Durant was in the kitchen cooking breakfast and acted like nothing happened. How could he? I knew we could not let Kevin know, but at the same time I felt hurt somehow like he was being extra cold and rude to me. How the fuck is that fair? At the table I was quiet and Kevin sensed something was up, but Mr. Durant played it cool and kept the conversations focused on what a great job Kevin did for Lockheed the night before and how proud he was of him. Kevin finished up before me and said he had to run out to his car and check on the tires real quick as one seemed a little off on the way home. Kevin had no sooner closed the door than Mr. Durant stood up, roughly pushed me against the dining room wall, easily opened my pants one-handed and yanked on my underwear, spun me around, spit twice and rammed his dick into my hole. “You need to step up BOY!” Mr. Durant said angrily into my ear, “Hide what you’re feeling, know, or think. It does not matter – all that matters now is my dick in your ass and how quickly you get that pussy back hear for me to plant some more daddy sperm.” A few minutes later when Kevin came back upstairs ready to go, I was sitting at the dining room table as Mr. Durant finished filling the dishwasher – neither of us letting on that his dick now smelled of my ass and my mind was racing of how I was going to make this happen again.
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    The Freshman 10

    Trying to post a new chapter but the formatting in the new site is jacked - will try again tomorrow - but another Chapter coming! - hopefully
  9. How Many Lives Does a Pussy Have?: The breeding stand - or rape stand - as my sick-of-a-fuck host called it, stood before me like me a hangman’s noose: a totem of death. It wasn’t really designed for men, and when I nervously pointed out some of it’s more obvious design flaws, my host spit a wad of tobacco onto the dirty barn floor, laughed, and replied, “A bitch is a bitch, or in this case a pussy is a pussy - ain’t that right?” (NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR - *reader be cautioned* - The following part of this story is for those readers who asked me to write about, are curious about, or wish to read about a K9 experience. If you don’t know what that is - PLEASE LEAVE NOW. If you do, but don’t enjoy that - PLEASE LEAVE NOW.) The rental car bumped and swerved as we travelled down the old, country road and Darnell - my AIDS MASTER - swore and hit the steering wheel with his hand like that would somehow help. I laughed. Seeing this big, tough thug get frustrated driving was funny as shit. The small rental car, his lack of driving experience, and the road were not all that was fraying his nerves. His balls were backed up and swollen with POZ nutt. He had not fucked me - or let anyone fuck me - in three days and his dick was in need as was my ass. Adding to the doomsday feel in the car were the surroundings. We had left the city and were driving east/southeast into the country - Prince George’s County, Maryland - or PG. While most of PG is very suburban, some far corners are still surprisingly rural with farms and such, much the way they have been for hundreds of years. The sky was overcast and the road seemed even darker now thanks to the towering trees whose limbs hung and entwined forming a living canopy with only small gaps here and there where they had been cut back for the rare electrical pole. I wasn’t sure about this trip, about what was going to happen, about what my AIDS MASTER wanted me to do. My AIDS WHORE BUCKET LIST included the word ‘K9’ with a small photo of a German Shepherd that Sir - our housemate/guest/all around pimp and condo daddy - had cut out of some magazine and taped to the list. Darnell had explained when he first made the list, “PG COUNTY GOT SOME COUNTRY NICCAS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A BREEDING BITCH.” When I pressed for more details he said, “Some dudes I used to do with business with back in the day. Old family - big family - got their hands into all sorts of shit, mostly on the up and up, but on the side - hell - they some true freaks and the only way they have been able to keep the farm going through the lean times was to diversify.” I still didn’t know what he was talking about and with Sir’s 12-inch BBC planted deep in my guts as he laid on my back, Darnell puffed on his cigarette on the bed beside us and continued, “Well they used to run a breeding pack of some of the best Pitts and fighting dogs anywhere around. But after all the heat that rolled out after Michael Vick and shit they had to lay low. I don’t know how it started, maybe they always done that shit as those country niccas crazy as fuck, but they became known as the place to go to get that dog/K9 or other wild barnyard freak on for the right price. They also arrange BBC gangbangs for them horny housewives from DC and shit who looking to get buck wild and rape fucked. Big money in all that shit. While I knew them from other business, it was a gangbang they hired me on to help out on that filled me in on all the other freak shit.” That was enough for me. I didn’t really want to hear any more. Not because I thought this would ever truly happen and I was scared or something, but because I was sort of jealous. I really didn’t want to hear about his past sex life and knew all I needed to - he had been arrested, charged, convicted and sent to prison for intentionally raping and POZZING negative men. Now he was my AIDS MASTER and that’s all that counted. The rental car turned onto a dirt road, a trail of dust behind us marked the way we had come. After a bit, the fields opened and we started to see out buildings, then some machinery, then the peak of a white farmhouse. A slight curve in the road deposited us in front of the house. Darnell put the car in park, honked the horn twice and smiled. He lit a cigarette and gave a sigh of relief like he had just been through a terrible ordeal. “Stay here,” Darnell said as he got out of the car and started towards to the farmhouse as soon as two big guys had walked out the front door. He met them at the bottom of the porch; they shook hands, laughed, gave a few glances my way, then continued their chat. Once the terms were confirmed, Darnell hollered, “Yo!” and waved me over. I got out, almost tripped over an eager beagle that had come running from a bramble of bushes and continued to fend off his advances as I walked over to Darnell. The older of the two - who was maybe 45 - held out his hand, “Welcome, welcome.” Both of the guys smelled like earth, woods, sweat, animal, and their skin was dark like ebony - a mixture of their days spent in the sun and their proud heritage. As I shook his hand he turned to Darnell and said, “You got the stuff? Go on and get it.” I knew some of the stuff was a couple GoPro cameras, which would be Darnell’s ‘copy’ of the K9 fuck. The other, well the other was a cardboard box that he got all tense about anytime I asked what was in it, so I just shrugged and figured never mind. When Darnell stepped away, the guy said to me, “I need you to strip. Right here. Right now. Lay on your back and show us that pussy.” What the fuck? I looked around, but he grabbed my arm and said, “You need to prove to us you ain’t no cop or shit. I know him - well enough that I know he’s down - but I don’t know you. So before we take a step further on my land, show us that pussy.” I stepped to the edge of the grass, kicked off my sneakers, looked around again and caught Darnell’s eye as he walked back towards us - bag in one hand, box cradled under his other arm. My pants came off, I looked at the two men again who nodded, and almost in unison they both spit a wad of tobacco onto the ground. I looked at the grass, bent down, then sat, and with one final look at them leaned back and lifted my legs. I was immediately attacked with kisses and slobber from a long tongue as the beagle took advantage of me now being on his level. The kisses were interrupted though as the older man squatted down and said, “Come on Chester. Show daddy you been learning.” With that he held the beagle up into a standing position and waddled him to the side of my head, “Open your mouth,” he said. I freaked a bit, he positioned Chester closer, I opened mouth, and as he took Chester’s shaft between two fingers near the base and started rubbing it fast and quick I watched in wonder as the white/pink shaft hardened. With the small shaft getting stiffer - and I do mean small - only a couple of inches at most - the older man pulled the outer, fur-covered skin back and over the small knot. Once he did that, he scooted Chester right over my face and told me, “Suck his dick now. Just your lips and no teeth. Dogs like a lot of spit and their dicks are much more sensitive than a man’s.” My lips brushed against the fur of Chester’s belly and my stomach got a bit queasy. I had to lift my head a little off the grass, found the small tip, and let it slide in past my lips. I immediately tasted Chester’s bitter-sweet discharge and his owner explained, “A dog is pretty much a constant cum machine. Chester’s still young, and the consistency is still pretty watered down, but how’s that taste bitch?” I didn’t really have time to process as Chester was eased off my face and scooted around by my legs. Yes I was lying on my back in a stranger’s yard in the middle of the country with two men I didn’t know and my AIDS MASTER standing over me and my new four-legged master showing me his dick. My brain went primal and I instinctively pulled my legs back and up again, showing my hole once as Chester’s owner now positioned him over my ass, then set him back down, so his front two legs were on my torso/chest and his back two legs on the grass. “That shit you see in movies ain’t real,” the older man said. “No dog is just going to mount someone. Not without some training. My boys of course will with a simple command, but they been doing this for years. Chester here’s just starting, so with a little coaxing - rubbing - a bit of direction - there you go - feel that?” I did and it was not pleasant. Short, tiny stabs at my outer hole. I wasn’t impressed and while Chester had a smile on his face, and his tongue was flopping about as he panted, I didn’t get what the fuss was about. People pay for this? Fuck that - give me street BBC anytime. “Come on into the house,” the older man said to Darnell. “Let’s put this stuff away and they’ll be alright. Boy - you can go ahead if you want - rape the bitch good now.” I turned my head to see Darnell go up the porch steps just as Chester was pulled off me and the younger guy took his place. His pants had been shoved down around his ankles as he grunted and rubbed on me. His dick got to about 9-inches in nothing flat and when it did he leaned back, rolled me over, then mounted me right there on the grass in front of the house with nothing but the K9 juice Chester had left on my outer ring from his little dick as lube. This was more like it! Anonymous BBC: a dude I had never met before rape fucking me raw - and outside! Chester was running around my head, switching between licking my face and trying to show me he still wanted some attention. The BBC was still pounding my ass when the older man and Darnell came back out, “Wrap it up now. Gotta get down to real business,” he said and right on cue the younger guy grunted, jammed his dick a couple more times, and blew his hot load in me. Fuck that felt good! My ass needed that. With a hot load of cum in my ass, I stood up, smiled at my breeder, he smiled back, zipped up, and headed into the house with Chester on his heels. Darnell laughed, “You fucking cock whore!” I slipped my jeans and sneakers on and followed our host and Darnell as we walked around the side of the house and our host said, “Since the mid-1700s, probably before, my kin have been on this land. Wasn’t ours then of course, but times change.” He waved towards the distant tree line, “Used to be tobacco here as far as the eye could see, now we grow soy, organic beef, among other things. We got three generations of the family still working the farm but the only things that keep the younger folk around are the side lines - our breeding services of dogs and bulls and other things we dabble in here and there.” He and Darnell exchanged a silent look. “Was that your son?” I asked looking back at the farmhouse and feeling the warm nutt swirl in my hole. The older man laughed, “Him? No. He’s one of the hired hands that live here. Takes care of things 24/7, watches the place. We got a dozen or so of us boys from the family who work here regular - a couple uncles, cousins, nephews, but we all live in town. Wives and kids have not lived on the farm since my grandmother said ‘Fuck this shit’ and moved to a house in town way back.” I gave a ‘hmmm’, which I guess was not as silent as I thought it was when I pictured him and his male family members all gang fucking me. I blushed and gasped a little when he stopped and as if he could read my thoughts said, “We work hard and play harder and when it’s not about the stackz it’s about the pussy and ass. Just so you know, me and your homeboy here worked out an extra side deal. Once this business is done, you both staying the night as I plan to tie that white ass up in the cow sling in the barn and gather the family around so we can all take turns raping that pussy with some good country nicca dick. You like that? He said you would. Me and my boys going to plant our own fertilizer up in that ass. You ever taken country fed BBC - them big, tall, thick, brothas that are swinging clubs of destruction between their legs ready to wreck some pussy ass?” I just shook my head no. OMFG I about shit that load out of my ass right there with excitement. It was going to be an incest fuck-for-all feast and my white ham was the main course pre-slathered with K9 gravy. I followed our host and Darnell across a lush lawn to an old clapboard building with a brick chimney that took up most of one end. The building's wood was weathered and gray, and a rough-hewn fence made of cast off slats ran off to the left with rows of corn behind it. There was a small ramp that led up to a padlocked barn style door. Our host pulled out a key, unlocked it, stepped into the dark interior and we followed. Once inside he flipped a switch, closed the door, and then unlocked another door that was just a few feet away. When he flipped the switch this time I was amazed and confused. The interior was like some country glitz bedroom. Big four poster bed and cushioned chairs, modernish lights, but off to the side was a red leather padded bench. He walked over, patted the bench, “That’s for the primo, flush pussy - $5K minimum for their choice of stud - from pitt on up to my little pony, or if they prefer that BBC, baby making, gang rape. Jesus you wouldn’t believe how many white women in DC are willing to pay to let us breed them. They don’t want to know who the daddy is and it’s all done so they could never find us - or this place - even if they tried.” He looked at Darnell and again my jealousy flared up and I turned to go. We followed our freak host across the lawn and around behind the house and towards a large barn that was also gray and weather beaten, but it had a green metal roof with large wood awnings coming off each side, a high wire fence extending beyond that, and the shapes of four legged beasts dashing back and forth as hey saw their master approach. The howls, barks, and yips escalated louder and louder as we drew closer expressing their need for attention - or release - they could smell a fresh bitch coming. I stepped up onto the concrete floor of the barn/kennel. Cages lined both walls all down the side and in the middle between the support posts were areas fenced off by wood. Our host pointed to those, “The bitches and pups stay in the center here then get moved back out to the pens when they get older. The studs are down on the back half. They get more room to run as we got to keep them active, build their muscles, these ain’t no lap dogs.” The smell of smell of dog shit and urine hit me as I swatted at the flies buzzing about. We saw one guy scooping out food from a wheelbarrow and further down another with a hose who was cleaning out a cage. We stopped in front of a