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    • By PowerTopper
      No bleeding
      No scat
      The slut loves piss, lives in the village, frequently at steamworks, strangle, degrade, she doesn't care, no condoms
      Tell her PowerTopper sent you she'll thank me later

    • By Emzop
      Just finally made a Twitter and put some things up. Follow me and spread me around, maybe I'll get to get a bunch more loads from it. I'm a cumdumppig and hungry for loads all the time. Lmk I live in Central Massachusetts and go to surrounding bathhouses for loads. Hmu! 
      Twitter : @cumswirls 
      Bbrt : useNabuse
    • By BXCommunityDick
      New to NYC, tried to fight the addiction.
      why am I only wanting poz holes now? 
      28, been single and gay over 14 years. 
      Im at a new hole a day now. Was never this way b4 nyc. Effecting health and focus- made myself a page @bxcommunitydick on all gay apps. After I cum 15mins later im horny again. How does one master sex addiction? Rican here.
    • By Emzop
      Going to CBC 2/9/19 I'm a neg bttm who loves taking any and every load possible. Lmk of you want to breed me. I'm 26,5'7",150# 6uc,wild bttm. Will take your load anywhere. From central Massachusetts but will travel. Kik emzop. 
      I’m going to tell you the true story how i met one of my hottest sex-buddies. A few friends of mine told me about a hot young guy they met at a party. They said that he started very young with bare sex, got pozzed at 18, and did some bare porn when he was just 19. They send me the link to one of his porn vids, and i saw a blond young guy with a slim tattooed and pierced body fucking an older guy with a huge 10 inch cock. He was so fucking hot that i shot a huge load without touching myself. A year later i was looking for hot baresex on chems on Grindr when i got a message:
      “Hi! Also into Kinky? Assplay? FF?”
      I replied by telling him that i was into kinky and that i was experienced with assplay & FF. I was 18 when i started and that i had a huge collection with huge dildo’s and buttplugs. He answered me with:
      “FUCKING HOT! You also slam? T?”
      I told him that i have done it a few times and that i would love to do it with him.
      “ParTy now?! I’m at the trainstation. Can you pick me up?”
      He also send me some pictures. I regonized him immediately as that hot blond from the porn video. My cock nearly exploded. I told him i could be there in 10 minutes. I jumped in my car and raced to the station. I saw him sitting on a bench. I pulled up. He saw me, walked over and got into my car. He didn’t say much. When we arrived at my house he put his stuff in the corner and started to strip, i followed his lead. He put a bag on my counter and asked “Do you have a playroom?”. “Yes! It’s ready and waiting” i replied. He didn’t want to waist any time and said “I always start with a T slam… I love being raunchy!”. He began to prepare two syringes. Took two straps and handed me one. We tied off our arm. We both to a syringe and found a vein in our arm. “Let’s do it together” he said. I nodded and we pushed the content inside our bloodstream. With one hand he released my stap en with the other his. We couched together. The T spread thru our bodies. I saw his eyes change. I grab his arm and headed to the playroom. Raunchy bare porn was playing on the TV. He told me to lay on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge. He hung his semi hard cock in front of my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. His cock started to grow and he started to push his cock deep inside. He slowly started to face fuck me jamming his cock deeper with every thrust. I started to gag and gasp and try to move aways. He wrapped his hands around my throat and started to fuck my throat harder. I started to gag as he fuck my throat deeper. My gagging made him horny because i could feel his cock grow and getting harder inside my throat. He pulled out enough so i could gasp some air before sliding it back in ball deep. His cock gets covered with a thick layer of spit. He pulled out and asked me for lube. I handed him a big syringe with lube. He shot some up his ass and asked me to do the same. He walked over to my toys and grab two similar big dildo’s and placed them on the floor and begins rubbing lube on them. “The one that slides over it first decides what to do next!” he said and gets on his knees and positions his ass against the head. I quickly do the same. We both begin to push down. I take deep breaths as my ass begins to slowly open up. I grab a bottle of poppers. I open it and hold it under his nose. He closes up on side of his nose and take 5 deep breaths. Then i take some deep hits my self. I can see how he starts to slide over the head of the dildo. My ass is giving way and with a plop the head enters. A few seconds he follows. We slowly begin sliding the dildo deeper inside. He says “You not going to win”. I one move the last 5 inches slide inside of him as he grunts. I lost but i show him that my ass also can take the whole length. He grabs my nipples and start twisting. I do the same and we both begin to grunt deep. “You won so what do you want to do next?” I ask  him. “Breed my ass and then fist your cum deep in me!” he replies. He stands up and with one hand he keeps the dildo inside while he moves over to the sling. I do the same and I put on the rubber short. The rubber short prevents the dildo from sliding out of my ass. i open the zipper in the front to free my rock hard dick. I grab the dildo in his ass and i slowly pull it out. His ass stays open and i start to slide my 7.8inch cock in. It feels moist and warm. He starts to beg“Yeah fuck me. Breed me. I want to feel it inside”. I tell him that the harder he plays with my nipples, the harder i will fuck. He grabs my nipples and start twisting and pinching them. I begin grunting as he starts to twist harder. I begin to pound his ass and after 10 minutes i feel that the pressure begins to build. I put my hands around his throat and begin to choke him slowly. The lack of oxygen makes his body quiver. The look in his eyes changes to total submission and begs me to cum. I release my grip and he start to gasp for air. The deep breath tightens up his ass which triggers a explosion of cum. Thick streams of cum begin filling his ass. This raunchy boy made me cum so hard. I pulled out grabbed my cock and pushed it back in. He moaned while i slide inside. I start to jerk out the last drops of cum inside before pulling out. Then i started to fist the cum deep inside his ass. With every stroke i slide deeper until i was elbow deep. I pulled out and made a fist and rammed it back in. I started to punch fuck his ass. Every time i pulled out his ass became more open. After 10 minutes he asked for a break. “Let’s prepare another slam before it’s your turn” he said. I smiles and answered “You can do with my ass what you want!”. “Can you handle double?” he asked. I nodded as we walk to the kitchen.

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