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Hey fellas, I've been homeless for a few months now, and I decided to come down to NYC to get a change of scene, crash with some friends, and check out a few concerts. While I'm in town, I thought it might be cool to meet some sleazy guys and let them use me like the cheap, horny, little lowlife I am; I have never let anyone cum inside me, nor have I ever been fucked anally, but despite being straight, I'm wicked turned on by cum- I love letting a guy dump thick, hot prickpaste all over my face and in my hair, and the thought of letting men spurt load after load of scum inside my tender, unprotected holes gets me wicked horny.

I'm not sure if this is allowed to post on here, but I would really be into whoring myself out- I desperately need the money, plus it's a huge turn on for me. I would also really like to try someThing, which I've been penalized for posting about outside of the "Backroom" section, but if you take a look at my profile and some of my posts, I feel it should be clear what I'm talking about. I fucking love the thought of how dirty and degenerate I'll feel, getting exploited, degraded, and turned into a nasty whore.

Please message me if you're in NYC and wanna use a straight, homeless transboy, and be the first to leave my holes gaping and sloppy with loads of your seed. I'll send pics and can answer any questions you might have about me. Thanks!

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    • By dirtycumlover
      It was the winter after I turned 18 when, right before Christmas, I came down with the flu.  I dreaded going to the doctor, but my Mom insisted, getting me an appointment on a late Friday afternoon. She was supposed to drive me there, but she telephoned, saying she couldn't get off of work.  So somehow I drove myself.  A little bit about me.  I'm 5' 6" and weigh maybe 145 pounds.  Blonde hair that's just about shoulder length.  And hazel eyes.  Being small older men loved me but none had fucked me yet because they didn't believe I was 18.  So off I go to the doctor.
      I had scarcely walked through the door of the doctor's office when a wave of something hit me - leaving me feeling like shit.   Even so there was paperwork to complete, so by the time the nurse came to lead me back to the examination room to get my vitals, the waiting room was empty.
      After the nurse had taken my blood pressure, temperature, and other routine tests, she remarked "The doctor will be with you shortly."
      Perhaps five minutes later HE walked in.  Dr. William Bell.  Six feet, seven inches and perfectly lean, salt and pepper hair.  In his mid 50's.  My type of man.  I was hard instantly.  Dr. Bell told the nurse she could go ahead, that he would lock-up, Dr. Bell and I chatted for several minutes until the nurse left and Dr. Bell asked me to undress to check for any abnormalities.  I was slightly embarrassed because my cock was hard and I was leaking precum.  Dr. Bell didn't pay any attention as his hands poked and prodded at my body.  Dr. Bell then had me lay back on the bed and put my feet in the stirrups so he could check my prostrate.  I thought that was kind of strange considering anybody could tell I had the flu.  But he was a doctor so - well, whatever. 
      I felt somewhat vulnerable given my ass was exposed, but at the same time I was still turned-on.
      Dr. Bell then startled me, asking if I had ever had anything in my ass.
      "No," I replied. 
      He responded with a big smile as he murmurred "Just relax," inserting his index finger into my ass.  I was so excited and nervous that I didn't notice Dr. Bell hadn't pulled-on a glove on to check my prostrate.  As his finger entered my ass my load exploded.  I was beyond embarrased, but to my surprise Dr. Bell didn't remove his finger, but rather inserted a second finger.  He then scooped up my cum and fed it to me.  Before long I was hard again and moaning like a bitch in heat.  I noticed a couple of times what felt like him scratching inside my ass.  It hurt slightly but the pleasure was far greater than the pain.  After a few minutes Dr. Bell inserted a third finger in my ass really opening me up.  After Dr. Bell had my ass where he wanted he lowered his pants.  I nearly fainted at the size of his cock.   It was a full nine inches long and as thick as a coke bottle.  I also noticed a scorpion tattoo but I didn't know what it meant.  He told me he was going to really destroy my immune system. 
      Positioning himself at the foot of the bed, his cock aligned with my ass, and for better or worse before I could object to the prospects of that monster entering my ass, Dr. Bell shoved his cock all the way into my hole.  I all but fainted from the pain.  When I came to  Dr. Bell was fucking my ass with a steady, powerful rhythm.  It started feeling really good and I didn't think about asking about a condom, reasoning to myself "After all he is a doctor so what  could happen?"
      My own cock was now hard again and I was on the edge of having another orgasm.  After a few more minutes Dr. Bell really picked up the pace and was fucking me like a man possessed, so it wasn't surprising when Dr Bell let out a growl and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum in my ass.  This sent me over the edge and I exploded all over my chest. 
      Kissing me hard, Dr Bell said "In two weeks I want to see you again." 