wall of photos, ribbons, certificates, and breeding lists, and our proud host said, “I got some of the best sires and bitches in the Delmarva region. But I take care of my boys. They make me a fucking lot of money siring pups, but when they get past their prime, well they still got needs and urges and so do the folks we line up for the cabin - know what I mean?” I didn’t really, but was getting a better idea and I don’t think this is what the American Kennel Club had in mind. At the back of the barn there was a stack of bales of hay that was used for bedding for the dog pens and cages. Just behind that was a wood wall, with a rope tied to the end post holding up a door that was set into the floor. We descended down a ramp to a lower level of the barn and turned to the right and stepped into a concrete block room. “This used to be one of the cow milking rooms back in the day when the family tried that business. Didn’t work out really, so now we use it for the dogs.” He took the sack that Darnell had been carrying, flipped some more switches and I noticed little green lights pop up in each corner of the room and two on the side - cameras. Our host set out the GoPros that Darnell had brought on a ledge that held the other cameras. He pointed and said, “The cabin has cameras too - we record everything and you won’t believe how much gang rape flicks get when I sell them in Europe. Anyways, for the extra freak shit, we have this room wired too, and I also monitor the bitch breeding. The boys do better when they are alone with the bitch, but we have to be able to monitor them so we film it, and watch it live in the next room in case we need to step in.” “Get undressed,” our host said. Darnell stepped back and leaned against the door as I took my clothes off again. Between the puffs on his cigarette he smiled, rubbed his crotch, then blew me a kiss. Fucker - don’t tease the bottom! Our host came back to me, his initial preparations done, “You understand what’s about to happen?” he asked. I nodded, although I truly didn’t. He assumed as much so explained, “What you are about to do is a felony in Maryland. If the authorities find out, you will be sent to jail. If you ever think of telling anyone about me, my family, or this place, I will know about it. I have eyes and ears in places you cannot imagine and I will have tapes - of you. We’re going to film you today being rape fucked by one of my biggest dogs. K9 flicks - especially American made like this - bring me a fuck load of money overseas. The final flick I sell won’t show your face and you just have to trust me on that. It won’t show anything that can be traced. However, my master version, as well as his, WILL show all of you - so don’t ever think of fucking us over! Your homeboy here will get his cut of the proceeds and if he decides to share it with you or not is between you two - understand? I’m always looking for good talent, so if today goes well, who knows? You can cry, scream, whatever the fuck you want, and the more you squirm the better, as that will make the knot bigger.” I was a little nervous now and took a step back, but immediately bumped into Darnell who grabbed me by the neck, squeezed, and said, “Make me proud.” Our host took my arm and walked me to the middle of the room, “This is a rape stand. It’s what bitches get tied into - or freaks like you - for breeding. It may look cruel, but really it protects both dogs from some of the potential harm.” He was pointing to what looked like a weight bench without the bench part and instead, on the two ‘T-bar’ legs at each end was bolted a thick, long leather strap. I stood over the middle cross bar of the rape stand, and then kneeled, one leg on each side. My host lifted each leg in turn and stuffed a handful of dirty rags under each knee to help soften the pain from the concrete floor. The rape stand itself was black with a coat of dust brown from dirt and filth. The leather straps were dark and worn and seemed to collect the gobs of dust and debris floating through the air. The concrete floor had swirls of stains: crusted blood, dog cum, dirt, claw marks - years of breeding leftovers. Our kennel host secured my hands with rope to the metal pole that held the collar that he had tightened around my neck. After securing the collar around my torso, he walked back to my head, unzipped his pants, whipped out a long, uncut dick, and tapped my lips with the head. I opened my mouth wide and as he fucked my throat he asked, “You know what zoonoses is? It’s disease and shit transferred from animals to people. That’s how they said AIDs happened as someone caught it from a monkey or something. Anyways - oh that’s it - use that tongue - fuck you a good dick sucker! Anyways - my boys all got their standard shots but just know as they are blowing you up with their semen they might be infecting you with brucellis, Weil’s Disease, or Q Fever. I think you should know this comes with risk -not like that will stop us - but my boys are hunters, and they can smell fear so get the fuck scared as that works their knots right the fuck up!” As if on cue I heard the click-click-click of long nails on the concrete floor. “Who’s a good boy?” my host said as he continued to pump my throat. I wanted to turn and see who he was talking to, but of course the collar prevented any movement. “This bitch is a little higher than what Caesar is used to. Help him, he’ll find that bitch hole.” If not for the dick in my throat I would have cried out as sharp claws scraped tracks down my back then my side as Caesar found purchase and leverage on my body before his legs slipped down to nestle in the curve where my hips meet my torso. His legs were strong, his fur itchy, his movements more powerful than I would have expected. The fresh cuts in my flesh made me squirm and whimper, which made Caesar eager to fuck my hole as if I was just another bitch in heat needing to be bred. The first jab of his K9 shaft was sharp and painful. His dick was thin and boney - not sure what I was expecting but thought it would be bigger and hell after Sir, the pimp, and all the other BBC this was nothing. Just as the guiding hand that helped the dog find my hole pulled away, our host grabbed my head and coated my throat with his BBC sperm. I tried to suckle him and milk out more country nicca nutt, but he pulled his thick dick away and said to Darnell, my AIDS MASTER, “Come on. We can watch from next door. Strangers spook em sometimes and he gets nervous.” The K9 shaft continued to jab my hole, then I yelped a little as it pierced me, and when he did, the dog’s front legs scrambled against my sides again, his back legs danced back and forth and I could feel the momentum of his tail wagging, creating a steady side to side motion. Again, while this was different, I had taken bigger dicks - much bigger - so while the freak scale may be high on the taboo extreme end - for size, I could handle it. But then I felt something else, a pressure. The dog’s panting got heavier; his front legs scrabbled against my sides again as he tried to lift his left hind leg up and over my back end. His canine breath was hot and heavy on my back as his saliva streamed into shallow puddles that trickled down my side. He was squirming, I was squirming and then I yelled out in agony as it felt like a fist punched through my outer ring and I knew I had just taken his knot. His claws continued to dig at the concrete as he pushed his furry hips forward, his pink shaft continuing to pierce my guts, while his knot worked in deeper and deeper, slicked by the K9 nutt he had already coated me with. The knot popped through my outer ring and continued to swell. Every bottom’s physiology is different and for me, I have what my AIDs MASTER calls a deep ass - not just because I can take long dicks, but the area between my first and second hole opens up too. That’s why smaller dicks are just uncomfortable - all they do is hit ass walls. Caesar’s knot was the first time in my life I ever felt truly full just inside my ring - maybe this is why guys like being fisted? All was good, but then I screamed out as Caesar suddenly shifted position and tried to climb up and over me and turn himself around. “No, No, NO!” Our host said as he rushed into the room and grabbed the dog’s tail which was now swinging over my back and turned the K9 back around. Once settled he said, “He’s good and knotted now. He won’t move again for oh, another hour or so until he finishes pumping that pussy with his puppies.” What? While Caesar’s knot was throbbing and filling me with dog semen, I could feel his whole body relax and I had to shift myself to carry the extra weight on top of me. My K9 sire was chilling now that he had started to fill me with a continuous supply of puppies. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, as they watched all this on the monitors, our host filled Darnell in with commentary and fun facts like he was the damn Wikipedia of beastilaity. As I was otherwise occupied, the following was related to me by my AIDS MASTER later, who found it all quite amazing - yeah I was there, I know : Caesar’s knot there is about 7 inches around - good and thick. Looks like your bitch doing just fine. You trained him well. He has puppies all over the east coast - those fucking nutts still produce cups of fluid, but the count has lowered. Best fighter back in the days too - still have him on steroids and shit, so he can go for a long time and won’t pull out of that ass until those guts are full of cum. He’ll keep thrusting and on occasion may hit a spot that makes that pussy jump - don’t worry - it will pass. Caesar started creaming that ass long before the knot busted that pussy open, and unlike you or me he will keep squirting his load until after he pulls the knot out. Your bitch’s guts are going to be full! You want to fuck that sloppy pussy when he’s done? Feel that hot nutt slather up? If Caesar were not trained, I’d stay in there to make sure he won’t pull the knot out before he is fully done and starts to deflate. If he did, it would rip that pussy wide open and hello ER. When his balls are pumped dry and the knot shrinks, he will ease out on his own. When he does he tends to get shy and slink into the corner. I don’t know why, think maybe because his dick is so sensitive. Anyways, I will go in the room and lead him back to his cage. That’s when you can fuck your bitch. A dog’s semen is about 7% more water than man’s so that pussy will be slick and sloppy wet. Me and my family used to those slick cunts, but if you not, no worries, just make your bitch squat it out. But keep it in camera range - that shit would be hot as a closer! You know a Mastiff’s got up to a 9-inch shaft and a fucking mammoth knot. If your bitch up for it, I will find one - or maybe he can work that pony dick next time? Would love to see him choke on the tsunami of cum and then cry out as his hole splits. Some time later I felt Caesar's body give a big sigh and his front paws scrabbled against my sides, cutting me anew with his claws as he fought to get off me. His right front leg pushed off my rib cage, then his left, and his knot yanked free. I cried out again as much in frustration from being vacated and feeling that lustrous fullness vanish than really from pain. Our host came in, led the dog away, and before I knew it Darnell was pants down, slam fucking my ass, “GOD DAMN NASTY WHITE FREAK! TAKING ANY DICK - ANY FUCKING SPECIES OF DICK I SAY - HOLY FUCKING CHRIST YOU A FREAK! LET ME IN THAT PUSSY - PUSH THOSE PUPPIES DEEP - JESUS FUCK THAT SHIT’S TWISTED. YOUR CUNT IS SLOPPY LIKE YOU ALREADY BEEN GANG FUCKED LIKE A CORNER WHORE, BUT’S THAT’S ALL YOU IS AIN’T IT? YOU MY CORNER WHORE, MY CORNER BITCH, MY TRADE PUSSY PIMPED OUT TO THOSE FREAK NICCAS! YOU WANT SOME AIDS NUTT NOW? YOU WANT THAT PUSSY RAPE FUCKED NOW? YOU READY FOR THESE COUNTRY NICCAS TO GANG FUCK YOU ALL FUCKING NIGHT AND RAPE THOSE BBC BABIES IN THAT CUNT? MAYBE GET SOME MORE K9 DICK LATER?” How could I say no to an offer like that? (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  10. PART 7 - Life Forever Changed - “LICK THAT DICK,” the homeless BBC demanded. “TASTE THAT FOOD I GOT FOR THAT HOLE. SHOW ME THAT. GOING TO FLOOD THAT HOLE. OPEN THAT HOLE UP. LICK THAT DICK!” For a DL guy - with knit ski mask and mirror shades and still fully dressed so I could not see any identifying marks or tattoos - he was sure chatty. My hole was still wet from the scorpion venom I had taken at the halfway house and this was the first of three homeless BBC that Sir had waiting when I got back home. I was eager to please his buddies and then knew that once my hole was good and open and dripping with cum, Sir would slam his 12-incher in there and use me the rest of the night. Was this the infected dick that would POZ me? Was his drip infectious? Would his balls give me the AIDs bug I desperately wanted? I hoped so. There are cycles of life and I wanted to die a NEG death, to be reborn as a POZ bottom and within each cycle are many journeys, and milestones, and that evening with Sir and his buddies was just one of the many adventures yet to come. Below is a quick recap of some of the best memories of those early months serving my AIDS MASTER and his rotten dick, Sir and his horse dick, feeling the scorpion’s stinger, and all the toxic BBC they lined up to use me. Sir - the House Dad: The deal Darnell - my AIDS MASTER - made was that Sir (I was not allowed to use his name as he and all BBC are superior to me) could stay at my house as he was homeless and having a hard time. As payment, he would breed me, but also pimp me out to guys he found on the street - as many as he wanted and could find as long as it was raw, nasty, and wild. Sir looked sick, wasted, but his 12-inch dick was ever ready to blow his dirty nutt in my ass. Those first few days was about us working out a routine and exploring this new situation. On the homefront, Sir became the house Dad and took responsibility for cleaning the condo, making meals, hitting the CVS to pick up a bunch of small toiletries to have on hand for those homeless BBC that he brought through, and more. Sir relished his role as my pimp and not just seeing me get bred, but turning out ‘straight’ guys and convincing them to fuck a white ass and nutt it. Sometimes just offering a free hole was all it took, or cigarettes, or a warm place to hang for a bit and get some raw pussy their girls or wives would not give. Other times it cost me a few bucks, but Sir insisted we never give more than $20 - ‘gas for ass’ and if they objected he let them know there were plenty of homies looking. Some he would challenge by asking, “You a freak thug or what?” Others he reminded that, “Yeah there’s lots of skank street pusy, but a bro likes to fuck on a bed once in awhile.” Almost every night when I got home from work, Sir would set out dinner for Darnell and I then head out to begin his rounds. He would show back up right around when Darnell had to leave to return to the halfway house with at least one and sometimes more homeless or street BBC to fuck me. They was always BBC as he said, “That interracial shit gets the homie’s balls churning and nothing better than a white slut that we can fuck any way we want - no questions - no limits.” I still say that threeways never truly work and are a bad idea, which is different then multiple guys tag teaming me. Twice Sir brought a guy home where all three of us ended up on the bed together, and there was a lot of mutual touching etc. Yeah the other guy would would turn up, fuck me, but then suddenly turn into a big bottom and try to climb up Sir’s horse dick. That PISSED him off. He called them disrespectful, dumb fuckers, playing at being a man when they was nothing but a secret faggy and more. The first time it happened it felt nice being protected like that, but the second time - damn too much drama. Neither one of us wanted that and from then on Sir would wait until they left before he and I spent the night together. Sir also relished the secret challenge of finding toxic dick. Some guys he knew well enough, or knew he could be open about him wanting my NEG ass to take infected dick. I was surprised at how many guys got off telling me what dirty bugs they had as they shot in my NEG hole. Other guys he would caution me not to say anything or that it didn’t come up and when I asked how he knew he shrugged, dragged on his cigarette, and just said, “I just can tell how much freak to push.” After the first few weeks there was no mystery. As soon as Sir and whatever BBC he brought got through the door he would use the words CRUSTY, SLIMY, BUGGY, BUMPY, to describe their dick, like, “Hey, homie here’s got a monster slimy dick, told him you would take it for him.” Whenever that was part of the intro my dick would instantly get hard, my hole would quiver, and I was anxious as hell to get to the bed. Some of the homeless and street guys Sir brought home became regulars and I had a few favorites. Of course they tended to the rougher, dirtier side. The guy that raped me the deepest and hardest though came through the first time about two weeks in and now he comes by about once a week. Sir was all excited one night and as he jammed his monster black dick into my freshly fucked hole, pushing some anonymous dude’s nutt deeper, he said, “Man, I got the dude that will rip that pussy up! He checks all the boxes: done time, street thug, and a freak with a need.” Sir flipped me onto my back and dropped in and angled so he hit deep. I winced as he continued, “He’s a DL, heavy dick that will hit your spot and he’s nasty. We was chatting over a smoke about some old business and he kept scratching at his balls and I laughed and was like, ‘What up with that yo?’ and he said, ‘Some bitch gave me the drip - fucking green slime coming out and burns like a motha.’ So I told him about you and that you’d let him fuck you raw. He’ll do it too, but he’s not really bi or shit, so only for business.” When I asked what he meant, Sir said, “He’s a pimp - true life. Runs a bunch of girls up in Maryland around College Park, all those motels out there. $200 and he said he would rape you good and plant that dirty load even farther than I can reach.” I paused, shook my head no. My finances were already being hit hard enough as it was between having to feed two more mouths on a regular basis, plus the extras and perks for the homeless guys and whatever else Darnell demand. Sir then added, “HE TOLD ME TO TELL YOU HE PLANS TO BLOOD SLAM YOU TOO AND HE’S WORKING WITH 13-INCHES. THAT’S ONLY AN INCH BIGGER THAN MINE. YOU CAN TAKE IT - FUCK I WANT TO SEE YOU TAKE IT - SEE THAT BIG DICKED PIMP FINDING ANOTHER HOLE INSIDE YOU - HELL YEAH - TAPPING IT AFTER ME - MAYBE WE’LL BOTH SHOVE OUR DICKS UP THERE TOGETHER - DOUBLE FUCK YOU - OH DAMN, HERE I GO, GIVING YOU MORE OF MY AIDS CUM!!” The next evening Darnell left early and had arranged with the pimp to let Sir video some of the fuck on his cell phone so he could share it. It wouldn’t show his face or tatts, just a gigantic BBC splitting a white ass open. I answered the door and stood staring, open mouthed. Here was a mandingo god, warrior, and brutal fucker for sure all in a hipster costume. Designer shades, a sport coat and dress shirt, dress pants riding a bit high off his shoes, trimmed hair, nice watch, and flawless skin that would have made a model jealous. As soon as the door closed he calmly and casually unbuttoned his shirt and was wearing what I would realize he always wore - a crisp, white tank top that showed the dozens of tatts on his arms and chest. He towered over me standing about 6”6 and easily 250 pounds. “You got my cash?” he asked before he took a step further. I held out the stack of bills, he fingered through them, nodded, stepped in and lit a cigarette as I shut the door. I was confused as he was not what imagined or thought a pimp would look like. OK yeah the build and size to beat heads and kick ass, but the rest? Fucking businessman? Before I could leave the hallway he placed his arm out to block my path and said, “You ready for some XXXL DL dick to rape that white cunt? Make you a new pussy hole? Did your boy tell you what I’m swinging and dripping? Yeah? I hear you a bitch freak like that and more. Come on now, time to get to business.” A few minutes later after he deftly used a syringe Sir had handed him and added to my three point infection regimen, the pimp daddy got undressed and patted across the wood floor in his bare feet and into the bedroom. I quickly followed, with Sir close behind. “GET ON YOUR KNEES. TURN THAT HEAD A LITTLE - FACE UP - LET THE HOMIES SEE WHAT A BUG CHASING HOE YOU TRYING TO BE AS YOU LICK THE DRIP OFF MY TIP. GO ON NOW. FLICK THAT TONGUE - TASTES LIKE DEAD FISH DON’T IT. CHRIST SMELLS LIKE IT TOO. WHAT I GET FOR DIPPING MY STICK INTO A ROCK STAR BITCH.” I savored every drop he let me milk out and as he started to get harder, tried to suck him, but he was just too thick to really do it justice. “BEND THE FUCK OVER. I HOPE THAT CUNT IS BETTER THAN THAT MOUTH. TIME TO MAKE THAT SHIT BLEED. YOU BETTER GET THAT SHOT THE FIRST TIME AS ONCE I GO IN AIN’T NO COMING BACK. FUCK YEAH - TURNING YA HOLE TO CREAMY PUSSY - LUV SEEING A BITCH SHAKE FROM THE SHOCK AND WATCHING MY DICK STRETCH THAT CUNT OPEN. YOU READY TO BE MADE A TRUE BITCH? TAKE THIS NICCA MILK? HMMMM…..NICE….FEELING THOSE WALLS THROB! SHIT HURTS DON’T IT? MAKES YOU KNOW A REAL PIMP NICCA BEEN UP IN THERE. YOU READY TO BE ONE OF MY GIRLY HOES? BE ON CALL FOR THIS PIMP DICK WHEN I NEED A BREAK FROM RUNNING THE BITCHES? I CAN’T BE STRETCHING OUT MY GIRLS’ GOODS, BUT YOU - WHO GIVES A FUCK! Once he had got most of his dick inside me and had done a few side-to-side strokes to really stretch me and feel the depths of what he had to work with, he told Sir to give us some alone time. The bedroom door closed and with his dick still inside buried he reached over, grabbed some pillows, put them in front of me, then pushed me forward so I was up on my hands and knees. A slight adjustment and his super sized breeding rod was level with my hole and guts and the pimp began to push harder, slam deeper, see how far he could drill before he spilled that BBC sperm oil. “LOOK AT THAT WHITE PUSSY - SLUT BOUNCY HOUSE FOR MY DICK - YEAH MAKE THAT HOLE SLOPPY, LITTLE EXTRA LUBE, THAT’S GOOD, RIGHT THERE, FEELING YOU CLENCH ON ME, TRYING TO CLIMB MY SHAFT. I’M GONNA FUCK YOU TIL YOU CAN’T WALK STRAIGHT, POUR MY NICCA MILK IN THAT PITCHER, THEN GO AGAIN. TURNING YOU INTO A TRANNY - GIVING YOU THAT PUSSY SURGERY - DONG DOCTOR IN THE FUCKIN HOUSE! MY DICK BURNING BAD - ALREADY DRIPPING THAT SLIME IN YOU - FUCK THAT SHIT BURNS!” Once he was done gutting me like a fish, the pimp took a smoke break then split me open all over again for load #2 before he bounced and Sir tagged in to fuck. He was so turned on thinking about catching whatever was burning the pimp’s dick that he shot in record time and went to find a street dude. “Let’s try to pass the strain along, see if we can keep that bug working like yeast for biscuits.” Darnell - AIDS MASTER Work Release: “What’s your fantasy?” Darnell asked. My AIDS MASTER was sitting at my dining room table, his Vader mask on the side, his chains on the floor, his stomper boots still tapping from the pent up energy he had. The gear he wore when he fucked me at the halfway house the first time was still my favorite and since then - well since then he had passed me along to dozens of raw dicks - homeless men, had let his old cellie rape fuck me in lockup in the halfway house, and moved in a 12-inch horse dicked death stick. Fuck - what else was there? “YOU’RE MY AIDS WIFE - I TOLD YOU NO FUCKING LIMITS - SO GRAB A PEN AND PAPER AND SLIDE THAT BRUISED HOLE ON HUBBY’S LAP,” Darnell continued. Damn it’s hard to focus and write when you’ve got a monster raw dick twitching in your guts. There’s something other-dimensional about the undeniable power of a raw top who fucks when and how he wants. Before he began again he scraped fresh new lines in my flesh with his nails, took a puff of his cigarette, pricked his finger, then rubbed the driblets before passing out the morning syringes for the blood slams from him, Sir, and the homeless toxic waste dump currently sleeping on the couch. “LET’S MAKE A LIST - GET THAT ASS SLAYED AND USED: ANONYMOUS GANG FUCK IN THE PARK? WE CAN DO THAT. YOU EVER BEEN FUCKED IN A SLING? NO? DEFINATE. LOCK UP TRAIN RUN ON FOR SURE. ME AND CELLIE WORKING ON THAT. HOMIES AT THE HALFWAY HOUSE AND A COUPLE GUARDS. (see that story part below) PUBLIC BEAT DOWN? THAT JUVENILE SHIT WE DID WAS NOTHING. COOL COOL - WE’LL GET YOU POKED GOOD, LET THE HOMELESS HOMIES USE YOU ON A FUCKING STREET CORNER IF THEY WANT. SEND YOU OUT ON A FIELD TRIP. K9? HELL YEAH YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO KITTIES! PG COUNTY GOT SOME COUNTRY NICCAS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A BREEDING BITCH. My AIDS WHORE BUCKET LIST was taped to the refrigerator door like some school project I had gotten an A+ on. Over the next few months Darnell would scratch things off as we did them (being gang fucked in the park left me with grass and bits of dirt where such things should never be, and splinters that hurt like hell from the tore up benches the National Park Service has not maintained since Roosevelt was President), and add new ones as he - or one of the BBC trade who saw me - were inspired with new, devious, twisted, taboo, or extreme ways to use and breed me. Luckily my body adjusted quickly to all the dick and cum I was getting and with a few adjustments in my eating habits and some good communication with my new, dark overlords, I was able to be ‘on call and slut ready’. My other concern was my ass being too stretched out. I mean you always see tops crying about a loose bottom but Darnell said, “HA! The whiners are the little dicked fuckers. When you got a true monster dick you always stretching it and like I told you from day one, I like pussy that opens up once I bust through and that can take me. Nothing worse then trying to get into a trap to end up frustrated. True, true, can rape it open but in the end that’s not a repeat situation. One and done.” The scorpion stinger wanted to use my poisonous pussy again with his convict dick. He and Darnell were working some grand scheme and from the secret texts, hush hush plan, you’d think they were planning to save the world from a secret alien invasion. My AIDS MASTER knew I would agree to anything when his dick was inside me, and while firmly planted, he grabbed his phone off the nightstand, shifted through his messages, and showed me the latest from his old cellie, “TELL THAT FAGGOT BOY I NEED A $LARGE$ THEN THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS A FULL SHIFT OF THE GUARDS. WRECKIN. DESTROYING. IMPLODING THAT ASS.” I had to ask Darnell what exactly that meant and he explained, “You’re going to give him $1,000. That white ass will be tied to his bed and then for the next 12 hours he, the other guys on lock up - well some of them - and maybe a guard or two are going to rape fuck that cunt wide open so nutt be rushing like Niagara Falls out that bruised hole.” Then he scrolled a bit and showed me another message from my scorpian king, “HE NOT A PICKY FAG WITH ALL KINDS OF LIST AND DEMANDS AND SHIT? RIGHT? FUCK HELL - WHAT’S UP WITH THESE CUM DUMPS WHO PUT RULES ON THEIR FREAK? NO ONE OVER 30, NO ONE OVER 165, NO ONE WHO IS NOT A FUCKIN SWEATER QUEEN. MOTHER FUCKIN CHRIST.” Darnell looked at me, winked and said, “I replied ‘Hell NO’ on that account for you - you a true cum whore and no breeding poser!” A couple more swipes and I read the next message from lock up, “THIS BIZNESS HOMIE. PAY2PLAY SHIT GOING DOWN. I GOTTA GET OUT OF LOCK DOWN. BEEN WHEELN N DEALN AND WILL OWE - BOTH U.” The AIDS dick in my ass went almost sideways and I yelped. Darnell held me down and growled, “I told you I would not fuck up your work and shit. I know this is a stretch and while your hole will get broke open, got to keep your accounts solid. We’ll make it happen - together - I got some shit in storage can trade or sell.” Then as he started pumping hard and rough to breed me he said, “DON’T YOU WANT TO STEALTH THOSE HOMIES? GET THAT JAIL-STYLE BEAT DOWN? BE THAT HALFWAY HOUSE WHORE? RAPED TIL YOU PASS OUT AND WHEN YOU COME TO NICCAS STILL DIGGING IN THAT PUSSY?” My moans of “YES” pushed him over the edge and his AIDS bugs swam free from his balls and into me, new colonies of virus spreading like a Viking raid. Early in the week Darnell got a text confirming the plans for the gangbang in lockdown. The text said, “GUARDS SET. FRIDAY DAY SHIFT. BACK DOOR AND MY ROOM. SLIM ON DECK FOR THE CONNECT. MARRIED DL BRO - RUMOR IS HE ON LOCKDOWN FOR RAPEN SOME YOUNGN AFTER HE TIED HIM UP SO TOLD HIM WE WOULD DELIVER. TOXIC FUCKA TOO AND WE WORKED OUT A DEAL.” The pic of the thug was enough to convince me for sure and I was looking forward to spending the day on lockdown with whatever - or whoever - they threw my way. Now the lockdown area in the halfway house is not like you think of when you think of prison. It’s for those guys who have gotten into trouble - usually fighting or some other infraction - and as punishment get pulled from their normal rooms and are ‘locked down’ in one hall that is secured with bars, locked doors, locked rooms, and extra guards. Serves as an effective reminder that they are just one fuck up from going back to prison or jail and not someplace one can just visit or leave at will. The next few days more pics came to my AIDS MASTER’S phone from his old cellie in lockdown. For someone who was supposed to be locked in his room 23 hours a day or whatever he sure seemed to get around, but then, they all had phones and shit and could chat that way - clearly a benefit of the halfway house over jail. Shortly after 6:00 a.m. on Friday I was in the lockdown section of the halfway house, naked, with a monster BBC fucking me dry, raw, and rough. Darnell was at my house as he was on work release so could not stay. The guard who let me in - the one I had sucked off on my first visit - had been the first to fuck so technically, my ass was not dry, but for my host, that shit didn’t matter. Scorpion tatt dude was going to rape my hole no matter what. Was agreeing to be gangbanged in a halfway house risky? Sure. Dangerous? Probably. But it was the greatest fucking sex! Besides, my AIDS MASTER’s old cellie was there to protect me - well maybe not ‘protect’ is the right word. After the guard blew his spunk, I was on my back; my head banging the wall; my host’s sandpaper hands around my throat choking me as he fucked. Every plummet into my ass made his scorpion tattoo shift on the hot sands of his violent release, “YOU READY TO SERVE THEM STRAIGHT FREAKS? THEM MANDINGO RAPISTS, SEX OFFENDERS, KILLA FUCKAS? NO WHITE CRIME SHIT HERE. WE THE WORST OF THE WORST ON THE OUTSIDE. FUCKING CUM DUMP, ANONYMOUS SHIT. NO FUCKING LIMITS. KINK, RAUNCH, AND ALL RAW. I KNOW YOU A CUM HUNGRY FAG BOY READY FOR THEM MASSIVE DICKED NICCAS TO TAG TEAM AND DIG YOU OUT AND SKEET IN THEM GUTS. BREED THAT DIRTY CUNT WITH HOOD NUTT. GET THAT ASS PIPE UNCLOGGED BY THE GHETTO PLUMBER CREW. TIME FOR THAT NASTY SHIT WITH SOME MASC KATS TRYING TO CLIMB UP AND ROLL OUT IN THAT PUSSY!” Sounded good to me and I don’t mind a top calling me whatever the fuck he wants: fag, bitch, sissy, slut, whore, pussy, cunt, Uncle Skippy for all I care as long as I get his raw dick and cum. Period. On my back, getting slam fucked as he talked shit, I could not help but tug on his nipple rings, which made his dick jump like a cracker jack - a physical reaction totally out of his control. His eyes went a bit wide, he paused his slanderous verbal onslaught, and I laughed. I couldn’t help it, that shit was funny especially when I tugged again and his dick started bouncing around in my ass with him looking surprised and frustrated. He growled and cuffed my head, I did it again, and he growled louder, sounding like a bear whose paw got stuck in the honey pot. OK, then I lost it with howls of laughter, which is not easy to do with a writhing black anaconda buried halfway to your lungs. His first load of the day planted in my guts, my scorpion host yanked his stinger free and then surprised me by pulling out a syringe he had tucked under the bed frame. I automatically held out my arm and he smiled a lewd and twisted grin as he expertly took a blood draw from his arm then injected it into mine. A quick tap of the skin, a flick of my tongue on his arm, and I was roughly pushed face down