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    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Looking for the worst of the worst to flood my hole at Parliament in Orlando on July 13. No load refused so if u like to charge, come use me! I will be the only bttm. Check my party details on bbrt. Username there is AnonBttmSlutOrl. 
    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Looking for the worst of the worst to flood my hole at Parliament in Orlando on July 13. No load refused so if u like to charge, come use me! I will be the only bttm. Check my party details on bbrt. Username there is AnonBttmSlutOrl. 
    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Looking for the worst of the worst to flood my hole at Parliament in Orlando on July 13. No load refused so if u like to charge, come use me! I will be the only bttm. Check my party details on bbrt. Username there is AnonBttmSlutOrl. 
    • By 1981virginia
      My Blindfolded Boy Tricks Me
      My boy and I both get off on sharing his hole with new guys. I had been travelling a lot for work lately, leaving him to hunt for his own fresh cock. We were both on PrEP and rarely missed a dose. I was home for the week and got a text saying that his meds had been delivered, I went to the mailbox, but it was open and empty. We ordered a replacement, but they said it would take some time to arrive, so I split my pills with him so he wouldn’t miss a dose, then I was off to the airport again. 
      About two weeks later, the replacement pills were due to show up, but, again, he told me, they were stolen from the mailbox before he could grab them. Now, we were both going to start missing doses. Added to that, he’d been going out night after night and I knew he was getting barebacked regularly by a few NEG friends and some strangers. He called me very late one night to let me know he was bringing a new buddy home to fuck him, a sexy dark-skinned guy named Chris. They hadn’t discussed his status, but assumed he was POZ. I asked that he take pics. Within twenty minutes, I had about five pics of a musceled guy slapping his impressive cock in my boy’s face and then it resting against his furry ass crack. He sent me one of the guy’s dick straining against a condom, then one of that wrapped dick forced into his hole. Then one of a ripped condom on his ass cheeks with a fresh load squirted all over his crack, possibly even some leaking out of his puffy red hole. I replied with some horny words of encouragement, but didn’t hear back from him that night. I wondered if they went for another round. 
      The next morning, we texted and he told me that he’d told the guy he was missing PrEP doses, so the guy thought it would be safer to wrap up, but that he was pretty sure he got bred at least a little before he pulled out and accounced that the condom had broken. I was getting hard just hearing about it, and my boy knew it. He told me that the guy was interested in meeting up sometime to play again, maybe raw. 
      I was home a few days later and made it home late to find my boy gone. I texted him saying that I was back and after a while, he replied that he was heading home; he’d been out with some buddies, likely taking loads. 
      When he walked in, I tore his clothes off and bent him over the sofa. I spread his cheeks and dove my tongue into his ass, only a little surprised to see it used and slick. I lapped at his hole and out seeped gobs of fresh cum. I gladly ate it from his cumdump ass and slurped it down. I slammed my dick into him and pulled out a few times to see rivers of seed drooling onto my cock. I knew he’d been raw-fucked at least a few times. I bred him and we made out out on the couch as he told me about his evening. He’d gone to the bar with some guys, and was about to head home with them when Chris appeared. The guys invited them both, and all took turns fucking my boy at their place. We both knew the guys, and they were on PrEP. They all bred him raw except Chris who started with a rubber on, but, again, it broke, and he pulled out to cum on his ass rather than in it. 
      We cuddled as I fingered his cunt, and he said we should really meet up together with Chris soon. He told me that Chris had a fantasy about fucking a guy blindfolded, and that he’d love to try that out sometime. 
      The next day, on the way home from work, I stopped by a bookstore and bought a new leather blindfold for my boy. I gave it to him after dinner and his eye twinkled. I asked if he wanted to break it in, but he said he’d rather wait for Chris’ massive likely-POZ cock. 
      That Friday night, my boy arranged for Chris to meet us at the bar. The guys who had bred my boy the last weekend were there, but he told them he was spoken for for the night. 