      He also inserted a butt plug in my ass saying he said he would call me when it was time to remove it.  Oh, by the way, Dr. Bell did indeed write me out a prescription to combat the flu.  He also said "Welcome to the club," but didn't elaborate.
      Nearly two weeks have passed since I saw Dr. Bell, and I am still down with the flu.  I  can't wait to see Dr. Bell again and find out why. 
    • By tsbbwcouple
      Any tops in DC want to pump me full of hot loads?  Love to rim you too.  Love mornings before work so your load is in me all day at work.  I have to travel.
      kik sexyintransition 
      bbrts tsslut
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      She just turned 19 and she had three guys date her for a little while and break up with her.  She stumbled across my website KeepURMan.org and after reading a few of the articles and testimonials from some girls and women on my site she dent me an email.  The email was as follows:
      Hi, my name is April and I need your help.  I have had a hard time keeping a boyfriend like many of the women on your site and I need someone to help me. You have a section where you help tutor young woman on how to satisfy their man and one for helping girls explore their sexual side and I read were you even help virgins understand what they need to know to keep their man.  I am the later, I am a virgin and although I have given some head I have not had sex and I am not even sure the head I gave was that good.  Both of the last two boyfriends had to jack off some to cum.  Please help me or I will be single for ever! 
      The website had them put in their stats but no picture as underage girls will wonder onto the site and can't have them posting naked pictures etc.
      Her stats came across.  5'6 120 blonde, blue eyes and white.  34 C cup    I posted three thumbs up when it came in!  
      I was at work when the email came in and I thought, this is a good  but I will have to wait till later to email her.  She really needs my help!
    • By HornyTabu
      Hey guys good looking guy Dt, looking for other open minded taboo_perv guys to have fun with PnP friendly. Ent
    • By blkoraltm
      Living in Minnesota, as a Middle-Aged Black Bear Bottom; I am all but ignored at many a sex parties or treated as the expected top I am not.  So whenever I can travel to NYC, DC or Atlanta for sex I do so and I tend to have a lot of fun!   A few weeks back I went to New York City for a concert; spending only the weekend there and arriving in late due to a delayed flight I had little time to sightsee, party and more; but I made it work.  
      After a false start, dropping in on the SCUM party which seemed to me to be more of a party for the Trans community; which as me not being a member there was little action for me.  Yet I can tell that our Trans sisters in attendance enjoyed themselves.  After that bust; I ran out to the Cock which always amazes me that a bar that still serves alcohol can have that much going on in the dark.  I took a few dicks while there but no one came in me; they all were waiting and waiting and a few of those that climbed up my hole called it a night early.  So that left Saturday night after the concert as the only chance I had for fun; and I wasn’t going to miss out.  I got up went to the Jamiroqaui concert and afterwards dropped in Paddles NYC for the after-hour party; where the darkroom was packed.  It was there that all the weekend misses would be forgiven. Especially considering that I had an early flight home; I knew time was of the essence. I stripped and rocked my Jockstrap exposes the bubble butt and my prepped hole for those who wanted to try it out.  Luckily no one wasted time checking out the goods; and soon I was bent over the pipe taking a nice hard dick up my hole and enjoying the long and short strokes he was offering up.  After a good amount of time; he moved on leaving my yearning for a load and more importantly more cock up my hole; but ask and one shall receive.  And a short circle around the room I found someone else who wanted to test out my hole and sir waited no time in pounding my hole.  He was a dominant top who took control of both my ass and my mouth; ensuring that I sucked off only who he wanted me to and when he wanted me to.  He fucked my hard and within time his breathing got a little more rough and his pounding a little more urgent and shortly after he was telling me to take his load; never asking if I wanted it just loading up his “bitch”.  After that he turned me to cock I was sucking and offered up my freshly loaded hole to the guy I was servicing; and he waited no time in jumping up my hole and using the cum as lube to pound away.  In less time than the dominant cock he loaded me up as well; asking me if I wanted his load too. I assured him I did and took it like the bitch I am.  After than a few more guys used my ass as their personal playground and many left there mark in there as well.  However knowing that I had a 7am flight; the amount of fun I was having I pushed it too long and too late.   
      I left Paddles and got back to my hotel and had to pack up; quickly shower and then head out to JFK for my flight home.  The most fun part of this experience was flying home knowing that I had about 4 loads in me.  It was a piggish secret that I wanted to share with everyone; and as I was leaking cum into my shorts I may not have remained a secret for the flight home, especially with my connection in Chicago!

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