into the mattress of his absolutely uncomfortable bed. Rope was wrapped around each wrist, my arms splayed out and secured to the bed frame. My ankles were pushed together, bound tight, and the rope tied to the end of the bed. My host gently shifted my head so I faced the wall before he wrapped a bandana around my eyes then tossed some other cloth item by my face, partially obscuring my airway. He moved it off my nose but I could still smell the manly funk and musk. Must be underwear or something. He gouged my flesh as he forced his left hand under my hips, partially lifting my torso up, grabbed the tip of my dick and tucked it up under me. He then started to roughly finger my ass, forcing the clenched hole to open back up, and making it wet with red and BBC nutt. He then peeled bits of skin back with his nails running down my back and sides, a visual queue for the convicts to use to guide their jumbo jets in for a landing. The gangbang began as one by one the guards let someone in the room to fuck me raw and with no assistance on my part. I have no idea how many convicts fucked me that day - all I can say there was LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of cum dumped in my ass. They all smelled like they had been locked up - musky, dirty, unclean - right up my alley. Some of them bred me more than once I think. Of the ones I remembered best were: the first dick was a 30-second nutt. Literally. He had barely pushed into my hole then he shook, grunted, and climbed off me. the next guy seemed like a twink from the distorted, one-eyed view I had of his face from where the bandana had slipped when he laid on me. He had a slinky dick - you know those dicks where the shaft never fully gets hard? He got in my hole and moved around alot but it just felt like skin shifting back and forth. Twilight Zone dick. Oh yeah, and he was all wheezy and covered my back in spittle as he cummed in me. There was a pause and my host slammed his scorpion dick back in me, tearing me open again, keeping it all freshly used. The next guy kept asking me if he should smash or pass dat ass. What the fuck? I just grunted and was happy when he was done. Another guy kept asking, “You like this 211 OC dick in that pussy? Just got out of a double stacked bid and in need of a bitch pussy.” One dick was huge and hurt as it felt like a heavy concrete pipe ripping me up. There was no give in his dick and I wanted to reach back to see if he was wearing a strap on or what. But when he said, “I’m trying to assassinate that hole,” just before he twitched and spurted, I knew it was real and hoped it was a sniper death shot. Sick dick could not stop his hacking cough and I could feel the chunks of phlegm as he spit on my hole and used that to lube his dick. That turned my host fucking on because once the sick guy had cummed and left and the guard relocked the door he slam raped my ass and bred me again talking about, “PUSHING THAT DEATH NUTT IN YOU. FEW LIVING CELLS LEFT FROM THAT NICCA. HOLY CHRIST THAT’S SOME SICK SHIT - YOUR CUNT WAS THE LAST MEAL ON DEATH ROW!” It was a a bit after that I had to use the bathroom. Piss and all, and I was actually surprised when my ex-con host untied me, let me up, and guided me as I stumbled into the closet sized bathroom. It had a toilet. That’s it. No sink. No shower. Nothing. He explained there was a group shower room down the hall and they were let out one at a time. I wasn’t even allowed to piss/shat my innards in peace as my host insisted I choke and gasp on his dick at the same time. I felt like fucking Cirque du’Soleil. The next guy who fucked me was lithe of body and full of gusto of spirit. I would have guessed he was a bottom from how tender, soft he felt. But he had a big dick and shot a huge load so who cares right? You could tell the guys who had been in lockdown the longest - the desperate groping, the disjointed verbal smack talk, the unpracticed strokes and extra rough raping. The dick that shredded my hole the most was one that had a HUGE gauge Prince Albert piercing. It was like a fucking bracelet cuff. Took me by total surprise and when I started crying out my scorpion king host stuffed my mouth with those dirty man drawers so all they could hear were my silent cries and muffled screams. It was some time after him that I guess the thug from the picture arrived and my host whispered, “HIT MAN DEATH SQUAD ON DECK.” There was a tenseness in the room, a heaviness that made my skin tingle and body shiver. The few words my scorpion king host spoke to the guy were short, clipped, on edge like he had tossed a knife into the air and was just waiting to see where it would drop. Well it dropped into my hole. My ass was sliced open as a gigantic raw dick slammed in and was forced deeper as a hard body smothered mine. Thick hands circled my throat, my neck was throttled side to side as he found the grip he liked. Once his dick buried deep he pulled all the way out and slammed in again - over and over as he choked off my muffled cries. I saw stars from pain and lack of air, his grip tightened and his dick blew up as his breath and grunts filled my left ear. Without a word he marked my ass deep with his hot, toxic load and I heard my host exclaim, “Jesus nicca!” The anonymous man’s grip eased slightly, but his dick stayed inside my ass, slowly stroking, slowly working, slowly coming back to full life. There was a pause, he lifted up, words were exchanged with my host as they argued about untying me and another position, but they settled on continuing the course as he raped my hole again just where I was and baptised me anew with his waters of life and death. I stayed awake for the entire gangbang - I think - maybe not. When you are in the middle of something that raw, brutal, animalistic, your mind can play crazy tricks on you. The gaps in fucking made time all distorted. There would be two guys back to back, then nothing. Silence. Sometimes scorpion dick would mount me or scratch my hole up to make it fresh. Other times I could just hear him sitting in the chair, smoking, breathing, watching my used body. Did it hurt - fuck yeah! Totally worth it though and as I left that halfway house just before 6:00 p.m. and took baby steps down the walkway towards the street my ass hurt so bad I wondered, “Did I get POZZED today?” A huge SUV was parked at the corner and as I approached a tinted window slid down, a familiar head peaked out with shades tilted up and the man said, “Need a ride hoe?” It was the pimp from Maryland with the 13-inch dick. My ass twitched, I walked around to the passenger side door, climbed in and painfully sat down. The pimp turned, blew his cigarette smoke at me and said, “My man hit me up. Told me what was going down and that you were gutter sniping trying to get a fix for your adDICKtion. My dick drip is burning something fierce and I know that cunt is tore up, shredded, and ripe for me.” I just shook my head as he pulled away from the curb Did they fucking think I was a robot or some shit? A body can only take so much. Well I was about to find out it could take more. The SUV turned a familiar corner, the tires crunched on the gravel, there was a slight bump, and the pimp directed his vehicle at the pack of homeless and street guys that were gathered around the end of the strip mall behind the 7-11 convenience store. He angled the SUV so the right passenger corner almost kissed the building, but left just enough room to open the door. He put the vehicle in park, got out, walked around, opened the passenger side door and demanded, “Get out.” I did and stood there as he walked back to the homeless and street guys and said, “Who got a $1 for sloppy hoe pussy? Right here, right now.” A few guys offered up coins, others sniggered and laughed, one said, “I ain’t down for no faggot shit,” and walked away, some said they would fuck for free, in the end there were only two that had wadded, up crumpled, $1 bills. “Bend over and drop your pants,” the pimp ordered. My pants down, my hands on the open SUV door for support, the first homeless dick easily slid in my ass and pumped away. “Hold up a minute,” the pimp said as he stepped between me and the SUV and planted himself by the door. “SUCK MY MOTHA-FUCKING DICK WHILE THAT DIRTY FUCKER BREEDS THAT CUNT.” The pimp got real verbal as the homeless guy fucked me and while we were hidden behind the SUV the thought came and went what if someone saw us, but having been there before I knew the homeless guys would keep watch and in general, folks stayed away from that bunch. “YOU JUST A WORTHLESS $1 HOE, TAKING THEM TRICKS AND JOHNS NO OTHER BITCH WILL TOUCH, ALL FOR THAT RAW DICK AND NUTT. GONNA HAVE TO FUCK THAT CUNT EXTRA HARD TO MAKE IT BLEED TODAY SINCE YOU ALL OPEN LIKE A FUCKING TRAMP BITCH. THAT PUSSY BEEN STRETCHED, BUT DON’T WORRY, MY DRIPPY DICK WILL RIP IT UP. YOU TASTING MY DRIP? LET ME SCRATCH THOSE GUMS UP, WORK THAT THICK DRIP AROUND IN YOUR MOUTH.” While he was doing that the first homeless guy grunted, jerked, cummed in me and yanked out. The next guy was taller so I did not have to try to bend down a little like I did for the last guy, which was hard to do while trying to suck the pimp’s ginormous dick head. “MY MAN TOLD ME YOU WAS AN EXTRA KIND OF FREAK BITCH - A DICK HUNGRY HOE AND HE WAS RIGHT. TAKING THAT ANONYMOUS NICCA MILK IN THAT SNATCH OR HAS HE BEEN UP THERE BEFORE? BET YOU CAN’T TELL HUH.” Another homeless load in me and I pulled off the pimp’s dick to try to catch my breath and turned to see several more homeless and street guys lined up, all expecting a freak turn. They would have to wait as the pimp pushed me a little to the left, used his right hand to press my head hard against the back window of the SUV and held me firm as his now teased dick found my puffed out hole. I could see the closest guys stare in wonder as the pimp’s 13-incher started wrecking me without mercy, “BEEN HOLDING THIS NICCA MILK FOR DAYS FOR MY NEWEST GIRL HOE, SPLITTING YOU RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE SO MY DRIP GOES DEEP. THAT CUNT ALL WETT - JESUS - HOW MANY NUTTS YOU GOT UP IN THERE? YEAH YOU NICE AND OPEN MOST OF THE WAY, BUT DON’T WORRY NONE, I STILL GOT TO RIP THAT FINAL HOLE LOOSE, SURGICALLY ALTER YOU WITH MY BLACK SCALPEL TO GET WHAT I NEED. FUCKING HOE THAT PUSSY IS GOOD AND YOU GOOD TOO, NO CRYING OUT, NO RUNNING, BUT LETTING ME KNOW YOU FEEL IT WITH THAT FUCKING WHIMPERING. READY TO GET INFECTED AGAIN? READY FOR MY DRIP? FEEL THE BURN? HERE YOU GO YOU $1 HOE - HERE YOU GO YOU WORTHLESS STREET SKANK - HERE YOU ……” After being made to literally get on my knees and beg in front of the homeless and street guys for a ride as thanks for taking his nutt, the pimp agreed to give me a lift home and not make me take the bus. Then he surprised me again and said, “Oh yeah, my man told me to bring along a couple of his buddies too.” Fuck. I muttered to myself as I buckled the seat belt while he waded back into the freak crowd and soon we were heading to my house with three guys in the back and the pimp giving me that, “You fucking slut,” glance and smirk every mile or so. When I got home Sir let me piss and get rid of the built up loads in my ass and then have a glass of water but that was it. No food, no rest, no time to relax as he took turns using me the rest of the night with the homeless and street dudes the pimp dropped off. Darnell arrived at his usual time early the next morning and wasted not even a second before he got the guys to leave and mounted me for his first brutal fuck of the day. After he bred me, he rolled me to my side with his dick still inside me, cradled my head in the crook of his arm and said, “Get some rest. I’m here. You made me so fucking proud and done good. Cellie’s happy, guards are happy, fucking best business day in a long time and all thanks to that dick hungry ass. Get some rest now and pleasant dreams of all that AIDS and STD dick you just took.” I was awoken a few hours later as my AIDS MASTER slammed his raw BBC into me and started telling me how swollen and bruised my ass was - how my pussy was pulsing in pain - how he wished he could have seen me take all that ex-con dick. He then stopped, rested his body atop mine, grabbed his cell phone and showed me a text from his old cellie - the scorpion tatted thug who hosted my convict gangbang in the halfway house, “FUCK BRO. SHIT WORKED. BRAYTON DROPPED OFF PAPERS - I GET BACK TO GEN POP MONDAY. EXTRA TIME TAKEN OFF SO WILL BE OUT FEW AFTER YOU. WHEN THAT BITCH COMING BACK? I CAN’T WAIT TO BREED THAT BUSSY UNTIL I GET OUT AND MOVE SO MAKE IT HAPPEN SOON.” Darnell chuckled, shifted his dick, “Ready for some more AIDS nutt?” Like he had to ask. The following weeks were a pretty regular routine of starting my day off taking my AIDS MASTER’s load (and loved going to the office with his nutt still inside me), work, coming home for more of his dick and/or Sir’s 12-inch horse cock. During the week they let me get my sleep, but Friday night through Sunday afternoon was pretty much non-stop fucking and three point infections with strange dick from the streets that Sir found, the pimp from Maryland doing a drive by breeding, or some of the homeless and street dudes from down by the 7-11 near the halfway house. I never got gang fucked at the halfway house again as Darnell’s old cellie was let back into the regular program and was behaving himself. We didn’t really talk about it, but Darnell made it clear he expected to move in when he got out of the halfway house. I wanted his bug and was chasing his AIDs and was willing to go to any lengths so when the big day came, I hired a limo and enjoyed the honest smile on his face when he walked out the door and saw me standing on the street with a big ass stretch limo behind me. He fucked me hard in the limo and nutted before we got several blocks away. I was tempted to ask him if we should pick up some other guys too by the 7-11, but had other plans. Back at the condo we had the place alone for the first time in a long while. I had sent Sir out for the day and evening, but he had left a nice cooked meal and even made a cake for Darnell saying, WELCOME HOME. Darnell scooped some frosting off the corner of the cake with his finger, had me bend over the table, and slathered my hole before eating my ass out. He then asked, “YOU READY FOR SOME AIDS BABIES? DADDY’S HOME NOW FOR GOOD, TIME FOR WHITE WIFEY TO GET PREGNANT.” Later that night and another load stewing inside me I asked, “I know you are probably disappointed that I haven’t got the fuck flu or nothing. I’m sorry.” Darnell gave me a long, passionate kiss and said, “You have nothing to apologize for - fucking hell - you been the best AIDS bitch I could ask for and I still get a boner when you present that hole for me to rape and fucking hell, seeing you take that street dick is crazy wild shit.” I scooted to the side of the bed, reached into the nightstand and pulled out an OraQuick HIV test, “Want to see if it has taken yet?” I just knew it would say POZ, knew it, how could it not with all the raw infected dick I had taken, dirty cum, blood slams, droplets coating my cuts and scrapes on my skin, some of which had scarred leaving permanent marks on the outside, to match what I was sure had happened on the inside. A short while later my hopes and dreams crashed like as Darnell and I looked at the results - NEG. Fuck! How could that be? My AIDS MASTER smiled and said, “GUESS WE JUST HAVE TO TAKE YOUR INFECTION TO THE NEXT LEVEL. THEY SAY WHEN YOU GET OUT IT HELPS TO HAVE A PROJECT AND JOB. YOU ARE MINE. MY JOB IS TO POZ THAT ASS AND YOU WILL GET MY AIDS AND THE AIDS OF EVERY OTHER NICCA I CAN FIND. MIGHT AS WELL START NOW - READY FOR THAT 3-POINT INFECTION?” With a fresh course of AIDs bugs scurrying inside me, Darnell then said, “YOU KNOW WHAT. OUR PIMP FRIEND HAD A GREAT IDEA AND NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT, I AGREE. YOU GOT SOME VACATION COMING UP RIGHT? GOOD. PACK YOUR WHORE BAGS CAUSE WE ARE GOING TO GO HANG IN BALTIMORE FOR A WEEK. YOU ARE GOING TO SLUT THAT PUSSY TO EVERY NASTY NICCA IN BMORE. BIG TOP VIDEOS HAS GLORYHOLES AND IS RIGHT ON THE STREET WITH ALL THE STRIPPER BARS SO THOSE STRAIGHT HOMIES ALWAYS BONED AND FRUSTRATED AND LOOKING FOR ASS TO RAPE AND NUTT IN. WHAT DO YOU SAY?” What do you think I said?