      Chris was hot, maybe half-black, half-latin, but all sexy. Big furry pecs and well-developed arms. It looked like his shorts were about to burst with his hefty package too. My boy introduced us and then went to the bar to grab some beers. Chris and I chatted about my boy’s hot ass and willingness to get fucked by big dicks, especially raw. He told me that he’d recently converted and hadn’t gotten to an undetectible place yet, hence his hesitation to breed my boy, especially after hearing out both of us missing PrEP doses lately. The chat was getting me hard when my boy came back and we clinked beer bottles. We leaned against the bar, me and Chris reaching our hands down to grab and eventually finger my boy’s ass. I left Chris’ fingers to play with my boy’s hole as I went to get another round of beers. When I came back, my boy was writhing as Chris jammed three fingers up his hole.
      We quickly downed the beers and headed to a cab back to our place. When we got back, my boy stripped Chris naked, and out plopped a sizeable eight inch uncut tool. I undressed myself as Chris egged him on. I stood next to Chris and my boy dove onto my own impressivly thick six inch dick. Chris noticed the leather blindfold and put it over my boy’s eyes. He then grabbed a cockring out of his jeans and motioned for me to put it on. 
      Chris led my boy to our bed, on his belly and face fucked him. When he needed a break, I took over. We switched back and forth until my boy turned over on his back and grabbed his ankles revealing his hole ready for fucking. Chris knelt down and licked his ass. We took turns, making out into my boy’s ass. I slapped my dick against my boy’s ass and he did the same. Chris went back to his clothes and pulled out a condom. He held it up as if to ask if he should put it on. I begrudingly nodded, ‘yeah…’ and he dutifully put it on. He slapped it on my boy’s hole and slid halfway in. He pulled out and I slid in halfway… My boy reached down to my cock and said, ‘no fair… If one of you is raw and the other isn’t, I can tell you apart… Sort of makes the blindfold pointless, right?’ I told him he had a point… Chris shook his head, ‘no,’ like he wasn’t going to fuck my boy bareback with his POZ cock. I shrugged and got a condom out of the bedside table and put it on. 
      Chris dove back in, liberally lubing up his sheathed condom. He pummeled my boy’s ass until he needed a breather, I fucked my boy as hard as Chris hard, noticing how his cockring plumped up my cock. We took turns back and forth for a while. ‘I need cum!’ my boy groaned. Chris was fucking him and started to pull out. My boy wrapped his hands around Chris’ hips, ‘no baby… I know it’s you. You can breed me…’ Chris tried to pull back but my boy’s fingers had grabbed the rubber and were pulling it off his cock. I tore my own condom off as Chris backed away. I fucked a minute or two until I was so close. I wanted to go a few more seconds, so I pulled out. Chris slapped his raw POZ cock on my boy’s ass, and he scooted forward until he mounted that dick. Chris began spurting immediately. He shot ropes of hot cum into my boy’s slack pussy and backed away in horror. I lunged forward and pushed that POZ cum deep into my boy before adding my own. 
      My boy curled up into a ball, still blindfolded and played with his cummy hole. ‘Wow, baby, ‘You came a lot… We should let Chris cum in the condom now…’ Chris was still rockhard and grabbed a fresh condom and rolled it on. My boy lay on his side while Chris slid into my boy’s slick hole and hammered hard. My boy groaned in pleasure. Chris’ pace slowed and I knew he was cumming. When he pulled out, the now-shredded condom was around the base of his cock. He’d bred my boy twice with his newly-toxic seed. 
      My boy curled up and fell asleep. Chris and I shared a beer, with him quietly apologizing for cumming twice in my boy’s ass. I told him it was okay, and hot… He pulled himself together and got dressed and left. I went back to our room. My boy still had the blindfold on, and I was still hard. ‘Hey baby,’ he murmered. ‘Thanks for letting him fuck me…’ I told him, honestly, that it was hot. He told me he was glad we’d both rubbered up for the fucking but he was so glad he took my load at the end… I wanted to come clean about Chris breeding him first, so I told him. He took the blindfold off and nodded. ‘Yeah. About that… That was the plan the whole time. That cockring made you bigger, but I could tell it was him I took the condom off of… Thank you for not stopping it’
      My dick was fully hard again. ‘He bred you twice, you know…’ He nodded. I put the blidfold back on him. ‘And now, you’ll get my second load too!’ 
    • By pittneg4poz
      Is there any bb parties going on during Pride?  No loads refused

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