  11. 2 loads of piss-3 BBC-4 nutts=30.5 inches of BBC: While the rest of the city was shut down yesterday for the inauguration, I spent the day catching up with a few BBC who were stuck on this side of town and looking for action. #1 had 9.5 inches., who gave me a load in the living room, then pissed in me, and paused then pounded the piss deeper as he gave me another load. #2 had 11 inches, thick, and had me up on the bed so he could angle up and deep as he gave me his load. #3 had 10 inches, also pounded me hard as I kneeled on the bed, blew a big load, paused, fucked a little more, then pissed in me and tried to fuck more but he was dry and spent :(.
  12. PART 6 - The Scorpion Sting: “WYD? U ready to get stung? Homeboy hung low, know how 2 use it. Bout dat pipe.” Darnell’s text said. “Venom on deck - dirty dick and nutt. Lemme know.” My ass spasmed, and the homeless guy moaned and shifted, liking the feeling of my guts trying to squeeze his 12-inch+ horse dick. That in itself was a fucking miracle - the fact that my ass and guts could move at all. It was 5:30 a.m., the day after my homeless gangbang and I hurt all over. My whole body was used, bruised, and abused and there was still a raunchy AIDs dick trying to find new depths in my ass. For a man who looked sick, wasted, and unhealthy, this fucker sure had stamina and the only time he unchained me during the night and let me off the bed was so I could piss. Otherwise I was restrained in one position or another with his dick bedded firmly inside. While he was not continuously rock hard, his dick was so big it was like a butt plug and didn’t slip out unless he wanted it to. “I don’t think I can today. I’m too sore and need to get to work,” I typed back, which was harder to do than you would think while being handcuffed. Homeless horse dick was fully awake now. He yanked on the chain that bound my feet, dragged me to the side of the bed and propped me on my hands and knees with a pillow under my stomach so my ass was up and out, waiting to be brutalized. I cried out as he started scratching at my puffy, swollen, ass ring as it gaped and spasmed. The phone pinged, “You a bitch and you don’t get a day off from me. Homie better be working that hole!” Darnell replied. I twisted my torso and said, “Here, the text’s for you.” Horse dick paused his efforts, wiped his nails on my back, took the phone, typed, the flash went off, picture was sent, the phone tossed on the mattress to my left and he said, “Told him I wanted to see that bright red for my toxic nutt to feed on. My balls have been working all night to build up this load. I’m in fucking love with that hole - can’t fucking tell you!” Yeah he loved me like a wolf loves a pork chop and my cries of “NO, PLEASE STOP!” were ignored as scabs were torn, wounds reopened, ass slayed, and guts pummeled while he focused on starting my day off with a rough breeding. When Darnell let himself into my condo just before 7:00 a.m., I was back on my stomach, my ass full of POZ nutt and his many other gifts, while my horse dick rapist rested. I moaned as he slid out, juice following to stain the crumpled sheet below me. He stood up and the profile view of his semi-hard dick stirred my lust and I instinctively tried wiggling my ass. Darnell noticed, smiled, put his cigarette out and told his friend, “Bro, make us a pot of coffee and see what there is for breakfast. While you do that, I got to dip my stick in that sloppy cunt and unload some piss.” Darnell - my AIDS MASTER - sat on the edge of the bed, took off his big stomper boots, stood up, took off his shirt and pants and I could smell his ripe dick. He had been freeballing and I don’t think ever washed, so his musk was like a scent from the deep forest - dark, animalistic, wild. My body shifted as Darnell stepped up onto the bed and stood straddle over my prone body. I waited then flinched as hot drops of piss splattered across my lower back, then shook my head as a steady stream wet my hair, my torso, and was guided side to side. “YOU’RE MY AID’S BITCH - MY WHITE WIFE - MY CUM SLUT TO WHORE AND BREED AND MARK. I TOLD YOU BEFORE TO NEVER TELL ME NO. YOU ARE MINE - YOUR BODY IS MINE - YOUR HOUSE IS MINE - YOUR LIFE IS MINE TO USE UP AS I WANT.” Having emptied his bladder, Darnell dropped down onto the bed beside me, rolled to his side, then onto my back. His monster BBC slid into my freshly nutted ass and as he stroked my hole and rubbed his piss into my sore and bruised skin he demanded, “BEG FOR YOUR DEATH - BEG FOR MY KILLA BUGS TO INFECT YOU - BEG FOR HOMIES’ VIRUS - BEG FOR ME TO COUNT OFF THOSE CELLS THAT ARE DYING OF DISEASE - THE PLAGUE - MY AIDS - BEG FOR ME TO OWN YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN.” It only took one, “Please MASTER,” from me before Darnell dug his nails into the skin of my shoulders and slammed his dick balls deep to spit out his morning AIDS babies. His legs squeezed in reflex, his balls contracted, and I took every drop. With his semi-hard dick still inside me, Darnell laid his head next to mine and spoke softly, “Our dark road has just begun and there is no going back now. I’m not going back in, won’t be locked up again, and you’re my future and I’m yours. You try to run, I will find you. You try to stop me and well - you can’t. But I know you want this as much as I do. I can tell each time I am inside you. Your body and soul open up, you have finally found peace - and your future - and both are with me.” He was right. I should have been fucking frightened and scared, but I wasn’t. Every twisted turn on this road excited me and I wanted to see where he would take us. Darnell shifted, kissed my cheek, and continued, “Here’s some new rules and the what’s what: I don’t want to fuck up your job, but this week you need to take the rest of it off as I got you lined up to serve some dirty dick and to POZ you and infect you up I want your body overwhelmed! I’m on work release now and not fucking that up either. I’ll be here every day as your ‘handyman’ and can actually do real shit too beyond rearranging the walls in your guts - or more like taking them down! Homie out there is pressed. He’ll be staying here with you from now on. I know you like that homeless horse dick you fuckin-freak and I get the fuck off knowing my slut’s being used and kept primed for me. You will be ready for me each morning when I arrive for my cum and piss and if a work day, then you will be on time, but when you get home I will be ready again. After I leave, homie will get his - and anyone else he brings in. This is DC’s newest homeless shelter now and you’re the bitch that is sponsoring his hustle. Some nights he might work out a deal for one or two dudes to crash here and if he wants to offer your pussy to them too you will take it. I’ll go over the rules with him again about no stealing and thieving, no drugs, no disrespectful crazy shit or drama. He’ll have to be here before I go each night so I can explain the rules to the street dudes. I had so many questions like what did he plan to do all day while I was at work? Could I trust him not to steal all my shit? How was I going to manage all this freakiness and work? What was the horse dick guy’s name? Out of all my questions the only answer I got from my AIDS MASTER was, “His fucking name don’t matter, but you can call him Sir or Daddy. None of the BBC - and it will be ONLY BBC that fuck you - none of their names matter as they are superior to you. Your name don’t matter either so you will bow, worship, sacrifice that ass, body and life to any superior black man that graces your fucking door. You will beg for their filth, disease, and to be used as the cum-lovin-slut-rape-dump that you are!” A few slaps on the ass as he got off the bed, Darnell helped me to the edge, then to stand up. I held out my cuffed wrists, which were chafed and raw, in silent pleas for him to take them off. He laughed, grabbed his pack of cigarettes, lit a smoke, and sauntered out into the living area. With my feet cuffed and chained I could not take a full step, just little housewife shuffle steps, and once I found my footing I followed. Sir had two cups of coffee on the table and was casually petting his dick while flipping through a magazine that had come in the mail. MASTER sat down and when I finally arrived between them I stopped and waited for my orders. Darnell just looked at me, while Sir said, “Whoa man. Smells like a trap house whore for sure. Fuck, that makes me horny!” Darnell said, “Ease off. The day’s young. Here. Because you made me so proud yesterday you can sit at the table with me. BUT - unless I say otherwise you will kneel at my feet, sit on the floor beside me like you already know where you belong.” I nodded, said, “Thank you MASTER,” and as my new roomie slid a cup of coffee my way nodded and said, “Thank you SIR.” He smiled, “Fuck, I like that.” My AIDS MASTER outlined for Sir the new arrangement and as thanks I swallowed his horse piss right there at the table. It didn’t mix well with coffee and there was not much on hand for breakfast, so MASTER grabbed my wallet, took out some cash and sent Sir up the street to the grocery store. While he was gone we sat on the couch and just enjoyed the feeling of our bodies side by side - him smoking his Newports, me chafing at the damn handcuffs and leather restraints. A bit later Sir came back with more than bacon and eggs. “Hey, ran into an old buddy of mine up at the store. Told him he could get a smoke and fuck some ass.” I eyed the latest interloper into my home - older, average build, shifty looking, homeless or just grungy, hard to tell. “Can I use your bathroom?” he asked. Darnell offered to have me drink his piss and he hemmed and hawed until Darnell waved him on. The bathroom door closed and Sir said, “He’s cool, he’s cool. Little PTSD or something but big ol dick. We banged a few chicks together before.” When he came out he rubbed his crotch, “Got condoms and shit? Don’t want to catch no faggy STDs, AIDs, or nothing.” Oh Christ he was in the wrong house. Darnell stood up, grabbed my cuffed hands, pushed me towards him and said, “This ain’t no little boy shit and don’t be stuntin. Man the fuck up and sling that wood. When was the last time you got white pussy? While this is primed and ready - fuck, bounce, and roll. So you doing this or what?” Less than 10 minutes later I had milked his BBC dry and he was out of there with nothing but a few cigarettes in his pocket, and his DNA left in my ass. I wasn’t impressed. Guess my freakazoid standards had been raised after being gang fucked by massive mandingo dick for the past day. I don’t think Darnell was impressed either as he and Sir were having some serious, quiet words, when I came back out to the dining room table. Breakfast was served, casual conversation resumed, MASTER dialed my phone and held it up as I called the office and took leave for the rest of the week. “Hold your arms out,” Darnell said as he came back from the rooting around in the bedroom. He had two syringes and as he did a draw from his arm then Sir’s he said, “We will also continue the 3-point solution for your infection. Each day you will take at least mine - and his.” With that done, they moved to the couch and chair in the living room, I was directed to my spot on the floor at Darnell’s feet. My body hurt, I was still cuffed and chained, and worse my dick would not stop throbbing. As a bottom I only focus on the top cumming and usually jerk off on my own time, alone. I had not been able to do that and seeing two monster BBCs, and smelling their disease so close, just made it impossible for me to think about anything else except being fucked. “Time for a nap,” Darnell said as he grabbed my cuffed wrists and dragged me to the bedroom. The sheets were still wet from his piss marking earlier, but he didn’t care, and soon the initial chill wore off as his warm body pressed to mine. Sir stayed in the living room, watching TV, and came to the bedroom door a couple times over the next hour, his hard dick announcing what he wanted, but seeing Darnell was still asleep he didn’t bother us. About an hour later Darnell woke up, hollered for Sir, who came into the bedroom his dick ready. I was pushed to the side as Darnell moved the pillows around, propped himself up against the headboard, lit a Newport, and motioned me to get on my knees and elbows so I could cup his balls with my cuffed hands while gagging on his AIDS faucet. Sir climbed up on the bed behind me and pushed that long, black horse dick in. My ass and guts were so sensitive and swollen I could feel every ripple of his extra long foreskin as it rolled back, exposing his head and shaft and he pushed deeper and deeper. “PULL THAT SHIT BACK OUT AND SCRATCH IT UP - NO, DON’T GET THE BRUSH, USE YOUR NAILS, I WANT TO SEE THOSE NICCA FINGERS WITH THAT CUNT NAIL POLISH ON THEM. THAT’S IT - NO, I DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD TAKE YOUR MOUTH OFF MY DICK - THERE YOU GO -OPEN THAT THROAT AND THAT ASS - I WANT THAT DICK SNOT COMING OUT YOUR NOSE AS HOMIE INFECTS YOU,” my AIDS MASTER declared. Sir was getting to know every nook and cranny of my ass and guts - some of them he had made himself - and he grunted and moaned as more of his polluted gene pool swirled inside me. The rest of the afternoon was spent in a weird, domestic, plainness. Normal conversation, normal TV, normal day chilling with new friends - that is until one of them decided their dick needed to get wet and they would slam my ass or throat for a few then pull out. About 5:00 p.m. Darnell said, “Use the bathroom if you have to then get dressed. We got to get to the halfway house. You know that pic I sent you this morning? He’s fresh out, but he’s in lockdown; already in trouble for fighting and other shit. We were cellies.” I asked, “Did you fuck him too?” MASTER laughed, “Naw, it was never like that. He’s an ass bandit too and I owe him. Things’ll just get worse for him on lockdown like that without any way to relieve his stress. I told him I could deliver some juicy man pussy for an angry rape fuck and that perked him right up. I had to promise the guard on the hall you’d give him some head and let him taste that pussy to get 15 minutes with my homie so we got to get there and time it just before shift change when most folks aren’t around.” I was finally released from the restraints and turned on the water for a quick shower. Darnell stomped in, “WHAT THE FUCK? DID I SAY DO ALL THAT PRIMPING AND SHIT? I WANT YOU JUST AS YOU ARE - LOOKING LIKE A WHORE, SMELLING LIKE A WHORE.” But then he paused, “Well maybe you better put on a long sleeve shirt and a cap or something with your shades, can’t be having folks wondering about those bruises and marks - not yet anyways.” I grabbed my paperwork and VISITOR pass, ID, wallet, phone, and Sir looked like a puppy who was being left alone for the first time as we headed out the door. I was sure the taxi driver would say something knowing I stank, but he and Darnell hit it off like old friends, exchanging cigarettes, stories of the neighborhood, the good ol’days. We got out on the corner of the block and walked around to the back of the last building. The door on that end had a small, enclosed entryway with a bored guard sitting there looking at his cell phone. He and Darnell exchanged a few words, the door buzzed; we were let in, and took the stairs up one flight. Another guard was waiting when we opened the door and whispered, “You right on time if you still down to do this. You the cocksucker?” he asked me. Who the hell did he think I was, Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol? Darnell grunted, “You want that baby dick swallowed now or when we done? We ain’t got time for foolishness.” The guard puffed out his chest, “My shit’s BIG and LONG and just for that, admission has gone up. I plan to tap that ass too. You stay here, I’ll let him in.” He then turned to me and said, “I’ll knock when you got two minutes.” Darnell lit a cigarette and nodded for me to follow the guard. We only passed two doors when he stopped, looked one way, then the other, took his mass of keys and unlocked the door and pushed it open a crack. I stepped up, he pushed the door a little further, I slid in, and the door clicked, then locked behind me. The room was dim, bare, and my eyes focused on the body sitting in a plastic lawn chair by the window. The bold, dark outline of metal bars shone through the amber colored shade. A bright burst of light shone at the corner where the shade had been angled up; an ashtray balanced precariously on the window ledge and the occupant of the room/cell was focused on blowing his smoke out the small crack of the open window. He turned, his black skin glistening with sweat, the silver rings in his nipples catching the light and creating dancing shadows. His hair was cut short, his beard was long, thick, scruffy, and he was fucking tall. Slowly he turned to me, unfurled himself and stood up - legs and dick all extending to their full length. “So you the faggy cum dump.” It was not a question, just a statement. He slowly tapped out his cigarette, slid his fingers between the bars to close the window tight, dropped the shade back in place, and in the darkness closed the space between us. A large hand found my throat, the other the front of my pants, which deftly popped the button and pushed them down. With his hand still wrapped around my throat I was spun around like a topper on a cake as he grabbed a handful of ass flesh and gave a low growl, “YOU EVER HAD A JAILHOUSE FUCK” he asked. “MY BRO SAYS YOU CAN HANDLE IT AND GIVE ME WHAT I NEED. THAT PUSSY READY TO EAT MY SIN? THAT CUNT PREPARED TO GET STUNG? I KNOW MY BRO’S BEEN STRETCHING THAT ASS AND FILLING IT SO MAYBE YOU POZ ALREADY, BUT I BET YOU AIN’T. HE’S A WEAK MOTHER FUCKER, AND HIS NUTT IS TOO. NOT MINE, NO - AND AIDS AIN’T ALL I GOT NEITHER.” In one swift move he released my throat, grabbed both my arms, and pulled them behind my back while at the same time jamming his weaponized dick at where he estimated my ass hole was. He didn’t hit the bulls eye the first try, but close and on the second thrust he found enough of it to get where he wanted to go even if he split me some in the process. “FUCKING HURTS DON’T IT? GOD DAMN FUCKERS ALWAYS BEGGING FOR THE DICK TIL IT STARTS TEARING THEM APART. NOTHING BETTER THAN WRECKING A CUNT WITH MY STINGER - SQUIRTING MY VENOM - MAKING THAT A POISONOUS PUSSY. CRY FAGGOT BOY! I FUCK TO HURT AND HURT TO FUCK. WELCOME TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE BITCH NOW FUCKING RUN!” As quick as he had overpowered me he let go of my arms and shoved me forward, propelling me off his dick. My feet caught in my pants, I stumbled, and he circled like a lion full of disdain for the mouse he found to play with. The mandingo lion pounced and pinned me to the floor, BULLSEYE! His aim had improved, as had his intent to breed me, knowing time was not on his side. My right arm was pinned behind me; his left hand slapped my cap off and grabbed the hair on the top of my head as my ass was shown what happens in prison to sissies like me. Silently pestilence descended and like his fellow horsemen of the apocalypse he brought death, destruction, and chaos as he used me as his vessel of hate and filled me with his own blend of the end times. His balls emptied, I was let go, he stood up, kicked the plastic chair back into place, and calmly sat down and lit a fresh cigarette. I stood up, he may done, but I was not and time he found out this mouse had big fucking teeth. With my pants still halfway around my knees I walked over, turned my ass towards him, bent so he could see the hole he just raped and said, “FUCK ME, RAPE ME, BREED ME, PUSH YOUR NUTT IN THERE.” I gritted my teeth and adjusted my footing to keep my balance, as this convict did not have to be asked again. The two-minute knock sounded ungodly loud, he picked up his pace, slamming his naked body into mine, his AIDS froth boiling as he held nothing back and gifted me with another load. He yanked his dick out. I blew out a deep breath and tried to steady my heart rate. I pulled up my pants, found my hat, and said, “Thank you SIR!” He just looked at me, shook his head back and forth, then smiled, “Oh I’ll be seeing you again for sure.” Right on schedule the lock clicked, the door opened a sliver, I slid out, and followed the guard back to the stairwell. As soon as the stairwell door shut, I had my pants down and the prison guard’s face buried in my ass as he felched and slurped my fucked hole. “I love tasting pussy juice,” The guard said as he wiped his chin, “Suck me.” Darnell sat on the steps a few below us as I quickly slobbed the guard’s dick and swallowed his tangy load. He was right. He was big and long and I told Darnell when we got outside I wanted to get fucked by him sometime. My AIDS MASTER just laughed and said, “You fucking cock hound! Jesus!” Darnell’s phone started buzzing and blowing up. We stopped, he read the first message, texted back, read the next, replied, waited, replied, then put his arm around my shoulder and said, “That was him. My old cellie. You was just need homie needed. He’s got plans for you now - for next time - twisted, sick fuck. I’ll work it out so you can see him longer and there WILL be a next time and soon. We continued walking down the street, towards the 7-11 as Darnell wanted to see if any of his homeless friends were there. He said he might send some of them home with me for the night, but depends on who was hanging out. Before we got there his phone buzzed, he read the text, nodded, and turned back to the halfway house. “You go on. Catch the bus and get home. I’ll see you in the morning. I can’t wait. Homie’s got three twisted fucks from his old crew at your place waiting. He’s been out hustlin and fucking pimpin you to all the freak thugs to earn that roof over his head already. YOU READY TO SPEND ANOTHER NIGHT GETTING THAT HOLE POZZED AND FILLED AND INFECTED? Stay Tuned for Part 7 - Life Forever Changed (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  13. PART 5 - (Section 2) Feel the Burn, It’s VD Day: “Round 2,” Darnell announced for everyone, “Starts in 5 minutes. Yo homie? Where you going? Naw if you all need to piss do it in his mouth. Bloat him up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. Remember - ALL BODY FLUIDS.” I was going to have to buy a new area rug for sure as these fuckers were dribblers, early starters, surprise squirters and racehorse pissers. I swallowed three bladders of piss back-to-back and when the fourth tried I had to beg for a minute or else it all was going to come back up. Darnell gathered the gang round again, “ROUND 2 IS ABOUT DIPPING THAT ASS. BANG IT FOR THE COUNT THEN PULL OUT AND GET BACK IN LINE. NO EASY IN, JUST SLAM AND POUND. THIS AIN’T YOUR HONEYMOON OR SOME BITCH YOU GOT TO IMPRESS WITH YOUR LOVE MAKING. IT’S ABOUT GANG FUCKING A WHORE - USING THOSE BABY MAKERS AND TO TURN A BOTTOM INTO A HOOD THOT - PULSING THAT NICCA JIZZ WHEN THE TIME COMES. RIGHT?” This time the round started off with Darnell’s dick in my mouth as he held the phone for a top-down camera view and he started to count off: “1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 - PULL OUT. NEXT. 1-2-3…” and that’s how it went. Each BBC slammed in my ass, gave me 10 strokes in and out, then pulled out. That was 110 raw, diseased strokes in my hole - bareback homeless BBC filling me up, and I fucking loved it. Some were speedy and quick, others did long, slow strokes, but still, fucking wild! Next run through of the train was 20 strokes per man, when we got to 30 there was grumbling - some dicks needed fluffing while others were so ready to bust from the teasing they did not want to wait any more. “Round 3,” Darnell started as he updated the rules, “Is PUSSY IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. You homies ready to gang bang, rape fuck, creampie, and knock a bitch down and out? Yeah? YEAH?” One dude pushed another and tried to slide into my hole while one went for my mouth, batting away my hand as I tried to wipe the copious spit and dick dribble off my face. Darnell set the phone down, stood up, and pushed them both back and off. One guy yelled, “BUT I NEED SOME FUCKIN HEAD!” Darnell clapped his hands like thunder from God and said, “Yo, Yo, what I tell you about respect? There’s a time and a place and for now, keep that shit in check. Later all chains are off.” Darnell then guided me off the ottoman and I stood looking around at all the hard, eager, twitching dicks. I wondered who had AIDs? Who had something else to gift me with? Not one of them ever questioned about not using a condom, or fucking raw, or about sliding in after another guy. Darnell had gone into the bedroom and come back out with a couple of pillows, which he put in the living room chair, basically creating a fuck bench where my ass was open and accessible on one end, my body supported by the chair, and my mouth available on the other end. He grabbed me and announced, “I want this shit to hurt, so while you all got that pussy primed, once we start, no stopping. Give me a minute while I make sure your whore treat is ready.” I stumbled towards the bathroom as Darnell pushed me along, thankful as I had to piss so fucking bad and felt like I had to drop a baby from my ass. “YO!” he hollered before he stepped in the bathroom with me, “Put some of those towels on the couch and shit before you sit your skank asses down.” I laughed, then focused on pissing. Nothing. Darnell set his cell on the bath sink, unzipped, slid between me and the bathtub and pushed his dick in me, “Let me hit that prostate, fuck the piss out of you.” It took a few tries, but started to work and soon my kidneys released a steady stream that I thought would never end. When I wiggled the last few drops off my dick, Darnell pulled me tighter and whispered, “You ready? Up to now the dogs been on a short leash. Chains coming off. I won’t let them break no bones, bruise your face, that sort of shit, but all else is on the table. YOU WILL BE RAPED - YOU WILL BE FUCKED HARD AND ROUGH - YOU WILL BE SMACKED, CHOKED, ABUSED. YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO YOUR LIMIT AND THEN BEYOND. YOU WILL BE NOTHING BUT A LIVING FLESHLIGHT FOR RAW BBC - FOR DISEASED NICCA DICK - FOR THOSE THUGS AND HOMIES WHO CARE NOTHING BUT SLUT FUCKING.” Back in the living room the homeless gang were anxious to get started and no sooner had Darnell positioned me across the chair, adjusted the pillows, and gave an evil laugh knowing I had no place to run now, then hot man meat was in my hand so I could stroke one while others hit my holes and the voices all overlapped urging each other on and giving direction: “RAPE THAT BITCH - FUCK THAT PUSSY - IS THAT SHIT GOOD OR WHAT? YOU CUMMIN BRO? WHO’S NEXT? MY MONSTER JUST PARKED... HURRY THE FUCK UP AND NUTT! SHIT I’M CUMMING...OH FUCK...OH… THIS ASS IS WET ALREADY. HOW MUCH JIZZ YOU THINK WILL FIT UP IN HERE? IT’S A DEEP ASS, THICK FOR A WHITE BITCH - YOU KNOW THERE’S SOME NICCA DADDY IN THAT FAMILY TREE... NAW, JUST OUR CUM - LOLOL... YO MAN - HE CAN’T BREATH - YOU HEAR HIM CHOKING? DON’T MATTER, I’M DOING ALL THE WORK... I JUST BLEW THE BIGGEST FUCKING WAD! DAMN BITCH THAT WAS GOOD... JESUS - YOU GONNA HAVE TO CLEAN THIS CHAIR, THERE’S ASS JUICE STREAMING DOWN THE SIDE... YO BRO - YOU BETTER GET A PICTURE OF THIS - HOLY CHRIST! LOOK AT ALL THAT CHUNKY LOAD JUST GLISTENING THAT HOLE... LEMME PREP IT SOME MORE - SCRATCH THAT HOLE UP… SOMEONE STICK YOUR DICK IN HIS MOUTH - TIRED OF HEARING THAT WHIMPERING… WRECK THAT HOLE BRO, TEAR IT UP WITH THAT THUG DICK! On and on the BBC fucked me. I gave up trying to adjust my position and the one time I was in danger of sliding off the chair sideways, Darnell was there and just pushed me back and once again I was pinned by dick at both ends. I had fantasized about being gang fucked and had watched videos and shit on the internet, but nothing can prepare you. It starts out sharp, intense, painful, joyous, and you try to be be participant, to be a partner in the fuck. It’s not that at all. My mind faded out, my body went limp and reacted from force or reflex only. It’s like over dosing on dick - total bliss - and yeah a few times I would ‘come to’ and react like when #7, the horse dick guy - slammed in, but mostly it all just felt FUCKING AMAZING! The gang fuck train rolled over me for a while and I had no idea how many of them nutted in me like that, or how long they had been using me. The next time I focused was when one of them helped me stand up, someone commented about all the shit running down my legs and I freaked thinking he meant ‘shit’ and started to apologize. Darnell shook me a little, “You good! Easy. You totally clean - well, no, frankly you a God awful mess and draining nutt and ass juice and red all over the place. You been stretched wide open, so just relax, no way you can hold it in. He was right, I tried clenching my hole and nothing - it was like that part of my body was paralyzed. To add to my thot humiliation and submission, Darnell had me step off the rug onto the wood floor then once a little puddle of man juice had formed ordered me to get down and lap it up. My gang fuck was not over yet. I was then laid on the floor of the living room on a blanket from the bed as one after another the guys took turns fucking my mouth or ass how they wanted - missionary style, doggy, on my side with one leg lifted, on my back, however. I did hit a wall and started crying out, “PLEASE STOP, I CAN’T, PLEASE STOP, I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!” but no one listened and once again my body adjusted, took it all, and sent me back into bliss. I swallowed more piss, took spit, my gums got gouged, my hole scratched, my face slapped, my throat choked, my body bruised and tore up, my guts filled with multiple VDs - all in service to my AIDS MASTER! Darnell had to practically carry me to the bathroom the next time and hold me up as I slumped on the toilet. I felt drunk, out of it. I remember him asking me if I had an extra phone charger, and something else, but then the next thing I know I am face down on my bed with some anonymous dick pounding my ass. I must have fallen asleep from exhaustion, or passed out, or whatever, yet when I came awake I was still on the bed and there was some other homeless guy dicking me telling me what a good slut I was. There was a break in the train and I was left alone on the bed for a little while, but I still could hear a group of voices in the living room. Were they all still here? Hard to tell and I couldn’t get up to go look. I did manage to roll to the side and grab a towel and wipe at my blown up hole. I flinched, a wave of sharp pain rocketed through me, I gasped, and laid flat again. I dozed off, not sure for how long, but when I awoke this time I managed to sit up, stand up, wrapped a sheet around my body and slowly walked out to the living room, holding the wall for support. “Told you fuckers my white wife would come begging for more dick!” Darnell said as he stood up, came over, and gave me a long, passionate kiss - the taste of ash and cigarette smoke on his tongue a welcome balm. My condo was a total mess and then I focused on who was left - four guys and Darnell. “You can clean up tomorrow,” Darnell said with a casual wave of his hand, “and why you trying to hide. Show the homies the effects of that black GANGBANG train that run over you.” I dropped the sheet to the floor, shivered, stepped forward, and did a slow turn so the guys that were left could see the visible marks on my body. Darnell put his arm around me and hugged me with pride, “You daddy’s bitch? My AIDs whore? Fuck you done good, but we not done yet. You see these dudes? They are the best of the best - or worst of the worst maybe more correct. We sent the other playas off once they finished tapping that ass and draining their nutt. Time for the HARDCORE EXTREME shit!” (*reader be cautioned*) At least Darnell let me have some water and use the bathroom and I then told him I was not sure I could take any more. He grunted - total MASTER dismissal. Darnell had his phone back out and there were four monster BBC eager to take off. The guy closest to me was #7 - with the wasted body and too huge dick. He guided me to the couch, had me get up on my knees on the seat and grab the back as he punch fucked my hole with his 12-inch+ horse dick. I had little resistance to offer and his 12+inches blew open my guts and was buried balls deeps in one fell swoop. I arched my back, threw my head back and yelled as he opened anew the raw flesh and his rough pubic hair ground like sandpaper against my tender cheeks. They all laughed, then several strokes later I was begging for it, “Harder, deeper, more!!” My rapist paused, Darnell sat on the couch to my left and set out several syringes on a paper towel. He tapped one and said to me, “I’m an evil, cruel, son-of-a-bitch and won’t be truly happy until I have you infected with everything imaginable. Time for a 3-point exposure. Each of these homies not only got the biggest dicks in the bunch, they got the most toxic nutt and blood. I’m going to do a draw from each and inject you, just like we did with G. While I do that, they will take turns gouging your gums and skin to make fresh wounds and will prick their fingers and rub all the spots. At the same time, that hole is going to get prepped beyond anything you had so far, then each of us will not only spread our pricked fingers around and dig it some more, but then will rape fuck the hell out of you and keep going back and forth between the two until we all tap out.” The horse dick started up again as I watched Darnell do the draw from his arm first. The way the red floated, flowed, filled the syringe was a samba of death. The fucking stopped, the big dick yanked out, fingers scratched at my puffy hole, the dick was slammed back in as I gasped and saw stars, Darnell held my left arm steady and did the first blood slam. The process was repeated four more times, then the used syringes were passed to each of the homeless men who found spots on my flesh to gouge and wound in which they could rub their pricked fingers. Darnell focused on my gums and the guy fucking focused on the tramp stamp spot as he continued to pound me. When they were satisfied and so horny all their dicks were needing to release, the horse dick eased out of my open ass and I waited. Darnell set a bag on the couch and pulled out something that looked like a toilet brush, but a little smaller. One of the guys behind me said, “I don’t think it’s going to fit.” Darnell laughed, it’s not supposed to, not yet, but it will.” Two guys worked their fingers around in my mouth as Darnell took his brush to my ass. He was right, that was beyond anything I had experienced that day - or ever. My body felt like I was going into shock as my AIDS MASTER and his infectious friends continued their viral work. Darnell passed the brush to someone else so he could video what was happening and made sure to get a close up of the tears streaming down my face while they continued to work my ass and body over. The brushing stopped, I sighed in relief, someone lined themselves up behind me, leaned over, covered my mouth with two hands and SLAMMED THEIR DICK INTO MY PREPPED, RED ASS. I tried to run and managed to use their force to pull my knees forward a little bit. The guy then stepped up onto the couch seat His body shook with intensity as he cummed in me. Having infected my ass, he pulled out, the brush was used again, then the next guy mounted me missionary style as I lay faced down on the couch. Breed and repeat, breed and repeat, breed and repeat - brush, fuck, more BBC nutt. The sun was setting and the condo was getting darker as another homeless thug finished his last fuck, got dressed, and left. Darnell and #7, horse dick, remained. “Didn’t you cum? I asked as I looked at his still hard shaft and wondered how a guy so wasted could have such stamina? He chuckled, blew out the smoke from his cigarette, slapped his horse dick a couple times, slid his rolls of foreskin further back to show how solid that fist head was and said, “Not yet, but getting ready to”, as he cast a sly look at Darnell. I was walked back over to the wood floor and Darnell said, “Squat like a bitch and let all those nicca babies out - flush that hole.” My legs were so weak I couldn’t really get in the position so he put a dining room chair in front of me to hang onto and got behind me with his cell to video as I squatted and heaved and pushed. My guts had been so banged out not much happened so horse dick leaned over my back and with both hands pried my hole open and fingered the edge a bit. A little liquid went SPLAT - the streams started running down my legs, then as I squatted a little more a torrent of BBC nutt and ass juice covered rushed forth. “GOD DAMN LOOK AT THAT. THAT HOLE PUFFING OUT, DISPELLING ALL THAT AIDS NUTT. THE VIRUS HAS HAD PLENTY OF TIME TO CRAWL AROUND AND BURROW IN AND TIME TO GET READY FOR GRAND FINALE,” Darnell said. When the stream had ended, I was ordered to lap at the large pool. I couldn’t. There was just no way and when I grabbed a towel and tossed it on the mess, Darnell scowled and cuffed me. I stood up, followed horse dick guy to the bed, he laid on his back and I crawled up on him. He was so bony and his body was so thin, it was uncomfortable. Hands like raven claws grabbed my head and he opened his mouth to kiss me, paused, scraped at my gum, then kissed me some more. I felt his monster dick head at my hole as Darnell lined it up and when it was on the bullseye he bucked his hips and popped it in. He let go of my head, put his arms out, and let me ride him. That 12-inch+ dick filled me deep and wide and I wanted his dirty cum more than anything! After a few minutes he pushed me to the side, slipped out of my ass, and crawled off the bed. He and Darnell conversed, Darnell set a bag on the bed, and out came the chains. Darnell snapped a set of handcuffs tight around my wrists, smiling as I complained they were too tight. Horse dick guy wrapped leather straps with chrome rings around my ankles, looped chain through the rings, then flopped me onto my stomach and with the my feet tied dragged me back to the edge of the bed. He took a towel, roughly wiped at my slick hole to dry it up. Darnell climbed on the bed, positioned his dick in my mouth then said, “RAPE THAT PUSSY!” The shy breeder body slammed my hole, intent on making me feel every inch of his foot long dong. Darnell provided the voice over, noting how, “THAT NICCA RAPING THAT WHITE ASS - MAKING IT HIS! THAT’S THE WAY A FUCKA SHOULD DICK A HOLE - ROUGH, RAW, DEEP, NO FUCKIN-MERCY!” Several minutes later I was flipped on my side, my chained feet swung around onto the edge of the bed as my floppy hole was exposed, waiting, and without Darnell’s dick in my mouth I cried out as I was stretched and gutted. The homeless guy took care of that quick enough as he found someone’s dirty underwear to jam in my mouth. Every breath smelled like ass, unwashed balls, and funk. “LOOK AT THAT AIDS DICK SLIDING IN AND OUT OF THAT ASS!” Darnell said, “THAT HOLE IS SO RAW, SHREDDED, RIPPED, AND TURNT OUT - FUCKING EH WHAT A THOT! MY THOT! I MADE THAT BITCH - YOU HOMIES WANT A TASTE - DIP AND STICK? NO LIMITS HERE - NO RISK OF ADDING TO YOUR RAP SHEET - WE TALKING THAT EXTREME SHIT THAT EVEN YOUR GIRL WON’T DO.” The horse dick inside me swelled, he paused, repositioned himself, started to push sideways, and as he picked up the pace, Darnell announced, “ANOTHER FAGGOT DEATH ON THE BOOKS! ADD ONE MORE TEAR DROP TATT TO THE HOMIE’S FACE - FUCK YEAH!” Horse dick shuddered and I thought for sure he was having a God damn heart attack or something. My stomach swelled, my guts ached, Jesus how much cum did he shoot? The homeless guy pulled out and walked out to the living room, Darnell mounted me and fucked me hard and fast, “FUCK YEAH SLOPPY CUNT - READY FOR MASTER’S NUTT - FEEL MY JIZZ - FEEL MY AIDS BABIES - FEEL ME INFECT YOU - HOLY HELL YEAH - HERE IT COMES - SPURTING MY MILK - SPURTING MY DIRTY CUM IN THAT WET, SLOPPY HOLE - JESUS I LOVE THAT SHIT - SO FUCKING SLOPPY - ALL THAT NICCA NUTT MAK… OH DAMN - HERE IT GOES BABY - HERE IT GOES - BEEN WAITING ALL GOD-DAMN-DAY - HERE YOU GO BABY - POZZING YOU! POZZING YOU! HELL YEAH POZZING YOU!” Darnell’s breeding was done. I faded out - on the bed, cuffed, chained, full of BBC cum torrent with disease that soaked my mattress. I woke up to Darnell kissing me, “I got to run to get back before curfew. You was a fuckin amazing white wife/boy/thot/cumdump/victim today!” Jesus I never! Anyways, I got your keys, need to get me a set made since this is my work release and all. I’ll be back by 7:00 in the morning.” I started to ask him to untie me when the horse dick homeless guy came to the doorway and Darnell popped his head back around and said, “Oh yeah, homie needs a place to crash tonight - told him he could stay here and keep raping that pussy. See ya!” STAY TUNED FOR PART 6 - THE SCORPION STING (*From the author: If you like the story, let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  14. PART 5 - (Section 1) Feel the Burn, It’s VD Day : The homeless BBC gathered round and oohed and aahed. Darnell stood like a proud husband, or pimp, and said, “Aiight, we got 10 minutes before we catch the bus and my bitch here has invited us all to his place for the day. You know the deal once we get there. Right now though, who’s gonna be the first to stuff this white ass and start filling it back up? Make it feel the burn?” While deals were made and the BBC gang negotiated who would get to fill me first, Darnell held my face between his hands, leaned in and gently nibbled at my ear before whispering, “This is your gang fuck VD Day. All these fuckers are toxic with multiple venereal diseases and I can’t wait to fuck that sloppy pussy once they finish filling it, stretching it, and gaping it.” He smiled as he stepped back and I grunted as I got body slammed into him as the BBC winner broke my hole open and was off to the races. I never knew which one of them it was that bred me behind the strip mall; we didn’t have time to chitchat because as soon as he unloaded in me, everyone gathered up their shit and we made for the bus stop. I know I had a big wet spot forming on my ass, but in the midst of all that man flesh, no one was paying that any mind. Darnell had me get on first and he used my money to handle payment for everyone else. One of the guys pushed me all the way to the back and up the two steps to the slightly raised section where there were five seats across the rear of the bus, and two rows with two seats on each side. The elderly lady and one man that were sitting in that area behind the rear exit door quickly got up and moved towards the front. I still was not exactly sure how many guys were coming as once Darnell sat down in the middle seat right in the center at the back, there were five others standing in the aisle and trying to sit in the two rows, and several others beyond them standing in the area by the back exit door and taking the few seats on the side. The bus had barely started rolling before they started shifting seats and positions as conversations or quarrels dictated. Before we even made it to the next stop, Darnell had pulled his dick out, “Suck it,” he demanded. I looked towards the front, afraid someone could see, but with the few guys standing in the aisle right in front of us, all I saw were bodies with the occasional gaps of light as the bus swayed. I tried to lean over and grab his dick and lick but my AIDS MASTER cuffed me and said, “No, get on your knees and mean it.” I knelt on the bus floor in the aisle, my back facing the front as Darnell spread his legs and let me at his BBC. The men closest to us stood closer, edged closer on their seats, and I was sure their commentary would alert the bus driver: “Fuck look at that whore - choking on his shit right here…. Bitch gives sloppy neck fo sure - my man’s brick… Can’t wait to bust in that pussy, and lay up in that shit… Total freak yeah, just how I like faggies…” The bus made another stop, the doors opened and closed, I don’t know who got on or off and could not see and could only hear the homeless gang that was all now focused on what was happening at the back. I felt like a bad parent on a field trip and that I should tell all the kids to sit down, but my mouth was full so what could I do? Darnell tapped me on the head, “Stand up.” I did, had to grab the back of the seat to keep my balance as the bus moved, Darnell turned me around and I was met with numerous eyes all anxious. Darnell’s hands easily popped open my jeans and yanked my pants down past my hips. My hand gripped the back of the seat harder as he pushed me a little forward and started scratching at my wet hole with his nails. I scrunched up my face in pain and one of the homeless guys in front of me started rubbing his hands on my body. Darnell pulled his fingers out and held them up, “A bitch should be given her period before the good dick.” He then scooted a bit forward in the seat while pulling me back and I felt his BBC head at my ass - ready to go in. I held tight to the seat, not wanting it there - that way - but he pulled, the homeless pushed, my grip slipped and I yelped as my body was skewered by his raw ex-con dick. The homeless guy right in front of me immediately unzipped his pants and held out his crusty dick. It was not that big at first glance, but had a long foreskin. I opened my mouth and chewed on his skin, tasting the cheese that awaited me inside as Darnell laughed and held me steady. “That pussy just pulsed and twitched,” Darnell explained to his BBC gang as calls rose for the guy to move to let others have their turn. The bus stopped, doors opened and closed, and the next homeless BBC dick was put in my mouth. Darnell pressed his right hand over my eyes while still holding me tight on his dick with his left arm around my torso. With his mouth close to my left ear he said, “YOU EVER HAD SO MUCH BLACK MAMBA JUICE FILLING YOUR HOLES? YOU READY TO GET TAGGED AND GAGGED BY A GANG OF NYMPHO, SEX ADDICTED BBC FREAKS? YOU TASTING THAT DISEASE? TASTING THAT VILENESS? LIKE ROADKILL ON A HOT SOUTHERN INTERSTATE - RIPE, RANK, FULL OF MAGGOTS AND BUGS.” I wanted to puke a little at that thought, but Darnell shifted, bucked, and his AIDS monster bit my insides and endorphins flooded my brain. One after another raw, anonymous, dirty, filthy, plague ridden BBC was fed to me and I licked, sucked, and let each and every one of them mark my mouth. “Get up, next stops is ours,” Darnell ordered while pushing me off his dick. I gasped, staggered at being suddenly empty and multiple hands tried grabbing my open hole, trying to guide me to new meat. “YO!,” Darnell hollered far too loudly, “Bros - we off at the next stop. Get it fucking together.” He patted my ass once my pants were up, tapped out a cigarette as the bus swayed side-to-side- lit it and blew the smoke at me then said, “What the fuck they going to do right? Kick me off?” The bus slowed, jerked, and came to a complete stop. As one homeless BBC after another stepped down and off onto the sidewalk Darnell grabbed me tight, kissed me with his dirty mouth, then said in a quiet voice, “You making me proud! Fuck you’s a freak!” Darnell put his arm around my shoulder and guided me down the sidewalk. I craned my neck around still trying to figure out how many fucking BBC he had tagging along. “Eyes up front bitch,” Darnell said with a chuckle as he cuffed my head. I grumbled, put my head down, and tried to sneak a peek knowing the consequences would be severe. We must have made quite the impression for as we walked down the sidewalk folks crossed the street, or walked into the grass to give us a wide berth. Luckily my condo was close by and I was thankful again that the front desk was in the South building. They had cameras in my building’s lobby, but they were rarely watched and I could only imagine the uproar a gang of BBC - homeless BBC at that - would cause. “Hold on a minute, we’re not all here yet,“ Darnell said. “Go on in, then you can buzz me up.” There was some weird shuffling, chatter, apprehension among the gang, but I opened the building door, held it for the BBC behind me, and went to the elevator. I got on the elevator with four of the homeless guys, the doors closed, the small space filled with man musk and the smell of need, desire, lust, and domination - all for me! I unlocked my condo door and let the homeless guys go in and as soon as I closed it and the latch clicked there were rough hands pulling and tugging, dicks being fished out, and BBC demanding attention. “BEND THE FUCK OVER,” one of them said. I gasped as a dry, prickly shaft gouged into my hole while another guy made me bend forward to start polishing his knob. The guy fucking me lifted his left leg like a dog taking a piss as he fucked, trying to make my guts stretch like putty. My phone rang, but I was speared and being jack fucked at both ends and could not reach it. The phone rang again and with all my strength I twisted, turned, flapped, and fluttered and manager to get free much to the anger of the two BBC who had been in me, and the other two who were jacking their dicks like mad anxious to get a taste. “Hello?” I said, holding my cell with one hand while using my other to try to push eager BBC away. “What the fuck!” Darnell exclaimed from the front door. “Buzz me the fuck in - NOW!” I hit the button, turned and said, “You guys better pull yourself together. I don’t think he’ll be happy if he knew what just happened.” They mumbled, but agreed. As the four walked into my living room and started to make themselves to home and they asked: “Where’s the remote? You got porn? What you got to drink? Hey any more smokes? Is this roast beef?” The questions continued as I met Darnell as the door. He growled, “Step the fuck back.” He came in, spun me around, then said, “Yo, come on.” I heard more footsteps and felt the brush of several bodies walk by. Darnell slammed me against the wall, “GET THOSE CLOTHES OFF BITCH - YOU ON THUG TIME NOW AND MY HOMIES ARE GOING TO RIP THAT PUSSY TO SHREDS, MAKE IT RED, AND RAPE FUCK IT WITH SO MUCH DISEASE! YOU ARE GOING TO BE FILLED WITH DECAYING FLESH AND THRIVING INFECTIONS. THEN WHEN THEY DONE - HOURS AND HOURS FROM NOW WHEN YOU CANNOT EVEN STAND - I’M GOING TO BASTE MY DICK IN THAT ASS, EXPLORE EVERY INCH OVER AND OVER USING THEIR INFECTED NUTT AS LUBE BEFORE I POZ YOU AGAIN!” My dick was hard and I tried to hide it with my t-shirt as Darnell shoved me naked out into the gang of homeless BBC that had invaded my home. I nervously scanned the room; there were at least seven guys, maybe nine - no wait 11? Or did I count twice? Fuck was hard to tell as they kept moving and shifting. Some had their pants down, some were fully dressed, a couple had masks or bandanas over their faces I guess because they did not want to be identified in a line up later. Darnell dragged me by the arm through the mass of men, kicked the ottoman into the center of the living room rug, and took charge, “LISTEN UP FUCKAS! YOU KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE. I WANT TO SEE MY BITCH WHITE BOY WIFE GET THE FULL-ON NICCA THUG TREATMENT - YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. GANG RAPE THE BITCH. ROUGH AS YOU WANT, DEEP AS YOU WANT, RAW AND MIGHTY WITH ALL THAT MOTHA-FUCKING-NUTT BEING PLANTED INSIDE.” Darnell shoved me forward into the arms of the closest BBC who quickly spun me around and began pawing at my hole, digging at it with his long nails, prepping it for the dirty cum. “I WANT TO SEE THAT PUSSY STRETCHED, GAPED, AND RAPED.” Darnell continued, “I WANT TO HEAR THE BITCH CRY, BEG FOR MERCY, AND TRY TO RUN. NO TAPPING OUT ALLOWED! NO MATTER WHAT, KEEP FUCKING - NO MATTER WHAT, KEEP NUTTING - NO MATTER WHAT KEEP SHREDDING THAT HOLE.” The BBC gang was hooting, hollering, and worked up like a pro football team ready to win the championship. Darnell continued, “HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO THROW THAT PRISON FUCK, TO ADD TO YOUR RAP SHEET, TO MURDER A BITCH WITH THAT NUTT, TO FUCK WITH NO LIMITS!” The cheers got louder, Darnell held up his hand, “BUT, there are a few house rules and trust - if you break ONE - your ass is gone: be respectful, you can treat my boy like a bitch and a hoe, but don’t pull no crazy shit no thieving or grieving - you are guests in this house - MY house no drugs - period - if you do, you’re OUT - if you need to, then blow your nutt first then hit the street and be gone today is all about blowing out that white pussy hole - filling ass with dick, nutt, piss in the mouth no verse shit, no fluffing on the sly, no creeping - only my white boy wife gets to taste or feel those dicks - you hear me? YOU FUCKAS READY TO GET THIS BANG STARTED?” Darnell shoved me forward; I got on my hands and knees on the ottoman and shook with excitement and fear as multiple BBC began circling me. I turned my head to the left and saw Darnell making himself comfortable in the easy chair, lighting a fresh Newport, and kicking a dude out of the way with his stomper boots so he had a clear field of vision to me. Out came his cell phone, “YO - YO LISTEN UP. FIRST COUPLE OF ROUNDS I’M THE FUCKING RING MASTER AND THIS IS MY GANGFUCK CIRCUS. WANT TO CATCH IT ON VIDEO. MY FAG BOY WHORE HAS TO EARN HIS - MY KEEP - SO I NEED TO PIMP OUT THE GOODS AND SHOW THE OTHER HOMIES WHAT’S ON THE TABLE. DO AS I SAY - UNDERSTAND? I WON’T SHOW ANY FACES, THIS IS ALL DOWN LOW SHIT.” “Round 1,” Darnell said, “Line up, tap and fill both ends, just enough for a taste and flavor.” I adjusted myself, not that I was having second thoughts, but I frankly had no idea what to expect and so steadied myself for whatever. The homeless guys formed a line that snaked around the inside of my condo. The first one stepped up to my front and wagged a long, skinny dick at eye level that was the color of caramel halfway up the shaft then bright pink. I looked up and the gang began to introduce themselves: #1 - “I’m just a dreadhead lookin to have fun.” I looked at his gold chains, teeth, rings, bracelets, dry, cracked lips with clouds billowing around his head. Instead of thinking of his dick my first thought was, “How does a homeless dude afford the bling?” He moved around behind me and with no mercy started digging at my hole with his equally long, skinny fingers before forcing his dick up my eager cum hole. The next guy stepped forward. #2 - “Call me King Kush.” His dick was thick, the skin the darkest ebony, even the head. He was totally naked and stood with a cigarette held up to his mouth while I looked up his body. He was covered in tattoos - his torso, chest, arms, neck, and several on his face. He had several teardrop tattoos on his face and a big cobweb on his chest attesting to many years in prison - but he looked too young for all that. Either way I gagged and choked when he fed me his dick. It was covered in an unknown, and unnamed slime - riddled with bugs I was sure. #3 - When he stepped up, number #1 pulled out of my ass, #2 walked around and slammed in, I arched my back, and #3 stuffed my mouth. His jeans were sagging, his blue plaid boxers showing, his dick was hanging out his fly. While I sucked him he shook his hips back and forth a little, spanked the spot where his shaft met his pants, laughed and said, “Shit’s got to breath mother fuckers.” #4 - The BBC continued their rotation moving from my mouth to my ass. The next guy stepped up and had EWMN tattooed on his right hand below the knuckles. I looked up, he smiled, gave his wild beard a tug, and explained, " These letters stand for 'Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty.' You bout ready for that first abortion? My dick'll scrape you inside out and make that womb bleed right - give you your period so you ready to get pregnant all over again." #5 - I cried out as #4 started his procedure on my ass while the next BBC said, “They call me Moses cause I parts the Red Sea.” He had a monster dick, and a monster body, not just big, but overweight/obese. How do homeless guys get fat? All love though as I like big guys and feeling a true man on my back, not some child, was going to feel amazing! But still, I could hear the voice of an old lesbian friend who anytime she saw someone who she thought was even 1 pound too heavy would cry out, “Who’s been feeding my baby?” #6 - The Ass Breaker - This mandingo monster stepped up, cupped my head with both hands and said, “Oh, pretty pretty princess.” What the fuck? Before I could ask the question or object he buried his massive BBC in my throat and petted me like a Pekinese puppy as he long necked me while saying, “I be bringing peace to the world by slangin my PIECE!” #7 - Dead Man Walking - The other guys gave him a wide berth and as I eyed him up and down could see why. First, they were intimidated by his dick, which even soft was as big as some of theirs hard. The head was like a fist with rolls of foreskin rippling down over it. Truly looked like a horse’s dick. Second, his skin was ashy gray, the dark cocoa undertones nothing but shadow. He was wasted, skinny, bones sticking out and the muscles left on his arms and legs seemed to be stuck on and reminded me of chicken when the skin is peeled off. Even his voice was dry, raspy, breathy, but when he rolled back that foreskin for me to taste his dick I was in disease heaven! There was a slight pause before the next BBC stepped to my throat and as #7 clawed at my ass, seeking to touch my life source, I looked at Darnell with a, “Is this some bad BBC version of the Avengers?” expression. All thought was lost though when #7 pushed his 12+inches into my ass. My hole stretched, split, and I cried out. He kept going. I would have cried louder but another dick stuffed my mouth. Darnell had gotten up to get a close up shot of the damage being done, “THAT’S RIGHT - BREAK THAT HOLE, YEAH NICCA I KNOW MOST BITCHES CAN’T TAKE IT, THAT’S WHY YOU HERE. THIS ONE CAN - WELL MAYBE NOT FULLY RIGHT NOW - BUT YOU SEE? WHEN YOU GET ONE-ON-ONE I WANT TO GET THAT MONEY SHOT WHEN YOU BALLS DEEP AND PULSING YOUR LEGACY DEEP IN THAT HOLE.” #8-11 were a blur after that. My arms shook, my legs hurt, my body was crying out in pain and ecstasy. One guy did have a PA in the head of his dick, which I thought for sure chipped my teeth and then when he stuck it in my ass it felt like a hacksaw slicing back and forth. (see below for (Section 2) of PART 5 - Feel the Burn, It’s VD Day to be posted later today) (*From the author: If you like the story, let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
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    Bottoms being called "bitch"

    I find that my straight fuck buddies - those guys who just want a hole, any hole - to fuck and cum in, are more likely to call me bitch, pussy, whatever and I don't care what they say as it is all about the dick and load, so whatever gets them off!

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